Bus Driver Tells 12 Year-Old He Should Have Been Aborted Because of Romney Yard Sign

A bus driver told a 12 year-old student that he should have been aborted because his family had a Romney-Ryan sign in their yard.
Freedom Eden reported:

Mark Belling discussed this story on his radio program yesterday. It’s another tale of a Leftist behaving badly.

The Leftist, a 78-year-old woman, a New Berlin school bus driver, has been harassing a student on her bus route because there’s a Mitt Romney yard sign at his home.

The child attends a Catholic school in New Berlin. He rides a Durham school bus. The company also provides service to the New Berlin public school district.

Belling read a letter from the 12-year-old boy’s mother, detailing the alleged abusive behavior by the bus driver.

Apparently, the Romney-Ryan yard sign bugs the bus driver and she’s been harassing the boy, making rude comments to him related to politics.

When the driver engaged the 12-year-old boy in a political conservation, he responded by saying that Obama is pro-abortion.

The bus driver allegedly said to the child, “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.”

Understandably, this really upset the boy. Other kids on the bus verified the boy’s account and are providing written statements.

The mom made her son’s school aware of the situation. She also went to Durham School Service in New Berlin and spoke to Michael Bennett, the manager.

UPDATE: The bus driver was fired after the report on Mark’s show.

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  • Finncrisp

    Unhinged behavior by a far left loon. He’s a kid, for goodness sakes.

  • Roare

    Some predictions:

    The ACLU will file suit on the bus driver’s behalf saying her “free speech” was violated. Holder will intervene and demand her job be reinstated. Obama will say the Durham School Service acted “stupidly.”

  • mg4us

    First off. .What the heck is a 78 year old woman doing driving a bus full of kids. . that is a disaster waiting to happen. .especially on WI snowy and icy roads in Winter. .what, there are no younger drivers? Is the Union retirement plan after 20 years so bad that she needs to work?

    Someone in the news needs to investigate this. . .

    Second, The kid goes to a CATHOLIC SCHOOL. . .CATHOLICS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AGAINST ABORTION. . .Abortion kills. . .so why is the driver engaging in Anti-Catholic positions to kids being educated in catholic ways. . .seems disingenuous and down right evil. . .How the driver lives their life in private is their business but when working for catholic School. .they need to follow the party line or go find work elsewhere.

    Third, no doubt the driver was a die-hard Dem. . . but wonder what color she was. . .
    Just askin’!

    Obama has helped create the most divided nation in our history post civil war. . .
    Time to Vote him out before more damage is done

  • Hobbitually Conservative

    Vicki McKenna, who hosts on WISN three hours before the Mark Belling show interviewed the boys mother. After the mother complained they moved the bus driver to another area so she wouldn’t be driving the boy anymore, but they had no intention of firing her.

    Mark Belling has a lot of pull in Milwaukee, I’m not surprised that she was fired after he Mark raised hell about it. It means a lot of people were shocked by this and the school couldn’t hide it anymore.

  • Mel S

    This 78 year old Biddie needs to go back into retirement! It sure gets my heckles up when grown adults feel the need to take their personal frustrations out on a child.

  • SPPP

    I love the fact that the insult doesn’t even make sense. LOL Glad he was fired. Now he can live off the gubment like he always dreamed.

  • SPPP

    *she, not he.

  • SoLongSong

    GRRRR. I am SO GLAD that the bus driver was fired – but appalled that it was only because of additional hell-raising.

    We need to raise a LOT more hell around here, looks like. I’m tired of the unfair tilt.

  • drewynp

    The liberals are out in true form now that their savior has proven incapable of leading the country. They will only get nastier. This is the same party who wishes to display their “compassion” by keeping the poor chained down with EBT cards and welfare, so as to buy their votes. There is nothing compassionate whatsoever about today’s Democrat party.

  • JohnnySunshine

    Bullying at its finest.

  • Rick

    78 years old….some people never grow up.

  • NYS Parkie

    Now that he has been fired for being a Dip Wad. Maybe he wishes his Mom had an abortion so he wouldn’t have to feel the pain of unemployment. I agree, too bad his Mom did not abort his stupid ass.

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  • Paulie Snickers

    What is it with these people? They are belligerent, abusive, and hateful. Fire the old bag immediately. Let her see first hand just how accommodating the democrat welfare state is.

  • Untouchable

    This bus driver is lucky that wasn’t my kid.. I would make sure she would never open her pie hole again!

  • Finn Greenleaf

    “…some people never grow up.” There is a word for those people: Democrats

  • J-man

    This sort of behavior is rampant in the public schools. I have a daughter in high school who has been repeatedly belittled by her “U.S. History” teacher for her conservative viewpoint (this guy doesn’t teach history — he just rants about current events).

    Complaints to the school administration are shrugged off.

  • MonkeyBirdObama

    The kid should have kicked this old bag in the nuts.

  • Dick

    That’s the way lefty is, they pick on children, because an adult will kick their weak lefty ass. Lefty is so brave, they are very willing to use the military and embassy personnel as their human sacrifices. But be sure not to hurt lefties feelings and above all give them respect. What lame bunch of human debris.

  • Jim

    “When the driver engaged the 12-year-old boy in a political conservation”…..What the heck is a political conservation?

  • WhiteBufallo

    The bus driver is just trying to make things fair. The left has been aborting future voters for years and now realizes they have to level the playing field by getting conservatives to do the same………

  • Texasbil

    Should have fired the old biddy!

  • Ken

    I said it before and I will say it again. Liberals are the meanest people on the planet. Shame on her for saying such things but saying them to a child is even worse. Why do such a thing?

  • When I was growing up in a small town, my family were known Republicans. Most of the
    county was Republican but the school teachers and bus drivers, were of course, mostly
    democrat and union. Most of those teachers and a few bus drivers were Sons of bitches to me. I got Cs when I should have received A’s. I had a bus driver slap me around for no reason. I remember this vividly. I could not understand why some of these teachers has it in for me until I grew up and came to understand politics. Democrats and liberals get nasty,

  • Paul

    Why would Durham School Service employ someone like this? Simce this is tollerated I have to wonder whether this is the position of the whole company.

  • Biviano

    A leftist brainwashee telling a rightwing brainwashee that her lesser of two evils is better than his lesser of two evils. And then the rest of you are either for or against. Not considering that maybe the problem is washington and not your stupid ideological left vs right paradigm (which is stupid to begin with).

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  • Hobbitually Conservative

    NYS Parkie commented:

    You think somehow it is better when we say things like that?
    Please choose your words more carefully.


    Socialism at it`s finest moment.

  • jnsesq

    “Leftist behaving badly” is redundant.

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  • CletusTJudd

    Leftist behaving badly? Do they behave any other way? This is bullying and I thought schools had zero tolerance for bullying.

  • NotPolPot

    Euthanasia is just as evil as abortion (known to most as “women’s healthcare choices”). Therefore the way to deal with the driver is to employ her differently. Don’t fire her. Jobs are scarce. Really scarce. But reassign her to cleaning the buses or the garage or something. She is not suitable for a job that requires much contact with the public.

  • Bob Jones

    The boy should’ve just told her to, “Be quiet, and do your job–drive me to school.”


    Progressive Socialist Democrats have open minds and are so tolerant, only to terrorist millitant Muslims, Greenies, and UNIONS.
    Funny thing and it’s so shameful one of my relatives couldn’t make it in your state and is so far left she twirls, BUT because she couldn’t make it ON HER OWN AND more than likely also receiving state aid in your Democrat state she decided to pack up and move to Alaska where she could get that stipend and because there was work. YET SHE IS NOW TRYING HER DAMDEST TO CHANGE THE POLITICAL ATITUDE OF THAT GREAT STATE. WHY DIDN’T SHE STAY THERE? IF SHE WAS SO HAPPY WITH BEING WITH SUCH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. Maybe because of your change of mind ? maybe Wi is beginning to see that Municipal Unions are a drone on society and tax payers

  • Concerned in New Berlin

    Thsi is bad, but I am more concerned that a 78 yr old is driving a school bus!

  • Archy Cary

    Fire the old witch.

  • CletusTJudd

    Just noticed the update that the driver was fired- well hallelujah for that. Lets just hope the woman isn’t re-instated or re-hired after this all blows over.

  • Kung

    Romney/Ryan ’12 because we don’t want our 12 yr old to end up a nasty 78 yr old bus driver.

  • OJFL

    The irony is the boy might have been aborted if his parents had been president Obama supporters…

  • Diane54

    I find liberals incapable of reasoned debate. They connot defend their ideas so they resort to name calling and nastiness. But this against a 12 year-old innocent! It sounds like this bullying had been going on for a while and was not a one time event. I’m sure the child didn’t put up that yard sign. If she had an issue, she should have gone back on her own time to take it up with the parents. A true lefty coward! The parents should file charges to make an example!

  • James Smith

    Mark, Thanks for this report. I respect your integrity. I am a bit older than the moral perp. I will not allow without comment such statements in my presence from anyone. Jim

  • GeneralW

    Roare commented:

    Some predictions:

    The ACLU will file suit on the bus driver’s behalf saying her “free speech” was violated. Holder will intervene and demand her job be reinstated. Obama will say the Durham School Service acted “stupidly.”

    You forgot to add: “Obama will claimed to have saved/created a Job”. Now the circle is complete:)

  • Whitey Ford

    Typical behavior from the “tolerant” left. Keep pushing back people!!

  • Bubba

    Oh well, now this unemployed soon to probably be on food stamps lib loser will now be able to get her very own Obama phone. Ha, if she hated Romney before getting tossed out of a 20 year job like yesterday’s garbage, she must despise him, now.

    Reap the whirlwind, lib freakazoid. Oh but hey…Barry is adding jobs left and right to the booming economy, so I’m sure a 40+ year old recently terminated bus driver will have no trouble finding a job.


  • paul vincent zecchino

    Another leftist demonstrating the true nature of the left.

  • Richard

    Typical hateful looney libs. Liberals are the most hateful people. How can an adult do this to a child? More proof they are full of hate.

  • Randy

    Why is someone that old driving a school bus in the first place? Secondly, I think all dems now realize Obowser is losing, and they’re just plain mad. It doesn’t matter that he’s incompetent, most of the lib voters are so dumb they haven’t figured it out yet. The ones that have are too embarrassed to admit it. They’re all abusive ingrates who are bitter to the core.

  • Russ

    Of course I agree with the other posters – this driver deserved to be fired for what she said to the boy on her bus. What I want to know is how come with so much unemployment they have a 78 year old driving a school bus full of kids? Not to be age-discriminatory but by that age, I think it’s just a matter of caution to not have someone of that age in that job.

  • Doug

    Typical “tolerant” Democrat.

  • Hy Feiber

    Liberal Fascism at its Finest. We need a right wing Revolt in this country. To even things out.

  • Sage

    Let’s see…she’s BLACK! Guess what, I WISH “her people” had NEVER been brought here. In Uganda she wouldn’t be driving a bus, she’d be walking on dirt floors and doing “woman’s work” all day every day for the rest of her life. Go home!

  • 78 Years Old….. Good Lord…can’t they find any younger employees to drive their busses.

    She’s just pissed cause she’s older that dirt and still gotta work.. 🙂

  • DudeFromDixie

    Fire the woman. Plain and Simple. Unfortunatley the abortion should have been performed 78 years ago.

  • Richard

    What in the world is a 78 year old doing driving a bus full of kids!

  • snap boy

    Romney/Ryan signs popping up all over Bucks County, PA. Send that driver up here and we’ll drive him ’round the bend.

  • John Bissell

    Yeah, United Public Sector workers of the world, they are not all craven, selfish and hostile, there’s one out West I hear that’s not.

  • bob litfin

    The sad thing is that Human waste like this are allowed to vote

  • pfwag

    Too bad Stanley Ann Dunham was pro-life.

  • Jack 63

    If, after 78 years of living, all that person can do is heckle a 12 year old kid about something he isn’t even a part of, then perhaps she’s the one who should of been aborted.

  • ThrowObummerOut


  • Jason

    If it would have been my kid, I would have been waiting for that bus driver the very next day. After the verbal thrashing I would have give that old hag, if it continued, I would whip her ass.

  • josetoyou

    My bet is that the driver is black, and he should be FIRED!

  • donh

    The Precious Obama Mo’nique voting block strikes again…> http://youtu.be/v2v8GYkg9P0

  • Well, in the Senate Obama supported having a second doctor terminate any fetus/child who survived a botched abortion – I would say after his first term, he better watch out for any doctors cause his first term sure was a…

  • terpsez11

    drug test this trash immediately…drug test everyone in Government like they compel the Private Sector to do with their mandates

    our children are not there for the advancers of perversion to take out their pathetic shortcomings upon…just wait until the next debate…Obama will be off his psychotropic drugs and be just as mean spirited as this loser

  • Dwayne Keith

    Reverse the politics and the bus driver would have to be put under guard.

  • Darcy Paniccia

    A 78 year old woman baiting a 12 year old boy? That’s unacceptable. this family’s free speech was violated. Have people gotten so ridiculous that they’ve lost all sense of decency and morality? This old bat should never have been driving this bus. It’s a Catholic school and as a practising Roman Catholic I can tell you that we do not believe in abortion. But why abortion would even be an issue for a 78 year old woman baffles me. It’s not like this is a big concern in her life, and she would have grown up at a time when abortion wasn’t even part of everyday conversation. I would never elect (or not elect) a President based on their stance on abortion. There are many other major and pressing issues out there.

  • Fred Williams

    If this so called “woman” was a republican she would be charged by holder with a hate crime!!! She should be fired on the spot and maybe her address could be published like they did with the George Zimmerman the man who defended himself from being attached by trayvon martin.

    Update: I see that stupid slug was fired…we wil see how long it takes for her to get back on the acorn payroll!

  • glenp

    union thuggery at its finest.

    doesn’t this a hole know it’s the LEFTISTS like her that abort . Someone put her on an OVOMIT DEATH PANEL quick

  • BarbaraS

    I, too, am concerned that the bus driver is 78. How many others are that age? This is getting pretty dangerous for the kids. And why, with all the unemployment, is this woman holding down this job? Would it be a case of age discrimination? Maybe she should apply for a job as greeter at Walmart. Handing someone a buggy is a lot different from driving multiple kids to school. From what I have heard these greeters need to be able to take care of themselves in a fight.

  • Had there been enough more abortions this bus driver would not have had this job! Quelle Moron! Be careful what you wish for…

  • Terry A Kilbreth

    In response, the Obama adninistration has said it favors extending a woman’s “Right to Choose” until the child is 16. So, they had no problem with the drivers comments.

  • Steve

    This should be covered on the mainstream media. However, it won’t be, because they are doing everything they can to make sure that their love object, Barack Obama, is reelected. Or perhaps I should say “almost everything,” since some of the networks did cover the hearing on the administration’s Benghazi blunders yesterday. It’s difficult to ignore a dead ambassador and bureaucrats lying about the cause as blatantly as Obama and his minions are doing.

  • George

    Someone needs to be out of a job. Otherwise, if I were this kids parents, I would sue the heck out of the bus company.

  • Tom63010

    Pretty sad when a 12 year old acts more mature than a 78 year old.

  • Joe Doakes

    Fire him. Yesterday. I could use his job. So could about 23 million people.

  • Kate

    This is how low the left has gotten. They will even attack children when they don’t agree with their beliefs. This is so sad. I’m with another poster wondering what a 78 year old woman is doing driving a school bus.

  • Davos

    I’m sure the TSA will hire him

  • Brad

    There’s more of that “tolerance” and “acceptance” that the Left is so proud of.

