Dick Morris: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Even New Jersey Is in Play (Video)

Dick Morris tells Sean Hannity tonight that states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and even New Jersey are in play this year.
“Minnesota is within if four points… And maybe even New Jersey.”

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  • Conservative Ken

    Is anyone else’s gut telling them BLOWOUT.

  • Sasja

    Yep. Mine is.

  • SM-WI

    God bless Dick. He’s been a great cheerleader and analyst!

  • cecil dildine

    Yes….but I don’t want to gloat….and i don’t want false hope…we must stay focused and HUMBLE the work is only started Tea Party should stand for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY not TIME for EXTRA ANALYSIS or TAKING EXTENDED APPROPRIATIONS, Congress and the White House needs to know WHO sent them there!!! and what we expect

  • Spider

    “Blue” Jersey for Mitt?

    Not so crazy. This state is home to a lot of the people that make livings supporting the big money Wall Street firms that are being killed by the current administration.

    Its always about jobs, and Jersey needs jobs like everybody else.

  • Mari

    Dems r going to spill their “BigBird” sippy cups!!

  • Amash

    While I believe Romney’s performance helped raise his polls numbers, I also believe these polls tried to skew their results for Obama. Now, closer to the election, these pollsters don’t want to look like fools when Romney wins so they are polling without giving huge Democratic advantages.
    I also believe Romney will win big. He’ll have to so that the Dems don’t steal the election with fraud.

  • well now

    I’m going out on a limb here,but judging by the people I talk to and I talk to a lot of people-I think New York State is in play also. The city most likely will go for Obama, though Staten island went for McCain in08 I do’nt think that will change, but if the Upstate turnout is high for Romney it’s going to be tight.
    People think all of NY is the 5 boroughs. It’s not. It’s a big state.

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  • jb books

    I do not want to get too ahead of things, but I smell a drubbing.

  • donh

    I was in PA last weekend. I saw the number of Romney signs in places around Allentown. Then there is a wide vein of territory from Scranton to Harrisburg that is solid coal mining economy. Obama is relying entirely on Philadelphia and the government workers who live in surrounding suburbs. If its a cold rainy day in Phily Nov 6 , the 47% won’t come outside.

  • if the gotv effort by priebus is all it’s cracked up to be then we will win in a landslide.

  • bg



    like i said, she’ll “swallow”..


  • American Daughter

    You mean even the folks, the liberal folks in New Jersey, actually do have some common sense?

    I’ll only believe it when I see it. MA, NY, NJ, DE, NH, CT. These were part of the original 13. What incredible disappointments you have become in upholding the very idea of throwing off the yoke of tyranny. Geo. III may be gone, but you’ve invited in his place liberalism and collectivism to the nth degree.

  • Spider

    well now, I live in Orange County (hour or so north of NYC). We went for Obama in ’08 51-48. This year we will reverse that in Mitt’s favor. In ’10 we threw out an ultra leftist congressman and elected Republican Nan Hayworth. I see a big upstate swing to Mitt as very likely.

    But the Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany counties will still go to Obama. Maybe by smaller percentages than ’08, but still blue.

    Obama won NYC by such an overwhelming amount over McCain that I can’t see that changing enough to help Mitt.

    But, boy is it great to even be talking about it!!

  • bg


    October 15, 2012

    Swing States poll: Women push Romney into lead

    [In the swing states, the power of women

    A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of the Swing States shows Mitt
    Romney with a lead among likely voters as he strengthens his
    standing with women in the nation’s top battlegrounds.]


  • Patriot Girl

    Amen, American Daughter! I have never understood this phenomenon. With all the history and reminders of the birth of our great nation, I would think it easy to stay true to the US’s original values.

