Bombshell: Obama Administration Withdrew 16 Member Special Forces Team From Libya One Month Before Attack (Video)

Bombshell: The Obama State Department withdrew a 16 member special forces team from Benghazi one month before the deadly attacks on 9-11. Lt. Col. Andy Wood was the leader of the 16 member special forces team whose job it was to protect US personnel in Libya. His team’s mission ended in August a month before the deadly Al-Qaeda attack on 9-11. A six member mobile security team was also withdrawn around the same time. This was despite the fact that there were over a dozen attacks in the country this year. Lt. Col. Wood was subpoenaed to appear at a House committee hearing this coming week. Wood told CBS News it was unbelievable to him that the State Department withdrew security when they did because of the 13 security incidents before 9-11.

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  • RealMc

    who knew and when.

    resignations are in order at the least.

  • Ragspierre


    Hill-larry wants to “wait for the investigation to be complete”.


    We have access to the Obami right now, on our soil. We can find out who did what here NOW.

  • snap boy

    Obviously there’s a fifth column at work in State and the WH.

  • JenBee

    It *SHOULD* be a bombshell, but there’s no way this is seeing the light of day via the mainstream media. The average “Honey Boo Boo” low-informed voter who doesn’t even know what ‘Benghazi’ is will surely never know of this horrific scandal.

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  • Joanne

    Murderers!!!! Obama has tied the hands on the military as well, because he doesn’t care about them either….and look at how many more military members have died because of his rules of engagement. It is absolutely scandalous, except the Republicans aren’t hitting this home. Attack, attack, attack Obama on these issues. Romney has plenty of ammunition, and he needs to hammer it home HARD!

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  • Joanne

    Now you know why Beast I and II blamed it all on some stupid film.

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  • midusdew

    Too little to late pannetta. your a disgrace and should also be brought up for treason.

  • P. Aaron

    Leading from behind? Leading from After The Fact.

  • Road Kill

    I wonder where AQ got their orders from, Washington DC? Seriously, it almost looks like the State Dept in DC & AQ are in cahoots with each other. I wonder what they could have in common, other than Obama loving Muslims and doing everything he can to encourage the formation of an Islamic Caliphate and the destruction of Israel.

  • Bigkahuna

    It is Romney n Ryan’s job to get it out there in the debates. I gotta believe Obama is dreading the next few debates. Foreign policy….disaster..trying to claim economy…disaster. Should be fun to watch

  • BarbaraS

    It is becoming clear that obama planned this. This was to be his October surprise. War with Libya. He sent the ambassador to Benghazi with no security knowing full well that it was a dangerous location. He had to have known about the 13 incidents against westerners in Benghazi. He had to have known there had been an assassination attempt on the British ambassador and they had withdrawn their personnel. Probably where he got the idea. He knew these things unless his administration is so incompetent as not to tell him. Of course, it could be that he wasn’t interested. Presidentin is boring doncha know. This was to be his Grand Duke in the Balkins moment. That’s why he and his administration dug and dug until they found an obsure video about islam to fire up the Libyans. He probably knew Al Quada was rampant in the area also and could be counted on to do the damage they did. Never let a crisis go to waste and if it is possible to make it worse so much the better. This scheme failed only in killing a mere four men not the whole consulate.


    IT IS SUNDAY IN AMERICA, AND IN ALL OF “OBAMA’S 57 STATES” [and in the camps of our beloved peacekeepers and protectors] PATRIOTS WORSHIP “THE GOD OF OUR FATHERS”

    * Who is this God? Evidences of Deity’s importance and power are EVERYWHERE:
    + “In God We Trust” – it’s on our MONEY (to use the phrase “for heaven’s sake”
    seems outré)
    + “One Nation Under God” (Pledge of Allegiance)
    + “…are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Declaration of Independence)
    + THE BIBLE safe kept in the Washington Monument Corner Stone
    + The WASHINGTON, JEFFERSON, LINCOLN MEMORIALS; the Rotunda of the Capitol
    Building and more all bear testimony and evidence of OUR RELIANCE ON THIS GOD
    + Battle Hymn of the Republic; America the Beautiful, Star Spangled Banner, God
    Bless America, My Country Tis of Thee and more

    * Who worships this God?
    + Every language
    + Every color
    + Every race
    + Every creed [Except those whose worship is FORCED or who are taught by “preachers” saying “[email protected] D#mn America” or something like that–they have a …different deity…who does not have power to save, and whose acceptance is not based on love or the Rule of Law].