  • DJH

    Charge the un-American piece of garbage with child abuse. What kind of a disgusting, mindless, hate filled, ignorant pig is this woman? She has apparently learned nothing in her 78 pointless years and is apparently wholly ignorant of the views of average Americans.

  • donh

    How much you wanna bet this bus driver got a free Obama phone…> http://youtu.be/Ax-2i71bqGw

  • It appears the Young Kid knows far more about basic Economics than the 78 year old far leftist .
    Not Unusual these days .
    100 to One She has an Free Obama Cell Phone and is own several Welfare programs .

  • BlueSkyTraveler

    Moronic behavior from another lib…soon, this stuff will cease to be news. Libs respond like children by attacking other children. Classless.

  • Debra

    Glad to hear she was fired, what a horrible thing to say to a child, liberal democrats are the most mean spirited people, and they speak so highly about their tolerance, what a joke.

  • Granny

    78 year olds should NOT be driving school buses!

  • MAX

    Is it just me or does it seem the liberals in Wisconsin are uber nasty. All the hate speech and crazy behavior during the recall and now this bullying of a child by an adult for political reasons? What could cause a 78 yr old to be so bitter? Deep radical beliefs? If so from what?

  • Steven Smith

    You my friend are an idiot. Leftist and rightist brainwashee’s ? This is about an adult telling a child that he should have been aborted. This is something you do not say to a child. Use all the big words you want, try to spin it anyway you want… You are still an idiot, completely missing the point of what happened. How would you like it if I told your children you should have been aborted them ? If it pisses you off, now you’re getting the point.

  • cas

    Makes me wonder, are those who support Obama sick?

  • p!ssed

    Interesting how the left reverts to infantile tactics to further their cause. In this case, a woman that age should be showing much more maturity, like the boy did. Sad they are so childish.

  • MissyT

    There are no boundaries to the length of abuse liberals will go to make their point. The driver is unfit to transport children if she cannot make small but relevant decisions. HER job is to drive and keep the children safe, not put the child in jeopardy including verbal abuse! The driver is the bully……….ahem, where is the anti-bullying policy or is that just reserved for those select few?

  • Ratbuster

    The bus driver got it backwards.

  • Sammie Jo

    whaaaat? the tolerant left hassled a kid about a political sign? say it ain’t so! lol
    It amazes me how politically correct the left wants everyone ELSE to be, but when they start flapping their gums, no holds barred.
    Glad she got fired, she shouldn’t be driving a school bus at that age anyway.

  • Joe College

    Ha ha ha. The weekly jobless claims fall to a 4 year low and CNN website runs the story below the fold in it’s business section. Just a month or two ago CNN would have trumpeted this as a banner headline, but now they’re afraid to feature the story because they are afraid their commenters will blast them for being shills of the Obama administration…because nobody believes the numbers anymore!

    The media has become the boy who cried wolf.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    This pretty much tells you that the Left knows The Won is toast, and it has freed them to let their inner demons run wild.

  • Chris

    Perhaps she was trying to engage a 12-year-old boy in a political debate because she wanted to be in a fair fight for once.

  • Clara

    This is not unusual for anything related to Catholic school. Even if the students are of conservative families, the teachers tend to tow the teacher’s union libturd line. After a major victory against property tax elevation in our community, my daughter’s 6th grade Catholic school teacher said “make sure to thank your parents for voting against us”.

  • Danny Ross

    #15 October 11, 2012 at 7:41 am
    Untouchable commented:

    This bus driver is lucky that wasn’t my kid.. I would make sure she would never open her pie hole again!

    What a sensible remark. A 78-year-old woman uses hurtful words, and, brave person that you are, you respond with a threat of violence. The woman is bad, you are worse.

  • Kevin Stowell

    Seventy-eight years old and still that stupid? The ed system was obviously on the ropes a long time ago. Who thought it was a good idea to leave it in the hands of the politicos anyway? Especially the Left.

  • Tony Clifton

    Where the Hell is New Berlin ? In New Germany ?

  • veto

    sounds like somebody should be charged with a hate crime.

    Against a kid.

    Or maybe its bullying?

  • Yaspar

    Sweet to read that the evil witch was fired. Unless, of course, we find out later that she was just quietly “re-assigned” (read: rewarded) with a different job.
    Wonder what the respective races are in this case. Or shall I just use my experience and (correctly) analyze the facts? If it was a black child and a white driver, it would have been mentioned in the story as a “hate crime,” and the whole country would be in an uproar. If it was two blacks, the driver would not have acted so hatefully, ‘cuz the boys baby momma would have opened up a can o’ whup-ass. If it was two whites the exchange would never have happened, since no one but a nasty black woman would attack a child like that. Therefore I (correctly) deduce that it was an evil old black woman bus driver, and a white child.

  • Ralloh

    Fire the useless old liberal pig.

  • steffield jansons

    Hmmmmmm. Another bizarre occurrence. Racism? Fascism? Union Thugs? Violent Attacks? Outrageous Behavior? All components of our out of control liberal “progressive” friends, and all supporters of the president. Is this the America we want?

  • stopthemorons

    The be atch is brave with a child. If the driver has not been fired, her employer condones and supports her behavior.

  • Ralloh

    Oops, I didn’t see the update. Good, they fired her. Of course she will go around blaming it all on Romney. The DNC will probably run an ad with her telling how Mitt Romney got her fired and now she has to live in a dumpster, eating dog food.

  • pinouye

    Libs always feel like they can say ANYTHING without hesitation…it goes way beyond Freedom of Speech…sometimes a little manners goes a long way!

    1. Why is a 78 year old woman driving a school bus?
    2. Her firing is good…she obviously should have been in her retirement stage a long time ago, so this opens up the door for 1 unemployed person to get a job.
    3. What adult (and 78 is going WAY beyond just being an adult) engages in a politicial debate with a 12 year old?

  • Damian Thompson

    These acts are the result of the “class warfare” Obama has started

  • AmVet

    One word comes to mind, ‘FIRED’!!

  • acjj

    Sad, political orientation is irrelevant when speaking to a child. She should have been impressed the child at least understood why his parents supported Romney.

    The child should have been respected. I am sorry she lost her job but making such a hurtful comment to a child gave her employer no other solution.

    I hope she thinks about the repercussions before she makes such a hurtful comment again. However all of the Obama supporters with whom I have disagreed with have gone to the name calling and outrageous statements as they do not have any rational arguments why their candidate should be reelected.

  • what the mother should have done is get on the bus and show this loon what being aborted feels like with a good butt whipping.

  • Sky

    I don’t know if she should have been fired but at her age she should’ve known better. It’s just a kid who happens to ride her bus. This is the USA where free speech is allowed. If his family Supports Mr. Romney they have that right and this driver’s job is to transport the children safely, nothing more, nothing less. I support the child’s family and for them standing up for their beliefs. God Bless America, home of the free because of the brave.

  • and the bus driver would be doing the abortion from the bottom of her heart.

  • Jack Cold

    Okay, so the obese news anchor in LaCrosse Wisconsin with the holy terror CBS behind her feels “bullied” because an articulate writer says she ought to slim down…that is bullying. Where is CBS when this 12 year-old kid is bullied by the bus driver? It does not surprise me that at first she was transferred. Good work, Mr. Belling for escalating the issue.

  • Chad

    I would hope this bus driver would be IMMEDIATELY fired. Sounds like there is plenty of evidence and witnesses to backup the story.

    The Obama Loonies are getting DESPERATE…their Dear Leader is going down in flames!

  • Bob


  • seanpatriot

    We have free speech in this country but NOT without consequences, so is it really free speech?

  • Sherri

    Satan at work. Democrat Party has become the Devil’s Party

  • The monk

    To which the boy replied, “You’re a 78 year old that didn’t prepare for retirement and is having to drive a bus and live off of my parent’s tax dollars. You, maam, should have been aborted.”

  • RHO

    Democrats are unhinged lunatics. No sense of decency or honor to be found in that party.

  • [email protected]

    Great, this frees up her time to exercise her “Freedom of Speech” by keying cars with Romney stickers, destroying Romney yard signs and throwing bricks through local GOP campaign offices. You gotta love how tolerant and inclusive the Democrat party is. Just wait until Obama’s lame duck administration. Remember how nice the outgoing Clinton administration was for the incoming Bush administration? Stealing all the W’s off the keyboards and trashing the place. And they were “Moderates”, wait until you see what the “Liberals” do.

  • Mike

    What’s more dangerous than a 78 year old liberal?
    A 12 year old conservative.

    Just kidding. The left/right paradigm is dead and anyone who believes there is a difference between the two parties is just a sheep headed for slaughter.

    Wake up America. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Chad

    Ok…I see the update where she was fired. Good. But now she can make more money living off the taxpayers on welfare.

    Maybe she could save the taxpayers a lot of money…and not add herself to the unemployment figure that might hurt her precious Obama…by practicing a little retroactive abortion on herself.

    The media searches high and low for any comment at all from a “tea party” member…yet these type things happen on the left all the time.

  • Big Mouth Cowboy

    I’d like her address please. My dog would like to leave something in her yard. 78 and still driving, eh? Someone on her route needs to tell her to shut her yap.



  • Paul

    If I was the kid I would’ve responded, “And you need to see a death panel”.

  • Ginger

    Biviano: It’s about the boy not ideaology. The bus driver was out of line. Typical liberal behavior. Bullies, mean, intolerant, destroyers, well, you get the picture.

  • Gina

    Anyone else asking the question, what is a near-80-year-old woman
    doing driving a bus full of kids? Really?

  • Walt

    Probably one of the worst places that bus driver could have said that. New Berlin is in Waukesha Co,just west of Milwaukee. It voted 65% for McCain in 08,and 72% for Walker in the last recall. It’s one of the,if not the most,Republican big counties in the midwest.

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  • William Penn

    Were I that boy’s mother, I would have punched that Communist b itc h right in the face.

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  • OyOyOy

    The irony here is that if his parents were Obama supports, he might just have been aborted.

  • Terry Rohan

    the child is a ward of the state and needs to be respectful of his elders, especially when they are state employees.
    The family should be charged with child abuse, lose custody of the cherub, and be taxed for the upkeep and raising of their dependent. I have spoken, and I am in a union, and my ex-wife was a teacher.

  • andre smith

    she should be fired period.



  • Syrin

    I’m sure she’ll get a promotion once the Teachers’ Union gets involved.

  • philippp

    A political debate between a kid and a bus driver.
    What next?

  • HeyHey

    Because being a bus driver is such a winning profession?

  • bojosatchmo

    Yet another tollerant Liberal.

  • Larry

    Send the driver before Obama’s panel for her annual review.

  • katekody

    these dems only know how to bully…. They’re really not civilized and have no concept of how to communicate in a civilized manner. So I’m not surprised that they are now picking on kids. This is simply a snippit of how sick these dems are.

  • henrytyler

    The mother of the child needs to calmly walk over to the bus driver………..and impolitely slap the snot out of her………………period…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bob

    If that was my kid I would preform a late term abortion on this guy

  • Benjamin

    Almost all of you are missing the point of the comment the driver made.

    The entire point is that the driver is female, and the child is a boy, a male.

    She is saying “maybe your mother should have chosen abortion for you”… She is putting forward a feminist dominance over him, saying that “We women are untouchable, you can’t even say something we don’t like without going to prison for ’emotional abuse’ or losing your job for ‘harassment’… but we females can murder you males, as we please, and we need pay no respect to you boys and men, even if we do allow you to live”.

  • Mubutu Obongo

    Typical comments from a moderate lib. Yes this is the way ‘moderate’ libs think and speak.



  • Look-Out

    And then there are the MARINES…grab your Kleenex for this one —


    Thank you, Lord, for the good ones you’ve given us.

  • Larry McEntire

    I am 62andI have never been more sick of blacks

  • Mark Rosenstein

    The old mama will soon meet her maker, but before she has to be witness to with the love and forgiveness that is in Christ Jesus. Being fired is temporary but being separated from the face of God for eternity is dreadful to think off! She needs to be lead to repentance of her grave sin and get right with God… She marked forever the soul of an innocent child. He would need prayer and counseling. Apparently being a biblical Christian is less and less tolerated in the Democratic party… (remember the DNC convention this year )
    “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” St Matthew: 18:6

  • Wrightclick

    Where’s the Bully Police when you need them? If the kid had been black they’d be coming at the bus driver with drones.

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    Perhaps we should declare an open season on these execrable, malicious, vulgar, morally anchorless, intellectually bankrupt, psychologically fractured Democrats/liberals/leftists?

    When they utter such things as the bus driver, it should be permissible to give them a slap or two up side their vacant heads. In an instructive, respectful, loving way, though.

    Not that that would produce a change of behavior, however.

    By the way: What’s a 78-year-old woman doing driving a school bus full of children?

  • Re Re

    This proves how vile the left is. The tweets and postings on various sites confirm how despicable they are.

  • bc hughes

    Second childhood?

  • J Stuart

    Might we guess that the bus driver was a son of Obama kinda guy, you know, the kind that votes his color. If he was white, he’s quite stupid since O has no use for whites other than their votes.

  • J Stuart

    Insert she for he, a stupid 78 year old cow brain.

  • Norsksoul

    Free speech is just that…..speak freely without fear of imprisonment by the government. It does not mean speak without consequences. All actions have consequences (basic thermodynamics) and this liberal fountain of hatred has learned an important lesson at the ripe old age of 78. Hopefully her children are not supporters of euthanasia.

  • Dave in Sacramento

    A disgusting creature to behold: The Angry Abortion-Rights-Obsessed Spinster.

  • dj

    1. At 78, she has to work in Obama’s economy.
    2. She’s confused as to what her Democratic party stands for, as it is the Abortion Party, not the Rebpublican party.
    3. Perhaps Obama will see this as an opportunity to step in and have another beer summit between the bus driver and thw 12 year old.
    4. Driving bus loads of kids at the age of 78? What is this school district thinking?
    5. This is not a political conversation. It’s an attack when the bus driver speaks like that.

  • JR

    This is where publishing the offenders’ names would act as a huge deterrent. Also would allow rational, mature citizens the info to know where the tar and feathers should be delivered.

  • Rob

    At the least, this disccussion, and especially the driver’s remark and the action taken to fire her DOES indicate a general awareness that abortion is indeed the killing of a person. That’s some progress, at least.

  • LIberals hate anyone who expresses a view contrary to their core beliefs. This is nothing new. It’s been that way for a long time.

    They aren’t informed or intelligent enough to formulate a reasoned factual response, so they lash out in anger and hatred . . . and the age of the recipient of that anger really doesn’t matter to them.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    The democrats are OK with hateful speech like this as long as they are the ones doing it. This is just typical liberal behavior.

  • Bluto

    well I have all my life tended to say to myself I fought for them to have their opinions but now I see that I cannot have mine. So I suggest it be open season of demorats for about a week after the election. Most of the retired military I know would join in. Imgaine a world without scum bags such as dems

  • Bluto

    Imagine a world without demorats. I suggest open season for a week on them. Just clean out the gutters

  • 1intexas

    nobody with that attitude, or of that age, needs to be anywhere near the controls of a bus load of children.

    the fact that someone like that was even hired brings into question the quality of the entire school management.

    if i was that child’s parent i’be be at the next school board meeting demanding to know just what in hell was going on, and maybe trying to get some adminsitrators held accountable.

  • Jedsil

    Why would a 78 year old be driving a school bus? For heaven’s sake, we forcibly retire federal judges at age 70.

  • gen

    Synonym for Democrat: Bully

  • Alex

    Typical behavior from the unhinged progressives.

  • todd

    the driver doesnt understand the irony & total stupidity of her comment…

  • Kristi

    Wow… what kind of demented freak says that to a child?! Liberals… its a mental disorder.

