President Obama and his administration misled the American people on the massacre in Benghazi, Libya.
This American Crossroads video gets to the bottom of it — piece by ugly piece.

Crossroads added: The video juxtaposes Obama’s claim in the debate against multiple televised statements by White House and Administration officials in subsequent days. It clearly shows that while the president now claims his Rose Garden speech called the Benghazi attack an “act of terror,” neither the White House press office nor Administration officials viewed that speech as an affirmation of terrorism in Benghazi.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly referred to the “video” as cause of the attack in subsequent administration statements – with Carney specifically affirming that the White House HAD NOT called the Benghazi attack “terrorism” on September 20.

The Rice and Carney statements unambiguously show that Obama’s claim is misleading.

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  • Gail

    On Topic:

    Senator Feinstien, per the CBS San Francisco article:

    With three weeks before the presidential election, the Obama
    administration has been unable to put to rest its handling of the Libyan
    attack that killed Stevens, a State Department computer specialist and
    two former Navy SEALs who were working as contract security guards.
    I BEG TO DIFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mercador

    Obama lied and people died.

  • Robodog7

    The same way that this regime still calls the Fort Hood Massacre “workplace violence”. They refuse to use the term Islamic terrorism. Obama and his pals prefer to blame America for all the worlds problems. Obama hates America. It is that simple.

  • Liz

    There is a really, REALLY crappy feeling that accompanies seeing so many grown adults lie to our faces, for their own warped reason. Crappy, and creepy. This is unprecendented. And I don’t want it to happen ever again.

  • john b

    Again: If it is NOt 30 seconds and not on TV, who will see it? Great ad, but ineffective if it doesn’t reach a large audience.

  • Tom63010

    Too long, cut it down to a one minute ad and run it every open slot before and after Monday night’s debate.

  • Stella Baskomb

    The ad nails it.

    Obama administration officials and spokespersons went on for days claiming the September 11 attack at Benghazi was by a spontaneous mob aroused by a video, nothing more. They claimed no evidence suggested the attack was terrorism. Most famously, UN Ambassador Susan Rice said so numerous times on national TV Sunday September 16, five days after the attack. But she was not the only administration figure to make this claim – even after September 16. Others repeated the same claim which of course was not challenged but faithfully reported by our oh so credulous “mainstream” media.

    Now Obama says he was crystal clear in a speech on September 12 that the attack WAS terrorism.

    So . . . are we to believe that Obama’s UN Ambassador, and the other members of his administration for a more than a week after Obama’s September 12th declaration, appeared on national TV on their own behalf, to deliberately contradict the President? That perhaps they were somehow not aware of the President’s judgment? Or worse, were insubordinate?

    Are we to believe that these administration officials continued to contradict the president repeatedly and publicly, day after day, while the president did NOTHING to set the record straight about what he now tells us he knew on September 12th and what he claims he told the world so clearly in a speech on September 12th?


  • Daisy

    What’s still unexplained is why/who was a Tweet sent from the Cairo embassy BEFORE the protest / attack? Within 24 hours, I surmised that it was a signal to the terrorists. The WH denied, scrubbed, etc but it was sent BEFORE anything else happened, as if it was to draw attention to the video.

    Someone suggested that this was a false flag operation – and Stevens was supposed to be kidnapped, then miraculously rescued in late October. I don’t know if I go along with all of that -but I do question why the ONLY gay ambassador was sent to a hotspot where gays are routinely killed for their orientation…denied adequate protection and then killed.

  • Daisy

    To clarify, the tweet apologized for the video, which no one had heard of until the tweet went out.

  • SoLongSong

    Posted in another thread but more apropriate here, “The Spring Break President” (another devastatingad):

  • Chippy

    10:43 A.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT:  Good morning.  Every day, all across the world, American diplomats and civilians work tirelessly to advance the interests and values of our nation.  Often, they are away from their families.  Sometimes, they brave great danger.

    Yesterday, four of these extraordinary Americans were killed in an attack on our diplomatic post in Benghazi.  Among those killed was our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, as well as Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith.  We are still notifying the families of the others who were killed.  And today, the American people stand united in holding the families of the four Americans in our thoughts and in our prayers.

