Mitt Romney Slams Obama: “You Don’t Just Pick Winners and Losers, You Pick Losers” (Video)

Here’s the best line of the debate…
Mitt Romney pounded Obama tonight on his reckless spending on green energy.
“You don’t just pick winners and losers, you pick losers.”

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  • Jpmn

    Loved that line.

  • Differous

    Such a true statement.

  • USMC Thomas

    POW!!!! MITT SLAP!!!!

  • Swifty

    Oh, snap !

  • Mad Hatter

    I”m calling it right now, Mitt will raise $5 million dollars online due to this performance.

  • Look-Out

    Was that the greatest?! LOVED IT!

    Eat your failure, Barry!

  • Spider

    That exchange is even better the second time I hear it.

    Mitt just thoroughly schooled POTUS

  • owl

    Jim, the other really great line was when Romney called Obama on lying. Something like…………….. I’ve got 5 boys. I am used to people saying the same thing over and over..

  • USMC Thomas

    Is there a split-screen shot showing SØBama’s face to that comment?

  • owl

    “You pick losers.” Oh, yeah.

  • Ghost

    Yes, that was great but I Disagree- this⬇ was the Best Line BY FAR:

    “I’ve got 5 boys. I’m used to people saying something that’s not always true but just keep repeating it and ultimately hoping I’ll believe it,”

    it took me a little bit to realize what I thought I heard and it wasn’t until I read it that I caught how DEVASTATING! that line is. Folks, do you realize what Mitt did there?

    Mitt just called The Narcissist Brat, “a boy”

    Oh, not directly, but that’s the beauty of it. He did it and he got away with it. You didn’t catch it, did you?

    someone else, I can’t remember who, look it up, (American Thinker?) remarked on how Romney employed the Southern expression, “Bless his heart” for another ultimate smooth subtle takedown.
    Hey! maybe this guy is a helluva lot better than we thought

  • Mad Hatter
  • Larkin

    I’m going to bed early and am going to sleep VERY WELL tonight.

    Romney demonstrated that he is no patsy, and he knows his stuff.

    Maybe there is hope for this country after all.

  • Ghost

    btw, “Bless his heart” means God help him, please, he’s doing the best he can but he’s can’t help being a total ——-.

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  • EBL

    Romney won Debate One. Even Andrew Sullivan is crying. Schadenfreude.

  • NorthernX

    Har har har.

    The Rom-Man wiped the friggin’ floor with Zero.

    Just like I thought he would.

  • BurmaShave

    For the first time in his life (!) Obama has to face the music!

    Thanks, Mitt.

    But for the rest of us it is way too late.

    A big Bronks cheer for the media. Implicit in this shellacking of Obama is a shellacking of the media; after all Obama is their creature.

  • Ghost

    and one more thing, remember how Romney got under His skin with, “nobody’s ever asked to see my birth certificate”

    well now, I am starting to believe this guy is better than I thought he was

    remember how last Spring the Zero team tried to paint Romney’s past as the insensitive high schooler? and I recall thinking at the time, any kid like that (we all knew them, some of us were them!) has alotta smart ass in his own bad self.

    Romney = smart ass (a smoother, polished graceful tone in adult life, but retains full capacity)
    Zero = punk ass (still a full capacity punk ass, but now He’s added puke in adult life)

  • owl

    I hear people complaining about Lehrer…………………….don’t. He let Obama go on at times but this is as good as it gets. Jim Lehrer better get prepared. The left will be coming after him as a traitor for not stopping Romney from responding.

    Romney will win IF he is treated fairly. Usually it is 2 against 1 in any of these situations.

    I doubt if this media mistake will be made again.