Karl Rove: NO CANDIDATE HAS EVER LOST With Numbers Like What Mitt Romney Has Today (Video)

Karl Rove told Megyn Kelly today on America Live that no presidential candidate has ever lost an election leading with over 50 percent of likely voters in mid October.
Mitt Romney has 51 percent of likely voters today.

“The Obama campaign has pulled down all of its negative advertising. And is now running virtually all positive ads in the battleground states heralding all the success of the last four years. This is very unusual because they have been constantly beating up on Romney. In recent weeks the president’s negatives have risen and Romney particularly after this debate has moved into a lead. You saw it in the Gallup poll you talked about. Six point lead, 51-45. Yesterday it was 50-46. This is the first time that Romney has hit 50 percent in the Gallup likely voter poll and the president has never hit 50 percent in the likely voter poll. And no candidate who has led in mid-October with 50 percent or more in the likely voter poll has ever gone on to lose.

More… Report: Obama campaign turning grim on Florida, Virginia, North Carolina — and Colorado.

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  • Granny

    That is wonderful to hear . . . but I still refuse to count even the first chicken until all of the eggs have hatched.

    There is always a first time for everything . . . and the Obama regime plays dirtier than any campaign I have ever seen.

  • Indiana

    I hope he’s right. “President Romney” sounds really good to me. I’ll keep up the prayers, signs, emails…..etc., just in case.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Think about this:

    Obama added $6 TRILLION DOLLARS to the National Debt and added ZERO net new jobs. He literally puts the O in Obama.

  • MicahStone

    The FIRST AFFIRMATIVE ACTION decided Presidential debate…
    Charles Krauthammer: ‘Obama wins on points’
    In his privileged admissions to Columbia and Harvard, OBOZO was given AFFIRMATIVE ACTION SPECIAL TREATMENT “bonus” points for admission over more academically qualified people. Similarly, in the second debate with Romney, OBOZO was granted further AFFIRMATIVE ACTION SPECIAL TREATMENT points to help him “win” over his superior, better qualified, more capable, TRUTH -telling competitor. Remember it isn’t DISCRIMINATION when the advantage is given to the black guy.

  • Clafoutis

    Zero wants to make himself into a hero — expose this duplicity!


  • MJ

    Yeah…Well the Hitler in the White house has sent drones to Libya. He intends on getting himself another Bin Laden type scenario to be painted as a hero to seal his re-election.

    Look up “Drones, Libya”

  • radioone

    Scott Rasmussen was on Fox yesterday afternoon. His polling will reflect this debate by Friday.

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  • FurryGuy

    No American candidate has ever lost an HONEST election with numbers like what is being reported, but then this election might not be even remotely honest. The vote stealing will be epic.

  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    I will pray harder.

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  • Grandma Perkins

    I wonder what color Ann will wear to the inauguration.

  • Steve

    Video: Fox News Frank Luntz assembled a group of 2008 Obama Supporters. Most are switching their votes to Romney!!!



  • bg


    oh please, this is no more about Candy Crowley than it is the Reps
    warring against women, chill out and focus on the REAL ISSUES!!

    you want to stop BIAS, go after the source, not the messengers..


  • bg


    oops re: #14 October 17, 2012 at 3:39 pm bg

    wrong thread, sorry..


  • valerie
  • I hope you are right, we need to get our country back in every way.
    I will be 68 in November and the main thing I am worried about is my medicare. I got my medicare handbook last month and the numbers are terrible. It all comes down to 30% inhospital coverage with only 5% inhospital drug coverage.
    Generally I get 95% medical coverage from the VA, but if I would have to go in the hospital it would break me unless I get lucky and the VA admits me into Dayton VA.
    I hope that Mitt can dump obamacare and reinstate medicare back to atleast the 2010 level.
    I do feel obama cares for those of us 65+.

  • donh

    Romney ran his debate like a man holding the lead….OBAMA was craven and desparate to score points……He debated like a man who knows he is way behind and running out of time.