    * Where is the “God of Our Fathers” worshipped, praised, and petitioned?
    + In chapels of infinite description and persuasion
    + In synagogues
    + In cathedrals great and small
    + In nature’s sublime settings “from sea to shining sea”
    + In the hearts and homes of innumerable “believers”

    * What has the “God of our Fathers” done for us?
    + Starting about 1776, a pitiful band of farmer/soldiers DEFEATED THE GREATES
    MILITARY POWER the world had ever known to DO SOMETHING UNIQUE–achieve their
    own Freedoms “with Liberty and Justice for All”
    + Since then, through scores of conflicts, attacks upon our freedoms, and threats of tyrants, traitors, and despots, the God of Our Fathers has kept America safe and Americans free.
    + Despite any number of catastrophes, calamities, and tests of our individual and National will, the God of our Fathers has rallied us; led us; strengthened us; and given us FAITH we will overcome adversity and challenge

    * What is the God of Our Fathers doing for us NOW?
    + The hidden plans of evil men against our FREEDOMS are being revealed
    + The incompetence and fecklessness of our “leaders” has been shown to all the world
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    New Vision of America Freedom of Speech and Worship
    + The standard and flag of LIBERTY, HONOR, AND DECENCY IN GOVERNMENT has again
    been unfurled
    + The evils of Freedom’s enemies are now clearly desplayed

    + The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our FREEDOMS OF SPEECH AND RELIGION shall be RE-ESTABLISHED
    + The threat of subversion of our way of life by Sharia shall be repulsed
    + The White House shall be cleansed of unconstitutional “Czars”; treasonous “public servants”; and incompetent and fraudulent “elected leaders” in Washington and throughout our land



    And then we shall CONTINUE to worship, and praise, and plead with the God of Our Fathers to
    further cleanse, and refine, and preserve our Land, our Freedoms, and Our People.


  • navyman

    i totally agree with #4, what is totally scary is there so many people out there that have no clue what going on the world. i saw recently on tv where college students in WI on there way to a Obama rally thought it was unfair that he couldn’t use a teleprompter during the debate. An these people are the future of this country.

  • Tim

    Did he ever get congessional approval for having boots on the ground in Libya?

  • Grandma Perkins

    Another day, another bombshell!

  • Brotherhood in Mexico

    BarbaraS: As crazy as “Obama’s October Surprise” sounds, how else can anyone explain the fact that he ignored his briefings (oh right, we’re supposed to believe he reads them on the iPad when he has openly explained he doesn’t “get” IOS since he’s a Blackberry guy) and he went to bed without any qualms when he had been told the ambassador went missing, abducted and dragged off by “militants.”

    His schedule the next day wasn’t anything fierce. Get up at 8. Meeting at 9:30 for 45 minutes. Then off to a couple of fundraisers.

    “My Pet Goat” suddenly seems incredibly competent in comparison.

  • Hobbitually Conservative

    So I wonder how soon Pinheada plans to arrest Hillary.

  • Observer

    No surprise that the under thirty population as at the U of Wisconsin is stupid. As a not so long ago retired senior high school US Government & Economics teacher for 40 years I am not surprised by the stupidity of college students in Madison.
    California stopped teaching US history prior to 1880 nearly 20 years ago and the colleges & universities have been a complete joke that have degenerated to nothing more than leftist indoctrination centers since the late 1960s . Our 2006 engineering graduate son at prestige university was NOT required to take a course on American government but had to take instead one on womens gender literature.

  • johnt

    The simple explanation is that State, and/or the executive branch just didn’t give a damn, the usual stupidity & carelessness. Apart from that it gets both ugly and sinister. Don’t rule out the latter.

  • gracepmc

    Hillary Clinton should have resigned on 9/11/2012. Her continuation in office is a disgrace.

  • Rick Caird

    More debate material. Romney better be all over this one.

  • bigL

    Maybe the Clintoons who know they are untouchable, are releasing this data, including the Obama taking in an accent and tellin blacks how to dress….

  • Campfollower

    For the first time I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not Hilary trying to pin something on Obama OR Obama trying to pin something on Hilary (but in that case, they just mistook the timing if it all). Both trying to throw the other under the bus?

    I’m glad the A-team WAS NOT there when the attack occurred, or they might’ve been killed also.

    Why do I think Stephens, a Berkely grad, somehow didn’t believe anything bad would happen to him, since his kumbaya liberal instincts were all about how he’s one of the people, an Obama guy, and of course all Muslims are supposed to love Obama????

    In the absence of any facts, these are the things that come to mind.

