Crazy Pelosi Blames Republicans For Benghazi Terror Attack (Video)

House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday. The Minority Leader former Speaker addressed the ongoing scandal surrounding President Barack Obama’s administration’s response to the Benghazi 9-11 terror attacks.
Pelosi blamed Republicans.
Here’s the video via Mediaite:

Barack Obama proposed $129 million cuts for embassy security and construction in his “sequestration report.”

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  • Sam Stone

    Nancy, you ignorant slut!

  • NeoKong

    What a horrible woman.
    First of all she is lying about the investigation into Benghazi by the FBI as they are not even in Benghazi yet as has been widely reported.
    This falls squarely on Obama and the Hillary State Dept. and no one else.

  • Stephana

    The stupid idiot is not smart enough to realize that the budget cuts that she wines about could not have happened since the dumoturds in the senate have not passed a budget in over 3 years. Oboozo and the hildabeast own this all themselves.

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  • Patty

    Obama is commander in Chief, Pelosi. His cabinet should all be fired or resign. Obama should have been abreast of the situation in Benghazi and around the world.

    Bragging for months he killed OBL wasn’t the smartest thing for a President to do. He looked cocky. And remember because OBL is dead doesn’t mean that Terrorism is dead.

    As President Bush said, the war on terror will never end. And it is for certain that a bunch of Academia who haven’t a clue on Foreign affairs no question and no surprise they have mishandle the situation and all have blood on their hands. This is one of the most embarrassing and treasonous matters for this administration.

    But with the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Jarrett, Hillary, Rice and Holder, we never expected any different. They are weak and none know how to lead from the front.

  • BuddyG

    At this point, the dems might as well blame RAAAAAAACISM or Global Warming Climate Change.

  • dnb

    As a Catholic, I protest against my church for letting that horrible, horrible woman profess to being a Catholic. Wake up bishops. You’re being stupaked. Shut her up.

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  • Fred

    I blame Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle for 9/11.

  • Patty

    Oh, what a miserable and sad woman she is and I really don’t care how she sleeps but what give her such compulsion and I have come to the conclusion it is the devil himself.

    And she is Catholic….lies and lies, says hateful things, she needs to be knock down a peg or two when the Republicans win the senate. Yes, I believe in wishful thinking. She needed to go a long time ago.

  • Patty


    Obama appoints wife of Univision owner to UN diplomatic post

    Read more here:


  • DomesticGoddess

    Despicable tool!

  • Nelle

    Ok, the Republican led House approved 300 million less than the President asked for to fund the State Dept. And that means that when our ambassadors find themselves in extreme danger without proper security, oh, well. Out of funds, no can help. Blame the Republicans.
    Is that what you said, Nancy?

  • Patty


    Media Bias!!

    Dreeson may never be on Letterman again!

    Dreesen on Eastwood: ‘All He Asked Is That Maybe Our Government Would Be as Fiscally Responsible as He Is’

    All Clint Eastwood wanted to convey at the Republican convention “is that maybe our government would be as fiscally responsible as he is,” comedian/actor Tom Dreesen, a friend of Eastwood’s, explained Friday night on CBS’s Late Show. “And that’s all he came to say.”

    David Letterman asked Dreesen, who has a role in Eastwood’s new movie, Trouble with the Curve, about Eastwood’s much-ridiculed by the media monologue with an imaginary President Obama. Dreesen declared the acting icon “has more integrity than almost any man I’ve ever met.”


    Recalling Eastwood “is a guy who was born and raised during the depression” who “cleaned pools, he pumped gas and he worked his way to being this icon on his own,” Dreesen (IMDB page), to audience applause, noted “the last 32” films “he directed all came in on time, under budget,” so “all he asked is that maybe our government would be as fiscally responsible as he is. And that’s all he came to say.”

    From the September 28 Late Show with David Letterman:

    TOM DREESEN: He has more integrity than almost any man I’ve ever met, besides you, Dave. But he does have great integrity. Think about this. This is a guy who was born and raised during the depression. Struggled his whole life. His parents weren’t wealthy at all. He served in the armed forces. He had a plane go down, he survived that plane crash. He went into show business, he cleaned pools, he pumped gas and he worked his way to being this icon on his own, made on his own. Now, all he asks is – the last 58 films he’s in, but the last 32 that he directed all came in on time, under budget, all 32. All he asked is that maybe our government would be as fiscally responsible as he is. And that’s all he came to say. [cheers and applause]

    DAVID LETTERMAN: Well, that’s nice of you to explain that.

    DREESEN: He’s a good man.

    Read more:

  • wescannon

    The only thing this bee-itch is missing is more last names like Rod-man Clin-ton and Lee Harvey.

  • Patty


    Oh, no!

    If You’re Voting to Protect ‘Lady Parts,’ Vote Republican

    Apparently, the Romney campaign is now favoring female genital mutilation or something, because the Obama campaign thinks that this argument is worth posting on the campaign’s tumblr:

    You know whose lady parts are actually in danger? The unborn girls who President Obama and the Democrats refuse to protect by banning sex-selective abortions.

    UPDATE: The Obama campaign has removed the picture from its tumblr without any explanation. (I’ve reached out to the campaign and will post a response if they have one about why it was taken down.) Dana Loesch has a screenshot of the original tumblr post here.

    UPDATE II: An Obama campaign spokesperson e-mails this response: “We have a review process for our online content and this piece did not go through our regular review. When it was discovered, it was taken down.”


  • Finncrisp

    Nancy is a characture of a thinking human. She lacks basic cognition to even accept the fact that only the 6th Ambassador in US history has been abused and murdered. We the people want answers and all she wants to to do is blame Republicans for funding shortfalls. This woman is stupid and cold. Notice she has no regard for the loss of life here.

