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  • Ghost

    wild animals

  • Got hidden electric fence?

  • Ghost

    in any war between the Civilized Man and the savage, support the Civilized Man

    Support Conservatives and Patriots
    Defeat Leftists and anti-Americans

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  • Highlander

    Well, at least they’re honest ….

  • Rhoda R

    Sort of defining his supporters.

  • it’s not just class warfare … it’s a war between class and no class.

  • Road Kill

    Another ignorant racist Obama supporter who wants to dance with the people smarter than himself. It’ll never happen as long as he refers to himself as nigga. He needs to go back to prison where he belongs.

  • Fionnagh

    Well, look on the bright side. If this dude’s time is spent looking for Romney signs to pee on, then he’s not out there looking for people to play the knock-out game on.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Got hidden electric fence?

    That would be fun, watching a leftist electrocuted through his willie.

  • just-saying


  • Economan

    It’s Obama that’s been driving this country into the ground, but fools like this will ignore facts like they all do .

  • The Voice of Reason

    This raises many important questions. None more important than, “Mr. Lincoln…what were you thinkin’???”

    Honestly, wouldn’t society be better off, and wouldn’t the average “mynigga” be better off, if they had the structured life of picking cotton and doing the bidding of a master? Think about it–it’s not just a pissing on sign waste of space that would benefit from a whip weilding superior. We’d clearly have less poverty, we’d have less crime, we wouldn’t be deluged with crack/meth/heroin and, yes, even pot. The national debt would be a lot less (as we wouldn’t be shelling out hundreds of billions on welfare programs and “Obama phones.”

    Pissing on a sign in public is no way to show that you can handle the heavy responsibility of not being whipped raw if you step out of line. They had their chance, and they blew it.

  • JenBee

    Behold the class of Obama’s followers. The Left SHOULD be embarrassed, but instead they’re proud of this. Speaks volumes.

  • the famous liberal civility!

  • Ripped

    Must be part of the 47% Romney was talking about. Romney was right these inbreds will never vote for him.

  • Sandy

    Pissing on a Romney Sign. Fun for the feebleminded.

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  • journeyman

    Your “nigga?” Your momma!

  • squeaky

    from free republic…….the woman in green and her mouth. i forget what obama promised to bring but if this is an example.

  • dw dude

    cap dat mofo nigga, he dead

  • Miss M.

    “Got hidden electric fence?” lol that one needs a like button lmao

  • anti-bho

    Pi$$ing on a Romney sign or ex-teaparty candidate endorsing obama. Which is worse?
    Say it ain’t so, Nadine………… Some of these people swap parties more often than they change their underwear.
    Flies in the teapot. Bet she isn’t the only one either.

    Tea Party Turncoat Embraces Obama in NY Congressional Fight | Restoring Liberty

  • snap boy

    After more than 50 years of giving “minorities” a pass through affirmative action, what do we see: anti-social behavior like this, flash mobs ransacking stores and streets that are too dangerous to walk. And the dems want to continue down the path of destroying civilization.

  • SKay

    Democrats will be Democrats no matter what race. They have lost any semblance of dignity that their party(now the party of death)ever had.


    MORE INFLAMMATORY “DISTRACTION”. Expect further outrageous misconduct and slanderous reporting as desperate BO BO supporters seek to alter WHAT HAS NOW BECOME INEVITABLE:

    A “perfect storm” of suddenly revealing truths about OBummer; damning historical events; patently visible falsehoods and lies; irreconcilable acts and statements and more have pushed us PAST THE TIPPING POINT.

    Yes, the Presstitutes will claim that “truth is falsity and lies are truth”
    Yes, so-called “POLLS” will grossly misrepresent public sentiment
    Yes, there will be widespread voter fraud
    Yes, vast FORTUNES shall be spent illegally and secretly to attempt to re-elect the tyrant.

    Note the near TOTAL SILENCE from the Presstitutes and MEDIA WHORES about Obama’s endorsement of SHARIA LAW and THE END TO OUR FREEDOMS OF SPEECH AND RELIGION [The famous “Obama statement: “The Future Does Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam” See Video) @

    All that must happen for Romney & Ryan to win IS FOR WE, THE PEOPLE, TO CONTINUE OUR PRESENT CAMPAIGN: prayers, contributions, telephone support, door-to-door, comments in the blogosphere, and more TOGETHER WITH OUR V*O*T*E*S WILL SERVE TO ELECT ROMNEY & RYAN. THEY WIN BIG…less than one month.

  • MJ

    Im sorry. But I really have to say it. Why is Pastor Manning and Larry Elder the only 2 that call out the bad behavior of their folks? I call out idiot leftist Jews all the time.

    Are they, too, afraid of being called racist more than conservative whites are scared of being called racists??

  • donh

    That’s another Obama Son…didn’t Trayvon Martin have a ” no limit nigga” twitter handle ?

  • john

    Exactly what has Mitt Romney done to you to?
    Hey “niggas” your slave master isn’t Romney its the white liberal and niggas like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, J. Wright and on and on…

  • dwd

    Should be easy to prosecute… you know both people involved, you have a photo, and you have a confession. Hop to it, law enforcement.

  • Sparky

    Obama is truly pitching to the lowest common denominator in America to get re-elected.

    YOUR President is one of them. These are his brothers and fellow “choomers”.

    These are the people voters have put in control in the White House.

    These are the very people being your word and thought police.

    This scum is in control of your way of life.


    When will Americans start fighting back?

  • RKflorida

    Oh! How clever and funny this is. How did they ever come up with this hysterically funny and witty form of protest? Geniuses.

  • Mannard

    Majority of Barry Husseins’ voters will be racist black folks who blindly vote for him solely on the color of his skin. Fools.

  • Limousine Barry

    My campaign is in the toilet and I am swimming with the logs!

    We need more sewer politics!

    We need more property damage!

    We need more crap! And, I am here to deliver it!

  • liberalsRstupid

    Yeah these people will understand “reason” when Obama is kicked to the curb…

    Wake up America the time is nigh for us to retake our Country.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    That truly defines the “civil” democrat party. I watched a so-called democrat spokesman, Brad Woodhouse, constantly interrupt his republican debater acting like a typical dem: uncouth and uncivil.

  • Patty

    These so called Americans who have the privilege to live here aren’t going to deter those of us with real respect and class. You see, when you are using the “ghetto, gutter language to get a point across, YOU JUST CANCELLED OUT YOUR POINT.

    And this goes to the Democrats who think this is cute.

  • raul

    Their acting in a manner that they feel would please their god( obama)! obama is really nothing more than a hateful,spiteful child! I’ve never seen a president,and I’ve seen many, act so immature and childish as obama! The child king!

  • yat

    That’s so third world.
    Welcome to your children’s future, Americans.

  • Colorblind

    And Romney Jr expressing violent urges towards the President Of the United States is civilized? I think not.
    A petition to REFUSE TAGG ROMNEY ENTRY to the final debate this week! 800 signatures needed