  • EBL

    The bus driver deserves to be fired. It is not part of her job duties to bully a kid because she disagrees with his parents’ political views. I would never question a neighbor on them having an Obama sign.

  • JimmyS


  • KCEddie

    That is why she is driving a bus at 78. Because the Economy has not been this strong since the 50’s ? LMFAO

  • Matthew

    That’s indoctrination. “You’re different and we hate you, so you better think like us or we’ll assault you at every turn”

    That’s the left, all the way up to the fossils.

    They’ve been taught well and they stick to their methodology.

    Saul Alinsky would be proud.

  • Wolfgang Halbig

    My mother went to jail when I was 12 years old when stealing a package of Hot Dogs and Buns so I could eat that night.

    These people steal and get away with it.

    First Evidence Dump Showing Obama’s Alias and the Owners of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.

    The information (attachment here) that I am about to share is what I pulled the very first day when I discovered that Barack H Obama has an alias “Bounel Harrison J / Harrison J Bounel that is using the current SSN that he has. My initial discovery was by pure accident as I was “Skip Tracing a debtor who just happened to live in Chicago. I could not get a current phone number and address for this individual so I began to back-track her addresses and low-and-behold, Barack Obama’s name showed up as neighbor to this individual back in the 90’s.

    When I clicked on his name and the address of 5046 S Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60615, this is what I pulled. All the information is factual as I have had this information verified by a second individual who has been a PI for 20 years and I also did reverse searches with my specialized software and database searches.

    Q: Why is a Obama contributor and a Chicago sitting Circuit Court Judge listed as an owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.?

    Is that illegal?

    Q: Why is a partner at the accounting firm that did the Obama’s taxes listed as an owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.?

    Is that illegal?

    Q: Why does 5046 AS Greenwood Ave. have two different PIN #s.

    As per Cook County Recorder of Deeds (CCRD):

    PIN# 20-11-115-037-0000 does not exist, yet exists with the Treasurer’s Office and exists at the Assessor’s.

    PIN# 20-11-115-027-0000 as per the CCRD belongs to a vacant lot on Hyde Park and as per the Treasurer’s Office and the Assessors Offices it belongs to the (Rear Apt) at 5046 S Greenwood Ave. -Source.

    Evidence Dump #2 – A “No Hit” on SSN 042-68-4425 and a second Property Search for 5046 S Greenwood Ave. [pertinent search records embedded below]

    Earlier last week I completed yet a third pull of Barack H Obama’s supposed SSN 042-68-4425 and yet again I get the same results. I had to triple-check my findings again just to make sure I was correct. All results were “No Hits” telling me again that the SSN number either does not exist, or it has been scrubbed. Now, I want to make perfectly clear that all of my information is gathered by accessing public records only, so the information on every database that I have access to is up to date.

    I also completed a “Collectability Score Result Search” which when used tells me how easily I will be able to collect a debt from the individual entered into the database search. I used Barack Obama again for a second time the other day. Again the result came back with a 257/637 with 637 being the highest probability of collection and 257 being a mid range probability. The Yellow Code and the low probability score is indicative of the individual being searched as a medium risk due to a lack of “Address Stability”. The print-out also came back with the result showing again that the Obama’s are not home owners and own no property with no property records being returned. Again the databases do not and cannot lie.

    It also needs to be noted that The Northern Trust, Trust # 10209 is the owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave and not the Obama’s. With that being said, could any person come to the conclusion that if the Obama’s are not the actual owners of 5046 S Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60615 then should not the Trust which is a “Non Living Entity” be paying the $3,187.61 per day cost for the security of the residence and not the American People? Furthermore, if that is the case then should not the Obama’s be reimbursing someone?

  • Timmy

    Now she has lots of time to campaign for O blunder
    Hope she doesn’t screw up the unemployment numbers

  • Michael

    Nobody is less tolerant or more hateful than the enlightened libs, oh they agree in free speech as long as it’s left speech. You will never hear a liberal say “I detest what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it” Thank god there are Republicans and conservatives around to defend liberal’s free speech or there would be no free speech.

  • Vicky Bevis

    Yeah! Cheers! The old bat was fired. Wish she’d been around me when that was said. I detest bullies & this is exactly what she was doing to not only this boy, but to the rest of the kids listening to her diatribe. I’m not a 12 yr. old who is having his religious beliefs denigrated. I’m a soon-to-be 66 yr. old & I’ll stack MY mouth against ANY 78 yr old. troll. BTW, if a 78 yr old is driving a bus, you know she damn-sure NEEDS the money! Too many others NEED her job!

  • D

    Freedom of expression is only for the left.

  • Daisy

    Rowdy Yates – your comments are out of line. As all intelligent conservatives know, the stupidity here is in the bus driver’s actions (or words) and not in the color of her skin.

    By that reasoning, you are either not intelligent, or not conservative, or both. I would venture to say that you are a troll, putting ugly things forward to besmirch this website.

  • Constitution First

    Another day, another example of Liberal Fascism.

  • Heretic

    And yet, if his father drug the old biddie off the bus and beat her down, they’d make it sound like HE was the bad guy.

  • Cynthia Moak

    The laws in this country as founded were based on the Bible but as the liberals progress they have added more laws of men than of God so what can anyone expect? People’s beliefs change along with that trend. Remember, it’s not an opinion that abortion is murder and is unlawful according to Who? God. If it’s not a law according to God, it’s a changeable human opinion based on the culture which is always changing. If you don’t anchor your beliefs in the unchangeable Bible and know that it is God’s Word, you will be blown about by every wind that comes along including by wrong teaching. The same argument applies to every position you can take. If it’s correct you can find it’s basis in fact in the Bible. Read it and find out.

  • John Buchheim

    The ironic thing is if there was an Obama sign in the yard, he may well HAVE been aborted.

  • St. Anger

    Here’s the ironic thing: If Obama care gets implemented, then she’ll be euthanized by the death panel. Dumb brood. Oh well, while euthanasia is against my religion, I’m sure I could make an exception here. ;D

  • JB

    With any luck, these liberal morons will abort themselves into oblivion in the next 10 years!

  • Bob Brown

    Ever see the signs” don’t feed the bears” They will become dependent then aggressive if they don’t get their “feeding” Hmmmmm sound familiar. Nature as teacher

  • Pouncekitty

    This is the civil tone Obama lectured us about? Obama lectures and hectors and screams about Republicans, but the truly evil and nasty people are his voters. Stupid, angry, entitled and spoiled, ALL Obama voters should require a license to leave their homes…..AND PHOTO ID!

  • Vicky Bevis

    Wolfgang: While I believe your search methodology, I have to point out that public records being up-to-date is not trustworthy. I am adopted. I found my birthparents including one who lived 1/2 way around the world & this was 30+ yrs. ago-long before the internet. So, I do know something about finding people & records.

    Last yr., I thought I’d lost my wallet, which thankfully I found wedged in the car. But before I did, I needed to get some personal info. to replace my driver’s license. I went to the Court House in the County where I was born & they had NEITHER by original or amended birth certificates. ( I had obtained my original long ago thanks to screw-up in the way adoption law was written at the time of my birth, but I only asked for it when they couldn’t find the one I needed-the amended one just to see if they had ANYTHING

    So, please don’t trust government agencies on anything; I don’t! Good Luck!

  • Jugears McGhetto Sr.

    Maaannnn!!! Time to get on the phone and get yet another Obungholehumping leftist fired from their taxpayer funded jobs…. these people need to all be fired from these public union jobs and made to re apply so more human beings can be hired in their places. After 10 years they should be forced to either move up or move out. No lifetime employment on the public dime.

    If people can find lifetime jobs in the private sector then great for them, but a 10 year limit on public Union jobs should be instituted right away in the same bill laying down term limits in congress, same limits, 12 years in the senate, 12 years in the house, adios. Thanks for your service no go back into the private sector and start working again.

  • Ed Anger, Jr.

    Memo to the child’s mother: Although I generally frown on civil suits, this case is an exception. I recommend you hire an aggressive personal injury attorney and have them sue the bus line, school district, and of course the vulgar bus driver, for intentional infliction of emotional distress and lack of employee supervision. That should get their attention.

  • Tyson Stoner

    You people have very short memories. The things I have heard about Obama is downright horrible. You act like the Right NEVER says anything like that. Hogwash. You people always claim to be Christians but yet you hate hate hate. You all need to grow up and worry about your selves instead of spending all your spare time bashing others. Who cares if he said it or not. Did any of you lose any sleep last night from this. You all are idiots. We are still a FREE country right????

  • Paolo

    Liberal DemocRAT ignorance, this is the shallow end of the gene pool.

  • John Ashley

    Can someone tell me why so many comments refer to ‘he” “him”? Driver was female. Did they read the story? Be that as it may, a union thug bus driver being a bully to a child. Does this surprises anyone? Wonder if she would have bullied a Muslim child? The Muslim faith is also against abortion. It’s ok to attack Christians, I keep forgetting. It’s the only tactic they use. No guts, just bluster. Yes, they are the all inclusive, love the world, tolerant crowd. But knee jerk leftists will admire this woman and vote for any Democrat on the ballot.

  • Bill

    Fire the idiot! Now!

  • Chukkal

    What’s the age limit for school bus drivers in our country? This is asking for trouble!!!

  • dmd

    Please publish this nice ladys address. I bet she will get a few love letters.
    Me thinks she needs to get laid.





  • RobertG

    They let the nasty fool go. It might be tempting to run over her with the buses but that is not allowed,

  • Ted Turnbull

    The liberal mantra… “You should be aborted if you don’t think like me.” And you thought abortion was all about “women’s rights.” Silly you.

  • Ken Cooper

    Michael Savage was obviously right after all when he said that “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” At no time in the past has this been more evident than today where liberals (aka “Progressives”) have lost their minds with furious anger, vitriol, personal attacks and even death threats towards anyone with whom they disagree or towards anyone who supports a Republican candidate. The rage towards actress Stacey Dash is a prime example, simply because she chose (her choice) to support Romney. If those people are not in need of serious psycho help, then lets let all the inmate out of the asylum. The bus driver needs to be fired and/or sent for a psych exam. Liberals are hypocrites. They talk about compassion, support mindless feel-good politics and “caring” about the poor but inside they harbor anger and hatred.

  • SoLongSong

    #181 Daisy: Thanks forsaying it.

    ROWDY YATES: No one buys the crap you’re selling here. Off you go, Troll.

  • jerry

    If this kid had a Obama poster in his yard and was a liberal, maybe some day he could be a bus driver too.




  • Loryn

    Liberals, degenerates, all spelled the same way; DEMOCRAT

  • John Ashley

    Responding to Tyson. Now try to follow this. I know it won’t be easy, but give it a try. When someone disagrees with a position you hold in this free country it isn’t hate, it’s a disagreement. I know that concept blows your mind(?), but when you don’t have the ability to debate an issue, bingo, it must be hate. You throw out a little bomb(as leftist do) with nothing to back it up and then call people who disagree with you names, but that isn’t hate. Is it hard to live in such an upside down brain bubble?

  • VernVa

    Ironic isn’t it. It is more likely a left or Dem would choose to abort a life than a right. Funny that the odds are greater the bus driver would have been aborted compared to the boy.



  • true justice

    Another proud member of Obama’s Coalition of Morons.  When will the king and queen of yellow journalism, MSNBC & CNN, admit the truth that Obama and his Obamacrits are complete failures.  Obama , Holder and the California Nut are the most corrupt politicians in office practicing Chicago thug corrupt politics  They have nothing but utter contempt for Americans. We will know the number of people from the planet stupidor in America Nov. 6, 2012.  The number will exactly match the number that vote for the Kenyan King.  I do not think the ex-bus driver will forget her free Malt 40 the corrupt DNC gives Obama voters.

  • Annie

    Why in the hell is a bus driver discussing politics with a child? That is the first inappropriate act. In fact, no one in the school system should be discussing their political leanings and opinions with the students. The second question: where was this boy’s mother? Why didn’t she drag this woman out of that bus and beat her half to death? That is exactly what I would have done because this behavior on the part of the driver is egregious.

  • BobC

    #3 October 11, 2012 at 7:18 am
    mg4us commented:
    First off. .What the heck is a 78 year old woman doing driving a bus full of kids. . that is a disaster waiting to happen. .especially on WI snowy and icy roads in Winter. .what, there are no younger drivers? Is the Union retirement plan after 20 years so bad that she needs to work?”

    Please understand, I’m not condoning the bus driver’s abuse of a child in any way — but the answer to your question is that being a school bus driver requires a strong work ethic:

    Getting up before dawn, spending up to 45 min pre-tripping (inspecting) the bus in the dark and cold. This involves crawling under the bus with a flashlight, among other things; Showing up every day; Putting up with low pay; Getting and maintaining a CDL (commercial driver’s license) which involves passing stringent tests, both written and practical; etc. etc.

    This kind of work ethic is not nearly as common among young people as it used to be. This is why school bus drivers are mostly elderly.

  • Pingback: New Berlin Wisconsin Bus Driver Fired After Telling 12 Year Old Student He Should Have Been “Aborted” Because His Family Had Romney Sign In Their Yard « Our Tax Dollars At Work()

  • SovereignMary

    This bus driver is a mental amoeba and should have been fired for her verbal bullying of a child! I’m glad to hear that the school did fire her!

  • Byterider

    Ive said it over and over..america is.ripe for a culture war and the streets are going to run red with liberal blood.

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    #168 October 11, 2012 at 9:11 am
    gen commented:

    Synonym for Democrat: Bully

    – – – – – –

    Other synonyms for Democrat/liberal/leftist: Vulgar, malicious, petty, hateful, mean-spirited, mendacious, ignorant, stupid, fraidy cats, infanticide champions, family haters, freedom despisers, arrogant — and clear and present danger to our Republic.

    I know there are lots I’ve forgotten to include.

  • Kingfisher

    More examples of leftist “tolerance.”

    By wishing that the boy was aborted, the bus driver acknowledged that abortion kills. Leftists know this fact but refuse to acknowledge it in public for fear that more people will turn against him. Every time I bring this fact up in an argument with a leftist, they get very agitated and either threaten me or walk away.

    This bus driver got what she wanted. She’s an Obama slave and sacrificed her job for her false messiah. I’ll never understand why some people are so stupid to worship politicians when those same politicians won’t even acknowledge them.

  • Rank

    Seems like someone needs to have her job aborted!

  • RufusVonDufus

    I think the bus company will more than likely resolve this sad problem by giving the bus driver a commendation letter in her file along with a raise and the local teachers’ union will hold a fund raising benefit for her to go on a great trip.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Liberals are the most sanguinary killers on the Planet ! 55 MILLION abortions here in America alone, isn’t enough to satisfy their bloodlust !? Plus, they kill jobs, kill home values, kill net worth’s of real American’s, and they want murderous dogs in prison to be released after a few years !? Liberals-bacterial infections on the Human race….nothing more.

  • ObamaSux

    LOL, up yours old lady. Go find a job under your lord Obama’s economy that you love so much, so how that goes. PWND!

  • ebaker1951

    How tolerant of this old liberal! Most liberals are so full of hypocrisy. Preaching tolerance but then so critical of anything that does not agree with them….

  • Bobby Socks

    Odds are the bus driver would be OBORTED by Obama if he was born as the mistake of the day. These leftist Nazi’s must go before they krill us all.

  • SoLongSong

    The mom absolutely handled the situation in the correct manner. She’s probably in her 40’s at the latest – HALF the age of the doddering old bus driver – and that wouldn’t have been a fair fight.