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  • Limousine Barry

    You think I covered up the murder of our Ambassador to win the election? How could you!

    I have an excuse!

    I got word from Davy Axelrod that the Secret Service detail for Valerie Jarrett was costing Millions upon Millions of dollars. I have never balanced a check book let alone a budget, so I called security adviser and chief crony Jay Carney.

    Jay called his wife Clair Shipman of Good Mourning American to discuss the security situation. Clair Shipman is ding bat and could not help.

    Clair Shipman called Davy Plouffe whose wife called Chris Tingles. Tingles did not know chit about security and said he would call Soledad O’Brien.

    But, Soledad O’Brien was on the phone to Jay Carney. So, Jay Carney called Christiane Amanpour who then called Morgan Spurlock who said the she only had a few terrorists on her telephone list and then she called Jack Cafferty.

    Jack Caferty said for a complete and up-to-date terrorists contact list to called Eason Jordan.

    Jack Caferty called Susan Rice who then got on the phone to Eason Jordan and found that he was no longer working CNN!

    So, Susan Rice called Valerie Jarrett to ask if her Secret Service detail could be cut and the money transferred to protect U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

    Valerie Jarret said absolutely not! She was much more important U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens! Then Valerie Jarret called me.

    So, I immediately had Davy Axelord make the difficult decision to pull out Lt. Col. Andy Wood his 16 member special forces team.

    Besides, Chis Stevens is a white guy and I don’t really care about his security. I talked to Davy Axelrod and he said he could cover it up in OP ED Pages of the NTY should something go horribly wrong.

    I covered my arse! They I took the Jumbo Jet to a fund Raiser in Los Vegas Knowing that my MSM cronies could handle the flap!

    I don’t remember much after all of the weed and booze. But, I think I broke even on that fund raiser. Money is all that counts!

    Things went horribly wrong for Chis Stevens. But, I did fairly well at the fund raising gig.

    Besides, I have a crappy campaign to run and Snoop Dog said he would pull out the race card for me as a distraction should something happen in the polls.

    You maybe thinking: “Boy, this 0bama guy is blundering pass the buck blame-game idiot. He doesn’t belong in the White House. He blows big time.”

    That may be true. But, my campaign comes first and Americans come third. I cannot be bothered with these petty murders!

    I have a campaign to salvage! I cannot answer any more questions. But, this is important Send me $3.00 before midnight. My campaign is broke. Good day.

  • The security team withdrawals were likely done so we wouldn’t antagonize the Libyans. The theory being that by not looking antagonistic, we would be safe from attack. This is similar to the liberal thesis that missile defense is a provocative action.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Flintstone F.

    More evidence of a coordinated attack.

  • bg


    when, if ever, will these “bumps in Obama’s road” be recognized??

    Unrecognized Hero’s

    [“He was doing this because he felt that people should be protected who couldn’t protect themselves — and so he was willing to put himself in harm’s way,” said his older brother, Greg Doherty, who lives in California. “He was fearless about everything he did in life. He was very good at what he did.”


    “He was balls to the wall. He loved life, loved adrenalin. He went through Hell Week, the grueling five-and-a-half day training course, twice. You could not find a more skilled SEAL than him.”]


    Obama Politicizes The Sacrifices Of The SEALs—Again

    [“Woods and Doherty weren’t part of the detail, nor were they
    personally responsible for the ambassador’s security, but they
    stepped into the breach when the attacks occurred and their
    actions saved the lives of others,” an unnamed U.S. official told
    the Washington Guardian.

    So as the consulate was pummeled with mortar fire from an
    organized al-Qaida terrorist attack, the two men, with no
    preparation and no ground intelligence, just plain stepped
    forward without any obligation to do so, and died defending
    the U.S. after the non-U.S. contractors who were paid to do
    that ran away.

    Such information ought to get out, because these men died
    heroes. They didn’t have to be there, but they went anyway
    defending against a terrorist attack that can only be compared
    to the Alamo.]



  • Whistleblower

    Help spread this, it is a problem for Obama and his pals.

    As Obama’s cover story comes down, the curtain goes up on the USAO’s cover-up of J.J., Jr.’s role in the Blago story

  • Sandy

    No wonder Bill Clinton’s running all over the country campaigning for Obama. He’s trying to save Hillary’s job and reputation. Ain’t gonna happen — When you lie down with dogs you end up with fleas.

  • #8 joanne …exactly, blame it on a video to deflect attention away from the lack of concern for security.

