GREEN SCAM: A123 Systems Considers Bankruptcy – Received $249 Million in Obama Money

Another day – Another failed Obama green energy venture.
A123 Systems has defaulted on several of its loans. Today it went bankrupt. The battery company received $249 million in Obama grants. Thanks Barack.

80% of Green Energy loans went to Obama donors.
At least 19 of these green energy companies went bust.

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  • iamsaved

    The spending by Obama won’t end after the election when he loses. Remember, he’s like a federal prisoner who is serving a life sentence, we’ll be paying his bills for many years to come. The Obama’s will revel in a luxurious lifestyle all on the taxpayer’s dime even though he’ll be raking in millions from books, speeches and tv commercials. This guy is one of the biggest cases of fraud, waste and abuse I’ve ever seen or heard of.

  • mg4us

    What is a five letter word for crony capitalism? O-B-A-M-A

    What is a five letter word for failure? O-B-A-M-A

    Seems whatever Obama touches has the anti-Midas effect. .instead of turning to gold it goes bust!

    NObama in NOvember!

  • Larkin

    When the Repubs take control, I want to see some investigations as to where all this green money has gone…cause it sure hasn’t created jobs.

    I guar-on-tee that much of it has gone to overseas bank accounts.

    AND, I’ll wager that a good bit of it will go to keeping the obamas in their lavish lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

  • BarbaraS

    It was a scam. A scam from day one. It was a money laundering scheme to finance part of the $800 million obama collected in 2008. The part that wasn’t foreign donations. Lend millions or billions to friends and donors to start up iffy industries and they will kick back part of that money to your campaign. Who knows what obama has promised his donors this time around Isn’t it a sad state of affairs that a president can not only give his donors and cronies cushy jobs at our expense (which has gone on from the beginning) but can also loot the treasury and destroy the wealth of our nation. Presidents and almost all members of congress don’t care about the people until it is election time and then they do their best snow job.

  • Look-Out

    One more to add to the list of LOSERS this failed potus has wasted our money on. A list I hope Romney clearly shares with voters tonight at the debate. Name the companies. Name the wasted tax dollars. And if GM is brought up again, mention how it ended up in bankruptcy, just as Romney had suggested, but only after Obama FIRST WASTED tons of our tax dollars on them.

  •……….When the commies can’t print or borrow any more money,they will come for our bank-accounts……..

  • valerie

    Hillbuzz has some other questions on the economy for Obama.

  • USMC Thomas

    SØBama’s government investments in “green” have resulted in more job losses than Bain Capital.

  • bg


    ht Matt Kibbe

    I’ve been saying for a while that the government shouldn’t be in the
    business of picking winners and losers. However, I agree with Mitt
    Romney, the government seems to only be picking losers! Check
    out this list of now BANKRUPT companies that received stimulus

    Amonix Solar – $21.5 Million
    Solar Trust of America – $2.1 Billion
    Solyndra – $520 Million
    Beacon Power – $43 million
    Abound Solar – $63 Million
    Ener1 – $118.5 Million
    Raser Technologies – $33 Million

    There are countless more examples, but continuing to support bankrupt
    companies will undoubtedly lead us closer to total economic collapse.
    Like and share if you agree that it’s time to get the government out of
    the market and back within the constraints of the Constitution!


  • bg
  • Blackbird

    I want a RICO investigation into the “Green Industry” investments Obama and Chu made so bad I can almost taste it. Follow the money laundering down every rat hole and I guarantee it would break the Democrat Party forever. We might have to build a few new prisons to house them all, but THAT would be a good investment of public funds with an outstanding return.

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