Krauthammer SLAMS Obama Over Hurricane Sandy Photo-Op (Video)

FOX News analyst Charles Krauthammer slammed Barack Obama tonight for holding a press conference in the Briefing Room where he hasn’t shown up in a while – and certainly not during the Benghazi consulate attacks.
Via Special Report:

Charles Krauthammer:

“Well, he says he’s not concerned about the impact on the elections. I’m sure he’s very sincere on that. But it is a little odd that he shows up in the Briefing Room where he hasn’t shown up in the Briefing Room for what, a month-and-a-half? For Libya or for anything else for that matter. Then you get the photo-ops of him in the Situation Room deploying I guess the utility crews who restore power all over America. Where you would think he might want to use the Situation Room to convene high level people during the night hours when our people were under attack in Benghazi. It’s hard to look at this, playing the president, playing the Commander in Chief in what’s a natural disaster that really doesn’t require a lot of from the White House. It’s up to the governors mostly. The White House and the government release money. That’s all they do and he’s really good at releasing money.”

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  • Oliver

    I heart Charles K!

  • Bob

    Sometimes Krauthammer is right on it.

  • Larkin

    Sandy and obama have something in common…

    They are BOTH natural disasters.

    I take that back. obama is definitely a “man-caused disaster”.

    Both disasters though.

  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    What an arrogant poser! What kind of idiot is impressed by that crap?

  • Dubs

    Hi I’m Barack Obama…..I’m not really a President…I just play one on tv.
    8 more days!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    Well, it’s all for show! And the main stream media will lavish all sorts of praise for how concerned he is, how attentive he is! We’ll probably see pictures of him awake throughout the night, looking worried, as they point out what a caring man he is! It’s a little bit too late. Only foolish people will be impressed.

  • FurryGuy

    Barry playing, and I do mean play, Hero, just as NatGeo re-edits a controversial documentary to highlight the man’s no-existent exploits two days before the election.

  • dwd

    “he’s really good at releasing money”

    love it

  • FurryGuy

    The White House and the government release money. That’s all they do and he’s really good at releasing money.

    Now if it weren’t money begged and borrowed on the lives and chattels of generations to come it wouldn’t be so bad. But O’boo-boo is indenturing our future and our children’s future so he can play hero today.

  • donh

    The hurricane is turning out to be another hype hoax, but an exceptionally costly one for Obama…He has repeated the McCain error of suspending his campaign to ” deal with a crisis ” ….but the causalties will not be of any severity to make Obama look all presidential. The real damage for Obama is the time this storm has taken off the calendar. It was too far in advance of election day to call for a postponement . It cut the weekend short…..3 days of nothing but weathermen on TV pointing at radars……no
    obama speeches to sound bite…..3 days cutting into the nightly Obama infomercial at NBC news…..3 days of big city D mayors in blue states prepping for storms instead of get out the vote drives. 3 days freezing Romney’s lead at a polling peak … taking away critical time Obama needed to mount a rally. An act of God to save America from the Obama freak show.

  • mcashc

    I am in a fog. I live in a state where the big news is that obama is only up by 3 points, that Romney has a shot. I cannot believe how many people will vote for the greatest enemy of our country.

  • Mike

    Releasing other people’s money….

  • Molly

    an act of God to save America from the OBama Freak show….. I love it!

  • bg



    who’s butt does he have his head up??

    Caddell couldn’t be more right, neither could the polls for a change ..

    Earth nto Kraut..

    ROMNEY & RYAN HAVE THE MOMENTUM, deal with it..


  • Indiana

    Obama and his handlers think we’re really stupid. What a bad actor…..they wouldn’t even cast him in a “straight to video” production. Was this photo op shot right after he spent half a million dollars to deliver pizza in Florida?

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  • Oliver

    great article slamming that disgusting ad with the robotic kids singing Obama’s praises:

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  • bg


    “briefing room”


    [[As noted yesterday by Washington Post opinion columnist Marc A. Thiessen, “the president was scheduled to hold the intelligence meeting at 10:50 a.m. Wednesday, the day after the attacks, but it was canceled so that he could comfort grieving employees at the State Department — as well he should.” However, the president decided to forgo on rescheduling his planned briefing because he needed to “attend a Las Vegas fundraiser for his re-election campaign. One day after a terrorist attack.”

    As my colleague Ken Shepherd noted yesterday, “By contrast, Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush almost never missed his daily intelligence meeting.” In fact, Thiessen wrote on September 10 that:

    the former president held his intelligence meeting six days a week, no exceptions — usually with the vice president, the White House chief of staff, the national security adviser, the director of National Intelligence, or their deputies, and CIA briefers in attendance. Once a week, he held an expanded Homeland Security briefing that included the Homeland Security adviser, the FBI director and other homeland security officials. Bush also did more than 100 hour-long “deep dives” in which he invited intelligence analysts into the Oval Office to get their unvarnished and sometimes differing views.]