    #22 observer…i have niece with a PHD who didn’t know when WWII was. but they she went to rutgers a well known commie school.

  • JenBee #4 : “…low-informed voter who doesn’t even know what ‘Benghazi’ is…” such truthful sad words

    Imagine being a soldier in our United States Service and having the knowledge that our own government is the enemy?

  • listingstarboard

    Muslim Brotherhood now controls Egypt. Egypt wants to Libya to become part of Egypt. Hillary has a Muslim Brotherhood operative as her right hand woman. Obama just reported a record amount of donation money-most not reportable. Wonder where it came from.

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  • bg


    re: #7 – page 2 October 7, 2012 at 11:35 am bg

    September 13, 2012

    Libya: 4 arrested over coordinated attack against U.S.

    [Updated 6:48 p.m. ET

    (CBS/AP) BENGHAZI, Libya – The attack that killed four Americans in Libya, including the U.S. ambassador, was an organized two-part operation by heavily armed militants that included a precisely timed raid on a supposedly secret safe house just as Libyan and U.S. security forces were arriving to rescue evacuated consulate staff, a senior Libyan security official said on Thursday.

    Libyan authorities have made four arrests in the investigation into the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in which the U.S. ambassador and three embassy staff were killed, the deputy interior minister said on Thursday.

    “Four men are in custody and we are interrogating them because they are suspected of helping instigate the events at the U.S. consulate,” Wanis el-Sharef, eastern Libya’s deputy interior minister, told Reuters.

    He said others were being closely monitored by police to see whether they are linked to a group. He refused to elaborate.

    The FBI is also in Libya investigating the attack. A government official speaking on the condition of anonymity told CBS News the FBI is planning to send investigators to Germany to interview Libyan U.S. Consulate personnel who were evacuated there.]

    the FBI were in Libya the 13th?? 😯


  • bg


    listingstarboard #12 October 7, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Muslim Brotherhood ‘infiltrated’ U.S. gov’t (audio)

    [The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamist organization that has
    successfully penetrated both political parties and the delicate areas
    of defense and national security.

    Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, told WND’s Greg Corombos that people with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are in vital positions within every significant area of the U.S. government. He specifically cited high security clearances for such people in the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security.

    He said neither Republicans nor Democrats want to protest
    too loudly over concerns of being branded intolerant.

    Boykin said Republicans proved their weakness on the issue by roundly condemning Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., for sounding the alarm on this issue and specifically wondering about the Brotherhood ties of Huma Abedin, a top assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    He also slammed the sequestration plan that has the military on course for an additional $500 billion in cuts over the next decade, saying that will weaken every branch of the service and that a naive rationale is behind it all.

    Gen. Boykin said President Obama and other leftists have a vision where the U.S. takes a smaller role on the world stage so they think our military will not need to maintain its current size and won’t be pumping money into the Middle East. The general said that’s nonsense, pointing out that as long as oil and Israel are in the Middle East we’ll need to maintain a presence there.]

    Hillary tied to new Muslim Brotherhood president

    [Saleha Mahmood Abedin, the mother of Hillary Clinton’s chief
    of staff, reportedly served in the women’s division of the Muslim
    Brotherhood alongside the wife of Egypt’s new president, the
    Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi.]

    Jaser, Lopez, Fatah

    [The Third Jihad exposes the war the media is not telling you about. It reveals theenemy our government is too afraid to name. One person who is not afraid to tell you the truth is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim American and former physician to the US Congress. After the FBI releases a radical Islamist manifesto describing how to destroy America from within, Dr. Jasser decides to investigate. The Third Jihad is about what he discovered. Interviews are conducted with radical Islamists in the US and the leaders trying to stop them, such as Rudy Giuliani, Clinton CIA Director Jim Woolsey, NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Senator Joe Lieberman, former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, and former terrorist group member Tawfik Hamid.]

    [Islamist-allied operatives appointed by Obama are undermining U.S. security policy – explains counter-Intelligence expert, Prof. Clare Lopez. Aimed at co-opting Americas foreign policy in the Middle East, a network including well-known American diplomats, congressional representatives, figures from academia and the think tank world – with ties to the clerical regime in Tehran – is directing the Obama Administration’s policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East.]

    [Today, in the White House, there are three members of the Muslim Brotherhood that influence Obama’s policy. One is Rashad Hassan of Indian origin, who is the American ambassador to the 52-nation organization of Islamic countries. Dahlia Mujahid who writes his speech, who comes from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Just day before yesterday, another woman, an academic, was appointed in that circle. This is happening while we sit silent, and I say that as a liberal democrat, as someone who worked and campaigned for Barrack Obama.]

    Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists

    [Abdul-Malik also makes no bones about discussing how the election of President Obama is a step forward in the project of Islamization and the long term goal of Islamist domination which falls right in lock-step with that of the Muslim Brotherhood as revealed in their manifesto.


    “…even under the pressures that you and I know about, the deen of
    Islam is growing because people see even within all of this struggle it is
    better to be a Muslim under these conditions than to be a kaffir under
    any conditions… before Allah closes our eyes for the last time you will
    see Islam move from being the second largest religion in America-that’s
    where we are now- to being the first religion in America.”

    a bit more..


  • bg
  • Hy Feiber

    Any wonder why Louis Farrakhan called Obama the “Messiah”?

  • squeaky
    [Federal authorities in the United States have been quietly supporting certain Mexican criminal empires, especially the Sinaloa drug cartel, in a bid to solidify the syndicates’]

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  • Look-Out

    Remembering another BHO betrayal caught on “open mic”. Romney expresses his alarm (and may touch on it this week in his speech on foreign affairs) to what appears to many of us to be an enemy within:

  • Look-Out

    BHO circumventing Congress again:

    But Barry and Mooch’ll be in Hawaii, remember?

  • GP Fan

    #4 October 7, 2012 at 11:21 am
    Limousine Barry commented:

    THAT WAS GREAT!!! Maybe one of your best yet!!! You forgot an important one though. Who was the one about a year and half ago that said O called him for his opinion on mid-east policy? It was in Newsbusters. Was it that Cenk Ugher (sp?) guy??? One of those.


    And, THANK YOU for the entertainment through this disaster of an admin!!!!


  • Flabergasted

    The optimum question here is why these security people were removed? Did you notice that Pinhead never looked anyone in the eyes when he made that comment?

  • MVH

    Good Lord!!!!

    Those who denied better security to Ambassador Stevens and the other embassy personnel, worse yet, removed it, are BUTCHERS through and through!!!!

  • Look-Out
  • Look-Out

    It is now fairly well known that President Barack Obama enjoyed a close relationship with the socialists, Trotskyites and “former” communists, who made up Chicago Democratic Socialists of America.

    It is less well known, that while a California Congressman, Obama’s Secretary of Defense nominee Leon Panetta also worked closely with Santa Cruz based members of the US’s largest Marxist organization.
    President Obama chose Leon Panetta to head the CIA, and serve as Secretary of Defense (despite zero intelligence or military experience) because he was the best man in America for both jobs.

    From #25 link pg. 1.

  • Patty

    It is so sad we lost American lives on 9/11/01. But then on the anniversary 9/11/12 to think that Obama’s administration could completely disregard the fact that Terrorism isn’t dead but still alive and ignore the most obvious possibility, we could be attacked is the worst thing to date Obama has done.

    Ignore all the warning sides and an Ambassador warned as well that he feared for his life, falls squarely on Obama. Obama doesn’t seem to have a conscience at all. There is blood on this administration hands and this must be part of Romney Foreign Policy speech and brought up over and over again in next debate and on the campaign trail.

    It is another failure and facts speak for themselves. Obama has not protect our interests and the ultimate sacrifice of Americans left to their on defenses. Shameful and he should hang his head in shame and be held to the utmost of accountability.

  • Look-Out

    re #1 this page – the link is #25 PAGE 2

  • Flabergasted

    Interesting article on Financial Post by Lawrence Solomon

  • thegoldman


  • Patty

    American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic

  • Patty

    Taliban Threatens to Bomb Code Pink Demonstration in Pakistan Against U.S. Drone Strikes


    The main faction of the Pakistani Taliban, which is based in South Waziristan, issued a statement Friday calling Khan a “slave of the West,“ adding that the militants ”don’t need any sympathy“ from such ”a secular and liberal person.”

    “Imran Khan’s so-called Peace March is not in sympathy for drone-hit Muslims. Instead, it’s an attempt by him to increase his political stature,” the statement continued.

    The former cricket star long had a reputation as a playboy, but has recently started saying that he has grown stronger in his Muslim faith. He also has used attacks on the U.S. drone program as a means of gaining public esteem in Pakistan.

    By Saturday, a statement from a Taliban faction said to be based in eastern Pakistan warned that militants would welcome the protesters with suicide bombings.

    “We ask the brave people of Waziristan not to side with the gang of Jews and Christians – otherwise their fate will be terrible,” the Punjabi Taliban said in the statement.