    The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack.  We’re working with the government of Libya to secure our diplomats.  I’ve also directed my administration to increase our security at diplomatic posts around the world.  And make no mistake, we will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.

    Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths.  We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.  But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence.  None.  The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts.

    Already, many Libyans have joined us in doing so, and this attack will not break the bonds between the United States and Libya.  Libyan security personnel fought back against the attackers alongside Americans.  Libyans helped some of our diplomats find safety, and they carried Ambassador Stevens’s body to the hospital, where we tragically learned that he had died.

    It’s especially tragic that Chris Stevens died in Benghazi because it is a city that he helped to save.  At the height of the Libyan revolution, Chris led our diplomatic post in Benghazi.  With characteristic skill, courage, and resolve, he built partnerships with Libyan revolutionaries, and helped them as they planned to build a new Libya.  When the Qaddafi regime came to an end, Chris was there to serve as our ambassador to the new Libya, and he worked tirelessly to support this young democracy, and I think both Secretary Clinton and I relied deeply on his knowledge of the situation on the ground there.  He was a role model to all who worked with him and to the young diplomats who aspire to walk in his footsteps.

    Along with his colleagues, Chris died in a country that is still striving to emerge from the recent experience of war. Today, the loss of these four Americans is fresh, but our memories of them linger on.  I have no doubt that their legacy will live on through the work that they did far from our shores and in the hearts of those who love them back home.

    Of course, yesterday was already a painful day for our nation as we marked the solemn memory of the 9/11 attacks.  We mourned with the families who were lost on that day.  I visited the graves of troops who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan at the hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery, and had the opportunity to say thank you and visit some of our wounded warriors at Walter Reed.  And then last night, we learned the news of this attack in Benghazi. 

    As Americans, let us never, ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because there are people who are willing to fight for it, to stand up for it, and in some cases, lay down their lives for it.  Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe.

    No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.  Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America.  We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act.  And make no mistake, justice will be done.

    But we also know that the lives these Americans led stand in stark contrast to those of their attackers.  These four Americans stood up for freedom and human dignity.  They should give every American great pride in the country that they served, and the hope that our flag represents to people around the globe who also yearn to live in freedom and with dignity.

    We grieve with their families, but let us carry on their memory, and let us continue their work of seeking a stronger America and a better world for all of our children.

    Thank you.  May God bless the memory of those we lost and may God bless the United States of America.

    10:48 A.M. EDT

    Forex research by

    I don’t see the word “terrorist” anywhere in regards to the Libya attack… you?

  • SoLongSong

    Daisy #8: I’d heard that and seriously wonder – and by “seriously”, I mean GENUINELY and SINCERELY. I’m not given to Grassy Knoll flights of fancy, but this entire presidency has been a complete bizarro world.

    Each dribble to come out is more outrageous than the last.

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  • Linda

    There you have it…straight out of their mouth…the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

    Anyone out there still want to say Obama won the debate?

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  • SoLongSong

    Thank you, Chippy, for posting that – you saved me from having to LISTEN to Obama to recall the exact context, and you’re RIGHT.

    I was also struck by a single word sentence uttered in the exact same tone by both Obama and Hillary Clinton: “NONE.”

    Just thought it odd and very rehearsed sounding.

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  • donh

    Give Obama some credit….He had the foresight to KNOW the 9/11/12 massacre at BenghazI was going to bear pressure to his ” work place violence ” PC agenda that Terrorism shall not be called by its real name…..So Obama cleverly ended his Rose Garden statement with a generic remark ” acts of terror ” for him to trace back time in the event his PC strategy war on the first amendment of blaming the video collapsed in failure. HE HAS BEEN LYING HIS WHOLE LIFE AND IS A VERY SKILLED AND DEVIOUS LIAR…EVERYBODY CAN SEE HE’S LYING . NOBODY NAILS HIM ON IT FACE TO FACE . BUT MR PRESIDENT.. DON’T CONFUSE YOUR SUCCESS AT MAINTAINING A LOYAL TEAM OF MAGICIANS OBEDIENT TO YOUR DAILY WORKS OF DECEPTION WITH SUCCESS OF LEADERSHIP…..YOU NOW FOOL NOBODY BUT YOURSELF.

