Al-Qaeda Linked Radical Was Hired By Obama Administration to Run Security at Tripoli Embassy


Commander of the Tripoli Military Council, Abdelhakim Khwildi Belhadj, an Al-Qaeda ally. (Tunisia Live)

Leaked security documents reveal the Obama Administration hired a top al-Qaeda brother to run security at the US embassy in Tripoli.

Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack
reported, via Jihad Watch:

A treasure trove of secret documents has been obtained by a Libyan source who says that secularists in his country are increasingly wanting to see Mitt Romney defeat Barack Obama on November 6th. This charge is being made despite Muslim Brotherhood losses in Libyan elections last July which resulted in victory for the secularists. One of those documents may help explain this sentiment.

It shows that in supporting the removal of Gadhafi, the Obama administration seemed to sign on to an arrangement that left forces loyal to Al-Qaeda in charge of security at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli from 2011 through at least the spring of 2012.

The National Transitional Council, which represented the political apparatus that opposed Gadhafi in 2011 and served as the interim government after his removal, made an extremely curious appointment in August of 2011. That appointment was none other than Abdel Hakim Belhaj, an Al-Qaeda ally and ‘brother’. Here is a translation of the letter:

National Transitional Council – Libya

Code: YGM-270-2011

Mr. Abdel Hakim Al-Khowailidi Belhaj


We would like to inform you that you have been commissioned to the duties and responsibilities of the military committee of the city of Tripoli. These include taking all necessary procedures to secure the safety of the Capital and its citizens, its public and private property, and institutions, to include all international embassies. To coordinate with the local community of the city of Tripoli and the security assembly and defense on a national level.

Mustafa Muhammad Abdul Jalil

President, National Transitional Council – Libya

Official Seal of National Transitional Council

Copy for file.

As for Belhaj’s bonafides as an Al-Qaeda ally, consider the words of the notorious Ayman al-Zawahiri. In a report published one day prior to the date on the memo above, ABC News quoted the Al-Qaeda leader as saying the following – in 2007 – about the man the NTC put in control of Tripoli in 2011:

“Dear brothers… the amir of the mujahideen, the patient and steadfast Abu-Abdallah al-Sadiq (Belhaj); and the rest of the captives of the fighting Islamic group in Libya, here is good news for you,” Zawahiri said in a video, using Belhaj’s nom de guerre. “Your brothers are continuing your march after you… escalating their confrontation with the enemies of Islam: Gadhafi and his masters, the crusaders of Washington.”

Abdel Hakim Belhaj (center left), a prominent militia commander, walks with Transitional National Council Chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil in Tripoli on Sept. 10. The battle to oust Moammar Gadhafi produced a number of leaders who will have to work together to form a new government. (NPR)

UPDATE: Abdel Hakim Belhaj is still active in Tripoli and leader of the Al-Watan party. He’s also writing opinion pieces at The Guardian warning Westerners to stay away from Libya.

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  • bg


    keep informing you they’re positioned
    throughout our own government.. :-(


  • midusdew

    This is the 1st that needs to be arrested and then who ever hired this goon is next!!!!

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  • Patty

    The Smoking Gun: Final Proof Benghazi Rescue Denial, Call To Stand Down Were Obama’s

    Because Obama met with his military team (Panetta, et al) at the earliest possible point in the decision-making process, a mere 55 minutes after it began, there was no need for a decision to be made in his absence. Therefor, chain of command DEMANDS that the final decision be made personally by the Commander-in-Chief, in this case, Barack Obama. And that’s how it went down, guaranteed. And you’ll notice Panetta says he “felt very strongly” about what to do, but never says he made the final call himself.

    President Barack Obama met with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House on Sept. 11, 2012 at 5:00 PM—just 55 minutes after the State Department notified the White House and the Pentagon that the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under attack.

    READ ON:

  • Redlite

    What incompetence. It is like the fox guarding the henhouse.

    We pulled our military security out of the country and expect the locals to protect th Consulate and its personnel? Madness. We were asking to be atacked and the enemy knew we were defenseless. What kind of idiot would allow such a thing?

    I believe Pres Ben Gazi set this whole thing up so that we would be attacked and defeated. .

    Can you say impeachment?
    Or how about -Treason

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  • bg


    hope this works..

    if not go here..

    thank you..


  • Patty

    In America the time was early evening, there it was around 9:00 pm. They had between 7 and 9 hours to do something they didn’t.

    half a dozens Republicans have requested to see video and requesting for Obama to comment and respond to their letter-s to him.

    SILENCE. Obama must be held accountable and these reps. say it is not political. Why do they need to say that?

    9/11/12 A terrorist attack on 4 heroes and denied help, over and over and over again.

    WE MUST GET ANSWERS AND CONVENIENTLY WHO MAKES THIS POLITICAL OBAMA. We won’t get answers because he is dragging this on until AFTER ELECTIONS.


