800 Prominent Michigan Jews Take Out Newspaper Ad Endorsing Mitt Romney

Over 800 prominent Detroit Jews took out an ad in the Detroit Jewish News endorsing Mitt Romney for president.

“Four years of failed economic and anti-Israel policies demand we choose a new direction for the country.”
Via Israel Matsav:

Click here for the list of supporters.

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  • bg


    welcome to reality!!


  • bg



    October 26, 2012

    Washington Post Endorses, Criticizes Obama

    [The Post cited some of these failures:

    He did not end, as he promised he would, “our chronic avoidance of tough decisions” on fiscal matters.

    “We were disappointed that Mr. Obama allowed the bipartisan recommendations of his fiscal commission to wither and die and that he and Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) failed to seal a fiscal deal in the summer of 2011.”

    “Mr. Obama alienated Congress and business leaders by isolating himself inside a tight White House circle that manages to be both arrogant and thin-skinned. Too often his administration treats business as an obstacle rather than a partner.”

    He hardly tried to achieve the immigration reform and climate-change policy he promised.

    In reviewing his foreign policy record, the Post said Obama “was hesitant and inconstent in responding to the two greatest and most unexpected foreign-policy opportunities of his presidency: the pro-democracy uprising in Iran in 2009 and the Arab Spring two years later.”

    “Mr. Obama kept the United States on the sidelines as Syria plunged into civil war, costing more than 30,000 lives — most of them civilians — and breeding extremism that may destabilize a half-dozen countries.”

    “By not securing a presence in Iraq after ending the U.S. military mission, he failed to capitalize on America’s decade-long commitment to that nation, and his ambivalence regarding Afghanistan — sending more troops, but with artificial deadlines and no clear commitment to their success — promises trouble in coming years.”]

    pss it on..


  • Campfollower

    Awesome idea! Why haven’t we thought of it before? I plan to organize a group of military vets in my town to take out a full page ad here. Better than sending money off to the RNC, right? They’re so inept.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    And Dearborn muslims took out ad for Barry bc he hates Israel.

  • Stella Baskomb

    Mr President: “you’re not doing the job, so we got to let you go.”

    Game, set, match.

  • Patty

    It is hard to resist a really nice guy with some great ideas for America’s future.

    In 08 it seemed that so many were fooled by someone who they thought would be NICE and have great ideas. They were wrong.

    Romney doesn’t need a teleprompter, you can tell when a man or woman is speaking the truth and can be trusted. And he has a record and even before he ran for Office of the Presidency. Obama had nothing worth talking about, OR DID HE?

  • The train is now leaving the station – the future of the free world is at stake. ALL CONSERVATIVES, INDEPENDENTS & LIKE MINDED DEMOCRATS ON BOARD! GO R&R GO 🙂

  • Jeroboam

    Canaries in the coal mine (think Dearborn) starting to chirp? Took ’em long enough.

  • Bigkahuna

    That’s racist……Chrissy Matthews …..

    Joooz just hate black people ….

    I call this common sense…Jewish voters self preservation.

  • Hy Feiber

    I have had it up to HERE with the way ABC, NBC, and CBS demonize White People!!!

    Fifty years of this CRAP is way too long!

    Even if No Black People were to support Conservatives/Tea Party Patriots,
    I couldn’t Care Less!!!

  • chuck in st paul

    “outraged” delegation from CAIR appearing on TV in 5… 4… 3…

  • freethinker

    lucky for Mitt that Mormonism is no longer a cult, and is now just as equally valid as mainstream Christianity!

  • Patty

    Jewish Community

    Medical Community

    Military Community

    Catholic Community

    Business Community

    Coal Industry

    we can go on and on. granted the Jewish Community has awaken. But so have many many more who believe we are GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.

  • Sheila

    Oh gee, this makes me feel sooo much better! Gee whiz, anti-Israel policies? Whooda thunk it! In an American election, no less! Well, now that they’ve shown their higher IQ and superior economic sense, I feel totally reassured that the country is in good hands. They’ll straighten things out, I’m sure of it. (sarc for the IQ impaired, the right-liberals, and the rah-rah repukes out there).

  • Beachluver

    ALL my friends and family and SANE Americans….a.k.a. Repubs…are becoming more and more optimistic that WE WILL THIS THING!!!!!! I said to family in late July…..that Demorats and Odumbo WILL AWAKEN a SLEEPING GIANT This election season and I’m feeli’ that I will be proven right. Imagine……Michigan…Wisconsin….Pa…….being in PLAY for us. wooHoo!!!!!Repubs…take a big stretch…take a big yawn…stand tall pound on doors and speak to the more and more fellow Americans who have had enough!!!!! BTW…….this Bengazi cover-up is bigger and more profound and will eventually…hopefully send some of these HATERS of America on a perp-walk..straight to JAIL….OOBAMA being impeached along the way!!!!! NEVER GIVE UP ON AMERICA and JUSTICE!!!! God Bless America!!!

  • Walt

    Michigan probably has more muslims than Jews.

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  • Walknot

    I know a lot of those names, some are my neighbors. I have no doubt most voted for Obama in ’08. I must say I am a bit shocked they put their names on such a list; the only thing I can say is that they must be really pissed, although I never got that from talking to them. I get the feeling this is a new thing, like within the last few months. I can say this though, there are still a lot with Obama signs on their yards.

  • bg


    i like this one..

    “The SEALs removed one threat to America, now it’s time for the
    voters to remove the other.”
    ~ Retired Navy SEAL Brad Nagel


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  • dwdude

    i know it took obama’s incompetence to wake up my fence-sitting jewish friends.

  • Sharon Epstein

    I speak with the Colorado Jews
    that stand with you Michigan..thank you

  • lainer51

    Don’t worry, no one is watching CBS, ABC, NBC anymore… they are just pissing in the wind.

  • KAY


  • Robert Sugar

    My fellow Jews. I am glad to learn that about 35% of you came to your senses. I hope that you won’t start criticizing Romney and ran back to the D Party in the first instance that Romney makes a decision that is not to your liking.

  • Bella

    Wake up Americans! Don’t let our Country to be turned into a government controlled biraucratic state… Don’t loose your freedom. Vote for R&R!

  • LEO

    If you like to be on food stamps vote for barak husein MORON obama