  • Oliver

    #11 Chippy – is that a transcript of the Rose Garden speech? If so, why is it different than the “transcript” Candy Crowley so conveniently had at her fingertips on Tuesday night?

  • jonnot

    Excellent! That being said, I agree it was perhaps too long: but should have included the fact that barry announced to the world in his UN speeech that the video was to blame–6 times! Also the fact that he & hillary taped a message to the Arab world blaming the video & denying any responsibility for it. I think these desperate actions speak even more loudly to their dishonesty and culpability.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Watch their *concern* over what happened in Libya evaporate November 7th.

  • cassandra

    Where is slimey Petraeus in all this? Surely he is the originator as he is in charge of intelligence/CIA? Not that the rest have no responsibility – far from it! They are all in cahoots!

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  • SoLongSong

    #22 Cassandra: I am MYSTIFIED by Petraeus in all of this! Is this not the same General Petraeus that the oh-so-clever lib media referred to as “General Betray-us”?

    Why doesn’t he DO something? SAY something?!!

    Or am I mistaken and are they two different people?

  • Oliver

    Sorry, I guess the speech is the same as what’s been quoted. Of course, any honest person knows that Obama was referring to “acts of terror” in a generic sense. Axelrod and his spin machine have, as usual, given the MSM a way out by conflating his general comments to a specific comment on Benghazi. That’s what everybody is arguing about, so in essence the transcript “proves” nothing to anyone willing to fall for the spin.

    Move along, nothing to see here folks …

  • Shelley Goldstein

    Obama’s mention of “acts of terror” in Libya the day after the terrorist attack in Libya was just a non-sequitur.

  • Oliver

    #5 – John B: yes, the ad is too long for TV but you canpost the ad on your FB page, email it to everyone you know, etc. Team Obama really knows how to use social media and the internet to get its message out there; Team Romney and GOP need to do the same!

  • Plato

    iacentem saccum cacas

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  • donh

    This is an EXCELLENT commercial …because it shows Romney staged his debate performance with future commercials in mind….Romney stood there and demanded Obama repeat for purposes of confirmation his LIE about calling Benghazi a terrorist attack on 9/12/12…and Obama sat there and refused to double down . Obama declined to reassert it……….Yet people on OUR side were complaining about how Romney handled the Benghazi question. THEY don’t get what Romney was doing….He was prepping video material for commercials going forward.

  • look for a couple of drone strikes in Libya around the first of Nov.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Obama doesn’t believe int he word “terrorism.” It is politically incorrect.

    He believes in “man-made disasters.”

    He will never say “terrorist attack” because he believes that it is a legitimate tool of the oppressed. He just says “terror” as a generic term.

    Romney should run this issue as an ad.

  • BarbaraS

    We all knew he was going for the moron vote and this proves it. I think he has given up on snowing anybody with a brain.

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  • Spider

    Obama has still not called it terrorism.

    The word TERRORISM has not been uttered by him.

    At the debate he said “…please proceed Governor…”. Then Candy puts the words in his mouth.

    But he’s never said it yet, and I don’t think he will.

  • Patty


    And they lied about Obamacare. And this too could leave seniors stranded. And they took could die.

    I have had enough of the lies. Let’s change it.


  • Adirondack Patriot

    More on how the Obama Administration can’t bring itself to utter the word “terrorism”:,2933,509597,00.html

    Man caused disaster.


  • Adirondack Patriot

    Translation of “Please proceed, Governor”:

    “You’ve beating me like an Islamic woman and I hate your cracker ass.”

  • ctmom

    What really pisses me off is that we have to keep seeing Candy Crawleys mug over and over again.

  • May the TRUTH be revealed fully and may the American people have eyes to see and ears to hear it! Sharing this video in Memory of our four murdered American Citizens.

  • Patty


    We you bragged about OBL and fit that into every speech, it just keeps coming back and bits him.