  • bg


    btw, it hasn’t been a “hurricane” for a few hours now..

    that doesn’t mean a lot of water damage hasn’t been done..

    Obama lied, up jumped the tide..


  • bg
  • Kate

    Charles nailed it. And who would be stupid enough to be impressed to see Obama perform his inane little presidential routine here? Oh, liberal Democrats. Never mind.

  • I saw this live. Kirstin (sp?) Powers pointed out that no one else besides Fox News was covering Benghazi. I think she is slowing becoming a Republican. You can tell because she smiles more often is getting better looking.

  • richhs

    Pretty pompus to consider east coast the “entire country.” Most people don’t give a flip about this hurricane.

  • American Woman

    When he leaves the White House in January for his move to Hawaii, he should make a stopover in Hollywood. It is full of bad actors. Maybe he can run a studio into the ground. Then, maybe he can run the Actor’s Union, he can run that into the ground too.

  • obamas watergate!

    He is such a fake! Never been in COngress for over a YEAR! Ask Behner ONE Year to discuss anything and never goes to his military brieifngs but 30%! Ask our military Generals last time they spoke-why do you think Crystal was so upset? Such a slease ball…he treated the gulf spill like dirt–he makes me want to puke! And so many people-I’m going to give him 4 more years?
    More taxes, higher gas, higher electricity! Healthcare screwed! I’m so ashamed that our soldiers defend these drones the hollow people -to support a CPUSA member with a bad nose job! Watches our soldiers die! An Ambassador die! And he shows NO NO compassion!

  • Practical Jane

    Leftists (20%) and racists (20%) are they only ones still voting for Obama, and they will vote for him no matter what. Hurricane Sandy and Obama’s “making use” of her will make no difference to the electorate at large.

  • Buffalobob

    obama will part the sea and stop the rising waters.

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  • Patty

    Benghazi, Libya—Biopsy From a Malignant, Failed Presidency


    Conclusion—Obama’s Choices: Lose or Be Impeached

    Barack is a self-centered, utterly unfeeling, revolution-seeking drone who cannot be bothered with the hard work of genuine leadership. And as terrifying as it sounds, he is a typical Marxist leader who wants to “save humanity,” but finds individuals not important enough to consider. It’s no wonder Barack’s White House loves Mao, a possible role model for crazy, unthinking and ideologically-driven tyranny from the man who murdered 77 million of his own countrymen. Or perhaps Vlad Lenin, first dictator of the USSR is his example, who said—“Any cook should be able to run the country.” Marxists have no respect for democracy, republicanism or capitalism.

    Whatever the purpose of Barack’s presidency, he must face the decision of getting beaten at the ballot box in November 2012 or being impeached. Yes America, it has finally come to that after Barack’s murderous high treason!


  • Bob Strong

    Obama had to dragged away from his Florida campaign stop by his handlers to act as tho he is in charge of hurricane management (which has been downgraded to TS). He put Clinton in his place before addressing any crowds. How anyone can believe Obama about anything is beyond me. He is personifies a POS.

  • Callipygian1

    The Obama movie that will be made in about two years will make quite a few people realize that every village has more than one idiot, and that they have a lot of company…

  • lizzy84

    Nice to see he shows up to be all over this weather situation when he was too busy doing exactly NOTHING that could’ve saved the lives of our people in Benghazi…gutless traitor.

    And who didn’t seen this coming?………..Benghazi Tape Sealed……

  • donh

    We had just a few hours of mild gusts and now it is fairly calm. Sandy was NOTHING what it was hyped to be here…Looks like another average coastal storm that damages summer beach homes….but there may be some looting going on in rich Greenwich CT…houses reported on fire…Obama phone voters doing some wealth spreading.

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  • bobh

    donh: Are you really so ignorant? I guess so. You are an enemy to humanity, stating that this storm is a hoax. Almost 4 million residences without electricity, 5 dead (before rivers and streams flood). Flooding in several states coastal areas. The storm is no where near over. If it’s such a hoax, you should be strapped down next to the rivers you’re claiming won’t flood because it’s a hoax. Sorry, no assistance for you when they flood over and drown you. Hey, you said it’s a hoax!

  • donh

    HOAX…Power is mostly out BECAUSE BLOOMBERG PULLED THE PLUG….They have to count car accidents to hype casualties….ANOTHER OBAMA LIE….Sandy ” storm of the century “…Its now 60 degrees, the moon is out…and a snow plow just went down the street….GOVERNMENT HAS GONE INSANE….. ITS A SNOW STORM BECAUSE THE GOVERNOR SAID SO …DAMN REALITY AND SEND OUT THE PLOWS !!!!

  • west1890

    Obama is a sociopath. Doubt it? Read the characteristics for yourself.

    Here we are, the richest, most powerful country in the history of civilization and
    we allowed a madman at the helm. Wonder how he can con the stupid and greedy, lie right to your face, feel no empathy, no guilt, no shame? The man, in addition to being a total fraud, is quite literally mentally ill.

