Contract Allows Teachers to Be Drunk 5 Times – On Drugs 3 Times – Before Being Fired

Bay City, Michigan Teachers can come to work drunk five times before they are fired.
They can even sell drugs to kids and not get fired.

Page 92 of the Bay City, Michigan Public Schools Contract

Michigan Capitol Confidential reported:

Forget zero tolerance. Bay City Public School teachers for years could be caught repeatedly under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol without being fired.

Teachers in possession or under the influence of illegal drugs could be caught three times before they lost their job, and they got five strikes if they were drunk on school grounds before being fired. A school district official said the language in the union contract that protects teachers for those instances “was incorporated into the teacher Master Agreement in 1997.”

Those protections also were included in the Bay City Education Association teacher’s contract that was agreed to in January in section 16.1300 “Controlled Substances” on page 92. That contract expired June 30 and negotiations on a new contract are ongoing.

Students weren’t given as many chances. The code of conduct for middle school and high school students states that if they are found to be under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs, they get a 5-day suspension or a 3-day suspension with counseling on the first offense.

A teacher caught selling drugs in class would get a 3-day suspension without pay with mandatory counseling, but wouldn’t be fired unless the teacher did it a second time.

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  • snap boy

    There oughta be a law – no public employee, teacher, cop, or paper pusher gets a second strike on drugs/alcohol.

  • Remco Kimber

    Yep, that’s bad alright. And it could get a whole lot worse.

    Appearing on the Nov ballot in Michigan is a MI constitutional amendment that will give public employee unions the right – yes, the right – to override laws enacted by the MI legislature if those laws contravene union labor demands.

    Think I’m kidding in this, that MI voters are being asked to create a new SUPRA legislature just for unions? Read the sad story in,
    Shikha Dalmia: The Next Battleground in the State Labor Wars

    And unbelievably still, the measure has had good polling. It might actually pass!

  • Highlander

    Unbelievable … unions are so great for America, aren’t they?

  • Patty

    I love when educators give excuses for the failure of government schools.

    “California scores declined this year on the SAT test used by many colleges to screen applicants, according to a release from the state Department of Education.

    But the pool of high school seniors taking the test grew — which may have accounted for the lower average scores.”

    If the government schools were working, then all the students would be succeeding, instead of bringing scores down.

    Then the educators became racist. Why are the scores down? “And for the first time, Latinos were the largest ethnic group taking the test in California.”

    Sounds racist to me—isn’t that what President Obama would say?

    SAT scores down, participation up

    Daniel Weintraub, Healthy Cal, 9/24/12

    California scores declined this year on the SAT test used by many colleges to screen applicants, according to a release from the state Department of Education.

    But the pool of high school seniors taking the test grew — which may have accounted for the lower average scores. And for the first time, Latinos were the largest ethnic group taking the test in California.

    Overall, nearly 70 percent of the students from public high schools in the Class of 2012 who took the test were minorities. Thirty-six percent were Latino, 29 percent were white, 22 percent were Asian and 7 percent were African American.

    Nearly half of those who took the test said that English was not exclusively their first language.

    The mean writing score decreased 3 points to 491 for the Class of 2012 compared to a year earlier; the mean critical reading scores dropped 3 points to 491, and the mean math score dropped 3 points to 510.

  • iamsaved

    The same school district probably suspends a 5 year old for bringing a toy soldier to class or for giving a fellow kindergartner a hug.

  • BuddyG

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, again.

  • Patty

    What about perverts. Do they get a second or third chance. And what about the falsified testing using minorities. There is all sorts of fraud and criminal in the Education System, I mean we rank like 20 in Education in the world.

    SO FIX IT!!

  • Patty


    Project Veritas Exposes SEIU Political Corruption

    “This is significant because labor unions are some of the biggest beneficiaries of taxpayer-funded jobs,” says O’Keefe. “If they’re intentionally propping up paper jobs, then they’re complicit in the fleecing of taxpayers.”

    The latest video from Project Veritas captures Newark SEIU President Rahaman Muhammad laying out in explicit terms the nature of the relationship between his union and lawmakers like Democrat Senator Robert Menendez.

    video on site

  • Blue Hen

    This is proof that this is a patronage/jobs program. Education has little to do with it.