    They had to lie? to make themselves look responsible. Well, looking responsible would have been better had they told the truth in the first place.

    But this is not in there wheelhouse.

  • Patty

    he bragged, correction.

  • Patty

    CNN Managing Editor Sends Staff Email Defending Crowley


    This is ridiculously biased, partisan, and stupid – or, as CNN might put it, brilliant.

    Start with the line that Crowley did a good job “under the most difficult circumstances imaginable.” This wasn’t the Battle of the Bulge. It was a presidential debate. And Crowley put herself at the center of attention with repeated interviews, declarations that she would exceed her role, and finally, an ass-kissing for President Obama worthy of Chris Matthews. Whitaker’s elaboration on her role is simply absurd. Selecting questions is not difficult. Neither is the format. Debaters are supposed to be aggressive. And the notion that she “shut out the pre-debate attempts to spin and intimidate her”? Laughable. Obama intimidated her during the debate into repeating her false fact check of Mitt Romney on Libya.[………….]

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  • MMSlam

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  • maggie

    They should also go after the fact that IF he thought and said it was an act of terrorism why did he not treat it as terrorism from the first day/night?
    Instead he set the FBI onto it and they did not arrive at the scene for almost 3 weeks. By which time possible evidence etc at the consulate was long gone. Imagine if Pres. Bush had treated 9/11/01 in this manner?

  • Sandy

    As long as Obama doesn’t launch an attack on Libya — this election is Romneys.

  • valerie

    #11 October 18, 2012 at 9:40 am
    Chippy commented:

    “Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. None. The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts.”

    Is this the actual transcript of the remarks he made? I seem to remember something more expansive than this, something about the world having no place for people who insult Islam or something.

    Perhaps I am confusing the Rose Garden speech with Obama’s speech to the UN General Assembly, where he definitely connected the video with the attack.

    I do remember my own reaction, and that of many others at the time, of astonishment that the US President had blamed the September 11 anniversary attack in Benghazi on outrage over a video, and that the UN speech confirmed that interpretation.

  • Gary

    What it should make you feel is insulted.

    Remember what Rush says, “This is what they think of you.”

    They believe what Goebbels once said: If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

    This close to the election, I’m not going to start talking third party nonsense. But let me at least say, we need a new television news outlet. Fox News isn’t it anymore. We flock there because it’s the lesser of all the evils (forgive the cliche). But we need an all-conservative all the time news network. In five years, all the lib outlets will be either closed down or state-subsidized, and Fox News will either be a total copycat or down in the ratings where MSNBC is right now.

    Sorry to say I don’t have the money to make it happen. But people with more money than me (Koch Bros, Adelsen, Wynn, etc) please hear this and take action. We need a place we can go to where we won’t hear liberal spin and lies (even in a “fair and balanced” format).

    Billion dollar idea waiting to be realized.

  • Chippy
  • TigerEyes

    Steven’s last comment “The Taliban is inside the building, Foggy Bottom” tell us that the Taliban is in the White House. In my mind Huma Abedin is the connection of the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House.
    Steven’s was either set up to die because he knew too much or as some have stated, he was on a secret assignment to either buy arms back that were left by our military or in a worse case scenario arms that were intended to be used in an attack on the U.S.
    Why would Stevens be sent on an emergency trip to Benghazi for a top level assignment to negotiate a return of arms with no entourage and no military protection over the anniversary of 9/11? The truth will be out, lets hope it’s before the election.

  • poetopoet

    Obama is in his own Black-Box of evidence; he cannot Bail-Out of. Obama’s out of-control Mass-Media is indeed scary, they are complicit in perpetrating and perpetuating his lies and mutual planned financial and moral destruction to bring down America, while openly threatening race riots if Obama loses the election, is unbelievable, jail them now.

    They are all nothing but traitors and terrorist themselves! I now know why Stalin in Russia rounded up all the journalistic intelligence and Bolsheviks, who helped him into power and their sympathizers, then promptly executed every one of them he captured.