  • bg


    OT.. (not really)

    powerful write up, whether you agree with some,
    all, or none of it, hope you read it in it’s entirety..

    by Ezili Dantò

    The author supported Obama in 2008, for the sake of Haiti, the U.S. and the world. But no more. “Under the Obama tenure, indefinite military detention of U.S. citizens is lawful in the land of the free and the brave and Haitians are saddled with George Bush and Bill Clinton.” When a duopoly rules, voting is a sham. “Susan Rice takes over the role Colin Powell played for the Bushes while Cheryl Mills is out there pushing the Duvalierist agenda in Haiti previously championed by Bill Clinton’s commerce secretary, the late Ron Brown.”

    Not Voting for Obama: We’re Not Even
    Buying a Voting Ticket to the Show

    [We wrote then our dissent. “Give us a 100 right-wing Republicans to
    face any day. Keep the namby pamby Democrats or progressive left
    selling their constituents out in the name of some mythical, so-called
    bipartisanship. They are the worst and most dangerous enablers of
    neoliberal globalization masturbating on the poor’s imposed pain,
    poverty and suffering.”


    Obama betrayed the American voters who expected he would not
    gut the US Constitution. But he has. And, some of us here at HLLN
    are lawyers.

    This writer herself is a member of two US State bars where the oath I made was to protect the US Constitution. Moreover, as a born-Haitian who spent what seems a lifetime advocating against the US destruction of legitimate elections in Haiti, against the US and the wealthy’s support of apartheid and ethnocide in Haiti; against US destruction of the 1987 Haiti Constitution with illegal US regime changes in Haiti; as an advocate who has had to deal with the poor Haitians’ indiscriminate INDEFINITE DETENTION simply because the US and Haiti’s repugnant undemocratic forces suspect these poor voted and supported Lavalas, I find NOTHING redeeming about the Constitutional lawyer, named Barrack Obama. ]


  • Bob

    Just go vote and make sure you get a few others.

  • bg
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  • Mad Hatter

    I can see Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in play, but Minnesota and New Jersey? If Minnesota and/or New Jersey goes Romney, that would set the Democrat party back in those states by 30 years.

    Talk about a major league upset.

  • bg
  • bg
  • JT

    If Casey loses PA Senate seat than GOP could virtually run the table & have veto proof majorities in both houses + POTUS. He’s only up 41-39 & once the other 20% remember who the loathsome ACORN luvin dim bulb Casey is they’ll vote for Smith by default.

  • Bill Mitchell

    You know, I think there really is nothing new under the Sun.

    This is beginning to look an awful lot like 1980 except that Carter was doing better at this point. The Obama huge advantage with early voters meme has been completely blown up as only 5% of votes have been cast, not 20% the fake polling tried to suggest.

  • GotFreedom

    Get ready for the spin after tomorrow’s debate. . .even if BHO looks “alive” he’ll be declared the winner by the lame stream.

    3 weeks seems like an eternity until we can vote this jackhole out of office. . .but, he will still be dangerous until he vacates the property. . .no doubt they’ll take one last Christmas vaca to HI on our dime, but as a lame duck, I predict that he will do some major damage to the country (even more than he has already). Buckle up America. . .we aren’t through with him and Mooch until Jan 20, 2013!

  • Ace

    Wow, Hillary Clinton just castrated “Obama”.
    He’s hiding behind her skirt!

  • Judith

    Gonna be a nervous wreck tomorrow nite and on Nov. 6th. Want Mitt to win so bad; so much good talent to benefit all of us. Mitt, I believe, truly has a servant’s heart.

  • Ace

    Wonder how independent (and dem) women voters will react to “Obama” throwing Hillary under the bus and running over her a few times!! Axelrod in panic mode at the moment.

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  • FurryGuy

    Tell me Washington State is in play and I might have some reason to rejoice.

  • kat

    Even one electoral vote in deep blue Maine is polling for Romney. Maine is one of 2 states that can divy up their electoral college votes by district- northern Maine, where winter is 6 months long is much more conservative than the rest of the state. I see a lot more Romney signs and bumper stickers these days than last time around.

    Go Romney! Do well tonight!

  • Mildred Smith

    Astronaut John Glenn endorses Obama. Lindsay Lohan endorses Romney. *sigh*

  • Shelvy

    When was the last time Dick Morris was correct in his predictions?