    What bugs me a little – besides the fact that the bus driver should have been made to apologize to the 12 year old and the entire busload of children – is the “Don’t worry, she’s no longer working here” letter said “after 20 years of incident-free service”, which I think is a gambit to garner sypmpathy for this loser at any age.

    I don’t care, as long as she STAYS fired, but she should have been made to apologize first.

  • Leroy

    Well for the most part, Democrats are immoral fornicating imbeciles that have no respect for anyone including themselves. But what do we expect from Democrats after all Harvard University is promoting, “Incest-Fest Party.”
    Well I guess the conclusion is that most Progressives, Leftists are inbred immoral creatures. Who do not appreciate the value of life.

  • Kenny

    Fire the witch.

  • Fionnagh

    Well, speaking of busses, how about – like the SEIU – we rent a bus or two, and park the vehicles outside this biddie’s home?

  • tom

    marxist/fascsist/libs are vile people who enjoy their abortions, pornography, homosexuality. They embrace it fully. What a peverse group of people. This was an attack—as sure as any physical attack. This is the behavior you get from marxist/fascist/libs. Romney bumper sticker equals “keyed” car. Obama bumper sticker—usually a POS anyhow. We have a war coming in this country between those that take—marxist/fascist/liibs—and those that make—-conservatives.

  • bill1942

    Long after it is merely a sad, bad memory, our country will still have to live with the legacy of hate and division that the failed Obama experiment has created. He must really despise the United States to go so far as to create an atmosphere where a 78 year old woman would bully a 12 year old boy. And, all along, I thought liberals were all over anyone who appeared to be a bully. Pathetic!!!

  • Mark

    Where do these people come from? I hope she is fired for her outburst I am probably going to vote for Obama as I can’t see Romney’s plans as workable but that is besides the point. The point is, this is a child and his parents have the right to vote and support their opinion. Now I read all these other comments about lefty and I laugh because I fit none of the Democratic molds and am a registered Republican but I am exercising my choice to change my mind. I still voted for Republican Senator’s in years past and Republican Governors. Good luck to whomever wins the election and good luck to us.

  • RKae

    No, Ms. Bus Driver, YOU should have been aborted – according to your own philosophy. You are a bus driver: a low-level occupation that tells me you failed to attain your goals in life. Thus I am assuming you are a drain on public services. That makes you “should have been aborted” material, because you do not believe in an inherant right to life; only justified existence.

  • Gerald Hogan

    He should feel blessed he’s not in Pakistan…they shoot them on the bus there.

  • mickey

    Ah, I have to admit – I bully little democrat kids all the time. Now, they are a little older, like 17 or 18 and have HUGE egos with even bigger mouths, but it is fun to bully them…

  • jim

    The real danger to America is not gay Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy muslim sodomite like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a gay Obama presidency than to restore the necessary,commonsense ,Godliness and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a creature for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr.gay Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. “The Republic can survive a gay Obama, who is, after all, merely a gay fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

  • thriftytoo

    The driver was fired, but I bet she still has her obama cell phone, food stamp card, section 8 housing subsidy welfare check, and her other free stuff paid for by the working people.

  • Kathy in Arizona

    And what pray tell is this lovely bus driver’s name?
    Why isn’t it published?
    Stupidty like this deserves to be exposed, not protected or hidden!

  • Fay Joster

    That yard sign? You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

  • TypicalLibtard

    Typical dirtbag trash behavior from a psychotic old “liberal” woman. These people are hysterical, bird-brained IDIOTS, and this sick old libtard hag needs to LOSE HER JOB NOW.

  • Giraffe

    Threaten the lefts right to have the taxpayer pay for murdering the unborn and they get angry.

    The Democrats, murdering the unborn using taxpayer money since 1973.


    Shouldnt this bus driver be arrested a statement like that sounds like a death threat to me…if that were my kid I would be afraid of this psycho.

  • Mark Jessup

    There is one very vital piece of information missing from this story, which is: THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL BUS DRIVER!! – The driver decided to open her piehole and spew hate like a lawn sprinkler, why isn’t her name being provided? I say NAME ‘EM and SHAME ‘EM !! As for the 12 yr old, he’s smart enough to understand that 0bamugabe is a pro-abortion, baby killing goon, which is reason enough to vote against the Kenyan dirtbag on November 6th!

  • Hambone Jones

    I don’t think a 78 year old women should be driving a school offense. No offense but her reactions can’t be that quick anymore. Maybe she have been cleaning the bus instead of driving.

  • TypicalLibtard


  • Dave

    Fire her, and revoke any & all benefits she maybe getting. Seize & sell all her assets & property, dividing the proceeds amongst the poor. Then put her on the street and let her beg for cat food to eat.

  • Wergen

    Look to see more and more of this. It appears that the promotion of a “left is morally superior” attitude has been successful enough to make leftists feel that any action in pursuit of that attitude is justifiable. We live in very dangerous times intellectually, partly because our culture currently has very few guardrails in place to discourage this kind of thinking. This is sort of like burning books, except now we are burning other people’s right to a belief system.

  • Truth Monger

    I would not trust a 78 year old woman – or man – to drive a school bus full of kids anywhere, no matter what their political beliefs were……….


    One of the concepts that I find missing from the bus driver’s comments is that Republican Moms don’t abort their kids, that’s why they support pro-life candidates. Only a leftist would kill their own child for convenience and as this case proves, leftists have no regard for human life. If they will kill their own child for convenience, they would prefer yours dead (like this case shows) so that they can win an election or even an argument.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Dun, Dun, Dun! Another one bites the dust!

  • Edwin Rowe

    This is something I’ve noticed about the Left. They see themselves as the most compassionate, but in daily life they behave abysmally.

  • Jim Smith

    The driver shouldk be charged with a hate crime. What if he would have said soemthing about bacon to a mooslim student? The abortion talk is the immoral equivalent to a Catholic student. Arrest the driver.

  • astralweeks

    Notice how the loving, open-minded, compassionate left are the most hateful, close-minded, and insensitive?

  • Guido

    This human defecation masquerading as an adult is commonly known as an “Obama Kool Aid drinker”…….

  • TypicalLibtard

    So does this psychotic old libtard hag still have a job? Is she still getting on the bus every morning and making abusive and threatening remarks to children?

    If so, WHY?

  • Fuel Transfer


    Think of the millions of welfare moocher democrat voters the Democrats OBORTED.

    Democrats, moooooochers, gimme gimme, moocher party, lazy uneducated sloths, job killers and baby murderers, lovely people.

  • joecool

    This woman should be fired, and forced to turn in her Obamaphone. Then, she should mow these people’s lawn for the next year. She should be more careful. Who knows, this kid may wind up working for HHS as a member of the new Obamacare panel!

  • Hateful and reprehensible are the two words that immediately come to mind.
    What a disgusting old witch!
    What if she had said something provocative to a Muslim? Or, an Obama supporter?
    1.) ANYONE that old (78 yrs.old) should NOT be driving a SCHOOL BUS,
    2.) The hate-filled old woman SHOULD be fired ASAP,
    3.) The TWELVE YEAR OLD child and his family deserve an apology from ALL parties involved,
    4.) Are there NO depths to which Leftists will NOT sink? Nope.
    5.) Do the right thing, school board, or force her to resign. PERIOD.

  • Pale Horse

    I guess her job was aborted !!!!!!!

  • Snitch-in-Time

    With the Left everything is political. Why? Simple, the Left arrogates to itself the idea that control of all human activity by government is somehow appropriate. There is nothing that the Left refuses to make political because that would move it out of the reach and grasp of the bloated, top down, centralized, administrative despotsim after which all Leftists lust. The child is just another casualty in this Leftist drive for cultural supremicy and the attendent jihad against indivudual liberty.

  • Change This

    As the defeat of Barry “Muslim Brotherhood” Soetoro grows more certain the level of anger, despondency and frustration of the left will increase. They are naturally unhinged.

  • HTS

    The bus driver exemplified the entire ethical code of the left. Their ideology is founded on pure hate and class envy. This election is not so much about conservative and liberal… it is about good and evil.

  • Marie Browning

    When a 78 year old woman bullies a 12 year old boy over politics there is something terribly wrong. Glad the witch was fired but it shouldn’t have taken pressure to get it done. Our society is becoming sick.

  • MrsFudd

    SO glad this hateful old woman was fired. This just adds more proof that leftist liberals are the most intolerant and hateful people in this nation. If you don’t goose step to their ideals, they will belittle you, try and get you fired, try to destroy your reputation, key your car (this actually happened to a friend in CA who had a “Yes on Prop 8” bumper sticker on her car against same sex marriage), and even stoop to bullying kids like this bus driver did to this 12 year old boy. It is reprehensible and conservatives need to step up and say “we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!”.

  • Rocky from Siberia

    This lefty Socialist Democrat Nazi should e bitch slapped, tarred and feathered and run out of town.
    Hitler and his Nazi’s were the progressive Liberal Socialist Party.

  • Memphis

    She is afraid that if Romney is elected she won’t get free contraceptives.

  • kato

    The general rule is that we respect our elders.

    But an elderly a-hole is just an a-hole who has been pollluting the earth longer than most.

  • If people voted based on the behavior of Democrats and Republicans, the GOP would win in an absolute landslide.
    Democrats = pro-socialist, pro-homosexual, pro-gay marriage, pro-late term abortion, pro-Islam, potty-mouth, global warming alarmist, anti-2nd Amendment, pro-“alternative family”, pro-one world order, anti-military, class warfare envying, etc. etc.
    Republicans = pro-constitution, God-fearing, decent, family-oriented, pro-military, traditional marriage supporting…
    How on earth did we get to where we are?? We have a president who provokes racial tensions, panders to Muslims, wears a ring with the inscription “there is no God but Allah”, was admittedly mentored by Communist Frank Marshall Davis as a teenager, says that the “free market system doesn’t worked and has never worked”, and I could go on and on…
    Wake up, America – or it is ALL OVER. We will NEVER EVER recover from the damage of these progressive/socialists if Obama wins this election.
    WE MUST ABSOLUTELY CRUSH this regime in November!!!!!

  • Oh No You Didn’t

    Since the boy and Mom are WHITE Catholics with money, this entire act will be ignored.

    The driver will get a bonus.

    Next spring, ABC will launch a new sitcom featuring a vulgar bus driver that harass white christian people, and make the white christian male fathers look and sound like complete morons. Thank you Hollywood white shoe boys.


    Yet another bullying by the DEMOCRAT loving mind?

  • Connie

    I am a bus driver, and when I worked for First Student in Illinois, there was a co-worker driving at the age of 84! SERIOSULY!

  • Connie


  • suibne

    If you knew what went on in those miserable public schools you would burn them down tomorrow. But you won’t ever know. They are like little Gulags all over the country hidden in lies and PR. The people pretending to be teachers are morons. The administrators are cover artists. Period. Socialists have destroyed the system, like they destroy everything else.

  • hunter

    Unhinged lefties are becoming increasingly common as their emperor’s lack of clothes is harder and harder to ignore.
    Intimidating children seems to be their level of maturity, at least so far.

  • SoLongSong

    I believe it, Connie. I live in rural Iowa in a town too small for its own school. Winters here are BRUTAL, and when I first moved here I was alarmed to see the ancient bus driver who couldn’t even keep his hands from constant shaking.

    HOWEVER! When my son was bullied on the bus, this driver was OLD SCHOOL and didn’t take any crap! I will forever be grateful to him…thank goodness he never crashed. He’s retired now.

  • rkdaniels

    She’s a prime example of the statement..”you can’t fix stupid”. Doubtful the kid even knows who Romney is…so maybe it’s a case of the clueless talking down to a person who could care less ….either way she is wrong.


    Behead those who disrespect a twelve year old boy’s right to be a 12 year old boy. No, really.

  • cgent47

    Just another Obama piece of trash picking on a kid. Come out here in Idaho where I live and try that crap.

  • Had enough!

    I just want to know if the kid replied, “If that was an Obama yard sign, I sure she would have!”

  • ken

    I wonder if she is a good grandmother…..

  • David Kachel

    This is the true behavior of the left. Hate and resentment, purposely fomented by their leaders.
    They should be tried and hanged for treason.

  • Godot

    Now the crank will get to experience the FULL GRANDOR of the Obama economic plan from her place in the unemployment line.

  • Rick

    I’m surprised this wasn’t a story from Seattle, where yard signs for the Republic are stolen, property defaced, and political discourse, if attempted, is met by screaming imbeciles. I Pray to God that there are enough clear minded patriots in the rest of this great nation to override the mindless progressive masses on the LEFT coast, where some of us suffer a real zombie invasion.

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  • Godot

    This is what’s called “freedom of speech” in the lefty crank world.

  • marcus

    now she’s unemployed and will draw a nice check, but wont be counted as such because she’s 78 and “officially” not in the labor force….

  • Stephen

    The bus driver, in this case, has proved herself to be more of a child than her child passenger. It’s time for her to retire. Or be retired.

  • Louise Ann Routledge

    Some Democrats can be problematic. Some Republicans can be problematic. I have plenty of friends in both camps and we get along just fine. Judging a book by its cover or a family by their political stance just doesn’t make logical or loving sense. JFK was a democrat who was Catholic. He wouldn’t even be a Democrat today! So what? Times change, people evolve or NOT. What will always matter is KINDNESS. Practicing kindness ALWAYS works.

  • Newshound

    Anyone who thinks there’s no bias in media, just look at how many media figures are begging Obama to appoint them as his ‘debate coaches’. Anyone who thinks there’s no bias in schools – hark at teachers who are forcing kids to sing hymns to Obama (mmm-mm-mmm). And teachers who scream at students who aren’t voting for Obama. Even the bus drivers.

    Now this foul woman has been fired. I hope she enjoyed bullying kids while she could. Because now she’s joined over 60 million other citizens that have been put out of work because of Obama and his failed presidency.

  • SamIam

    Sheesh. Fire the chump. Bully bus driver and an Obama lover. Go figure, eh?

  • Malenko

    Upon checking out of a motel in Washington, DC last week I watched as one guest read the We Support Obama bumper sticker and her I support Abortion Rights on her box sized car. The Romney supporter told her just think if your parents had believed in abortion you wouldn’t have been born to vote for Obama again!!

  • FoolKiller

    Why, exactly, is a 78-year-old woman driving a school bus in the first place???

  • Freedom of Speech

    Durham School Services:‎
    17600 West Liberty Lane
    New Berlin, WI 53146

    (262) 784-5091

  • **


    First off. .What the heck is a 78 year old woman doing driving a bus full of kids. . that is a disaster waiting to happen. .especially on WI snowy and icy roads in Winter. .what, there are no younger drivers? Is the Union retirement plan after 20 years so bad that she needs to work?

    Someone in the news needs to investigate this. . .

    Second, The kid goes to a CATHOLIC SCHOOL. . .CATHOLICS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AGAINST ABORTION. . .Abortion kills. . .so why is the driver engaging in Anti-Catholic positions to kids being educated in catholic ways. . .seems disingenuous and down right evil. . .How the driver lives their life in private is their business but when working for catholic School. .they need to follow the party line or go find work elsewhere.

    Third, no doubt the driver was a die-hard Dem. . . but wonder what color she was. . .
    Just askin’!

    ( Your a jackass for asking that , she was lilly white hows that , a lilly white
    Democrat . )

    Obama has helped create the most divided nation in our history post civil war. . .
    Time to Vote him out before more damage is done

  • Alan G Phillips, Sr



  • Gary

    Senile old lady, Obama voters are more likely to abort their children.

  • djm159

    If senile granny bus driver and child abuser is so gung-ho for abortion like a good democrat who believes in abortion to the point 1 minute before birth – do you think it’s too late to abort this woman. I would say that 312 trimesters is a good place to start.