    Stalin like Obama knows they will turn on him, instead of the trains to death camps Obama got the fools to put into law, under Obama-Care; who Sarah Palin rightly coined as Death Panels, it was that easy, given the help of non-Catholic Pelosi, Mormon Reid, Burben, Biden and Jews like Sen. Schumer, plus their Hollywood loon followers.

    Muslims will never assimilate in America! So why support and protect them? They are fatalists in their own right and beliefs. When the President of these once United States writes for public knowledge that: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”!

    What winds and ugly direction is Obama speaking of? Know this! Obama with his in the bag Mass-Media hacks and pundits, will write “well he told you dumb Americans he would and he could destroy you.” Front Page News of The New York Times!

    I am under Obama’s bus and I can’t get up.

  • squeaky

    [What the American people have got to decide is whether they believe people like me, who are little bit on the outside of this, that this was the biggest economic crash since the great depression.”] that and the reformed alcoholic.

  • walted


  • Mafusail

    It is time to call a liar by his true name – LIAR. Using lame terms like “misleading” does not reflect reality and softens true nature of the person, – effectively misleading electorate that need to see things clearly, without shadows of grey.
    Otherwise we are back to Clintonian rethoric, like Hillary’s “taking responsibility for Benghazi” but only in context of running “department of 60,000 people”. Does not sound like “it’s my fault” at all.
    The very least people should expect from leader is honesty. Even jobs etc. must come second. NO INTEGRITY – NO LEADER!

  • squeaky

    the whole benghazi episode stinks. never mind what wording obama used. and if this is to be believed….[Barack Obama knew about the Benghazi Consulate terror attacks 90 minutes after they began on 9-11. The attack in Benghazi took place in two waves at the consulate and lasted several hours. Libyan “looters” found the body of Ambassador Chris Stevens hours after the attack began. FOX News Special Report said the president knew about the attacks three hours after they began. Obama went to bed without knowing the status of the US Ambassador]

  • bg


    October 18, 2012

    Rise of Islamists in Middle East increases Middle East Threat

    “Americans were shocked to hear of the latest attempted attack against the United States yesterday at the NY Federal Reserve Building. It came just a little over one month after elements of Al Qaeda successfully attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya killing four Americans and mobs of inflamed Muslims throughout the Middle East attacked American embassies in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. The mob successfully put a salafi flag over the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

    These attacks come in the wake of the Obama Administration presumptively claiming for weeks in campaign speeches that Al Qaeda “is on the run” and “on its heels.” This clearly is not the case and in fact the Islamist regimes that have come to power, and that the administration has embraced, are fueling extremist ideologues in the region.

    All of this points again to the failure of this administration to connect the dots of extremism. Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis attack at the Federal Reserve was not done in a vacuum. The mobs that attacked our embassies were not spontaneous actions in response to a movie.

    It begins with the ideology of Islamism that breeds the supremacist mindset by its adherence that they are divinely inspired. Islamism is the fertile ground for fascists to control the masses. The administration has finally admitted that the attacks in Libya had nothing to do with the film. In Egypt the mobs were not spontaneous, but rather fueled by Islamists state run TV which increased its coverage of the English language Innocence of Muslims that ultimately drove the protests. Those small Islamist mobs were not the millions of the Egyptian “Arab Spring” of 2011. The Islamist establishment of Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood to al-Azhar University seized on the film to push an anti-western narrative against freedom of speech and liberty domestically and abroad. The direct link to militant Islamists was revealed Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, a former member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood praised the protestors in Cairo as “honest and zealous.”

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center reported last week that Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie had made anti-Semitic statements in the Egyptian state run al Ahram newspaper, calling for a “Holy Jihad” against Israel and stating Jews spread “corruption on earth, spilled the blood of believers and in their actions profane holy places, including their own.” Badie is the spiritual leader of The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist party in power.

    In a written letter taking responsibility for his attack, Nafis, like the Times Square bomber and so many others before him, stated he wanted to “destroy America.” This mindset is fed by comments like Badie’s. It is nurtured in a narrative that America is at war with Muslims and Islam.

