Obama supporters have a new game…
Pi$$ing on Romney signs.

And fellow Democrats are cheering them on.




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  1. wild animals

  2. Got hidden electric fence?

  3. in any war between the Civilized Man and the savage, support the Civilized Man

    Support Conservatives and Patriots
    Defeat Leftists and anti-Americans

  4. Well, at least they’re honest ….

  5. Sort of defining his supporters.

  6. it’s not just class warfare … it’s a war between class and no class.

  7. Another ignorant racist Obama supporter who wants to dance with the people smarter than himself. It’ll never happen as long as he refers to himself as nigga. He needs to go back to prison where he belongs.

  8. Well, look on the bright side. If this dude’s time is spent looking for Romney signs to pee on, then he’s not out there looking for people to play the knock-out game on.

  9. Got hidden electric fence?

    That would be fun, watching a leftist electrocuted through his willie.

  10. Barbarians.

  11. It’s Obama that’s been driving this country into the ground, but fools like this will ignore facts like they all do .

  12. This raises many important questions. None more important than, “Mr. Lincoln…what were you thinkin’???”

    Honestly, wouldn’t society be better off, and wouldn’t the average “mynigga” be better off, if they had the structured life of picking cotton and doing the bidding of a master? Think about it–it’s not just a pissing on sign waste of space that would benefit from a whip weilding superior. We’d clearly have less poverty, we’d have less crime, we wouldn’t be deluged with crack/meth/heroin and, yes, even pot. The national debt would be a lot less (as we wouldn’t be shelling out hundreds of billions on welfare programs and “Obama phones.”

    Pissing on a sign in public is no way to show that you can handle the heavy responsibility of not being whipped raw if you step out of line. They had their chance, and they blew it.

  13. Behold the class of Obama’s followers. The Left SHOULD be embarrassed, but instead they’re proud of this. Speaks volumes.

  14. the famous liberal civility!

  15. Must be part of the 47% Romney was talking about. Romney was right these inbreds will never vote for him.

  16. Pissing on a Romney Sign. Fun for the feebleminded.

  17. Your “nigga?” Your momma!

  18. from free republic…….the woman in green and her mouth. i forget what obama promised to bring but if this is an example.

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