  • paul52

    Remember the Bay City “Rollers”? Guess they’re back…. Taught for 25 years. One incidence like this and out the door; tenure or not.

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  • dwdude

    c’mon you racist bigots! the union has to represent all teachers, even ones who live in the hood.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What I’m curious about is if the negotiators for the school system knew this crap was in the contract. Too many times, stupid little details like these get lost in the haggling over something more prominent, and as time goes on and the dispute drags out, the pressure builds for some sort of agreement and someone (in this case the school system) finally shouts uncle and gives in.

    On the other hand, if they did know this was in the contract, then the only reason I can think of would be as some sort of favor to the union to keep the peace for an extended period of time. (the being-eaten-last-by-the-alligator approach)

  • SDude

    Weird how it is different in other states…I’ve heard of teachers in Missouri getting fired because they went to a ballgame, had a beer, a friend took a picture of the teacher holding the beer and the friend posted it on their Facebook page and the friend tagged the teacher. The school saw this teacher’s picture and dismissed the teacher.

    However in the Bay City Public School, the teacher can only be discharged if the teacher has been caught five times with alcohol, drugs, or tobacco on the school premises or at a school function.

    But then again, I’ve heard rumors about administrators (i.e. principals) getting a stripper bus and riding around in it, and taking it to a high school sporting event. Nothing is really shocking in the school system anymore.

  • kato

    When you’ve got institutions contaminated with subprimers, you’ve got to have lots of crutches.

    Remember: Your average subprime adult can’t even get a photo ID.

    And these people demand respect!

  • Miller Time

    ……and a partridge in a pear tree!

  • Petra Pan

    So, is Fairy Obama going to lend all the perps his breath-a-lizer

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  • Patty

    Not sure if this is relevant or not here: But it does speak sharply on our education and our children of today. I wondered how many people in the school system allows their faculty to abuse our children and turn a blind I because they was they condone teachers behavior.


    Now for this article. Clarifies a great deal.

    Guilt and Innocence

    During the interminable days of baseball’s All Star break came news of Louis Freeh’s report on Penn State’s involvement with the heinous crimes of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. It seems that Joe Paterno, the once-beloved coach of the Nittany Lions, knew for years about Sandusky’s crimes and did little or nothing to stop them. Many have called for the NCAA to invoke the so-called death penalty on the school’s football program, but the loudest cries have come from those who want to “tear down that statue” of Paterno that stands outside of Beaver Stadium on campus; an empty and silly gesture, typical of those who strain at gnats and swallow camels.

    In the wake of the Penn State mess, the unanimous war cry across the nation has been: “We have a moral responsibility to protect our kids; we must preserve the innocence of our children!” Are they kidding? Can they be serious? How can our children be innocent or protected in a country that, rather than defining deviancy down, has defined deviancy up; up to the level of not only acceptance, but approval.[………………….]

    How can innocence survive in any of our citizens — let alone the youngest and most vulnerable — when our very laws now define classes of people based solely on their sexual proclivities? No, the innocence of our children cannot be preserved until it is restored.

    If we really cared about our children we would stop teaching filth and perversion in our public schools by brainwashing them to believe it is good for Heather to have anything other than one Mommy and one Daddy who are married to each other. We would stop promoting the idea that free and unfettered sex is beneficial for them in any way and stop glorifying it on TV, using children as straight men for any number of unfunny and repulsive sexual jokes.

    Sandusky and others who physically assault the bodies of our children are indeed monsters, but as the lynching parties assemble, let them broaden their gaze to include those who wound the innate innocence of our children’s souls.


  • Patty

    WE have given credit to teachers but I believe it isn’t the right credit because of the unions we are literally hurting our children and their need to learn.

    This affects our future and our productivity and our moral and our values. Left alone, we will be nothing. That is why all teacher must be held accountable.


  • bg


    October 1, 2012

    Our Totalitarian Eugenicist-in-Chief

    [Warning: Parents, friends, and families need to know about the
    Obama-supported Facing History and Ourselves teacher training
    program materials. As my co-author, Aaron Klein, and I wrote in
    Red Army:

    FHAO is an international organization providing professional
    development services and curricular resources to educators.
    FHAO’s stated focus is on “bringing ethical and moral philosophy
    to history and social studies classes, particularly regarding
    issues of racism, civic responsibility and tolerance.” . . . .