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  • Patty

    Taliban mock US as Afghan war enters 12th year


    “With the help of Allah, the valiant Afghans under the Jihadi leadership of Islamic Emirate defeated the military might and numerous strategies of America and NATO alliance,” the Taliban said in a statement Sunday.

    “And now after eleven years of unceasing terror, tyranny, crimes and savagery, they are fleeing Afghanistan with such humiliation and disgrace that they are struggling to provide an explanation”.

    A total of 3,199 NATO soldiers have been killed in the war, more than 2,000 of them Americans. Most deaths occurred in the past five years as Taliban attacks escalated, according to

    This year, official statistics showed that deaths in the Afghan security forces are running five times higher than those for NATO, as the Afghans take on increasing responsibilities before the Western withdrawal.

    The US and NATO say Afghan forces will be capable of taking over the fight against the Taliban after 2014, but many analysts predict a bloody new multi-factional civil war.

  • Patty


    Hacker cracks 4 million hotel locks with ‘James Bond Dry Erase Marker’

    This new hacker invention may look like a harmless dry erase marker, but in truth it’s the ultimate electronic lock pick.

    In a post titled ‘James Bond’s Dry Erase Marker,’ hotel hacker Matthew Jakubowski demonstrates how anyone can build this pocket-sized device which will open the lock on an estimated 4 million hotel rooms.

    ‘I guess we wanted to show that this sort of attack can happen with a very small concealable device,’ says Matthew Jakubowski, a security researcher with Trustwave, told Forbes. ‘Someone using this could be searched and even then it wouldn’t be obvious that this isn’t just a pen.'{………….] video and more here:

  • Muskrat Johnson

    I say Leon Panetta’s comment that they are doing everything possible to bring those responsible to justice is a load of crap! CBS news was in there within a day or two, they found the Ambassador’s diary on the floor of the burned out embassy and even published some of the entries, yet Obama and his administration could not get the FBI on the scene for almost a month. This is unacceptable, it is not just incompetence it was intentional and therefore TREASON !

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  • bg


    re: #7 – page 2 October 7, 2012 at 11:35 am bg

    November 10, 2009

    Thank you former President George W.
    Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush

    [As we will always be grateful for what George and Laura Bush did this
    week, with no media attention, when they very quietly went to Ft. Hood
    and met personally with the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.


    The Bushes went and met privately with these families
    for HOURS, hugging them, holding them, comforting them.

    If there are any of you out there with any connection at all to the Bushes, we implore you to give them our thanks…you tell them that a bunch of gay Hillary guys in Boystown, Chicago were wrong about the Bushes…and are deeply, deeply sorry for any jokes we told about them in the past, any bad thoughts we had about these good, good people.

    You may be as surprised by this as we are ourselves, but from this day
    forward George W. and Laura Bush are now on the same list for us as
    the Clintons, the Palins, and other political figures we keep in our hearts
    and never allow anyone to badmouth.

    Criticize their policies academically and intelligently and discuss the
    Bush presidency in historical and political terms…but you mess with
    the Bushes personally and, from this day forward, you’ll answer to

    We hope someday to be able to thank George W. and Laura in person
    for all they’ve done, and continue to do. They didn’t have to head to
    Ft. Hood. That was not their responsibility.

    The Obamas should have done that.

    But didn’t.


    Thank goodness George W. is still on his
    watch, with wonderful Laura at his side.]



  • Patty

    The Traits of a Narcissist

    “A person who gives too much importance to himself, to the extent that he does not think about the feelings and sentiments of other people is said to be a narcissist. People who are narcissists consider themselves to be perfectionists who can never do anything wrong. They are governed by their false ego which requires ample amounts of admiration and praise to survive. It is said that narcissists live in a world of their own where they can think only about their problems and issues regarding power, prestige and personal adequacy. This makes them selfish individuals who do not have the ability to understand the problems of people around them. Such people are said to suffer from the problem of narcissistic personality disorder. As their egos are very fragile, a slight disrespect or challenge can lead to the development of fury which can cause harm to the person who was the reason for such provocation…”

    Obama Went to Bed While Consulate was Under Siege:

    Fox News’ Special Report informed us that Barack Obama knew of the attack on the Libyan consulate within 90 minutes of it beginning…

    There is no doubt that Obama knew that the attacks involved AK-47s, along with Rocket propelled grenades.

