BREAKING: FOX News Contributor & Far Left Loon Ryan Clayton Frogmarched From “Hating Breitbart” Premier

Last night at the premier of Hating Breitbart in Washington DC, FOX News contributor and Huffington Post writer Ryan Clayton was escorted from the theater.

This was after he got up and started screaming in the middle of the film.

Far left activist Ryan Clayton has appeared several times on FOX News.
His blog is 100 Proof politics.
The dude is 100 proof loon.

More… Ryan Clayton actually appears in the Hating Breitbart documentary where he talks about the need for civil discourse in society… And then is seen viciously attacking Andrew Breitbart.

You can even see Ryan in one of the movie trailers attacking Andrew Breitbart.

These hateful loons just can’t help it.
It’s who they are.

UPDATE: Ryan Clayton was heard telling others he was in the film before he got booted.

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  • pink tie Republican

    Ryan would love to be Reggie Love’s replacement, by all appearances.

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  • mg4us

    So why does this HuffPo loon get paid to contribute to FOX. .

    FIRE HIM. . .Ignore Him. .he is irrelevant. . .

  • Furrystoat

    Even from beyond the grave, Andrew Breitbart drives Leftists over the edge. 😉

    I miss him so much. :-(

    Hopefully a video clip of this meltdown will be appearing soon 😉

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    another example of the famous liberal civility. i swear the only people that listened to obama’s magnificent speech in arizona were the conservatives.

  • [email protected]

    Oh man. I bet Breitbart is smiling right now….

  • Captain Kirk

    Haha. That’s funny. Amazing that whenever I say Breitbart, these leftists go psycho!

  • Grandma Perkins

    Publicity 101.

  • donh

    Ryan probably got his access to FOX NEWS through paying contributions at a rear door opened by Sheppard Smith.

  • Truman North

    You mean, Former FOX contributor… Soon he will be on MSDNC!

  • Ragspierre

    Some “Fox contributors” are not paid. Fox really does work at be “fair and balanced” in a lot of its stuff.

    AND it is important to know what these moonbats think to keep from getting cocooned like they are.

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  • Joe College

    Somewhere Breitbart is loving this.

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  • Highlander

    Why that idiot was even allowed in the theater is beyond me. What did they THINK he was going to do?

  • 谭易而小

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  • BigAlSouth

    Clayton gonna sue cause he was escorted out of the theater before the move was finished. Filing lawsuit Monday for “Premature Ejectulation.”

  • Patty

    Troubling that People like this exist. it is so clear that our hero of Conservatism will never be dead. Physically, yes but he lives in our hearts and in our Nation and we will continue to fight for our Nation and its Constitution, that is our way and we are so proud that Breitbart LIVES.

    And live he will FOREVER. No one but no one will ever take this NATION’S roots and values away. It is impossible. I guaranteed it.

    Thanks again Andrew Breitbart and all the many patriots for defending America’s Value.

  • greenfairie


  • Buffalobob

    Apparently his thong was too tight.

  • Marooned in Marin

    Interested to find out what at what showing this occurred.

  • jackdeth72

    Been bouncing between and Breitbart. Both broke the story around the same time.

    Even in death. Breitbart LIVES!

  • SD Tom

    Get this movie on VUDU on-demand streaming service — STAT!

    Also — ha! Seeing himself on the silver screen acting the colossal fool tool that he clearly is and always has been was just way too much for lil Ryan Clayton to handle. Pure awesome!

    RIP Andrew Breitbart.

    Breitbart Is Here!

  • Brian

    It’s a near 100% certainty that someone – likely more than one – has cell-phone footage of this guy Ryan Clayton’s outburst. He did it in public, meaning he has no rights this footage. So it might be fun if this footage could be incorporated into a new trailer (and maybe commercials) for the movie, as Hating Breitbart moves to a wider release.

  • thegoldman

    No. 17 might be a Communist….

  • Mr Fubo

    Re the picture of the two women and the “man”, is Ryan Clayton wearing the blue dress or the purple dress?

  • Marooned in Marin

    All I can say is if Ryan Clayton is lucky it wasn’t during the 7:50 showing, because he’d have had me following his @$$ out the door videotaping with my iPhone.

  • chuck in st paul

    from the opening scene of the clip it looks like Ryan brought his lawn jockey with him

  • Look-Out

    Not to forget how our tax dollars are spent…helping liberal Dems running for office:

    The September 19 debate featured Republican candidate Ovide Lamontagne and Democrat candidate Maggie Hassan both vying to take the seat being vacated by sitting Governor John Lynch. The edited remark concerns Hassan’s answer to a question about a state program called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), another left-wing cap and trade-style boondoggle.

    In the actual debate, Lamontagne and Hassan were asked if they would keep the RGGI program. Unsurprisingly, the Republican said no, he’d put an end to it. Just as unsurprisingly, Hassan, the Democrat, said she’d keep it. (My bold for emphasis)

    I was proud to be a sponsor of that tax, eh, the energy efficiency program because it has saved businesses millions and millions of dollars and created over 400 jobs.

    Now this is exactly how Hassan answers in the video of the debate that Hew Hampshire NPR posted.

    NH NPR, however, decided to replay the audio of the debate several more times after the September 19 event. In so doing, the taxpayer-supported radio folks did some selective editing to the program in order to get it down to more air-able timing.

