The federal government paid nearly $40 million dollars to Claire McCaskill’s husband’s businesses her first five years in office as Missouri Senator. During that time McCaskill had influence over federal policy that directly affected her family’s income.

Missouri royalty - The rest of the country has suffered but Claire McCaskill and her husband Joseph Shepard have done very well these past five years.

The Claire McCaskill campaign told reporters yesterday that the $40 million in Stimulus cash her family received went to property updates.
KMOV reported:

More sparks are flying in the Missouri Senate race as Senator Claire McCaskill faces questions about her husband receiving tens of millions of dollars in federal subsidies.

News 4 has been looking into the story and reached out to both campaigns.

While Akin’s campaign didn’t seem to want to talk about it, McCaskill’s campaign came back quickly to answer where the $40 million came from and where it went.

‘This is another baseless unfounded attack by congressman akin,” said McCaskill spokeswoman Caitlin Legacki.

But the story actually came from an Associated Press investigation into federal money that went to McCaskill’s husband.

Reportedly he collected $40 million for low income housing developments that he owns—money that supplements rent for poor families.

If actions speak louder than words then Akin’s campaign said it all, by jumping on the report on Akin’s twitter page, and using it against McCaskill.

McCaskill’s campaign is quick to point out the money went straight into a regulated property account used to improve the low income housing and didn’t benefit her family. But did it improve the value of the properties?

It’s not every American family that receives $40 million in stimulus cash to improve their housing developments.
But Claire McCaskill’s family did.



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  1. And in return did Uncle Sam receive a major share of the business, as with Government Motors, or was this deal more like Solyndra where a private individual walked away with the cash and the taxpayer was left repaying the loan from China?

  2. McCasKILL is as corrupt as Maxine Waters, Valerie Jarrett and Sheila-Jackson Lee. They all find a way to pad their incomes or those of their family members. This is what is meant by re-distribution of wealth. Take other people’s money and make sure a sizeable portion gets into their bank accounts. The Obama’s are experts at it. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the Jefferson’s had arrived except the Jefferson’s earned their wealth.

    This recent article on a Medicare/Medicaid scam by Sheila-Jackson Lee is a prime example of the mindset and corruption in Washington DC.

    And let’s not forget the “green energy” funds that went to the Carnahan family. Just remember, everytime the left points accusations at conservatives, know who they really are talking about – themselves.

  3. “It didn’t make us richer; it only increased the value of our properties.”

  4. To quote Samuel L.Jackson. Missouri “Wake the hell up”. Vote this ugly,evil witch out of office. So Akin is not the greatest with words,she is evil and corrupt.

  5. “Property updates…” and a whole lot of Little Debbie Snack Cakes for Queenie Claire.

  6. WOW!!! There is good money in being a well connected slum lord.

  7. Lets say she did not take a penny of the 40 Million and put it back in the property. The property value increases and when they sell, they take the increased value at a 15% tax rate instead of the regular income tax rate (since it is real estate problably better). These people always deal in tax funded properties.

  8. I have not heard much about this race.
    Akin said something stupid, but this lady is a beast.
    The republicans won’t supporst him, but is he getting tea party support.
    Should I donate? or is it a wast of money?

  9. I’ll bet they paid their unpaid personal property tax on their personal jet with that money.

    Low income housing = Taxpayer funded rent payments!!!

  10. If the GOP leadership under Reince Priebus keep their word & refuse to fund Todd Akin’s campaign in Missouri they deserve to go the way of The Whigs, period!

  11. This is outrageous. Regular landlords can’t get a loan from a bank because of the real estate collapse, but Clarire gets 40 mil in stimulus money, just like that. This is priviledge that goes beyond the pale. Kudos to channel 4 for unearthing this mess.

    Claire will begin a “reeducaton program” for MO rubes who can’t understand why this is just business as usual.

  12. The fix is quite easy: Missourians should not vote for her.

  13. This is actually quite legitimate on McCaskill’s part.

    You see, she’s a dem, and that makes it all A-okay.

    Meanwhile, let’s talk about Romney gaffes.

  14. more BULL$HIT spending….did anyone else who owns low housing get big dollars or just the phony liar air mclair…

  15. Looks like the McCaskills have raped the taxpayers…and thanks to Obama, legitimately

  16. mc caskill ia a hypocrite, always has been. She represents the averaqge Misourian? don’t think so! regardless of his misguided choice of words I believe that Aiken is more trustworthy than mc caskill, and I plan to vote for Aiken in November. Claire, just in case you don’t have these dates circled on your busy calendar. State property taxes are due no later than December 31 annually. State income taxes are due on April 15. Federal Income taxes are due on April 15 p/a or, you can pay them quarterly! I realize that you ONE PERCENTERS are out there tryying to mgovern the unwashed like me. Hope you can get that one way ticket back to kirkwood on election day. BUT, PAY YOUR TAXES!!!! The US needs the money thanks to legislators like you!!!!

  17. Wonder how she manages to keep her coif so pristine when her head is buried so deep in the trough with the others!

  18. I know what a software update is, but exactly what is a property update? Indoor plumbing?

  19. Gee, Ron White might be wrong – massive corruption and heinous evil might actually FIX STUPID.

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