    He knew that his ambassador was in grave danger and yet knowing all of this, and not knowing the status of Ambassador Stevens, Obama allegedly went quietly to bed. MORE HERE

  • Patty

    The Traits of a Narcissist

    .• “The child is now the center of his own universe.” (p. 2, 15) [Emphasis in original]
    • delighted by any silly thing that calls attention to himself; may do silly, show-offy things to call attention to himself when he feels neglected or shut out (pp. 71-72)

    • arrogant (p. 7)
    • self-important (“extremely aware of the importance of being Six”) (p. 22)
    • demands rather than asks (twice on p. 6, 16)
    • thinks own way is always right (p. 7)
    • once started, will stick to a course of bad behavior or bad judgment regardless of the inevitability of being punished for it (p. 7)
    • asks to be flattered and praised as “good,” even (“rather sadly and touchingly”) following his worst behavior (p. 6)

    • can’t accept criticism (p. 7)
    • feelings are hurt over very small criticisms, comments, failures (p. 6)
    • “He is so extremely anxious to do well, to be the best, to be loved and praised, that any failure is very hard for him.” (p. 6)

    • wants to win every time (p. 4, 21, 45)
    • poor sport, can’t stand to lose (p. 7, 16)
    • argumentative and quarrelsome (p. 21)
    • defiant, pert, fresh, snippy (p. 6, 17)
    • competitive, combative (p. 20)
    • belligerent, verbally and physically aggressive (p. 21)
    • threatens, calls names, gets physically violent (p. 21)
    • violent temper tantrums may require physical restraint because of striking out (p. 29)
    • jealous, envious (p. 7, 21)

    • to make sure of winning, will cheat or make up own rules (pp. 21-22, 45)
    • complains that others are cheating and not following the rules (p. 45)
    • some are very cruel to younger children (p. 22)
    • does not always tell the truth (p. 16)
    • will not admit to wrongdoing (p. 41) [Note: A technique is given for getting the facts out of kids that also works with narcissists: instead of asking if they did it, ask how they did it.]
    • goodness means the things explicitly required or allowed by parents or other authority figures; badness means the things explicitly disapproved of or forbidden (p. 66)

    More here: READ MORE:


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  • Patty

    to make sure of winning, will cheat or make up own rules

    This is one of my favorites and fits Obama to a tee.

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  • susanm


  • Rocky

    Our governemt the same as murdered Ambassador Stevens and the 3 others. We won’t even get into the murdered border guards !
    The question now is…what are WE going to do about it ?

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  • “Innocence” Film a Premeditated Provocation for Islamic Terror?
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • Pingback: Obama-Hillary Clinton Withdrew 16 Member Special Forces Team From Libya just one month before terrorist attack (Video) : Fire Andrea Mitchell!()

  • Jay

    Um, I hate to bring this up, but… we were screaming at Obama for MONTHS that he should get the hell out of Libya, that we shouldn’t be in Libya in the first place.

    So he pulled the special forces team out. He did what we asked him to do. Can you blame him?

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  • bg


    squeaky #18 – page 2 October 7, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Cartels Next Door

    September 28, 2011

    Are Texas Politicians Allowing Drug Cartels to
    Create ‘Sanitary Zone’ One-County Deep Inside U.S.?

    [Is anyone from either the federal or Texas governments
    credible when it comes to the Texas border war zone?

    A quick perusal of articles about crime and violence along the
    U.S.-Mexico border on this website alone should lead to the
    inevitable conclusion of a resounding NO!]

    much more here & here..


  • bg


    October 6, 2012

    Observing the 11th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan

    [October 7 marks the 11th anniversary of the War in Afghanistan. It
    marks 11 long years after the United States military entered into war in
    response to the September 11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 civilians.]


  • AmericaWILL

    How can Obama and Clinton sleep at night knowing they allowed the slaughter of 4 Americans? I hope Romney/Ryan hammer away at this during the upcoming debates. Its time someone take the current admin to the woodshed and spank those pampered tushies!

  • L.E. Liesner

    This administration has outright murdered that Ambassador and the others. When are these people going to be held accountable for their crimes? It damned well better be soon!

  • bg


    Jay #24 October 7, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    duh fuh..


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  • bg


    October 7, 2012

    Breaking News: Libyan Parliament Removes Prime Minister

    re: #6 – page 4 October 7, 2012 at 8:53 pm bg

    was re: Jay #24- page 3 October 7, 2012 at 7:45 pm

  • ruready?

    Why would the Ambassador stay in Libya after the protection left? That is almost as crazy as the folks wading around in New Orleans after Katrina.

    Selection pressure apparently keeps liberals out of the gene pool until the population reaches the level that it becomes possible for them to live off producers.


