Barack Obama flew to Florida last night then decided this morning to cancel his campaign rally.
The president flew back to Washington DC this morning to play hurricane hero.

Look for nonstop reporting on Obama’s selfless heroics in the days ahead.

Times Union reported:

President Barack Obama is canceling a planned campaign appearance in Florida and returning to Washington to oversee the federal government’s response to the ever-threatening Hurricane Sandy.

With the massive East Coast storm playing havoc with people’s work and school at the beginning of the new week, Obama press secretary Jay Carney says the president is returning to the capital Monday to, quote, “monitor the preparations for and early response” to the hurricane.




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  1. Captain Eye Candy to the rescue!

  2. Hope his plane is diverted and he cannot get back to DC. . .serves him right
    What an idiot
    Yesterday Mayors and Governors out but Mr me-first flies to Florida

  3. Wait for it . . .

    “The President’s response to Hurricane Sandy is clearly far-far better then Bush’s Katrina response” reported NBC on Wednesday Oct 31st. “The President, at the White House, passed out candy, and food stamps, and section 8 housing, and Snap cards, and mobile phones, and Pell Grants, and Research grants, and guaranteed Green Energy Loans – to trick and treater’s who were chased inside by the rain.”

  4. But remaining in DC on 9/11 to deal with Libya was out of the question

  5. notice how “small” he looks!! So appropriate

  6. Watch for areas in swing states to move to paper ballots due to possible power outages. Paper ballots can be easily used to change the outcome of a race. The demonrats have trunk loads of them already to go, they will steal the election if it is close.

    As Rahm say’s ” Never let a crisis go to waste, it gives you opportunities to do things that you didn’t have before.”

  7. ME ME ME I I I ….what a freaking joke this POS mooslum is…he doesn’t give a rats A$$ about americans or this hurricane…just another photo op to show the lame voters that he trys to give a damn

  8. #3..don’t forget contraceptives. Wouldn’t be voting with our lady parts were it not for that.

    And he DOES looks small! And his fists are supposed to go on his hips, not his waist. He looks like a scrawny little boy, but scrawny little boys are wonderful, and he is the polar opposite.

  9. So the guy who can’t make a competent decision wasted tax payer money flying to FL only to turn around and waste more money flying back to DC without doing anything?

  10. I saw a brief clip of Obama “monitoring” the weather with military in the background…my first thought was of Dukakis in the tank. He look silly and staged, I hope people remember that he went to sleep while 4 American were dying, and then jetted off to Las Vegas to campaign.

    He has lost to much creditably, he just looks silly pretending to be president.

  11. Gosh, what a relief. Captain Wonderful to the rescue. NYC and Philly have nothing th worry about now. Obama will save the day. He will part the seas and calm the storm. Do you think the libs in these cities, who actually believe this garbage, will get mad at him when he doesn’t come through? If I was living in one of these cities I would be worried to death. Everything obama touches turns to dross. Hey, the guy gives the kiss of death to every sports team he picks.

  12. “No one told us about anyone asking for help after the storm”Said the “PRESIDENT”. “losing any building during the storm isn’t optimal, but we will investigate it and arrest the person who video taped it…”

  13. So, that little jaunt had to have taken at least 3 hours – one down, one back, and one sitting on the tarmac in Florida . . . .

    Did this juvenile POS who pretends to be POTUS ever once stop to consider that Air Force One costs $179,750 per hour to operate?

    This little excursion to do nothing other than change his mind just cost the American Taxpayer at least $539,250!! More than a half a million bucks!


  14. We should give POTUS a break. After all, doesn’t he have vast (and very recent) experience ‘monitoring’ dangerous events……Such as ‘monitoring’ what unfortunately ended up being a 7 hour ‘snuff’ movie from Benghazi.

    Folks, no matter what. Unless Hurricane Sandy makes it absolutely, physically impossible for you to get to the polls Nov 7…PLEASE VOTE, & VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN. (I usually do not advocate voting a ‘straight ticket’, but in 2012 we need to take the Presidency, take the Senate and retain the House. Then, and only then can we send Obama to ‘monitor’ events from his retirement home in HI).

  15. What a joke of a president. Biden, well he’s an idiot, always has been, and to think millions of “people” believe these guys know what they’re doing. They haven’t a clue. So glad when we retire them and bama won’t miss evening prayers

  16. OOPS! Obviously, I meant Nov 6!!! (Nov 7 is reserved for celebration)

  17. Obama’s behavior is a great example of behavior caused by youthful drud abuse. His brain is damaged beyond repair and I fear greatly that we may have to suffer from his lack of leadership for four more years.

  18. I’m sure this hurricane is Bush’s fault, too. Right?

  19. I believe Obama went to Florida for his campaign event but he was the only one that showed up so he left for Washington, D.C. To pretend he is doing something by reading his TelePrompTer. Look at me, he tells the people, I am important. I am eye candy for all you women out there. I want to be your first time. Gaze upon my greatness as I read. What a total useless joke, and bad one at that, this miserable excuse for a human being has become.

  20. @alywr … Better vote on November 6th

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