  • Jpmn

    I live in MN and even though I am seeing yard signs for Romney in areas where they normally wouldn’t be, I don’t believe that MN is in play. However, if the donkeys have to shore up States like MN, WI, and MI, they have lost already.

    Now if we can convert some of this into the down ballot candidates for Senate, Representative, State and local government offices, School Board, soil and water district etc.
    Get active in your local politics, don’t just leave it up to the pols, they will disappoint you again and again if you let them.

  • Katie

    In my town in NJ in ’08 there were Obama signs all over the place and a few McCain signs (though it is normally a pretty red town). Same with bumper stickers. This year I counted 4 Obama signs in an area that had about 20 last time, and 15 or so Romney in the same area that had been at 3 or 4 in ’08. Further, in working the GOP tent both years during our local town festival, in ’08 it was a lonely place to be. No one took signs or really even chatted. This year, we couldn’t keep the Romney signs from flying out of the tent (even local college students came for them!) and people THANKED us for being there. Also, both younger kids (junior school and high school) report that the smug Obama support from ’08 is gone and the narrative is that he is “a liar who did’t do what he said and made things worse” Indeed don’t get my younger one and his friends started on school lunches. I take this lean toward Romney as an indicator of what is happening at dinner tables throughout town.

    The event Jim has video posted from of Michelle was taken Saturday with a crowd of more than 800 in Northern NJ….800!!!! We haven’t seen anything like that before. People were fired up.

  • mg4us

    Nj here and agree with Dick Morris. .NJ in play. . .though would be nice to see more of Gov. Chris Christie out there stumping for Romney/Ryan in the State.

    Many folks who vote for Obama last time are very disillusioned. . . want bipartisanship and cooperation to tackle issues like JOBS, ENERGY, and TAXES.

    May NJ Jews are concerned what is happening in Middle East too.

    The biggest wildcard in NJ is VOTER FRAUD. . .from Newark, Atlantic City and Camden. Need to be on guard and make sure folks vote in large numbers. . .

    If Romney outshines Obama at tonights debate. . or if Obama goes native and transforms into the ANGRY BLACK MAN present in his book Dreams From My Father. . then the blow-out will be huge!

  • bigL

    like 2006, we had the big MO as in ‘momentom’according to Hewitt./ We were moving into victory. The gop was going to pick up seats here and there, former donk strong holds.
    all those states will go for Obama, somehow the voting machines will be found in the back of an suv.
    We are going to get so hosed.But don;t give up we have to keep on keeping on.but don;t bet yr heart on it….

  • Bitter Clinger

    I want to believe Dick Morris but let’s all recall that this man actually wrote a book about the 2008 election: Condi vs. Hillary.

  • Militant Conservative

    I smell a landslide. I answer ALL polls incorrectly as do many others.

    Thus the WTF when results come out favoring Obama/Democrats.

    It’s called the wilder effect. The polls are starting to reflect the independants

    going for Mitt. We conservatives are more shrewd. Lie like a cheap rug to pollsters.

    So the pundits on election night will be saying WTF just happened?!!

    Powder is dry and yes Riots too

  • Paz

    I’m in NJ. There’s no way it’s going Romney.

  • Limousine Barry

    I swear by Allah, my campaign sucks!

  • Gary

    Bill Mitchell

    Firstly, I think you and I were two of the very few on this website who were calling this one as far back as January. A lot of people doubted.

    Everybody else
    What we’re seeing is the result of the lazy left running its exact same playbook election year after election year, assuming that the public never grows wise to the plan. For once, we all laughed through all the ridiculous poll numbers, the fake unemployment numbers, and all the other fact-twisting propaganda, and they really are clueless on how to drag Obama over the finish line.

    Call me crazy, but what I look for in the coming weeks is some of the journalists and pundits on the left who like to be regarded as serious thinkers to start accepting what the internal poll numbers show them, and stop propping Obama up. I wouldn’t even be surprised after tonight’s debate if some on the left throw in the towel on Obama’s behalf (though I know, of course, that Matthews, Maddow, and the other diehards will look desperately for something to spin as an Obama victory).