  • Change the last sentence to –
    I do not feel obama cares for those of us 65+.

  • mcashc

    We can only hope. If this child fraud scam liar punk is defeated, Romney needs to cut corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, and give companies confidence to invest. Go after all our natural resources and exploit our technological advances. Free everything up in the first two years. End this marxist communist BS. But most important, appoint a conservative ass kicking attorney general and prosecute all these communist racist anti American criminals. First in line this punk child American hater some people call president. Second this racist, criminal, law breaking AG holder. After that get them all, including jarrett and espeacially the communist axelrod. Lower case on all these anti AMERICAN frauds on purpose. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • bg



    Electric Car Crash


  • bg


    go away Karl, just go away…


  • bg


    make like your name and leave..


  • mcashc

    Especially especially especially especially AXELROD. Spelled it right this time especially thank you.

  • Mitt Romney’s Dog

    Ah, yes. The smell of Republican desperation.

    Hey Karl, how’s Etch-a-Sketch doing in Ohio?


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  • Gail

    Hope and pray your house sells before 12-31-12 otherwise you will pay an EXTRA 3.8% tax on the sales price! IT’S IN THE OBAMA HEALTHCARE PLAN!

    The National Association of Realtors is not pleased with this new tax and hopes this information is forwarded to every voter prior to the election in November.

    It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you sit on – it will affect ALL of us.

    When does your home become part of your health care? After 2012! Your vote counts big time in 2012, make sure you and all your friends and family know about this!

    HOME SALES TAX I thought you might find this interesting, — maybe even SICKENING! The NationalAssociation of Realtors is all over this and working to get it repealed, –before it takes effect. But, I am very pleased we aren’t the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners. How many realtors do you think will vote Democratic in 2012? Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it? That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc. When did this happen? It’s in the health carebill, — and it goes into effect in 2013. Why 2013? Could it be so that it doesn’t come to light until after the 2012 elections? So, this is ‘change you can believe in’? Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% salestax. If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to screw the retiring generation, — who often downsize their homes. Does this make your November, 2012 vote more important? Oh, you weren’t aware that this was in the Obama Health Care bill? Guess what; you aren’t alone! There are more than a few members of Congress that weren’t aware of it either. You can check this out for yourself at:http://www.gop.gov/blog/10/04/08/obamacare-flatlines-obamacare-taxes-home

  • Ghost

    ALL signs are pointing ⬆UP⬆

    this is a good time to review the Conservative editorial cartoonists, there’s some very good and funny stuff out there these days.
    highly recommended, terrellaftermath, but also the King, Michael Ramirez

    No President was ever re-elected with a smaller margin of victory than his first election.
    any bets that Zero will be ‘historic’?

    I hereby proclaim it is now Officially too late for an October Surprise. Zero cannot do ANYTHING! that wouldn’t be widely, if not unanimously viewed as pure desperation politics.

    Stop working?! are you kidding? why Stop now when we’re having ALL THE FUN!

  • Ghost

    O-baaa-maa’s chickens….. are coming home…….. to Rooooost

  • mcashc

    Republican desperation …. thats funny. More like American desperation from a chip on his shoulder, racist, punk, no experience, lazy fraud. By the way, not a republican can’t stand Rove. I am a conservative person who loves the American Idea. Thank you Paul Ryan.

  • Restless

    This feels so much like 1980. The economy was in the toilet. There was a general despair about the incumbent. At the time, I couldn’t believe the polls were showing a tight race in October. I knew many voters were not happy with Carter and the economy, so why weren’t the polls showing it? Well, they needed to know Reagan was “capable.” The debate proved it. People are afraid to make a change in the White House unless they know the replacement is “presidential.” Those people in the Luntz focus group last night kept describing Mitt as presidential. That is a disastrous situation for Obama. They trust Romney to take over. It looks like Gallup’s numbers are starting to reflect that. At least, I sure hope so! We can’t take four more years.

