Senator Claire McCaskill did not like Dana’s question about her husband Joe Shepard cutting deals in the Senate Dining Room…
So she attacked her.

This was after the debate in the media room.

Claire even called Dana an Akin “operative.”
Dana responded, “Prove it.”

Here’s another video of the confrontation.

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  2. Claire speaks ever so sofltly….she is a LIAR

  3. ++

    ROTF :lol: MBO!!

    she’s attacking the wrong Lady.. can’t wait to hear what
    Dana has to say, but my bets on a Dana win all the way!!


  4. did she answer the question?

  5. ++

    the other guy was a criminal, not me, i was
    just dealing with him, not what he’s done..

    disclaimer: it was very hard to hear what Dana was asking,
    and Claire’s response, though a tad louder, was as well..

    can’t wait for the Dana Show tomorrow, it
    ought to be, well, an exposive explosive.. :lol:


  6. Thank God for cellphone videos and blogs like Jim’s to get the truth out. Keep talkin’ Claire—we want to make sure you’re heard loud and clear. Does anyone have any doubts about the choice between her and her Repub opponent. ABO==anybody but Obama and his left wing goons!

  7. If you’re a dem asking tough questions you are a “concerned citizen” exercising your constitutional right.

    If you’re a Republican asking tough questions you’re an “operative”, and probably funded by the evil Koch brothers to boot.

  8. That recording is very hard to hear clearly- can someone provide a transcript of the exchange please?

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  9. Hey Missouri – crunch time. Is the runor true that Claire McCasgill was on the passenger manifest snapping phots on Air Force One when it terrorized NYC residents for a half hour in April 2009?

    Maybe ya’ll should check out where she was that day – Google it on your own folks- but this horrible incident never got fully explained to America.

    And trust me – if you lived in NYC that day – it was terror from Air Force One (who would have thought?)

  10. Sorry for typos – I was in a hurry :-)

  11. Claire never answered the question, did she?


  12. It’s been my mission in Missouri politics to see Claire removed from office this election, but I’m afraid you and I have differing opinions on what constitutes an ATTACK.

  13. …or EPIC! for that matter.

  14. Please take her out.

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