  • Brian

    Wisconsin is the only realistic one. I could certainly see Romney winning it. Especially with Ryan on the ticket.
    Michigan. I doubt it. Detroit,Flint,Lansing and those places dictate the state in presidential elections. That is when the “walking around money”in Detroit gets handed out. Also don’t underestimate the Muslim vote.
    Pennsylvania. It is a teaser,as almost the whole state is red. Except for a few counties. Too bad they are Philadelphia and Allegheny(Pittsburgh)and the Philly suburban counties,where castrated,weak kneed whites want to prove they are not racist,and also care more about aborting fetuses than anything else.
    New Jersey. Well,if Romney wins New Jersey,IN YOUR FACE SPRINGSTEEN!!

  • Brian

    I think Romney should actually put some effort into Minnesota. Outside of Minneapolis/St.Paul,it’s pretty conservative.

  • [email protected]

    No way are MN and NJ going red. If MI and WI do, it’ll be because every last vote was counted and the ‘pubs, for once, did something about voter fraud. PA might – MIGHT – go red if only because of coal. But Philly is a gigantic pull against that happening.

    Don’t get your hopes up real high, folks. We’ll be real lucky to get a thinly-margined win. There isn’t going to be a blow-out.

  • Brian

    Wisconsin is more realistic than Michigan.

  • mg4us

    #43 Paz and #48 rathernot

    That is what folks said in 2009 in Governor’s Race that Corzine would win by huge margin. . .

    He was sitting Governor of a blue state with DEM controlled legislature
    Had Teacher’s Union and other unions fully behind
    MSM supported Corzine ALL the TIME, especially mocking Chris Christie’s weight and looks
    And Corzine was Jewish too. .

    So much going for him and it reflected in the polls. .significant lead over Christie

    Then Election Day came. . .AND the rest is History!

    Even phony ballots and illegals voting could not help Corzine. . .Christie’s margin was too big. . .

    Grass roots and TEA Party Patriots will be getting out the vote. . just like they did in 2009. . .

    Wait and see. . . better yet, come join us in the fight to take back our government

  • Brian

    Corzine isn’t Jewish. He originally is from downstate Illinois and is protestant.

  • cg


    What’s up with all the links?!

  • valerie

    He’s right to encourage the Republicans to raise their sights.

    I’m driving around in San Diego and Escondido, the “conservative” portion of Southern California, and there is a resounding absence of Obama signs and bumper stickers. There have been some complaints that cars with Romney bumper stickers have been keyed, but there are still more of them than Obama stickers, not that there are many of either.

    This year the election materials are overwhelmingly about local issues, and the ones for the candidates do not mention party.

    I don’t think California is up for grabs, but the presence of Roseanne Barr with Cindy Sheehan as vp on the ballot for the presidential races suggests a strong protest vote against current policy.

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  • Gary

    no state is every totally out of play, and if it weren’t for money constraints, we should never act like it is.
    Even California voted for Regan. Massachussetts elects Republican governors and senators.
    They’re all up for grabs if the people can just be reached.

    One problem with the Dem playbook of blame is that, after you’ve had the reins of power for so long, it just isn’t logical to blame anybody but you. And October 2012 seems to be about how long it took a lot of people.

    This election is swinging fast now. People are changing their minds in a snowball effect. It took years to reach some of these people, and now that they’re coming around, they aren’t going to just switch back to Obama in the next three weeks. He’s simply out of time to spin a victory out of these circumstances.

    I’m calling it: 55-45.

  • bg


    cg #52 October 16, 2012 at 10:58 am

    what do you mean??


  • Jim

    Dick Morris is the same guy that said the Republicans would win the Senate in 2010. We saw the accuracy of that prediction! Romney will lose all of the aforementioned states.

  • Gary T.

    Bush made big inroads in New Jersey in 2004,but still lost it by about 6%.