  • Another typical white person

    #12 Grandma Perkins

    Didn’t Ann look lovely last night in that beautiful pink dress?…then there’s the other one in a pink dress…the “Rotting Petunia”

  • squeaky

    [Fact #1: EU leaders have stated point blank that they were asked to keep things quiet until after the election.] [ Something was promised in exchange for the EU keeping things quiet. And we won’t find out what it is until after November 6] a “…more flexibility after the election” moment just maybe

  • bg


    Mitt Romney’s Dog #25 – apge October 17, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    rotf 😆 mbo!!

    that’s just about as big a crock as Rove…


  • We still have to make it true.

  • bg


    Ghost #32 October 17, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Obama’s chicks are roosters.. 😆


  • bg


    links & more at link, ie:

    [Today’s Polls the ObamaMedia Will Ignore

    National: Romney 48/Obama 45 – That
    from the most reliable pollster of 2008.

    NC: Romney 51/Obama 45]


  • tarpon

    There nothing you can do to run from your record. As long as Mitt keeps going at it.

  • Flintstone F.

    Obama in the mid 40’s this late is fatal. Let’s review:

    Obama has lost significant percentages of women, blacks, white men, older voters, younger voters, you name it across the board he’s down a bunch from 2008.

    Voter registration and enthusiasm gap flipped from 2008 from Dem to Rep.

    Economy is trash. Foreign policy is in shambles. Obama et al embroiled (in spite of media efforts) in a number of scandals where people died.

    One and done. He’s toast, but this is about making sure everybody knows how bad he was. He needs to be beaten badly (in this election). Vote!

  • chuck in st paul

    I think that debate #1 set up the ‘event’ for a preference cascade. As more voters find out that Romney is not a horned devil tossing grannies off the cliff while whipping black slaves on his Bain plantation you will find a welcome percentage of vote switchers and ‘won’t votes’ building out there.

    Already he’s showing a swing in independents and “women”. I think it’s a rising case of buyer’s remorse at work here. The LSM built Obymal up to be Teh Obamasiah and now they see he’s nothing but a slick talking quota queen. Even a lot of the blacks are finally noticing they didn’t get anything but a lousy obamaphone out of the deal while they still don’t have jobs.

  • chuck in st paul

    #37 bg, I couldn’t agree more. That’s just another basement dweller whose bitter tears will taste so sweet.

  • George Zee

    Maybe this will help you out folks………………Final Tally of Electoral votes will be 275 -309 at the very least. With 538 EVs and R&Rs 51% has R&R at 274.38 today. Zeros at 46% gives him 247.48 With a total of 521.86… Thats a remaining balance of 16.14 EVs Remaining. Even if they are split evenly 283 for R&R and 255 for Zero. But swings like that never happen so the EV split will rest at 2/3:1/3min giving the R&R team a bare ending total of 286 minmum. R&R only needs 270. And even if you gave all the remaing EVs to Zero he still comes up short by 7 votes and a bus ticket back to Chi Town … O and crew smell the end coming FOLKS

  • Rosemary Woodhouse

    I wonder if those who live in the D.C. bubble, aside from those who shall “arrange for” voter fraud have factored that in?

  • Amash

    The smell of republican desperation – man,can you not read?
    Eyecandy would be happy just to be desperate. His hope is now. Hopeless, but dream on.
    You’ll wake up soon. Reality is Bound to make an appearance.

  • Look-Out

    If Gail’s right about that nearly 4% tax, that’s HUGE. Get the word out…I’d heard something about it, but didn’t know it was clearly this big a tax or this soon.

  • Mad Hatter

    “More… Report: Obama campaign turning grim on Florida, Virginia, North Carolina — and Colorado.”

    Jim, I told you that Obama would start phasing out his campaign in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina.

  • Mad Hatter

    I can see some of societies bottom feeders have made their way over here from the Daily Kook site.

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  • py

    @Mitt Romney’s Dog Not using Obama’s dog’s name? Oh right, he’s people food now. Who’s desperate again? Drone.