  • Patty

    SILENCE. Obama must be held accountable and these reps. say it is not political. Why do they need to say that?

    This is just incomprehensible. Worse than Watergate. I just don’t understand Obama’s cover.

    Who is this guy. Media Darling.

  • bg


    “Act of Terror”

    October 29, 2012

    The Right Question Is – “Why?”

    by Mychal Massie

    [The question is not why did Obama, et al, move to cover up and obfuscate the circumstances surrounding the attack.

    The question is why was Stevens allowed to be killed and why were Smith, Woods and Doherty allowed to become collateral fatalities? That is the question we need answered. That is the question that the media isn’t asking.]

    October 30, 2012

    Why Was Security Stripped in Benghazi?

    by Clare Lopez

    [Whatever the thinking that left a U.S. mission abroad so undefended that
    it practically constituted an open invitation to Al-Qaeda, and then, in cold
    blood, refused to launch military support in defense of Americans fighting
    and dying to defend U.S. sovereign territory from jihadi assault, the cover-
    up is fast becoming the worse failure. It is time for administration leaders,
    from the president on down, to explain both their actions and their failures
    to act.

    and that, as you know, is just a drop
    in the proverbial ObamaGate bucket..


  • bg


    if i’m the only one who finds the following to be more than a
    coincidence, then we are in deeper than even i thought.. :-(

    Obama : 9/11

    [Now it’s learned that President Obama appeared on the DJ Laz Morning
    Show in Miami, FL and, although it was his first opportunity to speak
    publicly on the anniversary of 9-11, he spoke of the Miami Dolphins, he
    spoke of College Loan reform, he spoke of his campaign, but he left out
    the day that changed America forever.]

    Zawahiri : 9/11

    [Al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has confirmed the death of his
    deputy Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan
    this summer. The video confirming his death was released on jihadist
    forums to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary.]

    Arab Forum : 9/11

    [Not only is Barack Obama violating his pledge not to campaign on 9/11,
    but he is also using the day to issue greetings to the Arab Forum on
    Asset Recovery, seemingly oblivious to the importance and solemnity
    of the day, as well as the context of his message.]

    not to mention, irrespective of Benghazi on it’s own.. 😡


  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Word is also that the “local workers” at the embassy in Benghazi were seen shooting photographs of the compound in days prior to 9/11/12 and pointing out Americans to the invading force.

  • burt

    None of this should be a surpise. Obama is a communist who has made his feeling about the United States plain to all who ask.

  • Jeff

    What evidence do you all have this document is real? None of this information was a secret. What’s odd is someone would suddenly stumble across a source-less document that specifically mentions protection of ‘international embassies’ just a few days before an election…

    Let me repeat this again– NONE OF THIS INFORMATION WAS A SECRET. The fact that it’s suddenly being trotted out at a politically opportune time should be ringing your alarm bells. If you consider this information important and yet you were unaware of it, it’s a sign you’re using the wrong news sources.

    Other problems– even if the document is real, there’s no indication the Obama administration had any hand in this selection. Hoft’s headline ‘Obama Administration HIRED’ is clearly untrue and should again ring your alarm bells.

    Also, he resigned months prior to the attacks.

    You guys understand these sites have ads on the side for a reason, right?

  • mcashc

    Listen to the big right wing radio shows ask all the questions. It is amazing how pervasive the PC has become. They cannot tell the truth on this international agent. He is on tape countless times stating his core inner beliefs- ON TAPE IN HIS OWN WORDS. Yet no one can say it. HE HATES WHITE AMERICA. HE IS SPEAKING FOR THE WORLD. HE IS IN THIS POSITION TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES. HE IS FUNDED BY GLOBALISTS- SOROS. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT , HE IS A COMMUNIST WHO HATES WHITE CAPITALISM. HE WILL DESTROY OR MILITARY. PASS IT ON TO YOUR IDIOT DEMOCRAT FRIENDS. HE IS THE ENEMY OF ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES.

  • mcashc


  • Jeff

    mcashc, if Obama’s on tape in his own words saying ANY of those things I will eat a shoe with a picture of Marx on it. Show me the clips, I’d love to see them.

  • Look-Out

    Re #5, Redlite — It’s not incompetence. It’s by design.

    Hey, Jeff. What rings my alarm bells is Hillary’s closest aide having family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Not to mention BHO’s own cozy relationship with them and every other radical, America-hating terrorist organization. Those bells have been going off for 5 or 6 years now.

    Why the heck aren’t you bothered?

  • coolidgerules

    It’s high time to strike the death knell to these traitorous scumbags. These 4 years have been nothing but a smokescreen to destroy this country. Healthcare, food stamps, foreign monies, pandering to the UN, bowing to other countries. Not one thing has led us to a better country. And it is all by design. Try all these grifters with a RICO statute.

  • lizzy84

    The mask is almost off…stay tuned as oBama continues to spin.