    This child deserves better than that, but who better than a democrat who always have children’s best interests at heart, to be hateful, spiteful and vicious, especially to a child. Typical of a democrat. As I always say you cannot be a Christian and be a democrat. Obviously gruesome granny fits right in. Oh, lord, if that had only been my child… I would have introduced her to the three wise men, Mr. Glock, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. Oh wait, that’s elder abuse and we wouldn’t want that, especially not for a child abuser.


    Obama does have talents, he could become the news anchor at CBS.

  • Robert

    School bus drivers work in the carnival during the summer.
    Both occupations requie the same caliber of people.

  • MDB

    I’m extremely conservative and definitely think this woman should be fired – even charged with child abuse. But I’m concerned with the extreme racism and hate here…maybe being a Christian is what fuels me, as opposed to whatever truly fuels those comments. BTW, I’m a conservative BLACK woman – so your hate is not just a matter of racism, not right vs. left.

  • Lz

    This is the Obama democratic mentality. Low class, leftist its our way or the highway. Her job should be aborted, there are many people out of work, who would love to take her job. Who does she think pays her salary? They are both Romney and Obama supporters.

  • weber

    What a mean thing to say. The boy shouldn’t have been aborted for the sign in his yard; the parents should!

  • D-Dash

    So typical of the rabid left. The war on children continues. The ones they can’t abort they pick fights with until they reach puberty, then they just go on CNN and lie about them behind their backs. Cowards.

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  • Eric Baxter

    I am truly glad the fired that hateful, dried up old whore. She had better be very, very glad of one thing…. That this was not my son. That is why I have no use for Libs whatsoever- the overwhelming majority of them are just like this old hag.

  • phil

    we should find out where she lives and cover her yard with romney/ryan signs, posters and stickers.

  • Patty

    78-year-old bus driver!

    Too old for #1, way too talkative for #2 and now will be fired. Not suspended fired.

  • Bill

    Not sure why it takes a media story for someone to get fired. So you mean to tell me if not for this story then the bus driver would continue to belittle 12 year olds on her route?

  • Tony Moschetti

    Let me take a wild guess, the bus driver as a member of the Negro race!

  • Chuckie Chezzez

    At 100 people on the street if they voted for Obama.
    44 will say they voted McCain.
    56 will not say a word or get angry.

  • Leo

    This moron driver should be aborted…. I would say all libs should be aborted.

  • charley nash

    Ah yes! The ‘weapon of choice’ of the cowardly left … abortion!

    All these under-achieving leftist types should have volunteered for the same procedure. Is it a touch of Irony that the Democrat National Committee initials “DNC” are the same as the most popular abortion procedure initials?

  • D-Dash

    Chuckie, it’s called liars remorse.

  • Sister Mary Elephant

    If McCain won, the wars would be over, the national debt would still be below $10 trillion.

    That’s what happens when you give a fake social security card to an illegal alien.

  • Maria_Maria

    Being insulted by a school bus driver is hilarious. I’m surprised the kid didn’t laugh in the drivers face and say, “Hey loser! Is this the best job you could get under your glorious leader OBAMA?”

  • Eric Baxter

    @weber- you are misguided troll of a human being, and that is being kind about it. There is no room for hate in this world- except for hate for you, all other Libs, Muslim terrorist-extremists, Hitler, Stalin, Satan, ad nauseam.

  • Jamal Washington

    “Ma’am, you’re entitled to your opinion. I am, too. So, f*ck you, b1tch.”

    But, the young man wasn’t raised by liberals.

  • SoLongSong

    #299 MDB: Sadly, we can’t control all the trolls who come here and pose as conservatives whilst posting flammable comments.

    For all’s I know, YOU could be one of them. Either way, the regs tend to be more level-headed.

  • Obozo Sore Torso

    That’s what happens when you give a fake social security card to an illegal alien.


  • SoLongSong

    Hee! “flammable”. Should be “inflammatory”, but y’all probably knew that…

  • Glitchus

    Democrats are the most intolerant, and racist, folks that I know of.

  • Honest John

    As many before me have noted, our self-professed all-benevolent, all-knowing liberals are among the meanest and intolerant critters on earth. Honestly they are only a small step (OK, maybe a big step for you and I) away from those wonderfully tolerant Islamists – they don’t YET behead, just abort the little ones.

  • Pamela Garvey

    She should be made an example out of this situation. I believe in the freedom of speech, however she is a school employee and has no rights to speak freely, especially to a child. Shame on her and the school for not doing a better job at hiring good people with common sense. Oh well…her termination will speak volumes to other liberals who think they are above common sense and dignity!!!

  • wetwrks

    The bus driver needs to be told that because they are an ancient dinosaur they should be put down. Something that will probably start happening with Obamacare.

  • warren

    SOOOO typical!!! This one article obviously proves how every single democrat on the planet earth is a fire breathing scumbag socialist who loves incest and never passed the first grade!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Delbert Gue

    Perhaps the driver thought he was talking to BarryO. Then it would make more sense!

  • Edward Wiegand

    It’s unconscionable that a woman of her age and in a responsible position as a school bus driver would be so insensitive and rude to a twelve-year-old boy because of the political/moral/religious values of his parents. And it’s not only Catholics that believe abortion is wrong. I’m a protestant, and I don’t know of a single person in our congregation who doesn’t believe that abortion is a form of murder. I used to have Democrat friends until their lunacy began to border on mental disorder, and they dropped me. Bravo for this brave boy who refused to endure her discrimination and intolerance.

  • mzaz

    What a horrible thing to say to a child. But then again you have to consider the source. This bus driver is a typical libeturd troll. I hope he gets fired.

  • Thomas Morris

    The “tolerant” left strikes again!!!

  • BevPerDon’t

    She lost her job. At 78 she was driving a bus. Time for a death panel to convene and see if she needs to keep consuming precious resources.

  • Adolph Rodham Santa Ana Pelosi-Frank Huissein Rodriguez III

    Obama happens when you give a fake social security card to an illegal alien.

  • Mel

    “When the driver engaged the 12-year-old boy in a political conservation, he responded by saying that Obama is pro-abortion.”
    What kind of an adult engages a kid in a political conversation? That is seriously pathetic, beating up on a kid because of the sign his PARENTS put in the yard.

  • Jack

    Is it any wonder the country has deteriorated so much. With morons like this. If Romney wins the country will be turned around and people will see how failed the whole socialist progressive movement really is. On the other hand if Obama wins then the country will be so broke that the social programs that these losers so love will be unaffordable and will be quickly ended and there will be no point to electing no other Democrat o it is real a win win.

  • Kenneth Bell

    I hope the parents file a civil lawsuit and collect damages.

  • Jonathan

    Nothing newsworthy about this. Rats live in the sewer. ho hum. Democrats suck. ho hum.

  • Brian

    Interesting, I did not see it on the news or in The Milwaukee Urinal. If somebody had urinated on an Obama/Biden sign, we would have been hearing about it on the news for days. Typical left-biased media.

  • Viper75

    Send her to Cuba!

    Or down a well. The US has no room for garbage, especially garbage like this that is 78 yrs old. It’s starting to stink!

  • Ted

    I thought the articale said this was a case of “behaving badly”. Actually it appears very much in line with other incidents perpetrated by radical leftists who support Obama’s brand of socialism.
    They hate anyone or anything that runs contrary to their agenda and/or beliefs. Most of all, they hate the truth and rational, independent thinking, especially by minority group members.

  • Tom EE

    The bus driver should be fired immediately, and charged by local authorities of a hate crime! Many states now have laws about “bullying”, this would be a good use of such a law!

    Obama, Behind Bars in 2012!

  • Uncle Reggie

    Fire him – publicly AFTER he apologizes to the boy face to face!

  • Lady Val

    It would seem that the Obama supporter is not able to argue her position with an adult, so she chooses a child – and when the child is too much for her, she insults him. I remember a time when liberals actually had people of decent moral and intellectual standards but apparently, those days are gone for good.

  • TrickyDick

    I would love to introduce my fist to this morons face a couple of times.

  • absinthe

    What makes one worried is that so many socialists believe in post-partum abortions, the way that Stalin and Mao used to do. They see nothing wrong in eradicating people whose opinions differ from their own. If they’ll pick on a 12-year-old boy, think what they would do to his parents.

  • randi

    The simplest solution has not been done yet…..publish the name of the bus driver. We need to reinvent SHAME in our society for any hope of restoring accountability. Remember when we all lived with the fear that God was watching everything we did and say?

  • From the Uecker Seats

    Collectivism is here. All that is remaining is the government going door to door confiscating the remainder of the wealth. That’s what the 1.6 billion rounds of ammo is for.

  • ghost

    Glad they fired this P.O.S!!

  • General Washington





  • Magneto

    Many parts of a Liberal can be used as grease for a bus. Even as undercoat for truck. Not to mention sun visor.

  • Edward Brennan

    This lady bus driver reminds me of the hag who appeared in the movies “Throw Mama From The Train” and “The Goonies”.

    This lady should be forced to issue a public apology to the child on the Mark Belling show… just not in person… this kid probably still has the frights from this “Goonies” hag bus driver.

  • Meg

    It is way past time for parents to complain EVERY time a teacher, school administrator, or college professor spouts their leftist propaganda.

    Until right-minded parents gather the courage to fight back en masse, this country will continue its slide into the depths of hell. The left has had control over the minds of school- children for over 40 years — if we don’t stop it now, Obama will be the first of many Communist presidents.

    Control of the schools is the key to determining whether we will reverse this course.

  • Keith C.

    I’m a Durham driver and we NEVER pull crap like this….EVER. Anyone who does this would be dismissed IMMEDIATELY.

  • warren

    Orrrr maybe she is frustrated that she is 78 years old-and still working, most likely struggling financially, perhaps already having experienced losing much of her life savings or pension and facing a presidential candidate who is looking to significantly slash her SSI/Medicare/Medicaid income which as already insufficient to live off of. It is the golden years of her life, the cards are stacked against her and she if facing an opposing party that has basically stated that if elected, her interests will not be represented whatsoever. OR maybe she is just a retched bi0tch, who knows.

  • konc

    Just another demented mentally ill left wing loon who has somehow been managing to dodge the undertaker so far. Put this clown in a home with a bib and feed her apple sauce and let her rail at the Fox news channel all day.

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  • Rationalist

    Speaking of “Lord of the Flies”…Liberals are such children…

  • You union thugs, just keep it up. Americans know the score, they know unions kill, dumb-down, mau mau and goldbrick.

    Your time is up. We’re coming for you….. NOVEMBER 2012

    Vote for the businessman and send the lawyer packin’.

  • Roddy Piper

    Gotta love the open-minded Liberal left…. free speech for all as long as it is their speech.

  • ForAmerica

    One solution that should be used immediately upon verification: Fire the woman.

  • Frank freshman

    I too am a catholic child in Wisconsin. I recently graduated from a catholic grade school. I don’t even care if this was Obama, I would punch that person in the face. No one criticizes my religion.

  • Johnny5

    Liberals, claiming to be the compassionate party, display more evil, hatred, and intolerance than any other party. Liberals disgust me politically and socially.

  • meadowlands

    Is it safe for someone almost 80 to be driving a school bus with kids? Doesn’t sound like she uses the common sense one would need to have such a job.

  • carlb

    they always leave the race out for pc reasons. i will bet though that she is black and should be removed from this route if not fired. if this woman said that to my son i would have been at the doors when she picked him up and it would not have been a pretty scene. no one talks to my son like that. she had no right and she should be fired immediatley!. the time for this race bull needs to end. to many perople use it for political gain and to make a living. the people using it for the green should be ashamed and boycotted for anything they sell or say!

  • jon

    I dont know the race of this bus driver,but I feel sorry for obama voters who are black,especially christians who are black,that would vote for a man who is for gay marriage and abortion.

    Never trust a person who would so easily throw their god under the bus.

    Then obama wants the illegals here under 18,who could take entry level african american jobs,obama has given more to the white man and his corporations and banks than possibly any man in the histroy of the world…while african american unemplyement is disproportionaltely higher and under a black president.,

    while the black family is in dissaray,there is a black president who is for gay marriage which will not strengthen black families…

    while obama the black president is for abortion,when there is NOTHING SHORT OF A LITERAL GENOCIDE OF ABORTION GOING ON IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!!!!!

    How can african americans vote for this man????????

    The only fun you can have as someone who is not going to vote for obama,is to confront obama voters with information like this,and they freeze like a deer in headlights and if they do speak,just stumble over their words!!

  • Brian

    Big Bird will show up at this lady’s door step with a pallet full of free condoms. This will be followed by a personal phone call from Obama and he will apologize on behalf of the boy, for supressing her right to free speech. She will be flown to the town hall presidential debate, where she will ask the first question of Mitt Romney. “Mr. Romney, why do your supporters hate bus drivers?”

  • potkettle

    In other news…

    Old bags who are obviously stupid should not be driving kids around, let alone opening their halitosis hole…

  • Tom Dorian

    It’s Democrats who are not representing old people. 0bama wants to cut $700 billion from medicare so that Seniors will in many cases not be able to get the cancer, cataract, knee and hip surgery they need to keep them alive and active. 0bama himself said that he would prefer that most of them just be medicated with narcotics while they are wheeled around in senior warehouses.

  • Tony Moschetti
  • Gregg H

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  • False Hope

    And thats why that knucklehead is a bus driver!

  • BrotherLove

    With Liberals and Staunch Democrats this behavior is completely acceptable. Unless of course you are an evil republican or independent.

  • nicanora

    Fire her!

  • MissouriJack

    The parents should sue for any pension payments that the bus driver will receive now that she’s been fired. Their lawyer could argue that the boy should receive payment for mental anguish.

  • CB

    My first question would be: “Why is there a 78-year old of either male or female driving a school bus?” – I’m not an agist, just realistic. My next questions wouldn’t be so nice…

  • barry1817

    sounds like the bus driver is unhinged and needs to be released.

  • Lawyers Guns & Money

    Granny needs to be reminded that its largely the degenerates still clinging onto Soetoro that are in the abortion business. actually, where they are concerned,there would be a great deal of social utility in encouraging them to indulge

  • HuskerGod

    Typical facist leftist behavior…this idiot driver is no different than anyone else on the political left…if you disagree with them….apparently you do not deserve to exist!!!!

  • Edward Brennan

    randi commented:
    The simplest solution has not been done yet…..publish the name of the bus driver. We need to reinvent SHAME in our society for any hope of restoring accountability. Remember when we all lived with the fear that God was watching everything we did and say?

    Randi has a good point. Let’s bring the old fashion stocks back to the public square and have this lady spend a little time in them.

  • Dan Higgins

    Expect Biden to say this…….But know THAT…
    the vice president repeatedly claimed that that the Romney/Ryan ticket “says that we’re cutting Medicare and ” Nothing could be further from the truth”……. reality says: Sorry, Joe: It’s exactly the truth.
    The Congressional Budget Office confirms that the Obama health law cuts $716 billion from Medicare’s future
    funding over the next decade. That will result in less money to pay hospitals, doctors, hospice care, dialysis centers
    and Advantage plans that care for seniors.
    Hospitals will have $247 billion less to care for the same number of seniors than if the law had not been enacted.
    So when you hear Biden, like his boss Obama lie again and again, know that he’s thinking you a fool.
    Which you are…if you vote for the Obama/Biden ticket.

  • Lixi

    What is it about liberals attacking chidlren- devleopmentally delayed babies and teenage girls not enough four years ago….and now this? Disgusting.

  • Texas Freedom

    This election seems to be shaping up as a battle between the sane and the insane. And you know who you are.

