Lib PA Lawmaker Refuses to Lead Committee in “Pledge of Allegiance” (Video)

What a loon.
Democratic lawmaker Babette Josephs (D-Philadelphia) was asked to lead a committee meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance…
She refused.
abc27 WHTM

ABC27 reported, via Free Republic:

Politicians are often criticized for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time that’s taken the wrong way. But state Representative Babette Josephs (D-Philadelphia) is being criticized for what she refused to say.

The drama unfolded at what was billed as a non-controversial House State Government Committee meeting Wednesday morning. Republican Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) asked Josephs to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance; a rather routine request that became anything but when Josephs refused.

“Based on my First Amendment rights and based on the fact that I really think it’s a prayer. I don’t pray in public,” she said as lawmakers were standing to recite the Pledge.

After an awkward moment, Metcalfe quickly called on another member to lead the group.

Afterward, Josephs was unapologetic. She said she was about 14 years old when Congress inserted the words ‘under God’ into the Pledge. She insists that makes it a prayer.

“How many years ago was 1954? I have not said the Pledge of Allegiance since and I will not say it into the future unless they take those words out and make it less of a prayer,” Josephs said.

Metcalfe concedes it is Josephs’ right to not say the Pledge. He just thinks it’s wrong.

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  • FurryGuy

    Keep thinking like that, Ms. Josephs, and soon you may be forced to pray towards Mecca while wearing a bag.

  • Patty

    Let’s show this so called Lawmaker what nation she lives in. Babette needs to be show the door. This isn’t some Middle East Muslim run nation, not yet, and if she and Obama have their way it will be.


  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the democratic party of the clintons, howard dean, andy stern, wayne radtke, obama, tom hayden

  • Patty

    These youth should be the lawmakers, they can teach this Babette a thing or two.

  • CT

    A Godless Commie on her way out, good riddance.

  • Patty


    Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?

    rattled by his Wednesday night debate performance, could be in for even worse news. According to knowledgeable sources, a national magazine and a national web site are preparing a blockbuster donor scandal story.

    Sources told Secrets that the Obama campaign has been trying to block the story. But a key source said it plans to publish the story Friday or, more likely, Monday.

    According to the sources, a taxpayer watchdog group conducted a nine-month investigation into presidential and congressional fundraising and has uncovered thousands of cases of credit card solicitations and donations to Obama and Capitol Hill, allegedly from unsecure accounts, and many from overseas. That might be a violation of federal election laws.

    The Obama campaign has received hundreds of millions in small dollar donations, many via credit card donations through their website. On Thursday, the campaign announced a record September donor haul of $150 million.

    At the end of the 2008 presidential campaign, the Obama-Biden effort was hit with a similar scandal. At the time, the Washington Post reported that the Obama campaign let donors use “largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor’s identity.”

  • Highlander

    What an idiot! The mere presence of the word “God” in one sentence does NOT make the pledge of allegiance into a prayer. I hope these morons keep shooting their mouths off and continue alienating as many decent, God-fearing Americans as possible. They are their own worst enemies!

  • valerie

    #2 October 4, 2012 at 10:26 pm
    Patty commented:

    She lost her primary. She is leaving.

  • ShawnP

    Give the lady a break. She was suffering from altitude dementia. It is a common disease in Democratic circles these days.

  • Patty

    Could the Obama campaign be out of money? Sound laughable but they are pulling ads for several states. Sorry I am talking about scandals here but the above mentioned Babette is another scandal, so it goes.

  • BurmaShave

    I urge folks here to read “The Ruling Class,” by Angelo Codevilla. He fully explains why both Babette Josephs (D-Philadelphia) AND Republican Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) behaved the way they did. They both despise the real citizens of our country and resent the fact that that we are not more like Europe. This is a great book (very short), and should be mandatory reading for any Tea Party person.

  • Patty

    #8 October 4, 2012 at 10:35 pm
    valerie commented:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. And time to take out the trash. Local elections is a place to start and we are glad to see her gone, now, for the many more like her.

  • Patty
  • bg
  • BurmaShave

    The Pledge of Allegiance is a prayer?!?

    And Liberal think the hoi polloi are stupid and illiterate…

    Babette Josephs (D) and Republican Chairman Daryl Metcalfe are the stupid ones if they do not know the difference between the the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.

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  • JPL17

    “‘I don’t pray in public,’” she said.

    Oh, and from this, Babette wants us to believe she prays in PRIVATE?

    Somehow I doubt it.

  • bigkahuna

    You Liberal twit…Its pledging allegiance to a flag and the country for wich it stand… not a god.

    It amazes me how tese nuts are threataned by the word god and not by the ever encroching Big Government on our rights and freedoms.

    Typical liberal..Ugly inside, uglier outside

  • bigkahuna

    She prays…To Obama and the almight Government

  • Opaobie

    So, did she or did she not pledge to uphold the Constitution when she took office? To what government does she owe allegiance? Is reaffirming that pledge beneath her, or did she LIE when she was sworn in?