  • Look-Out

    Re people who saw Mitt for the first time – and liked him (even decided to vote for him) – after he was painted to be someone he’s not by Dems/BHO. I think that’s going to bite them in the butt too. Maybe why they’ve stopped all the negative ads about MR.

    People are waking up to what LIARS Dems and BHO are. They lie about everything and it’s a really nasty thing to tell such awful lies about another person. The middle-roaders don’t like that at all.

  • Lorraine B

    I pray that Romney wins! Wake Up America!

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  • mg4us

    Voter fraud is the key issue this time around. . the left and libs are getting desperate. . .they know what is at stake and are now overtly influencing media bias and pulling out all the stops. . .

    And with Courts overturning Voter ID laws I expect massive cheating. . .

    It will make the Al Fraken phony ballots look amateurish.. . .

    Be on Guard. . be very aware. . .

    Our country is at stake

  • Earthmover

    I looked at Snopes over the 3.8% real estate tax and it is quite complicated but
    will not affect most home sales. However, we have a spending problem, not
    anything else. I tried to paste the info from Snopes but it would not let me.
    Romney 2012!!!!

  • traitors! cowards!

    Dreams of MY REAL Father tells it all him and his nose job! Wait till all the college kids get charge everytime they google! $1.50 per google search! The UN with Hillary acceptance are voting on the TAXATION of the INTERNET!!! Not only have they taxed our oceans, our grain prices 4x (food has doubled), medicine, OIL OIL OIL wait till this winter!!! And he has stooped 36% drilling and leases??!! Milk, truckers, making truckers take breaks every 2 hours! Going into our schools telling our kids what to eat, taxing big gulps! But I will NOT get over how HE KNEW about the Bengazi attacks but STILL STILL STILL went before the WORLD and scolded America on a yuotube video when he KNEW HE KNEW it was a terroist PLANNED attack! What did the Ambassador know? That he is GAY?? WHat?? Why would they not protect the MOST DANGEROUS war zone??? This was a slaughter and he looks cold as ICE no merci!!! Savages!
    You always plan for CONTINGENCIES!! Goes to Vegas versus meeting with troops on the ground he is disguisting!

  • P. Aaron

    Megyn Kelly is a smokin’ hot babe! Oh yeah! Uh, go Romney!

  • Computer Predicts Romney as President

    Good but let’s still vote.

  • BJM

    The dirty tricks, sleaze and fake, but accurate, documents begin in 3-2-1.

  • Gary

    Tell that to Byron York.
    He’s been on Greta the last two nights pouring cold water on the Romney campaign’s achievement. Tonight he said there was no way this poll average was accurate.
    Why wasn’t he saying that when it was skewed 10 points for Obama.

    And he said that Pennsylvania was fool’s gold for Republicans.
    God, can you be more of a squish.
    Not that they care, but I canceled my subscription several years ago because of guys like that.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, I am prepaid to lose! My campaign sucks!

    When I lose, I will take my donor’s money and go home… to the Isle of Man. That is where the tax cheats and swindlers retire. My donors can’t touch me there!

    But, before I go I have to skin my Hollywood Talking Heads for one last $65,666.99 per plate fund raiser.

    That money will help me slip out of the country Undetected. Good riddance crappy Hollywood donors!

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  • Ron

    Rassmussen poll is garbage since the president of Rassmussen took a recent cruise with Karl Rove. Rassmussen was way off the last presidential election as well…they simply tightened up in the end so they wouldn’t look so biased. Gallup is a massive outlier when compared to all of the other polls, so it’s not very valid. The 538 website gives a detailed analysis on all polls out. Rove has Rassmussen and Gallup in his pocket.

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  • John Doe

    Polls of likely voters are one thing. You still have to factor in the vote fraud done by the Dumbocrats every election cycle. For a Rebublican to win, they have to win much more than 50% just to overcome the voter fraud.

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