    Cancel the Obama phone program if she needs money.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Anyone know when Gallup switches to a likely voter screen? Hard to believe they are still using registered voters as of October 3rd. Their approval rating poll is just adults which is even more pathetic.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I am actually curious as to what Nancy Pelosi looked like when she was say, 25 or so.

  • stuart

    Not only is it clear to us that she is lying, it is clear to her as well. How do I know? Watch her eyes. When she starts telling whoppers her eyes take on that Helter Skelter look. Take a look into Nancy’s eyes then reference an old picture of Charles Manson. The eyes have it.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Actually not too bad before she got the whole Wicked Witch of the West thing going…

  • Put a sock in it, crazy lady

  • Mary

    Despicable old bat. And I’m a lifetime Democrat.

    Shut the hell up, Nancy.

  • dwdude

    botox finally reached her brain…by the way, nancy, shove it!

  • SeniorD

    How sad to see dementia set in on someone so old. That’s OK Nanc, the Gubmint will take care of you.

  • Buffalobob

    If Nancy tell you the sun s shining, grab your umbrella.

  • obfuscatenot

    Sooo, she’s saying the Repubs. are responsible for the “bump in the road”?

  • tom63010

    Maybe Obama could have reached into his stash that he has for Green Energy and give the State Department the $300M. I guess IF they didn’t have to guard the ambassador they would at least have enough money for a plane ticket to a safer place.

  • kelly

    Why is everyone commenting here so angry? What happened to civil discourse?

  • tom63010

    Representative Todd Akin conjectured that since a woman has a hard time getting pregnant if she is under stress that a woman would not get pregnant from a legitimate (violent) rape and for that ignorant, not malicious statement, the Republican Party threw him under the bus. The Democratic Party elected this moon bat Speaker of the House and after the 2010 elections she kept a senior position.

    Just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Chris Light

    #7 I always wondered why more churches, Catholic or Protestant, weren’t standing up to these Democrats and their Liberal, UN-American views. And then I heard that if a church takes a stance on a political issue, that they can be sued and lose their tax-exempt status. It has never happened apparently. I think that priests and preachers from all Churches need to stand up and take a stand against the destruction of this nation and our morals. They can’t persecute everyone. The Liberals are outnumbered.

  • Liz

    So does this mean the families aren’t even going to get the AutoPen? Brutal regime.

  • Ebay one kanobe

    Patty, comment #10

    She CLAIMS to be a Catholic. Which assumes she claims the beliefs of Catholicism and Christianity.

    This (woman?) is no more a Catholic, or a Christian, than I am a pumpkin.
    It’s time people of all religious faiths call her for the hypocrite she is, and shove her, vocally, out of that arena!

  • owl

    #14 good one

    I recently watched several Clint movies. Of course, I have seen them so many times I could almost quote.

  • owl

    Pelosi………..good try but I really expected this much sooner. Seems your side is having a little trouble with time.

    Bush had Obama briefed within 5 days of his convention.

    Repub convention Aug 27-30. Benghazi Sept 11. Romney briefed Sept 17.

    I assume if he now opens his mouth, they will say he is in violation of ongoing investigation. Looks like he had to beg or threaten to even get briefed.

    Obama attended last briefing Sept 5.

    Obama canceled briefing the day after attack.

    Obama was subcommittee chair of Foreign Committee overseeing Afghanistan and did not hold a single hearing during the 2 years. (redstate).

    What budget, Pelosi?

  • MicahStone

    “pelosi” = a code word for a perpetually drunk, crazy, leftist extremist, dingbat, mass abortionist, heathen succubus.

  • squeaky
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  • squeaky

    [The death of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata is rarely reported. People accuse the media, including Breitbart News, of ignoring him or excluding him from Operation Fast and Furious coverage. The fact is Agent Zapata isn’t connected to Fast and…]

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  • Jting50

    Nancy, the crazy old witch,should retire a long time ago. She and Joe make a good pair, nobody with an average IQ would respect and listen to them anymore or ever. What a waste of our tax dollars to pay workers like them!!!

  • Buckofama88

    Shame this horrible person wasn’t visiting Libya at the time the attacks happen or at least one of her spawn. Then she could know what the horror was like for the 4 who lost their life having in strangled from them and then carried around on display like the prize wildlife kill. She is the most evil thing in Washington now that Ted Kennedy is roasting!

  • roger

    Could this woman be any more stupid? My IQ dropped 10 points just listening to her!

  • joey bear

    I’d like to see her choke on that forked tongue

  • joey bear

    The eyes…….. (disregard the constant blinking which means she’s lying)……..

    The eyes look like that infamous still pic of Charles Manson.

  • Gerry

    Wait just a darn minute!
    Did she just admit that congress controls the purse and allocation of all funds? The dems had total control of all the money starting in early 2007 going through 2011? That includes the last 2 years of the Bush presidency. Did she just admit to lying about the economic problems being “Bush’s fault”???????????
    Take her to the woodshed. Don’t let her pick and choose!

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  • Lisa

    She looks like she’s on meth or something……with her eyes bugging out of her head. I hate this woman and do not know why her constituents continue to allow her to represent them. I’ve yet to come across anyone who likes this POS!

  • CE

    They all do what they do best, blame on the Republicans, was kind of suprised that they didnt blame Bush for this. Those MORONS. They said Romney is a murdered, but in reality the whole O’Bummer administration are the ones with the bloody hands for denying security protection 2 mons prior to this attack knowingly US Ambassador Chris Stevens feared for his life. So who really has the bloody hands?