Yesterday the US reached a grim milestone.
2,000 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan. Many of these deaths were at the hands of Islamic terrorists affiliated with Al-Qaeda. It’s also clear that the terrorists who murdered US Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi were also affiliated with Al-Qaeda. And, yet President Obama told supporters in Nevada yesterday that Al-Qaeda is defeated. Really?
Here is Obama yesterday:

“Al-Qaeda is on the path to defeat and Osama Bin Laden is dead.”

And they just murdered our Libyan ambassador.

Three US soldiers
were killed by a motorcycle bomber today.




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  1. Remember when the news solemnly intoned every new military death one by one, like no military deaths were supposed to occur in time of war? I wonder why they ever stopped doing that . . . oh, wait . . . George Bush isn’t in office anymore so they’ll just sweep these deaths under the rug for Fuhrer Obama!

  2. Neville Obama.

  3. Braggart!

  4. Let me be clear, I have defeated al-Qaeda!

    But, like my cemetery voters’ al-Qaeda always seems to come back to life. That is why 2000+ Americans are dead! It not my fault… or is it.

    This is good – because I can always be assured of more votes and more chances to say the al-Qaeda has been killed again.

    Some of you may be thinking “This 0bama sucks. He talks out of both sides of his mouth.” That may be true. But, it keeps my body count growing! Good day.

  5. Unbelieveable….

  6. Yeah…Osama is dead.
    So is Chris Stevens and three colleagues.
    Who killed them?
    The Easter Bunny….?

  7. Hopium pusher…..and the crowd begs LIE TO ME…..>

  8. Say, whatever became of “grim milestones,” or Cindy Sheehan, for that matter?

  9. No matter what, Obama could say he walks on water and those who love him will believe him.


  10. I can’t watch the clip because I’m still crying from the post “Outrageous..Obama Administration Blames Friendly Fire Attacks in Afghanistan on US Troops”

    What kind of monster could possibly say “Al-Qaeda is on the path to defeat and Osama is dead”?

    ME is burning. I am crying over soldiers being murdered and this slimeball is still lying and beating his chest over Osama.

  11. They signed up to fight wars, not be sitting ducks to be murdered for a POTUS as he turns tail.

    I guess he wins because I have been saying to bring them ALL home since he set his deadline. He has no plan to protect our country, only to destroy our military. He wants the money.

  12. Yeah, Barry, keep spiking that Osama football. What percentage of these troops died on Bammy’s watch? Well more than half?

  13. In one sentence you claim Obama said they were “defeated”.

    In another sentence (with quote) you show he said they are “on the path to defeat”.

    Which is it ?

  14. the dear leader, a serial liar and nefarious narcissist…thank one of your dope and change nitwit friends today.
    mc cain was a weak choice, but at least we’d know that the changes coming would have been slight. will anyone call mccain out in public for calling obama a nice man and not attacking because he was black? coward. i’m sorry he spent time in prison, but the enemy broke him. let’s hope romney has some balls, i’d hate to think hillary has the biggest set in politics

  15. …or Cindy Sheehan, for that matter?

    Apparently, she’s Rosanne Barr’s presidential running mate for some obscure party.

  16. “Al-Qaeda is on the path to defeat” is not the same as saying “Al-Qaeda has been defeated.” But I guess it’s all the same to people with ODS.

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