    Facing History and Ourselves, meanwhile, received Chicago Annenberg
    Challenge grant funds for programs with the Chicago Public Schools.
    FHAO received $240,000 in 1998, $237,000 in 1999, $85,500 in 2000,
    and $50,000 in 2001.

    FHAO also received grant funds from the Joyce Foundation, upon whose
    board Barack Obama also sat: $100,000 in 1997 (for a two-year project)
    and $50,000 in 1999 (for a one-year project). . . .

    Sandra Stotsky writes in her 2004 paper, “The Stealth Curriculum:
    Manipulating America’s History Teachers,” that FHAO is “[p]ossibly
    the most malevolent of the organizations professing to address
    citizenship education.”

    Regarding FHAO’s 2002 supplementary resource book, Race and
    Membership in American History: The Eugenics Movement (RMAH),
    Stotsky calls it “even more poisonous” with its “causal connection
    between the American eugenics movement and the Holocaust.” In
    the end, she writes, “Americans appear almost directly responsible
    for the Final Solution. The net effect is the discrediting of American

    The danger here, as Stotsky correctly assesses, is that social studies
    teachers will use FHAO’s “implicit thesis about who was responsible
    for the Holocaust because its resource books are likely to be their
    only source of information on the topic.”

    An even greater concern is that outsiders cannot find out what takes place in FHAO workshops as they are restricted to teachers whose schools arranged and paid for them to attend. Details on FHAO’s website are password-protected.

    This is how the socialist billionaires operate. You’ve been warned.]


  • bg


    re: #22 – page 1 October 1, 2012 at 12:24 pm bg

    Eugenics and Bioethics

    ObamaCare T4 Hitler

    (pardon the stupid background sounds)

    bit more here & here..


  • Stella Baskomb

    “Bay City, Michigan Teachers can come to work drunk five times before they are fired.”

    Five fouls and you’re out of the game?

    Seems fair.

  • JimR

    For the children. You can’t just discharge a good teacher just because of a little drunkeness now and then.

    For the record, that’s five times within what time period? What is the standard of proof for drunkeness?

  • Patty

    Drunk? Drive? Kill? and this is a black mark on the Dept. of Education. If this is made evident and they allow this then they all must be held accountable.

    But who has been held accountable in Obama world?

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  • gastorgrab

    Never mind the ‘Employee Code of Conduct’, isn’t some of that behavior criminal?

    As a matter of fact, wouldn’t the passage of new restrictions on government be the proper solution to this problem? Pass laws that criminalize this behavior (if not so already) among government workers, then fire the employee for missing work.

    A new local law would be outside the reach of the teacher’s union. And it would be difficult for them to explain to the public why this behavior should be tolerated among the government workers.

    Drug use ON THE JOB poses an immediate threat to children!

  • bg


    hmm, anyone seen the Bus Driver’s contracts??

    and what about PEDOPHILIA, of which is as just
    as rampant in Public Schools as it is in Hollywood,
    Islamic States, or anywhere else..

    more here & here & here (warning, sexually explicit) & here..


  • Mad Hatter

    And I wonder how many times they can have sexual relations with one of their students before they get fired? I remember the Alinsky Media going haywire over the Catholic Priests sex scandal, the public education has one of their own, except the Alinsky Media seems to have no interest in it.

    Go to the search engine of your choice, and type in, teacher sex scandal, or teacher having sex with student, and watch how many pages pop up.

  • Alana

    They can’t spell “preventive,” either.

  • Buffalobob

    Hell if they had zero tolerance for being drunk, drugged or selling drugs to other teachers and student they wouldn’t be able to use their substance addiction as a defence for molesting the children in their care.

  • its a wonder they can be fired at all. don’t you know alcohol and drug abuse are illnesses. the good old Americans with Disabilitiies Act, how can you fires someone for being handicapped.

  • Buffalobob

    Is there no “Drug Free Zone” around schools in Michigan”?

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  • Kevin Grace

    Clearly allowing a teacher to sell drugs and NOT be fired is the most aggregious part of this contract. That deserves a hearty WTF? Giving a second chance…maybe… to someone who has an alcohol problem is on the line of acceptibility…for compassion’s sake? But five times is ridiculous. This is a slap in the face to the general public and to all the hard working educators out there that this does NOT even apply to.

  • Kevin Grace