  • donh

    Now Obama and all his D state governors are going to RAID FEMA funds on falsified storm damage claims and buy some last minute War on Women TV ads.

  • Sasja

    bobh. Don’t be such a drama queen. donh only mentioned that where he lives it was just a bump in the road. Manhattan has no power because it was turned off. Not because of the storm. Another thing. Flooding in coastal areas is to be expected. See if you can figure out why that is.

  • bg


    Tom63010 #23 October 29, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    can’t seem to locate today’s, but here’s
    a Democrat Kirstin Powers flashback:


  • bg


    donh #39 October 29, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    i dunno, seem some pretty bad flooding pix & vids
    from Georgia on up the east coast to Long Island,
    and a live shot of a taxi 3/4 under rushing water
    in Battery Park today.. bit more..


  • bg
  • bg


    essentially Obama can do nothing about Hurricane Sandy, but is doing
    everything, whereas, no one but him could have done anything about
    Benghazi and he did nothing, well, except fire anyone who may have
    tried to do something..

    God we need this man gone.. *sigh*


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  • Mark Richardson

    Great Charles!
    Hey, could you check on sailings and see if the fine ship, Libyan-flagged vessel Al Entisar left Benghazi on the 12th with a load from the Benghazi Mission warehouses headed to parts unknown?

  • ldskfj;

    Katrina seems worse. Would like to see funds NY gets vs what LA got.

  • Sarah

    I pray Charles Krauthammer is off the mark re: how this storm may take away Romney’s momentum.

  • Mark Richardson

    Check this:
    This is the boat freighting arms out of Libya to Turkey, headed to Syria.
    Did it, in fact, pull out of Benghazi, Libya, on or about the 12th?
    I’d just love to know.

  • kato

    The posturing subprime blowhard, the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on this country.

  • Bob Anderson

    You are all right wing neo-con nut jobs. Amusing as hell to watch the vile crap you all type though.

  • bg
  • bg


    Bob Anderson #51 October 30, 2012 at 12:07 am

    i “feel” ya hon..


  • bg


    October 29, 2012

    The Right Question Is – “Why?”

    [We don’t need the president to tell people to stay indoors, stock up
    on bottled water, make sure we have plenty of batteries and canned
    food on hand, and to follow the instructions of emergency workers.
    That’s the job of the mayors and governors of the states in the path
    of the Superstorm Sandy.

    What we need from Obama we will never get. We need him to tell
    us why he allowed Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean
    Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty to die.


    I contend that every investigation and search for truth must begin
    with the question, “Why was Stevens allowed to die and why were
    Smith, Woods and Doherty set up to be collateral damage?”

    If Stevens wasn’t placed in a situation to die then why wasn’t he pulled out when the British pulled their people? Why did Obama and Clinton ignore warnings issued by Israel and the Libyan interim president? Why were the personal requests by Stevens, pleading for help, ignored? Since when does the official representative of the president of The United States drive around in a hot zone in what amounts to the same SUV you and I drive? Why wasn’t he in a secure vehicle and accompanied by Marines?

    There was no question but that Smith, Woods and Doherty were going
    to be killed regardless of whether or not they stood down as ordered.
    There was no way any of the four were getting out alive.

    Obama, Biden, and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta were huddled in
    Obama’s office approximately 90 minutes after the attack began. There
    were two predator drones sending real-time live feeds back to anyone
    with a computer and a mid-range security clearance. Are we really
    supposed to believe they weren’t watching those men die?

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I know government, and I know
    military. And seeing Obama sprint to the cameras and teleprompters
    to tell us that which our mayors and governors are in office to do
    is not presidential.

    It is the exaggerated behavior of a man watching his
    presidency being flushed down the toilets of history.]

    Amen to that..


  • bobbymike

    So when Obama leaves to go to Vegas they say, “He’s not needed in the White House as he is always in communication.”

    Except for now when it REALLY doesn’t make a difference where he is he’s in the White House 8 days before the election, look at me I’m the President!!!

    What a cruel joke on America he has been.

  • BillB

    Anything to distract people from the Benghazi cover up!

  • Danny

    Finds time to direct utility trucks and has NO TIME to save American lives in Libya, as matter of fact since SOMEONE called off the gunships someone helped murder our own people.

  • That’s it Maher…. Let’s keep the discourse on the level of middle school boys tittering over
    words like “poop-poop” and “tit”. Graduate from the 7th grade Maher… Oh, and it’s hilarious that you simultaneous paint yourself as the guy on the side of reason and intelligence.

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  • patrick connell

    I wouldn’t call myself a democrat or republican, but I can say, objectively, that the intelligence level on this forum, as indicated by vocabulary and expression of critical thinking skills, is far lower here than other places. A terrible situation would be a direct, positive correlation between being anti-Obama and unintelligent. That can really damage a group’s credibility. you see…

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