    One of those edits materially altered the section I quoted above. In later broadcasts of the audio, Hassan is now heard to say,

    I was proud to be a sponsor of the energy efficiency program because it has saved businesses millions and millions of dollars and created over 400 jobs.

    Notice that the part where Hassan said, “that, eh tax” is suddenly missing from the original answer?

    Now, this is important because Mrs. Hassan’s original answer was a telling slip up. She admitted that it was a tax but thought better of it and decided to quickly backtrack to call it a mere “program.”

    Taking out the “the tax” part of her reply eliminates this telling admission. This edit also tends to give the Democrat cover.

    Now, NH NPR told the New Hampshire Journal that this was all just an unfortunate mistake. Just an edit gone accidentally wrong.

  • Winston Wolfe

    The Left can take their calls for civility and shove ’em.

  • Steve
  • Whistleblower

    Something big is brewing. Keep an eye on this.

    Weekly Standard reviews Tribune reporters’ book on Blago

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  • Joseph

    Sure Andrew is enjoying this somewhere in the depths of hell!!

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  • chaz

    This is for Breitbart!

    You all need to volunteer to help the Romney Campaign (like I did) to make sure this works out.

    Then we all need to be Breitbarts so that this kind of mistake NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

    It’s what he would have wanted after all.

  • Irv

    Do you actually try to be this consistently stupid? Is it some kind of performance art? Or are you actually unaware of how fully, completely–well not completely, no one is fully a loss–an screaming, pointing fool that you appear to so persistently be?

  • averagemelon

    Ah, Joseph.

    You MUST be a Liberal because you only believe in God when you think about Hell for all others who don’t share your sentiments.

    I am Andrew Breitbart. We are many.

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  • Limousine Barry

    My Hollywood Talking Heads are spinning so fast that their heads are on backwards. They have gotten into my dust stash and gone wild! My entire campaign is crumbling!

    My $198,666,666.00 campaign is fall apart in front of my eyes. It’s sickening! My campaign really sucks!

    All I can ask for is more money! A lot more money! Send me more money now! I Hollywood Talking Heads are talking nonsense – please help!

  • Patty


    Why America is breaking for Romney

    Why are voters, even ones who think Obama won the debate last Tuesday, still breaking for Romney? A clue can be found in the issue breakdowns of both post-debate polls. Undecided voters name Romney the better candidate on jobs and the economy, by commanding margins — CNN had Romney up 18 points on jobs, and CBS had him up 31 points.

    A similar story developed during a focus group conducted by MSNBC after the debate Tuesday night. After every single one of MSNBC’s far-left anchors declared Obama the winner by a mile, most of their own hand-picked focus group of undecided voters said they were now leaning toward Romney, mostly on economic grounds.

    “I’m more for Mitt Romney just because I feel like he’s gonna have more of a plan. He is a businessman. Businessmen can take care of it. He took care of Massachusetts, I think he can take care of us,” said one female voter.

    Another female voter who voted for Obama four years ago said: “I really like what Mitt Romney had to say about the economy, about what he is planning on doing in order to change things for us and how President Obama has not really gotten it done in the last four years.” And a male voter said, “I think I’m going to have to vote for Romney, and that’s primarily because of the economy. I think that Romney has a better plan and a better track record in what he’s done for the economy.”

    That had to be a devastating exchange for the Obama campaign to watch. Not only did the panelists reject Obama’s attacks on Romney’s record as a businessman, they also seemed to accept it as one of his main qualifications. More importantly, Obama has completely lost his brand as the candidate of “change.” If you are unhappy with the current state of the economy, and gridlock in Washington, Romney is “change” vote in this election.

    The only voter on MSNBC’s panel who said she preferred Obama’s economic plan also admitted that social issues, not the economy, were her main concern. “As a younger voter, I think social issues have more of an effect on my vote, and the president’s views on like gay marriage and abortion definitely line up with mine,” she said.

    This explains why Obama’s stump speech has turned into a freak show of references to “binders full of women,” “Big Bird” and “Romnesia” on his opponent’s position on abortion. He has nothing else to run on.

    If you are an undecided voter, and your No. 1 issue is the economy, Romney is your man. That is why America is breaking for Romney.

  • heatherfeather

    The usual haters, with their hip multi-culti contingent. These folks live in their own intellectual bubble. They are legends in their own minds, and the tired prose of their dinosaur mainstream media. None could carry on a conversation with a common man. Stick to your kaffeeklatsches and preach to your choir. We don’t care any more.

  • 68Truthseeker

    Shocking Secrets and Verifiable Facts about Barack Obama the MSM Refuses to Report

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  • JustJP

    Ryan, even your own mom calls you a pussy.

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  • Militant Conservative

    I notice how the weaker minds just know how to cuss.

    I voted early already. My little county here in Georgia has had over

    3,000 people early voting in just the first week! Turnout is HUGE!

    My 21 year old son also early voted on-line. Obama is in deep do do.

    powder is dry

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  • Uncle ivan

    A bit late to the game, but… my Northern Virginia Tea Party friend told me someone was “Breitbarting” Ryan at this event, getting in his face shouting, “Do you have proof?”, and getting video of it with his smartphone. We thought it justice well served to Ryan for being a disrepectful buffoon – to get Breitbarted at a Breitbart movie while trying to insult Andy Breitbart!

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