  • Tom

    why is anyone surprised, this is the way the left acts. Total unrational hate toward anyone that does not agree with what they think

  • LinguaFranca

    This SAVAGE behavior by Regressives IS the rule, not the exception! Regressives ARE deranged, and their ideology IS a mental disorder. As the election nears, more overtly sociopathic and extremely violent behavior by Regressives will surface. Conservative citizens and their children ARE targets of vengence and retribution by the Regressive Party’s Citizen Goon Squads…EXPOSE THEM NOW! Start videotaping your encounters with these violent Regressives. Upload to Youtube, Drudgereport and Breitbart ALL security camera footage and cellphone video of homes, businesses and personal property that have been vandalized by these jackbooted thugs. Record ALL voter suppression tactics at voting precincts. Inform conservative children to record EVERY verbal attack, slur, political bullying and other ideological abuse Regressive teachers and students commit against them. The time is NOW to expose the rampant abuse of law-abiding Conservatives and their children by the tyrannical Regressive Machine!

  • Karee

    What in the world is a 78 yr old doing DRIVING a BUS?????

  • Jsmith

    Ah, you just have to love the courtesy and respect for others shown by the left.

  • CurtO

    No matter which side of the political fence you’re on, sometimes it’s just better to say nothing rather than say something hateful. It’s interesting that if this bus driver had said something like this to a FELLOW WORKER, she could have been brought up on harassment charges. BUT, because it was said to someone else, she gets away with it.

  • crosshugger

    A lefty hag, who would have thunk it. Her code pink friends are off protesting drones. Now that she has been fired, she can spend more time running around with her pink vagina outfit and those loser puppets…..sorry lefty losers have no respect for life………

  • Ron

    The reason a 78 year woman is driving a bus is because you have to jump through a lot of hoops and background checking since 911 to work in the schools. Which eliminates 2/3 of the Obama supporters.

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  • sky

    The more fragile the idea; the more desperate it’s defenders become.

  • Betcha dollars to donuts the bus driver is Black!!

  • IHateDemonRats

    The DemonRats have ruined the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    I hope this person was added to the unemployment numbers – behavior like this is inexcusable.

  • Rose

    Why is abortion the solution to every problem for liberals?

  • Pingback: Barb's Blog - Obama Supporters Behaving Badly()

  • Goldenrudy

    Has she been fired yet?

  • squeaky

    “In Uganda she wouldn’t be driving a bus, she’d be walking on dirt floors and doing “woman’s…” in uganda she’d be dead a good 40 odd years. life expectancies and all.

  • Dean

    yes, another “more enlightened, empathetic, inclusive, accepting, morally superior” liberal demonstrating, YET AGAIN, how much better they are than the rest of us “dumb old rednecks”…

  • Viking god-like man

    This sounds to me as though it borders on a terroristic threat to wards this child. In my state of Valhalla that can get you anywhere from 6 to 24 months of wearing bright orange and eating all the fine prison food you can stuff in your pie hole.

    Just saying……..

  • Pingback: School bus driver to child: “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.” - The Prevailing Ethos()

  • CrazyConservativeVoter

    I all liberals Mother’s beleived in abortion, what would it be like today?

  • Donna Hull

    Bus driver should be fired !!!!!!!!! Typical way for the way liberals react, just another Obama nut case !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This bus driver needs to be fired for such a devastating comment to a young boy. That would make the boy feel worthless.

  • bsmonitor

    Sorry, good residents, New Berlin? What a nice additional element to the story. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • Brad

    Obama responsible for the loss of yet another job.

  • Becky

    Just imagine if this had been a black child told that by a white driver! The NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the rest would have been screaming racism, and Obama would have been saying that child could have been his son/daughter and that white driver would have been fired so fast her head would have been spinning like a top!

  • Terry

    Fire the BITCH!!

  • m3rdpwr

    The kid should have told the bus driver she was a load that should have been swallowed…

  • banshee

    How do people like that get their jobs in the first place? I’m glad she was fired and I hope she stays fired.

  • the liberal MO

    Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, now we know what that bus driver full of, MURDER. Liberals are immature, selfish, cheap, greedy,cowardly, killers. Like little babies they are the center of the universe and everything and every body is here just for them, and if we don’t do our job, like agreeing with everything that little liberal narcissist thinks, then we need to shut-up and be sent to the corn field (Murdered)Babies grow up, but those misserable people don’t change.

  • Viking god-like man

    Because they are sooo brilliant and caring.
    Perhaps they care about little puppies and not little people?

  • Grumpgrand

    1. Why is a 78 year old driving a school bus?

    2. Good thing for this hateful person that Roe vs Wade was not the law of the land when she was born.

  • SpamBoy

    Well in that case I support culling for old bags like this bus driver!

  • texas58

    No surprise here. This is the modern political left in America. Not a pretty picture is it?

  • tim

    gee this from the loving people on the left; maybe this school bus driver should be fired and lose all taxpayer pensions.

  • Cranios

    A 78 – year – old bus driver? Maybe that bus driver should be denied medical care under ObamaCare because she doesn’t have much “life utility” left?

    (Yes I’m kidding, but with a point – Obama would throw this old fool under her school bus in a heartbeat).

    Typical Leftist abortionist, it sounds like. (Now I’m not kidding)

  • Mikerty

    The title should have read “former bus driver” instead of “bus driver”. This far left loon will be fired immediately.

  • John from NJ

    Anyone who says something like that to a 12 year old should be late term aborted.

  • Da Truth

    78 year old driver + Bus Full of Kids = Disaster waiting to happen

  • jeff martin

    Left wingers are swine and when they are older they are elderly swine.

  • Mariah

    Good job Durham School Services! When so many do not make the right decision in situations like this, I’m very glad you did. This should have never happened.


    Once again we see the unhinged furious nature of those anti Romney forces. A determination to act out with the vilest, most banal behavior against children and any one who dares voice an opposing opinion directly or indirectly. This is the discourse that has been born and disseminated from a President who promised a new beginning, a way forward with civility and harmony. How do you like the hope and change now Folks. Once again we hear and see what the future will hold for America, the once beacon of free speech, contrasting opinion and independent thought. As we move down this road we will be shamed by our neighbors, harassed by co-workers and even vilified by family members. Perhaps our two party system, in time will become a disposable notion of the past. Don’t boo, vote Romney in 2012.

  • TonyD

    A 78 year-old woman telling a 12 year-old boy, whose life is in her hands, he should have been aborted?
    I guess that’s okay. After all, he’s a tea bagging Catholic, which means he’s intolerent of others. So we should berate and abuse him, because that’s what leftists do. Because they can’t stand intolerance.

  • Jackie

    What a bully! A formal APOLOGY to the boy and his Family should be addressed immediately.

  • RWAL

    It had to come down to this sooner or later but the cranky old bus driver probably couldn’t do the math to reveal the eventual outcome: more abortions = less liberals; therefore less yard signs for their candidates.

  • OldOllie

    Don’t worry about the bus driver. With unemployment, food stamps, disability, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, home heating assistance, and an Obamaphone, she’ll be just fine.

  • SEUDoug

    I live in Central Texas. I live in a Master Planned community in which the minimum buy-in is 350K (which is a lot in Texas). I live on a golf course in the Model Home section. There are multiple homes in my section with Obama signs in their yards. The one closest to me is a family of TWO doctors … the guy is a goob … we talk from time to time but I have NEVER ONCE said anything or asked about his sign or as a Doctor what he wants four more years of … yet this 78 year old woman feels the need ….

    My home is on the market …. one I think the interest rates will necessarily triple after the election especially if Oboutme is re-elected and because of the Fed keeping rates artificially low the past 4 years (was making 4% on my money when Oblamo took office and now making 0.25%) and to avoid the Ojerkmeoff health care tax of 3.8% after the first of the year if I sell a home (which would cost me almost 7K in addition to the cap gains tax)

    Wake up people!

  • Daisy

    #402 – It’s been New “Burr-lin” since 1840. Many of the early pioneers were German and towns still bear the names they were christened with, 170 years ago.

  • schwartzer

    Kudos to the young lad for his knowledge of politics-“Obama is pro-abortion.” Myself, I’m still voting for Dr. Ron Paul by writing him in. At least he is not cut from the same cloth as the other two empty suits that grovel before israel!

  • schwartzer

    America first no matter what the cost!

  • Andrew

    Wow, this to me is child abuse. You don’t have to physically touch a child to abuse, this type of mental abuse can leave scares too. I have two teenage daughters whom I respect very much. We have political discussions in my house and I respect their point of view on things but don’t always agree. When I want to convince them differently from what their position is, I use facts not intimation.

  • Lydia

    Leftist always go after the weakest. If they are not using them, abusing them, they are killing them in the womb. The age of this bus driver tells you that the mental illness of liberalism is a lifelong condition.

  • ctmom

    Betting the family doesn’t have one unbroken window after the union thugs pay them a visit.

  • drivingfast001

    What is this woman’s name. I want to practice my right of free speech by forming a peaceful protest in front of her house.

  • Justin

    There should be some jail time that goes along with this. This is utterly unacceptable to do to children.

  • dwd

    Child abuse at the hands of a bus driver, plain and simple.

  • AD-RtR/OS!

    Perhaps they can find a cross-walk she can guard?

  • charley nash

    Even the Simpsons couldn’t make these stories up. Crusty meets the bus driver and bullies the kids.

  • Buckbamboo

    A 78 year old woman driving a school bus? I hope not! Who ever is in charge of hiring the school bus drivers in that town should be fired.

  • Chippy dee

    There is an anti bullying law on the books in schools…guess this lady did not realize that she was a bully herself…no child should have to go thru what this bus driver said to him…her firing was well deserved…it is time this ole lady to be putout to pasture…bravo for the parents for sticking up foe their kid…

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  • Stopthemnow

    Sounds like an implied threat to me.

  • Bob Vedari

    I have a question for liberals. And I’d like a liberal to answer. Do you equate liberalism with being politically on the left. I have good friends and family who are liberal, but who actually walk the walk when it comes to being open-minded and generous. I know of no one, who self-identifies as being “on the Left” being this way. Yet people use “liberal” and “left” interchangeably. I think this might be an intellectual mistake. And if I’m correct, then liberals have no business being for Obama, who is CLEARLY a creature of the Left. If you are a liberal, meaning open-minded and generous, one not given to the thuggery of the Left, you have no business aligning with Obama. You may not like Romney either, but surely, you can do better than voting for someone who’s every waking moment is about how to steal from your rich neighbor and give some of it to your poor one, while increasing the power of the Federal government with most of it.

  • Gary

    Is the the record for responses to a thread?
    Maybe this post will put it over the top.

  • aprilnovember811

    Like Michael Savage said, liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Dale

    This kind of thing won’t happen when the Tea Party takes over, because there won’t be public school buses for private school kids to ride. There won’t be public schools either, it will be every man for himself, the way God intended. In fact we’ll get rid of the DMV too, so kids can drive themselves to school, since there won’t be any requirements for drivers licenses or insurance.

    Your Leftist days are number, liberal commies!

  • Restless

    So, the bus driver is acknowledging that an abortion puts an end to a human life? I thought it was just a blob of tissue in there.

  • Pingback: Bus Driver Tells Boy He Should Have Been Aborted Because of Romney Sign in Yard – Secrets of the Fed()

  • Testicules

    The foundation of liberal propaganda is hate filled agitprop. Liberals are all emotion over reason. This is why they are prone to such disgusting behavior.

  • Lindsey

    I’m no Romney supporter… but I’m more liable to think the bully bus driver should rethink his judgement of others, seeing as how driving schoolchildren around is the height of his career path.

  • joni

    Two words: Home school.

  • Bill

    It’s ironic that a 78 year old lady, still working as a bus driver, would make this insensitive vile comment. Ignorance knows no bounds.




  • Sounds like bullying to me.
    Despicable that a school employee would pick on a kid this way

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Although the Obama Administration has been an enabling force, I’m not sure a new President has real relevance when it comes to a Country afflicted as much as ours.

    The subject of this article is just one of many thousands that occur day after day — symptoms of a society that is rotting from within.

    Maybe it IS time to “go Galt.”

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  • Dr. Deano

    This is the modern Democrat party. Behavior like that exhibited by the bus driver is “good Democrat behavior”.

    Note the truly vile and disturbed behavior of Democrats toward Stacy Dash, who is a Democrat and voted for Obama in 2008, because she’s voting for Romney.

    Remember the horrendously depraved behavior of Democrats toward Sarah Palin and her family.

    I was a Democrat for many of my youthful years, but when they began working to divide the nation by political identity (gender, race, class, income-level, etc.) and pit us against each other, the party left me behind.

    When I was a liberal, we didn’t trust government and questioned authority. Today, those that call themselves “liberal” obey government and question those who question authority.

  • Pingback: Bus Driver Tells Boy He Should Have Been Aborted Because of Romney Sign in Yard | Publication-X()

  • VulpesRex

    Progressivism is the religion of the degenerate, the parasite, and the diseased mind. Parents, if you have young kids, consider homeschooling them if you have the ability to do so. Public schools are little more than indoctrination factories for secular humanism and progressivism. They worship mediocrity and teach to the lowest common denominator.

    Since public schools are bastions of affirmative action, they hire from the low end of the employment pool. After all, why hire an ivy league grad that graduated magna cum laude who happens to be white when you can hire a state school grad who scraped by with a 2.3 GPA who happens to be black, or hispanic, or female, or better yet: gay. Diversity is all that matters for progressives when it comes to hiring practices. Unless, of course, you are talking about diversity of ideology. We can’t have THAT in our schools, now can we…

  • Bob Forsberg

    78 and driving children to school???….must be a union thing. She can only be fired if she kills children in a bus accident?

  • OncealwaysaMarine

    They’re smearing feces on churches and Romney church signs. Obama organizers are in junior and senior high schools speaking to students and telling girls that Romney will take away all means of birth control, should he be elected. There was one instance in one of the southern states where what sounded like an elderly black female teacher went ballistic in her comments to a student who dared question Obama’s record — even telling his that he could be arrested for talking bad about “the president.” Now this….

    These people …these “progressives” …are of the same ilk as the crazed idiots Hitler, Lenin, and every other 20th century Socialist dictator used to massacre people for not agreeing to bow to their agenda.

    The Progressive Democrats are the New Nazis of the 21st century…..And every bit as dangerous. She’d probably kill that boy, if ordered to.

  • Bill

    Hell, if that were really the case I would put a Romney sign in front of every democrat house, condo, apartment in the country.

  • Trisha

    **I just shows their hearts.They have no consciences.The very generation that condones PUREED Children..ie:abortion, will be the very generation that will be put down like dogs by these kids.He’ll reap what he planted….G-d will NOT be mocked.
    I always had a “Right to Choose”…it’s called a ZIPPER

  • Bronson

    Another few commie libs need to be fired in a few weeks too

  • Ranger01

    That is a horrible thing to tell a 12 year old. The old buzzard is obviously senile being for Obama. She should have a job as a Walmart greeter, not a bus driver. 78 years old huh?

  • Freeland Dave

    Perhaps the bus driver should be aborted, from her job. Harassing children because of their parents political sentiments is not the act of a responsible mind and such a person shouldn’t be allowed anywhere around children to poison them with their psychologically damaging remarks. Children shouldn’t have to suffer such abuses from adults like these, they suffer enough abuse already in many cases.

  • WorriedDad

    Sometimes I think we should legalize “retroactive abortion”, and exercise “choice”. This is one of those times.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    OK, now. Who’s the adult , here? Who’s supposed to have better impulse controle? The “adult” or the child? It’s so pathetic that an adult, a 78-year-old woman at that, would bully a child.