    By empowering Islamist regimes and movements, the administration has at best appeared weak and at worst facilitated movements that espouse a virulent hatred of America. Unless we change our policy, our natural allies of secular liberals in the region will turn far away from American influence and our real enemies the Islamists will only gain in strength as they invoke more acts of irrational violence and direct attacks on our home soil.”


  • Patty

    Obama:” continue” to Romney. Well, that one word to Romney was Obama’s fate. Then he asked Crowley to bail him out.


  • Joel

    The focus should be on jobs and the economy.

    Obama doesn’t.

    Conservatives should…

  • squeaky

    [The double-blow of tax hikes and spending cuts is scheduled to hit starting in January. It includes the expiration of the Bush-era tax rates, along with defense and other cuts set into place by lawmakers’ failure to reach a deficit-reduction deal in the wake of the 2011 fight over raising the debt ceiling.] with obama there is no gentlemens agreement. the days of judging a man by his handshake…….

  • Texas_Treeroach

    When talking about the Benghazi tragedy, most people in the news and in politics miss the Administration’s use of the words “act of terror.” The words are more important today, than yesterday.

    No one had trouble in saying that Timothy McVeigh committed an act of terror in Oklahoma; or that Nidal Hasan committed an act of terror at Fort Hood; or that James Holmes committed an act of terror in a Colorado movie theater. The results in each of these tragedies justify the term.

    However, this President and many in the Administration did not refer to the Benghazi event as a “terrorist attack.” Immediately, it was known that the attack on our Consulate was a concerted effort – and shortly after, it was known that it successful in killing our Ambassador and three others. These terrorists had previously performed probing missions, had a plan of attack, and were fully equipped to accomplish their mission.

    The term “act of terror” was carefully chosen by Obama and Clinton — The term “terrorist attack” was carefully avoided. This Administration is attempting to hide its failures throughout the Middle East. It refuses to recognize a healthy (not weakened) Al Qaeda. In Benghazi, it tried to disguise its failures by repeatedly blaming the attack on the insults implied in a YouTube video – at one time, standing in front of the draped coffins of the fallen and saying as much.

    I don’t know how close a person can get to the word “treason” before it sticks, but it seems that there are several people right now who have moved beyond close.

  • George

    A couple weeks earlier, Obama was at the Democratic Convention spiking the football for killing Osama bin Laden and telling us that he had al Qaida on the run. Then, we had the first successful terrorist attack by al Qaida on U.S. sovereign territory since the original 9/11 and on the anniversary of 9/11. This new attack was the “Obama 9/11”.

    This was not helpful to the Obama narrative. He had to convince us it wasn’t al Qaida. So, he sent his UN Ambassador on the Sunday talk show circuit to tell everybody it was merely a movie demonstration that went out of control. She appeared on five different shows to spin the yarn. He sent his spokesperson, Jay Carney, out to lie to the press. Obama, too, went around telling the tale. He even said it at the UN.

    The rest is history. Americans died. Obama lied.

  • Dr Karl Stalin

    Where’s Monica when the Dems need her????

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  • callie369

    I have a question for everyone, including CNN:


    If you doubt that, listen to that portion of the debate one more time!!!!

  • Jessie Jackson’s whore

    We don’t want to hear “act of terror”, Mr. President. We want to hear you say “terrorist act” or “war on terror” or “Islamic extremists”. You won’t say any of those because then you’d be insulting Islam, and here’s what you said about that; “The future doesn’t belong to those who insult Islam”. Ahhhh, NOW we know why you never say “terrorist attack”. A man killing stabbing his wife is an “act of terror” but it’s not a “terrorist attack”. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  • foofoo

    What I want to know is just how did Candy have the transcripts of the rosegarden speech so handy? She immediately had the answer when Obama said “Get the transcript”. Who can get the transcript THAT fast? And when Obama said to Romney, “Go ahead Governor”, it was like Obama was expecting Romney to ask the question all along! Totally a set up job between Candy and Obama! Totally disgusting!

  • Flintstone F.

