Bus Driver Tells 12 Year-Old He Should Have Been Aborted Because of Romney Yard Sign

A bus driver told a 12 year-old student that he should have been aborted because his family had a Romney-Ryan sign in their yard.
Freedom Eden reported:

Mark Belling discussed this story on his radio program yesterday. It’s another tale of a Leftist behaving badly.

The Leftist, a 78-year-old woman, a New Berlin school bus driver, has been harassing a student on her bus route because there’s a Mitt Romney yard sign at his home.

The child attends a Catholic school in New Berlin. He rides a Durham school bus. The company also provides service to the New Berlin public school district.

Belling read a letter from the 12-year-old boy’s mother, detailing the alleged abusive behavior by the bus driver.

Apparently, the Romney-Ryan yard sign bugs the bus driver and she’s been harassing the boy, making rude comments to him related to politics.

When the driver engaged the 12-year-old boy in a political conservation, he responded by saying that Obama is pro-abortion.

The bus driver allegedly said to the child, “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.”

Understandably, this really upset the boy. Other kids on the bus verified the boy’s account and are providing written statements.

The mom made her son’s school aware of the situation. She also went to Durham School Service in New Berlin and spoke to Michael Bennett, the manager.

UPDATE: The bus driver was fired after the report on Mark’s show.

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  • Finncrisp

    Unhinged behavior by a far left loon. He’s a kid, for goodness sakes.

  • Roare

    Some predictions:

    The ACLU will file suit on the bus driver’s behalf saying her “free speech” was violated. Holder will intervene and demand her job be reinstated. Obama will say the Durham School Service acted “stupidly.”

  • mg4us

    First off. .What the heck is a 78 year old woman doing driving a bus full of kids. . that is a disaster waiting to happen. .especially on WI snowy and icy roads in Winter. .what, there are no younger drivers? Is the Union retirement plan after 20 years so bad that she needs to work?

    Someone in the news needs to investigate this. . .

    Second, The kid goes to a CATHOLIC SCHOOL. . .CATHOLICS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AGAINST ABORTION. . .Abortion kills. . .so why is the driver engaging in Anti-Catholic positions to kids being educated in catholic ways. . .seems disingenuous and down right evil. . .How the driver lives their life in private is their business but when working for catholic School. .they need to follow the party line or go find work elsewhere.

    Third, no doubt the driver was a die-hard Dem. . . but wonder what color she was. . .
    Just askin’!

    Obama has helped create the most divided nation in our history post civil war. . .
    Time to Vote him out before more damage is done

  • Hobbitually Conservative

    Vicki McKenna, who hosts on WISN three hours before the Mark Belling show interviewed the boys mother. After the mother complained they moved the bus driver to another area so she wouldn’t be driving the boy anymore, but they had no intention of firing her.

    Mark Belling has a lot of pull in Milwaukee, I’m not surprised that she was fired after he Mark raised hell about it. It means a lot of people were shocked by this and the school couldn’t hide it anymore.

  • Mel S

    This 78 year old Biddie needs to go back into retirement! It sure gets my heckles up when grown adults feel the need to take their personal frustrations out on a child.

  • SPPP

    I love the fact that the insult doesn’t even make sense. LOL Glad he was fired. Now he can live off the gubment like he always dreamed.

  • SPPP

    *she, not he.

  • SoLongSong

    GRRRR. I am SO GLAD that the bus driver was fired – but appalled that it was only because of additional hell-raising.

    We need to raise a LOT more hell around here, looks like. I’m tired of the unfair tilt.

  • drewynp

    The liberals are out in true form now that their savior has proven incapable of leading the country. They will only get nastier. This is the same party who wishes to display their “compassion” by keeping the poor chained down with EBT cards and welfare, so as to buy their votes. There is nothing compassionate whatsoever about today’s Democrat party.

  • JohnnySunshine

    Bullying at its finest.

  • Rick

    78 years old….some people never grow up.

  • NYS Parkie

    Now that he has been fired for being a Dip Wad. Maybe he wishes his Mom had an abortion so he wouldn’t have to feel the pain of unemployment. I agree, too bad his Mom did not abort his stupid ass.

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  • Paulie Snickers

    What is it with these people? They are belligerent, abusive, and hateful. Fire the old bag immediately. Let her see first hand just how accommodating the democrat welfare state is.

  • Untouchable

    This bus driver is lucky that wasn’t my kid.. I would make sure she would never open her pie hole again!

  • Finn Greenleaf

    “…some people never grow up.” There is a word for those people: Democrats

  • J-man

    This sort of behavior is rampant in the public schools. I have a daughter in high school who has been repeatedly belittled by her “U.S. History” teacher for her conservative viewpoint (this guy doesn’t teach history — he just rants about current events).

    Complaints to the school administration are shrugged off.

  • MonkeyBirdObama

    The kid should have kicked this old bag in the nuts.

  • Dick

    That’s the way lefty is, they pick on children, because an adult will kick their weak lefty ass. Lefty is so brave, they are very willing to use the military and embassy personnel as their human sacrifices. But be sure not to hurt lefties feelings and above all give them respect. What lame bunch of human debris.

  • Jim

    “When the driver engaged the 12-year-old boy in a political conservation”…..What the heck is a political conservation?