Jane Roe of ‘Roe v Wade’ Airs Anti-Obama Ad in Florida (Video)

Norma McCorvey, the ‘Jane Roe’ in the Roe v. Wade abortion decision, released a new anti-Obama ad in Florida.

The anti-Obama ad contains graphic abortion images.
Lifesite News reported, via Free Republic:

Nearly 40 years ago, as a young, pregnant woman, Norma McCorvey played an instrumental part in the Supreme Court decision that brought legal abortion to America. Now McCorvey, the ‘Roe’ in the Roe v. Wade case, has released an ad urging voters not to vote for Obama.

McCorvey became a Christian in 1995 and has since repudiated her role in Roe v. Wade, campaigning for its reversal.

The ad is set to air in Florida, and is backed by Randall Terry, the pro-life activist who is running for office on the Democratic ticket in several states. Terry’s political campaigning is aimed primarily at exploiting a legal loophole that requires TV stations to run his political ads, which include graphic abortion imagery.

In her ad, McCorvey says the Roe v. Wade decision was based upon a “lie” and urges citizens to vote against Obama.

The transcript:

“I’m Norma McCorvey, the former Jane Roe of the Roe vs. Wade decision that brought ‘legal’ child killing to America.

I was persuaded by feminist attorneys to lie; to say that I was raped, and needed an abortion. It was all a lie.

Since then, over 50 million babies have been murdered. I will take this burden to my grave.

“Please, don’t follow in my mistakes. DO NOT vote for Barack Obama. He murders babies.”

The ad concludes with Randall Terry saying: “I approve this message.”

The commercial also contains graphic abortion images.

Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion president in US history.

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  • C-Christian Soldier

    will be putting it on the PRO LIFE site of the organization that I founded –1994-
    thank you-
    If we all work together to get the TRUTH out- HUMAN babies will be saved!

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    Thank You Norma McCorvey..

    and you too GP..


  • C-Christian Soldier

    OK-I’ll use as link- not sure how to embed the video–
    thank you – again-

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    Infanticide is not above my pay grade..


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  • Sparky

    Courageous woman. Every little bit will help to defeat the dangerous psychopath in the WH.

  • Russell Hicks

    “Earth’s Unborn Children Weeping”

    How dread that sound, the world around,
    That bids us wake from sleeping.
    It is the heartache of our time,
    Earth’s unborn children weeping.

    Why can’t we see, what should not be,
    The innocents we slaughter.
    They ask for little more than life.
    They beg–but none will offer.

    Too close to thee, too close to me,
    Unspoken pleadings languish.
    In selfish pride, we pass them by,
    And let them die in anguish.

    Oh, Precious Son, Thou Holy One,
    Help us to heal their sorrows.
    Teach us to give, let us so live,
    That they share our tomorrows.

    Then in that day, when Thou shalt say,
    “I left them in thy keeping.”
    Our works and words will testify,
    “We heard Thy children weeping.”

    (c) 2000; Recorded [James 1:17] by Russell B. Hicks; “All rights reserved.”

    Matthew 18:2-7
    “And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,
    And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
    Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
    And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.
    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say

    [Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed
    because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is
    no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to
    Oxford University has argued.]

    The pro-choice case for infanticide.

    [When circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible. … We propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion’, rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus … rather than to that of a child. Therefore, we claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk.]

    White Paper. When Does Human Life Begin?



  • http://teachx3sblog.wordpress.com/ TeachX3

    This is so powerful… sharing.

  • http://teachx3sblog.wordpress.com/ TeachX3

    #7 … and sharing that poem too, thank you!

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    re:#8 – page 1 October 24, 2012 at 7:59 pm bg

    “If the upper class is able to give it’s children, grandchildren more and
    more genetic advantages, they will move away form the people who
    are naturally born..”
    ~ Lee Silver

    [Question: How has Obama changed George
    W. Bush-era stances toward bioethics?

    Lee Silver: The Bush Administration had a very extreme view on bioethics. Essentially they were taking the line of people who claim that single cell embryos, which are invisible to the eye, should have the same rights as you or me. That’s an extreme view. It’s not a view that most Americans hold. Scientists were arguing that they could take these single cells, embryos at this very early stage, when the embryo [which] you can create in a petri dish to help women overcome infertility, but if you just work with these cells in a petri dish, the cells can’t form a fetus. They can’t form anything resembling a fetus or a human being, all they can do is grow into a bunch. It’s a very nice line. Scientists can work with cells in a petri dish and say, okay you can work with these cells, they’re not human beings. We’re going to work with them in a petri dish for research purposes to try to find cures for diseases. That’s what scientists would like, that’s what many leaders of the Democratic Party would like, sure. There’s a line. You don’t go across it, but it’s a nice line as far as science goes because what you create in a petri dish is not a person. It can’t be a person.