  • bg


    ruready? #9 – page 4 October 7, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    a better question is:


    scroll comments for much more..


  • DomesticGoddess

    My heart really breaks for Chris Stevens as he tried to live the liberal ideology of “giving peace a chance” but was starting to sense the unrest and was nervous. His buddies betrayed him and left him to twist in the wind. Obama and Clinton have his and the SEALS’ blood on their hands and should be tried and jailed for aiding and abetting our enemies. It is an absolute disgrace.

  • bg #15

    re Muslim Brotherhood ‘infiltrated’ U.S. gov’t

    The MB was also providing the local Libyan security for the U.S. consulate.

    ‘The more we learn about what happened in Benghazi, the clearer things become.

    Two U.S. intelligence officials told The Daily Beast that the intelligence community is currently analyzing an intercept between a Libyan politician whose sympathies are with al Qaeda and the Libyan militia known as the February 17 Brigade—which had been charged with providing local security to the consulate. In the intercept, the Libyan politician apparently asks an officer in the brigade to have his men stand down for a pending attack—another piece of evidence implying the violence was planned in advance.

    The Martyrs of the Feb. 17 Revolution Brigade is Islamist and linked with the Muslim Brotherhood. It was repeatedly accused of engaging in atrocities during and after the Libyan Civil War.

    Many more-secular politicians in Libya are suspicious of Mr. Bukatef and his brigade because of their own Islamist reputation. He has been a member of Libya’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and one of his group’s commanders reporting to him is Ismail al-Salabi, who leads a group of Islamist fighters and is the brother of Libya’s most prominent Islamist thinker, Ali al-Salabi.

    The State Department puts its faith in the Islamists… and the Islamists repaid them the way they always do.’

    US Relied on Muslim Brotherhood for Benghazi Consulate Security

    via Obama Went to Bed While Consulate was Under Siege

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  • Summer Love

    Panetta looks guilty. probably coz he is.

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  • Greg

    I was wondering why the Obama Administration would, in effect, kill it’s own ambassador by withdrawing *all* security then sending them into a terrorist hotzone. Ignoring all calls and begging for security – even during the actual attack.

    Some October surprise – only it didn’t work out they way they thought so they attempted to ‘backout’ with some BS about a film nobody has ever heard of let alone seen. That was for the MSM who are even now still repeating this deliberate lie. Now things are unraveling – but not to worry – the MSM will give them all the cover they need – SNL will start skits ridiculing anyone who questions the Administration’s story much like they did the ‘birthers’.

  • Patty

    The Muslim Takeover of the ACLU


    That’s the core ACLU mission. Protect the Muslim right to Jihad while completely ignoring free speech. The old ACLU was engaged in promoting a Communist victory but it believed that the best way to do that was through an open society. Now it’s promoting an Islamist victory and it no longer sees the open society as its method of choice, but an Islamist supremacist society that gives special rights to Muslims while denying them to everyone else.

    This is who’s controlling the agenda at the ACLU these days. It was bad enough when the group was run by leftists. Now it’s also run by Islamists.

    Jaffer, who now heads the ACLU’s Center for Democracy after heading its National Security Project, happens to be pals with Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the Egyptian founder of the radical Muslim Brotherhood who was denied a visa in 2004 after allegedly raising funds for Hamas terrorists.

    Jaffer has lobbied the Justice Department to remove CAIR and other Brotherhood and Hamas front groups from its blacklist of groups complicit in a criminal conspiracy to raise money for terrorists.

    He’s also pressured the FBI to purge names of Muslim terrorist suspects from the no-fly list.

    What’s more, Jaffer wants to deny the feds one of its most effective weapons in the war on terror — freezing the assets of terrorist front groups. He’s also sued to kill the government’s drone program, perhaps its most effective weapon of all.

  • Patty

    What we all would give for 15 minutes of what the Seals and Ambassador Stevens would say about Obama administration. Of course as naive as this would be, OBAMA WOULD BE FINISHED. Because the Media Bias isn’t doing the worked. We would have to call for those who were butchered to come back from the dead. Literally.

    The implications of this would take any other Administration down. I want answers and the family to do, too. This administration will be withholding until the time is right for them.

    They better hope they don’t win, because Obama will be impeached sure as shooting if this goes the exact way it should. But we all the accusations in other matters Holder and Obama will skate.

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  • [email protected]

    It is clear to me that Obama’s record of screw up’s are so bad,in so many areas,that not only should Romney exploit them but in the next debate INSIST that Obama explain them to the American people.

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