Liberal Democrat Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) recently told an audience that military Veterans are “unqualified to serve in Congress” because their deployments prevent them from putting “sweat equity” into their districts.

Connolly argues he served his country by sitting on Congressional committees and ends his speech saying he wished his opponent would honor his service as a representative.

Republcian challenger Colonel Chris Perkins, a former Green Beret, disagrees.

Connolly made the offensive statement at a neighborhood civic association meeting.
LVTSG reported:

Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-11) shocked constituents by suggesting that military Veterans are unqualified to serve in Congress because their deployments prevent them from putting “sweat equity” into the districts they hope to serve in Congress.

Congressman Connolly is running against Colonel Chris Perkins, a retired officer who served most of his more than 24 years in uniform as an Army Green Beret deployed overseas. Connolly has repeatedly suggested that Perkins’ lack of local involvement because of his military career makes him unqualified to hold federal office.

In an October 22nd Washington Post interview, Connolly “dismisses Perkins as unqualified” for Congress, despite Colonel Perkins’ many leadership assignments that included command of a Special Forces Battalion of over six-hundred men, and numerous combat deployments.

While speaking to a local Chamber of Commerce a few weeks earlier, Connolly asked the audience, “Where has my opponent been” while Connolly served in local government for 16 years.

Days later at a neighborhood civic association, Congressman Connolly subsequently pressed his line of attack dismissing Colonel Perkins’ extensive military experience saying, “I expect a [Congressional] candidate to have demonstrated some sweat-equity” on local issues, ignoring the 24 years Colonel Perkins served as an Army Green Beret.


You can donate to Colonel Chris Perkins’ campaign here.
Help Chris defeat this offensive liberal.




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  1. Connolly has to be the most repulsive candidate for a public office that I’ve seen in my 51 years as a citizen of this great country.

    (By Connoly’s logic, I guess Eisenhower was unqualified to be President – you know, too busy with WWII and all that…).

  2. How can any veteran or member vote for any Democrat? These are commie traitors. Every one. Every one!

  3. Perfectly ok for carpetbagging Ds to run in districts they have no committment to. Clinton and Kennedy come to mind.

  4. Connolly is unqualified to even lick the boots of anyone who has served. It would ruin the boots. There is no way you could spit shine that filth off of them.

  5. Gerry Connolly is an idiot. He was an idiot when he served as Fairfax County Board of Supervisors chairman, and he has been an idiot during his two terms in congress.

    Col. Chris Perkins will make an excellent congressman because he has wisdom, ethics, and morals.

    (By the way, Connolly is also my neighbor and the Robodog’s favorite dumping ground.)

  6. George Washington, no? But Barack Obama, yes?

    This guy needs to be drug tested.

  7. When you don’t have a record to run on, you try to make a big campaign out of small things…

    -Barak H. Obama

    Trickle down from dear leader.

  8. “Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-11) shocked constituents by suggesting that military Veterans are unqualified to serve in Congress because their deployments prevent them from putting “sweat equity” into the districts they hope to serve in Congress.”

    The ghost of John Kennedy just sat up and laughed.

  9. What about POTUS’s sweat equity and germane experience in this country; he grew up overseas (no American experience), an EEOC ivy league law student followed by a stint as a “community organizer” in Chicago??? No main stream experience here! Give me a break!

  10. Excellent point, #3 dba. Gosh, how dare a real patriot run for Congress?

  11. So, do you suppose all the lapdogs will drill King Urkel’s Ministers of Information over whether or not they stand by their pal’s remarks?

  12. But they support the troops!! And don’t you DARE question their patriotism.

  13. “…because their deployments prevent them from putting “sweat equity” into their districts.”


    Who do you think Colonel Chris Perkins was SACRIFICING HIMSELF FOR WHEN HE DEPLOYS GERRY????

  14. “Jihad” Gerry Connolly Doesn’t Believe In Religious Freedom, Except For Radical Islamists
    Northern Virginia Dhimmicrat Congressman “Jihad” Gerry Connolly is outraged…OUTRAGED mind you, that clergymen showed up on Capitol Hill today to testify against the Obama Regime’s attack on the practice of religion that masquerades as “contraception coverage,” trying to embarass the President whom he sees as Lord God Almighty (Washington Examiner).

    “I believe that today’s hearing is a sham,” Connolly told a panel of one priest, three pastors, and a Jewish rabbi during a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing today. “Here you are being asked to testify about your rights being trampled on — an overstatement if there ever was one — while you’re on a panel, and your participation on the panel makes you complicit in of course the trampling of freedom, because we were denied, on this side of the aisle, any witness who might have a differing point of view. And I think that’s shameful.”

    …Continuing his monologue, Connolly made a harsh rebuke of the religious leaders. “I say to you, as a member of this committee who actually shared the concerns you say you have last week, that I think this is a shameful exercise,” he said. “And I am very sad you have chosen to participate and be used the way you’re being used. Just as you were in the previous questioning, as if people are going to jail over this. Shame! Everybody knows that’s not true.” The church leaders had agreed, before Connolly spoke, that they would prefer to go to jail rather than violate their consciences by providing contraception and abortifacients to women.

    Denouncing Republicans for trying to hurt President Obama politically, Connolly faulted the assembled ministers for “overstating [the religious freedom issues in the mandate] and making charges that are just outlandish and frankly beyond the pale.” Such testimony “serves no purpose other than political demagoguery in an election year,” he said. “And men and women of the cloth, it seems to me, ought to run not walk away from that line.”



    White House won’t reveal 125K veteran hire list

    Military Times verifies more than 125,000 veterans, military spouses hired by firms

    Verifying the 125,000 “new hires” of veterans and military spouses under the White House’s Joining Forces initiative has proved difficult because the White House will not reveal the complete list of jobs filled through the partnership with private industry. “Some . . .

  15. Connolly probably thinks military men and woman are unqualified to vote too.

  16. She probably feels differently about The Fake War Hero Francois Kerry.

  17. #15 October 30, 2012 at 10:49 am
    Patty commented:

    …“Jihad” Gerry Connolly Doesn’t Believe In Religious Freedom, Except For Radical Islamists…”


    Thank You Patty…no wonder he does want Veterans around…

  18. #19 Oops sorry…meant to say “does NOT want Veterans around…

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