EMAIL TO WHITE HOUSE at 6:07 PM on 9-11: “Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack”

This email was sent to State Department officials, White House officials, Secret Service officials at 6:07 PM EST on 9-11.

This was at least the third email sent to the White House the evening of 9-11 on the Benghazi attack.

Barack Obama was meeting with his security team in the Oval Office that evening.
The email clearly blamed Al-Qaeda linked group Ansar al-Sharia for the attack on the US consulate.
This was before the lifeless body of Ambassador Stevens was dragged from the consulate ruins.

Not Optimal.

More… Instapundit added: Who’s going to tell Chris Matthews?

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  • Oliver
  • Chippy

    Lil Barry was meeting with Panetta and Biden to get their lies together at the time of the attack.

    MSM is a compliant and illegal operation against the people of the United States.

    Impeach NOW!

  • saveus

    leadership from behind
    time for obama to resign

  • coolidgerules

    Drip…..drip…..drip. It’s damning. The intelligence and State Dept people are throwing King Putt under the bus. We’ve all had enough of the BS. Add the collusion by the media to cover up this steaming pile and we could have a huge RICO case.

  • bg


    of course they were.. :-(

    September 14, 2012

    Obama administration warned of possible
    attacks, but failed to take precautions

    [Sources close to U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration revealed
    that White House officials apparently received warnings that there
    were threats made to attack as many as seven U.S. missions in the
    Middle East, on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as early
    as September 4. Sources also revealed that additional warnings were
    received a few days later, with similar information, but that all of the
    warnings were largely ignored by the administration. Normally when
    such warnings are received by the administration, the threat level is
    raised at U.S. installations around the world. At this point, there is no
    evidence that the Obama administration communicated the warnings
    with Consular officials in Libya or Egypt in advance of attacks that
    took place Monday in Benghazi, Libya and Cairo, Egypt, leaving the U.S.
    Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead, with eight others
    wounded, including some U.S. military personnel.]

    please scroll & click, or click & scroll for more, thank you..


  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Time for a new round of subpoenas….

  • bg


    re: #6 October 23, 2012 at 11:35 pm bg

    re: of course they were = on radar


  • Sasja

    This was not leadership from behind. Little Barry was right out in front of this atrocity.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Who’s going to tell Chris Matthews?

    What would be the point? All he’s likely to do is yell, “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA LA LA LA”

    My preference would be to print it on a piece of paper, hold it in front of him, then mash it into his face, hard.

  • Ace

    This SOB tried to scapegoat an American citizen who posted a goofy YouTube video.
    The hatred deepens.

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  • Big Red

    “Who’s going to tell Chris Matthews?”

    Telling Obama he needs to be a leader is racist. It’s all part of Matthews 101: Chasing ghosts from the 1960’s.

  • bg


    re: Chippy #3 – page 1 October 23, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    Obama : Zawahiri : Arab Forum : 9/11

    [Now it’s learned that President Obama appeared on the DJ Laz Morning
    Show in Miami, FL and, although it was his first opportunity to speak
    publicly on the anniversary of 9-11, he spoke of the Miami Dolphins, he
    spoke of College Loan reform, he spoke of his campaign, but he left out
    the day that changed America forever.]

    [Al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has confirmed the death of his
    deputy Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan
    this summer. The video confirming his death was released on jihadist
    forums to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary.]

    [Not only is Barack Obama violating his pledge not to campaign on 9/11,
    but he is also using the day to issue greetings to the Arab Forum on Asset
    Recovery, seemingly oblivious to the importance and solemnity of the day,
    as well as the context of his message.]

    Obama Does Radio Interview on 9-11. No Mention of 9-11.

    more at link, in connecting links, and scroll for more..


  • billygoatpuke

    I am not surprised by Obamas actions, I figured he was the enemy within from the beginning. This is only the tip of the iceberg to his underhandness. Treasonous piece of sh*t. What angers me most is the complicity of the media. The media is destroying the very freedom they hide behind. I say off with their heads!

  • bg
  • Robert

    I agree that the liberal media is the enemy of America, nothing but a bunch of lying liberals abusing the right to a free press.

  • Sasja

    billygoat. I was going to suggest we ask France if we could borrow their guillotines since they are not using them anymore, but according to some people, we have our own. I am not going to link to any of the sites but you can find them by searching for guillotines in America.

    I swear, the whole world has sunk into madness.

  • coolerheads

    ADMINISTRATION TO NATIONAL PRESS on 9-12: “the Benghazi attack may have been planned in advance and there were indications that members of a militant faction calling itself Ansar al Sharia – which translates as Supporters of Islamic Law – may have been involved.”

  • Robert

    Sasja, we can start with tar and feathers, pitchforks and torches.

    Applied LIBERALLY among the upper class, politicians, high military, academia and media.

    I’m pretty sure that would get the message across quite sufficiently.