    The Obama Administration has advisors like Cal Varmis and Eric Lander. Those are his two top science advisers, those are leaders of the field of biotechnology, and the view that I just gave you is the view that they hold. They have influence in the administration now and I think they will get the administration to slowly go in a direction which will support research in this way.]

    Adult Stem Cells v. Embryonic Stem Cells

    “after-birth abortion”

    [Rather than being “actual persons”, newborns were “potential
    persons”. They explained: “Both a fetus and a newborn certainly
    are human beings and potential persons, but neither is a ‘person’
    in the sense of ‘subject of a moral right to life’.

    “We take ‘person’ to mean an individual who is capable of attributing to
    her own existence some (at least) basic value such that being deprived
    of this existence represents a loss to her.”

    As such they argued it was “not possible to damage a newborn by
    preventing her from developing the potentiality to become a person
    in the morally relevant sense”.]

    Congresswoman: We’re Not ‘Promoting Sterilization’
    of College Girls, We’re Just Making It Free, 3/19/12

    [According to the Centers for Disease Control’s report, “Use of
    Contraception in the United States: 1982-2008,” among women
    ages 20-24, who are using contraception, 2.4 percent have been
    sterilized. Among those aged 25-29, who are using contraception,
    15.0 percent have been sterilized.]

    okay, but what are the stats since Obama?? and let be perfectly
    clear when i ask, there won’t be any death panels up the road,
    correct?? /s/


  • Linda

    Thank You Very Much Norma McCorvey and God’s Blessings!

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    re: #8 & #11 – page 1 October 24, 2012 bg

    October 1, 2012

    Our Totalitarian Eugenicist-in-Chief

    Warning: Parents, friends, and families need to know about the
    Obama-supported Facing History and Ourselves teacher training
    program materials. As my co-author, Aaron Klein, and I wrote in
    Red Army:

    FHAO is an international organization providing professional
    development services and curricular resources to educators.
    FHAO’s stated focus is on “bringing ethical and moral philosophy
    to history and social studies classes, particularly regarding
    issues of racism, civic responsibility and tolerance.” . . . .

    Facing History and Ourselves, meanwhile, received Chicago Annenberg
    Challenge grant funds for programs with the Chicago Public Schools.
    FHAO received $240,000 in 1998, $237,000 in 1999, $85,500 in 2000,
    and $50,000 in 2001.

    FHAO also received grant funds from the Joyce Foundation, upon whose
    board Barack Obama also sat: $100,000 in 1997 (for a two-year project)
    and $50,000 in 1999 (for a one-year project). . . .

    Sandra Stotsky writes in her 2004 paper, “The Stealth Curriculum:
    Manipulating America’s History Teachers,” that FHAO is “[p]ossibly
    the most malevolent of the organizations professing to address
    citizenship education.”

    Regarding FHAO’s 2002 supplementary resource book, Race and
    Membership in American History: The Eugenics Movement (RMAH),
    Stotsky calls it “even more poisonous” with its “causal connection
    between the American eugenics movement and the Holocaust.” In
    the end, she writes, “Americans appear almost directly responsible
    for the Final Solution. The net effect is the discrediting of American

    The danger here, as Stotsky correctly assesses, is that social studies
    teachers will use FHAO’s “implicit thesis about who was responsible
    for the Holocaust because its resource books are likely to be their
    only source of information on the topic.”

    An even greater concern is that outsiders cannot find out what takes place in FHAO workshops as they are restricted to teachers whose schools arranged and paid for them to attend. Details on FHAO’s website are password-protected.

    This is how the socialist billionaires operate. You’ve been warned.]

    Eugenics and Bioethics


  • Linda

    #8 The so-called experts are right there is no difference between killing unborn babies…newborn babies…children…adults…senior citizens…

    Because it is MURDER!

  • Rosemary Woodhouse

    God bless you, Ms. McCorvey.

  • DecentAmerican

    Randall terry is a Dem? Well I’ll be….a prolife Dem…..didn’t think there was such a thing.

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  • Joanne

    She lied; babies died. It is a good thing that God forgives those who repent of their sins and turn away from sinning. This is a little, too late for fifty million human beings. Even if this law was brought into effect, it is the doctors and medical staff, plus the women who had abortions, and all their supporters who will suffer God’s wrath if they do not repent. It is such wickedness – sacrificing the unborn to the god of convenience.

  • Joanne

    I can’t help but wonder if we would forgive Hitler after WWII if he put out a video blaming others for his actions resulting in millions upon millions of deaths. It isn’t like Hitler literally killed people like Roe.