    #26 Shelley Goldstein

    You are correct. Obama’s relevant words in order (summarized):

    Outrageous shocking attack
    Bring to justice the killers who attacked
    We respect all faiths, reject those who think otherwise
    Senseless violence
    Brutal acts
    memory of the 9/11 attacks
    No acts of terror
    Terrible act

  • prof. h. mandingo

    Look at and read the Rose Garden address on 9-12 by Chippy comment #50.
    Read paragraph 4. He addresses the video in this paragraph. He is making the video excuse in his first speech about the incident.
    If I am correct the time line then has him flying to Vegas. When I heard the speech that is the first thing I picked up on.

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  • Limousine Barry

    I admit I lied! You should be used to my lies by now!

    Let me be clear, not one Terrorist was killed in the Benghazi butchery! Only a few Americans and one American ambassador! In my pot smoking days at Harvard Law we would consider that a solid B minus!

    Let me assure you that there will be no FBI report about the Benghazi massacre before November! Davy Axelrod, Eva Longoria and Eric Holder will see to that!

    Sure, I lied during the debate. But, I think I can do better the next debate!

    I am up to 131 interruptions per hour and 127 lies per hour. Jay Carney should try to match that!

    Further, I can bluster about two racial slurs per minute! With my MSM cronies I should at least break even during this next debate.

    If you like the way I lie to you, cause gas prices to sky rocket and get our Ambassadors killed – then vote for me!

    And, this is super important because I have lost Florida and probably Ohio – send me $39,666.99 before midnight.

    George Soros has want his $129,666,666.00 loan repaid! My campaign is broke. Send me more money now!

    Down to 1 In Ohio



    If the public only knew just how low and arrogant this President really is it would shatter their vain and naieve conceptions of him. They would have to grapple with his extravagant pretentions and all of the other myths that have come to the surface during his time in office. Obama is not brilliant even though he has good theatrical skills who can at times master the telestrator and give a rousing performance in a public forum. Outside of that we are witnessing a delusional man who has been pampered enough to actually believe he is a heroic figure of some kind. Obama is a cult leader similar to Jim Jones and other maniacs who crave attention and devotion. Lybia is just a symptom of his incompetence and careless management of foreign policy! Too busy running for office and trying to protect his phoney reputation and nothing else. God help us!

  • Bruce

    Can somebody explain this to me? We now know that security was removed from the Benghazi consulate even when the Ambassador was requesting more security in the wake of increasing violence and actual attacks on his and neighboring consulates. Why? We now know that the staff sent a broadcast email alert to over 300 officials in the Obama Administration and Intelligence Community who were able to watch video in real time as the attack took place. We had drones overhead, a gunship capable of shooting everyone outside the consulate and QR Teams (Quick Response) who could have engaged the enemy within 20 minutes. None of these resources were used to protect the consulate. Why? During all this Ansar al-Sharia (a terrorist group) claimed responsibility for the Benghazi attack on Facebook and Twitter, and threatened to attack the Tripoli embassy. But for nearly two weeks the story from Obama and State Dept officials including Hillary Clinton claim a “mob” was responsible because they had been upset my the “movie” that nobody saw. Why? Now, weeks later, we are told by Obama that we are doing everything we can to bring the terrorists to justice but our investigators sit on their butts waiting for visas we don’t need. Why? And as we do everything a superpower can do with our infinite resources to locate these terrorists, it is a reporter from the NY Times that finds the ringleader drinking a frappe while bragging about his success in destroying the American consulate and mocking us as a nation. Why? Can somebody please tell me why? I’d really like to know. I mean, if the Times can find him, couldn’t the CIA or FBI? And if we believe they can…why are they not acting? Could this be the “October Surprise” we’re hearing so much about. Is it conceivable that our Diplomat and staff were offered up as sacrificial lambs so Obama could rush in with a big victory over terrorism just before the election to offset his decline in the polls and look like a leader again? I hate to think any American can sink this low but the stories from the White House and undisputed facts conflict so sharply…it boggles the mind. Can it be that the consulate wasn’t defended on purpose and the capture or killing of those responsible is being delayed per an agenda? Look, I’m a simple guy trying to make sense of an illogical situation. Somebody please show me where I’m wrong. PLEASE!

  • RayOne

    The lies are falling away, and the WH needs to run out the calendar.

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