    There’s the verbal smack-down of a spoiled brat, and then there is this pathetic old woman’s bullying of child for what his parents are doing: expressing freedom of choice!

    There is a bright side to this. At least the opposition hasn’t begun shooting children as in the Malala Yousafzai case.

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  • ManOnPoint

    Another sick Leftist picking on a 12 year old child!!! Somebody needs retirement and can move over for a younger person to take a badly needed job…There is no place for this type of awful behavior from a public servant, SHAME ON HER!!!

  • Tony

    I can understand the difference of opinion in politics, but good golly gumdrops…the left is not even listening or engaging in behavior they pretend we should all be engaging in. The most shocking part of this story though, is that the bus driver is 78. Not trying to be an Age-ist but I would not want my 78 year old mother driving a school bus, nor would I even ride in a car she was driving, or on a road she was driving near. Too bad Obama could not help this bus driver retire

  • Cap

    This women is an insult to all zombie. brain-eating cults everywhere.

    “Political correctness is tyranny with manners.” Charlton Heston

    Fire this women!

  • beverly

    no worries Obamacare will kill her off in the next few years if he is re elected.

  • Daryl

    What is the drivers name?

  • andyg

    Just another case of the intolerant left who show such hatred and vitriol for those on the right, even towards a 12 year attending Catholic school. Look what hatred was shown towards the black actress (Dash?) who would dare to show her support for Romney instead of Obama. Seems to me that the left is more intolerant and hateful than the right can ever be.

  • Ed

    Anyone other than me think a 78 year old shouldn’t be driving a school bus.

  • Blessedone333

    “The Leftist, a 78-year-old woman, a New Berlin school bus driver,” she should never have been driving kids – she’s too old

    I’m glad she is fired

  • Pingback: Bloodthirsty Liberal » Left-Wing Civility Watch()

  • MikeTrip

    Anything a leftist says or does is OK because their hearts are in the right place. They have the corner on understanding and and compassion.

  • Jack Kennedy

    and the obamabots will defend this old hag and her rampant child abuse ………………cuz, child abuse is OK when its against a Real American’s child

  • JaimeDW

    If they are trying to prosecute teens for bullying, why is this woman not being charged for child abuse? This is clear bully behavior at it’s best… where are all of the liberals who jump on these anti-bullying campaigns? The lack of action here is clearly evidence for the fact that liberals don’t really “care” about the issue of the week… they just want talking points.

  • sam

    Only one comment. She must have been black. I guess that she is racist…BITCH………….

  • Tony Fox

    This women must be a (C) along with having no BRAINS. To bad she is that stupid, maybe her parents should practiced SAFE SEX

  • jhowa

    i would of just said ..its only the liberals that kill babies

    thank god!!!, im not being raised by one.

  • Just a reminder that an intolerant young leftist after 40 years simply becomes an intolerant old leftist.

  • Lee

    Being 78 should not disqualify the bus driver from driving, as long as she could prove she is competent and a safe driver. But attacking a 12-year old boy for his parents’ and I guess his, political views, does cast severe doubt on her judgment.

    My daughter made the mistake of challenging a teacher on his leftist views and (surprise!) her A average suddenly dropped to a C.

    These are Leftists. They apparently believe they don’t have to obey the rules of common decency. Because they are so “compassionate” and care so much for their fellow man they seem to feel that they have the right to behave in any way they wish, no matter how unfair or obnoxious.

    It’s time to ditch the double standard and hold Leftists of all stations to the same rules the rest of us follow. That bus driver would have been fired *before* a talk show host brought her behavior to the attention of the normal citizens if she had been anything but a Leftist. It’s time we stand up and say that some animals are *not* more equal than others!

  • Mittons

    Democrats,. the party of intolerance and bigotry. The liberal attacks on children during this election has really gotten out of hand.

  • kim

    This should be treated as a crime. This adult has this child’s life in his hands five days a week and tells him he should have been killed long ago, that the world would be better if he was dead. Stupidity is not an excuse, this is criminal and deserves strong punishment.

  • no

    Anyone stupid enough to support either of these idiots (Romney or Obama) should be aborted.

  • Smitty

    Lefty loons are all for free speech…as long as they agree with it. Otherwise, it’s open season.

  • par in FL

    at that age, I’m surprised she was even hired to DRIVE a bus, let alone full of children !!!

  • Kris

    This is really pretty typical of the left. Their behavior is disgusting. The whole progressive movement really is about the lowest common denominator gaining power over all of society.

  • Hepcat

    First off, I don’t care how spry the woman is for her age, a 78-year-old should not be driving a school bus.

    If this woman belongs to a union, I doubt she’ll be fired.

    The witch shouldn’t be allowed around children.

  • John

    Darn Amish have migrated down to NC and are driving school buses…

  • Chris H

    The kid is in a Catholic school and will thus be getting a good education, respects the rights of the unborn, and has Republican parents.

    The lefty is a 78 year old school bus driver who is more than likely still working because she didn’t properly save and invest her whole life and/or never had the education to get a job paying a significant salary.

    I believe the aforementioned speaks volumes about what type of people you find on either side of the political debate.

  • USMCVeteran

    Just another example of left-wing hate and vitriol.

  • LLinLa

    Finncrisp, the average mental age of a Liberal is far below that of this child. Do you expect the Lib to act like an adult?

  • meez

    How is this news? Isn’t this typical common behavior from leftists? Insulting one of them is discrimination/sexist/racist/hate crime/etc.. but insulting anyone who doesn’t agree with a leftist is perfectly acceptable. This is another reason why obama has to go. 2012 = ABO = ANYBODY but obama.

  • elkh1

    78 years old driving a bus full of children. I’m not against old folks make a living. But 78 years old, how fast can she react to accidents? Which child who is not old enough to have a learner’s permit is able to steer the bus to safety if something happens to her?

  • Jack

    Why are Democrats so Mean spirited? Why can’t this bus driver just go about her business and keep her YAP shut? I see Obama stickers on cars much smaller than my Tanker but I don’t run them off the road, for it! BTW, she best get used to it, come Nov.6!!

  • francisco d’antonia

    why the hell is a 78 year old driving children around?


  • el polacko

    should a 78-year-old be driving at all much less a busload of children ?!

  • cb

    My mom had her Romney yard sign stolen in Northern Virginia.

  • Hazmat77

    The crazy old lady was fired …. perhaps this is an object lesson for the foolish among us … keep your inane political opinions to yourself.

    She should probably NOT have been driving a school bus in the first place at her age … There’s no way her reflexes are good enough to have put the lives of a busload of kids in her control.

    Wake up America … fools are all around us!

  • djw663

    I hope that bus driver gets fired for his comment due to the mental abuse he caused this child.

  • Moses

    Liberal brown shirt fascists doing what they do best… threaten and intimidate… lived in Seattle and leftists are the most hateful, intolerant, closed minded, jealous, whiny, cry baby group of people I’ve ever met in my entire life.

    You don’t toe the “liberal line” and they’ll spit in your face, say you’re a Christian and they look at you like you have a disease, and put a republican related bumper sticker on your car and it will get vandalized.

  • bumpkin

    Bus driver ls obviously low-born, without parenting as a youth- perhaps parents were in prison- unable to teach her morals and values?! You know, my heroes in this life USED to be firemen and school-bus drivers. Now, Firemen and TRUE constitution-protectors! (Not the fake, lying-thru-the-teeth ones) -Be they soldiers, marines, airmen, sp forces, or the RARE, decent politicians and policemen and women, or ordinary (who really are EXTRA-ordinary American citizens, if they cherish our Constitution, which was createed to ensure the freedom of all peoples, even stupid ones.) This mental midget just erased my views of school bus drivers as heroes of ANY kind. Pathetic idiot, to be sure. Children, DO NOT become as this hag. She is evil, and evil is BAD, not good. (No matter what the Left, unintelligent side of the Democratic party tells you) Have some morals, use them, and cherish them, because really, all we are is our collection of morals and values.

  • tnmccoy

    Further proof that a large majority of Obama supporters are unhinged and maniacal, having no facts to use or sane reasons for voting for this travesty of a President.

  • Talking Dog

    When I was in school the staff would never have talked about politics except in the abstract as to how our congress and executives were elected. Maybe what is old should become new again

    Made in Texas
    ’nuff said

  • Pingback: Bus Driver: 12-Year-Old with Romney Yard Sign Should Have Been Aborted « News « @griffinrc()

  • LinguaFranca

    Don’t worry, when the kerfluffel blows over, the despicable Bus Driver hag will be reinstated. Deranged Regressives ALWAYS stand by their comrades…always!

  • Willdit

    Isn’t it dangerous for a 78 year old person to be driving a bus full of kids? She should have kept her mouth shut. It is none of her business how the child’s parents vote. I am glad she got fired for the children’s sake. It is crazy that they would let her drive the bus in the first place.

  • Frank

    It seems that liberals can’t effectively pick on people their own size and age for that matter, so they resort to picking on children. Its absolutely disgraceful to see these snide and childish remarks being reported among those that are supposed to be mature adults that resort to such ridiculous childishness.

  • Jesus

    Big deal! Get over it!

  • Mike

    Sounds like one of the idiots that thought Obama should have been able to use a teleprompter in the debate.

  • Stan

    Another example of low quality bus drivers for our kids. What jail did these folks just get out of?

  • LZ13

    Funny how it is always the leftist that tears down the lawn sign, or bullies someone, or uses other ugly tactics. And they are mainstream, not some fringe element. Where I lived my neighbors across the street would sneak over and rip down my political lawn sign.

    Have not heard of too many dem supporters signs getting torn down. Have not heard of any kids getting harassed because of their parent’s lawn sign.

  • doug

    Time to retire this 78 year-old flake.

  • Pingback: Bus Driver: 12-Year-Old with Romney Yard Sign Should Have Been Aborted | News()

  • Better question Paul. Why wait until the story shows up in media for the firing?

  • Matthew Dunnyveg

    Normally I object when somebody gets fired from their employment for their politics. To my way of thinking, it’s just as bad to be persecuted for one’s politics by, say, General Motors or Exxon as it is by the federal government; the effect is the same. I will make an exception here though. This woman not only needs to lose her job; she needs to be deported to someplace without political freedom.

  • cal

    Liberals are HATEFUL wow.

  • SukieTawdry

    Durham had a 78-year old woman driving a school bus?? Really???

  • Kat

    If the bus driver does not like the yard sign then he should debate it with an adult. To verbally abuse a 12 year old child is bullying. He should lose his job over this. We are not to tolerate bullying in schools and we should not accept it when it comes from an adult to a child either. No exception.

  • Shannon

    Makes me sick…what kind of individual attacks a CHILD because of the parents political beliefs? And the answer is…an obummer koolaid drinking child abuser!!!! She should be charged with assault for the abuse of a child!!!! Put her in front of me and let her say something like that…bet she wouldn’t have the guts to say anything at all because she likes to pick on little kids NO GUTS!!!! Disgusting but only one of the MANY MANY MANY attacks by obummer supporters who have NO class, NO self respect, and NO intelligence!!!!!!!!!!! Then they have the audacity to point their fat ugly fingers at everyone else and say that they are racist and what not; what a bunch of MORONS (but what can you expect from a group of individuals who believe that their government should do EVERYTHING for them including their thinking)!!!!! So if they want someone to tell them what to do I will gladly tell them ALL to sit down and shut the hell up you libtarded idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Margaret Doocey

    Ah, she’s an abusive run of the mill Leftist – who has finally been fired from a job she should have never been allowed to hold – especially at the age of 78! I’m guessing her consolation prize must be her Obamaphone.

  • Pen

    @J-man Call the school board or news about the teacher. Not sure where you are from but in Florida teachers can’t press their views on the students it can get them fired and their state teaching certification taken away for it. A government teacher at the high school I went to got fired for doing the same thing.

  • dee

    Maybe the ignorant bus driver jerk had her bra on the wrong hooks in addition to wearing her Depends backwards.

  • Dan in Twin Cities

    Remember a few weeks ago when a bunch of adolescent punks harassed a school bus monitor to tears? Role reversal here.
    What kind of adult holds a kid responsible for his parents decisions? What kind of HORRIBLE thing is that to say to ANYBODY, much less a kid?
    I will bet that if we could find out, we would find out that this bus driver thought she was a member of a “protected class.”

  • Death to liberals

    A well placed bullet in the ear of this bus driver is in order.

  • Robert

    Just confirms my suspicion that liberalism, at least how it’s practiced today, is a psychological disorder.










  • Reality Check

    Poor judgement on this lady’s part.

    She is driving children around, we can not afford to allow judgment like that to making life and death decisions about children.

    Obviously she would choose death.

    She should be fired before she acts on her beliefs.

  • a 78 year old driving children….no, no…she should not be driving a school bus…

  • Steve

    The bus driver should not be criticized. There may be other reasons the boy should have been aborted. Maybe the driver pointed another reason among many other reasons that the driver knows why the boy should have been aborted.

  • morty62

    This old commie hag is probably already angry because the boy goes to a Catholic school, which means he’s getting a superior, non-leftist, non-public education. Seeing the Romney sign must have pushed her over the edge. This boy will likely grow up to be successful and she just resents driving around what she must see as a little rich kid while there she is having to work at seventy-eight. Witch.

  • Joe mama

    You people should all be post-partum aborted.

  • MichaelH

    Plain ‘down and dirty’ politics from people on the left have become common-place this election…in fact that kind of slop began — in earnest — when the left started trying to destroy the tea party. Expect it…ignore it.

  • aaron barnes

    who cares what some stupid bus driver says.

  • Steven

    The old hag should be fired without retirement beneits and the school distrit sued. Thje loony left is a blight on the USA.

  • Steven

    and no comments about my spelling,,, see if you can type better with diseases and death coming.

  • howmchbscnutak

    Bus driver should be fired.

  • dculton

    Seems that the bus driver is pro-abortion. One of Barry’s appointees came out a few years ago in support of post birth abortions if things didn’t work out with the child. Maybe he would consider expanding the age for post birth abortions to include stupid and ignorant 78 year olds.

  • Malik

    It’s time to just start beating liberals to death. They are frail, weak and unarmed. They are dragging down the human race. Get Darwin on them.

  • KGBrown

    I have Romney bumper sticker, but there’s NO WAY I’ll put it on my car. I work with too many libs. I’d have 4 flat tires, and a slit convertible top. These people are MEAN!

  • Pingback: News, News, News – and Commentary « Sibboleth Nation()

  • Rachel

    Is it possible to exile Liberals like they exiled Napolean? I propose this should be President Romney’s first order of business! Sign an Executive Order exiling them all to Cuba, where they will all be very happy according to their love of Marxism. I’m just kidding…..sort of….

  • TLRb

    mg4us: “Third, no doubt the driver was a die-hard Dem. . . but wonder what color she was. . .
    Just askin’! Obama has helped create the most divided nation in our history post civil war. . .”

    Dude, if you are going to come to the table be sure you have clean hands. I don’t disagree with your last statement, but if you want to be part of the solution don’t entertain flippant speculation on people’s skin color as you did with the driver. Solving the problem of racial divisiveness in America begins with each of us intentionally living undivided.

  • Anyone But Obama

    Glad she got fired. maybe she can get a job with Obozo. Yeah right.

  • Kim

    I think this bus driver should be fired, I live in NYS and am personally offended by this woman’s actions. This is a Child, and this is bullying at its worst, an adult to a child??? Really???

  • Grievous1

    Libs love engaging little kids (pun intended)

  • phillysmart

    Democrats are now bullying kids. First in Philadelphia now this. somebody needs to set these idiots straight. besides free speech they need to be smacked down and pushed back iunder their rocks. probably another member of the subhuman uncivilized class

  • mike blyskal

    Does anyone have this pigs address?

