No. The Missouri Senate race has not been decided yet.
Missouri conservatives rallied today against flip-flopper Claire McCaskill.
It was a “Flipper Flash-Mob” at Peabody Coal Headquarters – complete with dolphin balloons.

Missouri conservatives have had enough of Claire McCaskill.

Claire McCaskill pretends she’s pro-Missouri but votes against Missouri coal and for higher energy prices.

(Left to right) Catherine, Stephanie Rubach and Dana Loesch at today’s rally.

Around 200 grassroots activists turned out for the rally today.

Gateway Grassroots organized the protest.

Missouri conservatives are fed up with Claire McCaskill’s war on coal and war on the poor.
It’s time for Claire to go.



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  1. Good Turn out today at the rally. Good to see Mr. Hoft out supporting our Mo Republican candidate Todd Akin. Thank you Dana for turn the focus on McCaskill awful voting record.

  2. Amongst the ‘conservative leaders’ the bald face hypocrisy is stunning.

    Akin is better than Obama’s girl any day of the week.

  3. Lets go Akin! Show me, show me, show me a W for republicans.

  4. I donated to Mr. Akin’s campaign. We cannot let anyone but Mr. Akin win this Senate seat. Senator DeMint is also helping with his Senate Conservatives Fund. Keep championing our liberty Mr. Akin.

  5. Air Claire will probably have to fly in voters to turn this one around. Be ready for thugs not hugs at the polls on election day. They have a shot that they should not have had. Get the vote out.
    Go Akin

  6. Missouri Akin supporters…….Never Give In! Never Give Up! Unseat McCasskill!

  7. I wish I lived across the river and could vote for Akin.

  8. Sorry. Akin is going to lose. Save the money and the effort for a contest the GOP can win. Akin is a big time loser and demonstrated he’s Huckchuck’s lapdog, putting ego and his “religious mission” above the country and the party. Vote for him if you must, but give your money elsewhere where it can do more good.

  9. Does anybody really think a majority of Republican voters will Vote Republican up and down the ballot…then skip Akin (which equals a vote for McCaskill) or switch and vote FOR McCaskill? I don’t think that will happen. If McCaskill wins it’ll be because MO voted for Obama…not gonna happen.

  10. Indeed, this election is all about the repudiation of Imam Obama’s ‘ruling’ this country.

    Everyone who is against the Imam will be voting for Akin, there will be very very few split tickets. The only catch is McCaskill’s help out of St. Louis and KC democrap judges. That is how she won against Jim Talent by using judges to manipulate the polls and thus votes from ACORN and the like.

    If the race is close, indeed McCaskill will cheat her way to a second term. But the GOP turnout and TEA party is coming out in force. It has to be a landslide for Akin to win, and I think it is coming.

  11. ++

    Thank You Dana et al!!


  12. #11 CatoRenasci. I live in MO so I get to pull the lever for or against Akin. Missourians are not thrilled with Akin’s misunderstanding of rape and conception. But we are less thrilled with Obama’s ‘all-in’ for the killing of babies born alive, and the war against our religious freedom.

    Go suck an egg.

  13. For all you naysayers, this post or any other…

    Put away your crystal balls and let this election play out the way it’s going to.
    For every one of you who “already know the answer”, there are millions who say you don’t.

    You only succeed in being the fly in the ointment, and at this contentious time, no one (on this team) wants to hear (or read) it.

  14. Let me be clear, McCaskill is a job killing crony – but she is my job killing crony!

    If you build a coal fired electric power plant I will kill it. If you try to start and energy Exploration Company I will kill it. If try to get a job I will kill it. Get on Food Stamps!

    If you like the way I strangulate American jobs and my sky high gas prices then vote for me!

    And, this is important! Send me $3.00 before midnight. My MSM cronies need to be paid. My campaign is broke and needs more money. Send me more money now!

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