    I will take care of it.

  • Les

    Glad the bus driver was aborted…er….I mean fired.

  • phillysmart

    If it was my kid you bet I would be waiting for this nitwit next time she comes to pick up my kid. antmore proof that the public schools along with the media and hollywood are simply an extension of the democrat party

  • mike blyskal

    Theyre right this ancient leech relic should not be allowed to have a license.

    Does anyone have her name, or address?

  • Virginia Ferraro

    freedom of speech my a**! oops! did i just say that?? dumb dumb dumb. no need to say such idiotic stuff to a CHILD, for Pete’s sake!! gald she got fired.

  • Deskboy

    A couple of thoughts come to mind.

    A 78 year old school bus driver??? Are you f ing kidding me?

    Felony Child Abuse/Bullying…… ……. a 78-year-old woman, a New Berlin school bus driver, has been harassing a student on her bus route because there’s a Mitt Romney yard sign at his home.

    Oh man, would my lawyer be licking his fangs………………..

  • benjabomachal

    At 78 years of age, she shouldn’t be driving, her place is an old age home

  • xfiler93

    That leftist winch should be fired…NOW!

  • Martha Wheeler

    Please read some of your own comments. Who is being mean and nasty? Stereotyping an entire group because of one person’s behavior is bad enough, but your own responses say more about you than anything else could.

  • pokey

    It is good that this woman has been fired. Bullying a child is inexcusable! And why was she engaging in a political discussion with a child. What a hateful person!

  • phillysmart

    Thats how brainwashed these zombies are…she lost her job and she probably can’t understand why….socialist are brainwashed morons

  • DrBobNM

    my question is what is a 78 year old woman, obviously suffering from dementia, doing driving a busload of kids around????

  • Shepherd

    Fire the bus driver. Parents need to sue the driver and the school for damages. Bus driver should be sentenced to cleaning up at abortion clinics so she can see exactly what goes on there. She should never be allowed to work around children again.

  • Hoot Gibson

    Perhaps we can go back in time and abort this idioit Bus Driver….bus considering she is from SE Wisconsin, no surprise….if only somehow we could take SE Wisconsin and Madison and sink them in Lake Michigan, the state would be worth living in….

  • Mike

    “Another tale of a leftist behaving badly”? You’ve got to be kidding me! This is a textbook case of how leftists think, and how their thoughts manifest themselves. Nothing new here.

  • Papi

    A “New Berlin school bus driver” saying this… hmmm, they must miss Pre-WWII Berlin and the “good ole days” when a Nazi could justify proper breeding like one of planned parenthood’s founders and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger. In case you’re not a Democrat and don’t know the history of Planned Parenthood’s: She (Sanger) was a nefarious Hitler resources on how to “cleanse” the gene pool for “purifying” the master race.

  • Johnnie Mack

    If grandma bus driver believes in abortion maybe she believes she’s reached Soylent Green age?

    Granny please report to the Soylent plant immediately for processing.

    Do not bring jewelry or any valuables.

  • Fire the wench, YESTERDAY.

  • alanwillingham

    This is the same murderous attitude shared by zealots we see in the news regularly. Just yesterday, a young girl was shot in the head by a similar ideological individual. Liberals, like the Radical Islamic Terrorists, cannot accept diversity and are already known to regularly kill babies whom they deem inconvenient, as they once did the Blacks they owned. Both Liberals and the Radical Islamic Terrorists claim some human life is not human at all, and may be disposed of at will

  • James Bong

    Bus Driver was fired for derogatory anti-Romney remarks?

    Well,….that’s another job loss thanks to Obama. lol

    Glad to see she was ‘thrown under the bus’….lol battabing

  • Lee

    The kid doesn’t need to be aborted; maybe the old hag needs to be euthanized. Fortunately, if her boy Obama gets HIS way, she just may be.

  • richard40

    One interesting thing I have noticed. We hear these tales constantly of kids being bullied by school employees for their or their parents political views. But to date, I have never herd of a single instance where a conservative did the bullying, and the victim was a dem kid. So much for the party of “tolerance and civility”.

  • Russ

    Some people are just plain nasty jn their thinking. The bus driver took on a kid because she couldn’t hold her own with a real adult in a liberal versus conservitive debate. At 78 why was thes woman allowed to be driving a bus full of children in the first place? Even if Mitt Romeney wind by a simple majority, that means that almost half of the voters are way out of touch with reality and could easily bee thought of as STUPID or something worse. Nobama has told so many lies that he should be impeached and convcted. He can’t even prove that he is a citizen which is a simple requirement for holding the office of President of the United States. Why Congress hasn’t a long time ago been able to effectively deal with this farce. That is mostly because Congress was controled by democraps initially and we have learned that they also lie most of the time. The Republicans didn’t seem to have tyhe guts to force the issue and so they are also to blame also for this garbage administration. During my lifetime this once great country has gone down the tube and it may never regai9n the status it once had if Nobama is re-elected to another term in office.


    Stick political correcteness. I’m happy x9 with the ultimate result.

  • Russ

    I apologize for the few typo’s in my previous comment before some liberal bellyaches about them.

  • John

    The first thing that strikes me wrong is that we have a 78 year old driving a bus full of kids. Is everyone out of their freaking minds? Priorities people, priorities..If she still feels like working and the school system or the bus system wants to employ her, let her work as a crossing guard..not driving a multi-ton vehicle full of children. Her brain is obviously not working correctly anyway.

  • hangwave

    Now she is aborted whatever she was sowing she is now reaping it.

  • Granny

    Too bad this old Biddie wasn’t aborted by her mother then this young man would not have to have listen to her spew her anti-American poison. Union or not this old winch should be fired!

  • Nope

    Ah bus drivers, only teachers themselves are a bigger waste of public funding.

  • tonycoza

    these are the people that are being entrusted to keep our children safe. This person is nothing more than a child abuser, and the police should be brought into this mess.

    This person’s behavior is preditory. I cannot believe that children are in the charge of animals like this.

  • Farmer Bob

    They have those “How’s My Driving” 800-numbers plastered on the hind ends of all the school buses. They ought to stencil “How’s My Bullying” numbers on the foreheads of every Obamoronic bus driver.

  • KrazeWop

    She has the right to speak, HOWEVER, do it in the right place at the right time.
    Come on people we are Americans. Show some smarts.
    Or em donut hab nun, huuh?

  • Deedee

    You people are ridiculous. Sooo outraged over the ignorance and hatred of an old lady. But where is the outrage over all the ignorant racist comments from your follow tea partiers? Like all the tweets “the white house is white for a reason” or worse. And nearly every one of these dumb responses includes as much hatred, bigotry and idiocy as that old bus driver demonstrated. Ring, ring….pot calling kettle.

  • jakesd

    Ridiculous. Any parents should be stepping up to hold any teacher, bus driver or other person involved with their children espousing these hateful views or talking to them in a demeaning way. Our tax dollars dont pay for them to insult children.

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  • Farmer Bob

    The “ignorance and hatred” of this old lady is wholly representative of the ignorance and hatred shown by young Obamorons. Whether they’re old, young, black “gay” or female, Obamorons can not tolerate dissent – no matter if it comes from a two-year-old or one-hundred-year-old. They still bear a grudge against the fictitious June Cleaver and anything else clean, wholesome, hard-working, God-fearing and straight.

  • Okay, couple of things…

    1) I know the driver in question; knew her for 13 years while I drove for the same terminal.

    2) To those of you calling this driver an ‘old biddy’ who’s too old to drive a school bus, let me tell you something: the ‘older’ drivers of school buses whom I’ve encountered are a magnitude more accomplished at maneuvering and handling a school bus than your oh-so-vaunted ‘younger’ drivers.

    3) As to the driver in question: knowing her for 13 years, I remember her as a woman with strong opinions who was none-the-less well-liked by all her students, as well as a majority of her fellow workers. I find it highly difficult to believe she would have used language such as she has been blamed for in front of a student – ANY student – whom she may have disagreed with.

    4) I still have sources of information at that terminal, who’ve told me that the first the terminal manager had heard of the problem was when Mr. Belling called him to ask him for his opinion on it. The parent, rather than taking it to the terminal manager or a company representative, decided to contact a RADIO PERSONALITY – and by LETTER, no less. Call me suspicious of her motives, but…

    5) And finally (and not to say the student is fabricating what happened), in 13 years of school bus driving I discovered that students can be quite creative in, shall we say, embellishing stories they tell their parents regarding activities on the school bus. Personal admission: I had difficulties with a high school route I had (which was majority junior-high-aged kids). The difficulty was that the students wouldn’t follow the rule about staying seated while the bus was moving – a safety regulation. I told them, ‘If you’re standing up and I have to nail the brakes, you guys are gonna end up with busted legs.’ That afternoon I was called into the manager’s office, where I was told that I said to the kids that if they didn’t sit down, I was going to break their legs. I explained what I’d actually said, the manager called the parent, and that was that. Other drivers weren’t so lucky.

    There’s more to this story than meets the eye, folks.

  • chris c

    She gonna get fired, lol.

  • Tina H.

    Such a comment comes straight from the mindset behind Planned Parenthood and Hollywood, and not too far off is the infiltration by liberals who have used public school rooms to advance the pro-abort agenda with curriculum choices and pro-abortion speakers. Now a school bus driver berating a student with this poisonous attack?!

    How about that?? The liberal, “progressive” part of America, effectively killing thousands of American babies every single day, about 4,000 a day.

  • George

    Liberalism: A philosophy which defends evil by any means. It rejects moral absolutes. Because it is filled with hate, it approves of the VIOLENT removal of those with opposing views.

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  • gamemaster

    Ummm….am I alone in doubting the wisdom of employing a 78-year-old as a school bus driver?

  • Tonto

    The democrats prove over and over that they are hateful, racist, amoral, intolerant and don’t care a whit what their policies actually do or don’t…and certainly not about what damage their policies cause. Totally worthless as human beings in my estimation.

  • Pingback: Come On, Granny – This Shower Will Only Take a Second, And You’ll Feel So Much Better Afterwards | Daily Pundit()

  • Toby Tuscan

    @Nate “I told them, ‘If you’re standing up and I have to nail the brakes, you guys are gonna end up with busted legs.’ That afternoon I was called into the manager’s office, where I was told that I said to the kids that if they didn’t sit down, I was going to break their legs.”
    Sounds like the kids were liberals. That’s the way they fictionalize. Haven’t you ever seen them find “racism” where there ain’t any? And “homophobia” in people who couldn’t care less?

    Anyway, you say the old lady had “strong opinions.” So what? Isn’t her job just to keep her eyes on the road and drive the bus? Why are the kids supposed to know her opinions? She still sounds like a liberal bully who was in the habit of haranguing captive audiences of little kids because she was no intellectual match for the big ones.

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  • JR

    No wonder the world things americans are stupid, I’m no Obama fan but this smells like propaganda kilometers (miles for you) away. Even you should be be smart enough to see it.

    Then again, “the best argument against democracy is to talk with average voter”.

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  • Hello Jerry

    If that had been my kid it would have been over for the old bag.

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  • Bryan

    What business does a 78-year old woman have doing driving a school bus!?

  • Denise

    What was the bus driver’s name? She needs to be harrassed and bullied every time she leaves her home. What type of demented mind torments a child over a political sign? Being fired is nothing. ‘This child will have to live with the bullying and torment he had to endure by an adult for the rest of his life. Especially with being told he should have been aborted! This woman needs to be publicly admonished!

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  • lew

    The Lib’s found a debate they could actually have a CHANCE TO WIN, yet only a chance….start debating 12 year olds….


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  • grumpy3625

    I don’t know what to say about this incident. I’m absolutely speechless and shaking my head.

  • John

    This is pretty common for US Public Education. Probably it is part of the reason that employers throw up their arms and also re-locate jobs to other countries or areas that have decent education.
    I went to private schools for a large part of my life but as my step-dad job hopped occasionally went to public.
    One school unfortunately had a drunk by noon teacher, and as I was a newbie kid tired to steal my clothes.
    But the most damaging was a “English” feminist teacher who really hated the fact when I corrected her on proper usage. She refused to give my an A and the school backed her up. We also would sing “Beatle’s” songs for part of class. A lot of the kids thought she was nuts, and they were right.

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  • Dave

    well…maybe we can give that bus driver a retroactive abortion for herself…I’ll gladly volunteer…anyone else?

  • Lisa

    what she said was wrong… But how about the 12 yr olds behavior? I saw them interview him on tv, he was happy for the attention! HE WAS DELIBERATELY TORMENTING AN ELDERLY WOMAN! SHOUTING, CHANTING, ECT.
    That’s just sick and disgusting. He is actually being rewarded for his disrespectfulness! What a mother he has. She literally said she didn’t care how he behaves.
    Too bad the elderly bus driver didn’t just keep that remark to herself and turn him in to the school –he wouldve been kicked off the bus and his mother would have had to drive him to/from school for being being an unruly and disruptive bully!

  • Dave

    another question…why the frak are they letting a nearly 80 year old person drive a frakking school bus full of kids to begin with???? Damn…my Grandmother kept hitting cars at that age until they took away her licence finally..and Lisa…lighten up a little,he’s a 12 year old kid…of course he likes the attention like most kids would. This bus driver has no tolerance for other peoples views and chooses to attack him because of his parents sign…really stupid…I am so glad the Left is the party of tolerance..oh..I almost threw a little there when i said that…

  • Tim

    The whole area is on welfare. (for now) Most of the residents are in bars in omro, borth, tustin, poy sippi, and osh kosh. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, I’m from there. The goal is to reproduce and have day care at your house! 47%, that’s where they are.
    You can not blame the people there though, the business owners keep all the money for them selves and pay people like slaves. No unions up there equals no middle class! It’s a appy state to live in unless you like the welfare tit. I don’t.

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  • Toby Tuscan

    … But how about the 12 yr olds behavior? I saw them interview him on tv, he was happy for the attention! HE WAS DELIBERATELY TORMENTING AN ELDERLY WOMAN! SHOUTING, CHANTING, ECT. WAY TO GO TEACH HIM ITS PERFECTLY OK TO BULLY PEOPLE!” — Lisa

    At first I thought Lisa was talking about Joe Biden. Anyway, Lisa, a twelve-year-old is supposed to behave like a twelve-year-old and a seventy-eight-year-old is supposed to behave like an adult. Of course if she could behave like an adult, she wouldn’t be a liberal.

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  • johnlene kennedy

    wth is a 78 yrs old doing driving a school bus get real that wat to old to be putting up with kids and driving a bus, she need to be fired for telling that child that and also that school district need to be wrote up for hiring a woman that old to drive a school bus

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  • Bobby

    Its simple, Id tell her she’s fired

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  • RobertinSATX

    “The bus driver was fired…” Amen.

  • at2

    All i heard at work when the election started for Obama to become president, all the African American people told the others at work they need to vote for him. Now I would have voted for him if he were a good choice. I didn’t feel that he was. I sure as heck am not going to vote for someone because they are white,black, orange or blue. That is the biggest racist crap I ever heard of. It makes me sick to my stomach that people are that stupid. If i hear one more comment at work that the white house has become the black house i am gonna tell them to go to he** with the racist junk they are spreading. I hope the end of the world comes real soon because i have had enough of it all. Suck on that……………

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  • Patriotism

    I assume she was black. Bus driving is the only thing that their kind is good for. Let her end up on food stamps where she rightfully belongs.

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  • TexasMom43

    This is the sickening behavior of a near-HINO (human-in-name-only).

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  • abortioniscool

    lol he probably shoulda

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