Wow! Obama Says Israel’s Concerns Over Iranian Nukes Is “Noise” …Update: So Does Ahmadinejad

On “60 Minutes” tonight Barack Obama described Israel’s concerns over Iranian nukes – “Noise.”

But he cares about Israel.

There’s more… Obama also referred to Israel as merely: “ONE Of Our Closest Allies In The Region.”

OBAMA: “Now I feel an obligation, not pressure but obligation, to make sure that we’re in close consultation with the Israelis– on these issues. Because it affects them deeply. They’re one of our closest allies in the region. And we’ve got an Iranian regime that has said horrible things that directly threaten Israel’s existence.” (CBS’s “60 Minutes,” 9/23/12)

UPDATE: Now get this… Ahmadinejad says the same thing as Obama.
Algemeiner reported:

Interestingly, in an interview with the Washington Post’s David Ignatius published today, Iran’s anti-Semitic President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used exactly the same term when describing concerns that the Israelis have raised over the country’s nuclear program.

IGNATIUS: “I want to ask as my first question the one every citizen of the world would like to ask today: What is the chance of a war in Iran that would result from an Israeli attack on your nuclear facilities?”

AHMADINEJAD: “I have spoken about this topic at length, previously. We generally speaking do not take very seriously the issue of the Zionists and the possible dangers emanating from them. Of course they would love to find a way for their own salvation by making a lot of noise and to raise stakes in order to save themselves.

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  • dw dude

    pretty much what comes out of his mouth every time he speaks

  • rumcrook

    If he is re elected we will reap what we have sown.

  • AE

    They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. “Peace, peace,” they say, when there is no peace.

  • sth88

    This comment is going to come back to bite him big time if Iran declares war on the US in reaction to an attack from Israel. That noise Obama hears could turn into a deafening roar, one that threatens his re-eleciton campaign.

  • xkaydet65

    Once again a Gatewaypundit headline far exceeds the content of the piece. Obama spends three minutes saying absolutely nothing. I rarely see exaggerations like the ones here even on Free Republic where the headlines come from the Freepers not the blogger.

  • Indiana

    I watched 60 Minutes tonight. Not only is Barack Hussein Kardasian the worst President, he’s a detestable (sp) little boy. I believe Obama knows he’s not going to win this election…..and he’s going balls to the wall in doing as much damage as possible, before he takes his toys and goes home.

  • Dude

    So you guys are saying that Israel should be governing American policy on Iran?

  • donh

    Obama is telling muslims to ATTACK……He is inviting Iran to strike Israel……He is running ads APOLOGIZING for a 3 Stooges Movie !……A calculated weakness that has EMBOLDENED mobs to take the streets and attack infidel outposts throughout the muslim world.

  • mercador

    @2 not if it is the Word of God that you are sowing.

  • jainphx

    Israel governing our policy? Are you nuts? You can’t or wont see the danger here? My you must be both deaf and stupid. Why don’t you just listen to what Amadinaferry and the Mullas are saying about destroying Israel and all Jews, or do you just tune them out?

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    When the Iranians finally successfully conduct a test of an assembled Bomb, that’ll be a really BIG “noise”.

  • sandy

    For Obama the demise of Israel would be an intelligent final solution because there is no place for Israel in the Muslim New World Order. And the fact that Israel is screaming for help from a country that was its ally for 60 years — why that’s just noise.

    Wonder if he hates America that much.

  • Kathteach

    On 60 Minutes tonight, Obama called the 21 nations hating on America in Orwellian fashion HATE sessions (read 1984 folks – please) a ‘bump in the road.

    A gay man – a US Ambassador – was tortured in a horrible way, by many accounts raped, and dragged through the streets of Benghazi by mobs who would kill you and I in a New York minute.

    The most awful thing is that his employer – Obama – is worried about the feelings of his attackers.

    It’s an Orwellian world under Obama – (if you don’t actually read Orwell’s 1984, at least go to the Sparks Notes Online version –

    Winston had to take the Oath of Supremacy that 2+2 + 5.

    This is the best explanation for the puppet Obama who has been placed in office as our American President by a very, very anti-American force – one I can’t name but suspect – and the Palace Guard media who did not vet Obama in 2008 because they wanted to ‘feel good” about getting a black man in the Presidency.

  • Kathteach

    #5 xkaydet65 – We know you are an intern for Axelrod in Chicago – probably unpaid – or maybe you make more for a PR firm. But TAKE A POWDER.

    Jim has many loyal followers who spot you morons in a minute.

    You make no difference to anyone here – you never had and yo never will.

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  • cornfed

    No Barry. Noise is what you hear when the alarm happens at 3 am and you keep smacking the snooze button.

    Barack Obama: The Snooze President.


  • Harrison J. Bounel

    Good thing this isn’t a gaffe that will end his campaign so the media can just ignore it! /sarc

  • Harrison J. Bounel

    Tomorrow’s morning shows: “What Obama really meant to say is… And it’s unfair for Romney to pick on him”

  • Sarah

    Romney did GREAT in this interview. Hostile interviewer, needless to say. Romney was really really good! Excited to here him so clear, strong, concise, balancing gravitas w/a sense of him as a human being.

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  • JenBee

    I agree, Sarah, I was really impressed with what I heard from Romney and how he handled himself. I find it interesting that now we’re starting to see Obama’s handlers admitting that he is not going to do well in the debates against Romney… they see the writing on the wall, too. And as far as this ‘noise’ comment, SERIOUSLY, why would *ANY* American Jew vote for this man who so clearly does not have our ally Israel’s best interests at heart???

  • Militant Liberal

    Of course, the RWNJ on this board don’t care about the United States.
    They are wrapped up in their religious beliefs that not all of us share.
    They could care less. America to them is the 2nd great Israel.
    Our constitution – nothing, our democracy – nothing, the prerogative of these “conservative” commentators? – The well being of a FOREIGN nation.
    They call the President a foreign traitor…
    They boast about their guns and religion, but they hate the 47%.
    The 47% of Americans who live in the South, homeland of racism and hate… The 47% who fought this world’s greatest war. The 47% who are themselves, unemployed enough to rage against any liberal who dares post a comment to their sacred thread.
    They are idiots, led astray by a man in magic underwear.
    Their president isn’t a Christian, they bring down the End on their own heads by voting for a greedy apostate. Harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle….
    It’s alright, as long as Militant Conservative has the guns he brags about, but hasn’t used in the last 4 years. His manhood is, in the minds of his fellow Country-music listeners, large and swollen.
    The people of The Gateway Pundit comment board will only be satisfied when this nation is reduced to a smoldering ruin of what it could have been.
    Muslims are fanatics? You haven’t read the albino’s Gateway Pundit.
    Reject your Christian president for a man who believes Yahweh owns this planet as he will own his own post-mortem.
    Go RWNJ, your principles are violated, your cable channel is beset by lies.
    You are the dregs of society. What’s left after the rest of us have advanced 30 years into the future.
    You believe in an America that never existed. An America that never was. Your founders would love you not, the war for your point-of-view was lost 150 years ago. Yet you persist.
    Let the albino lead you down to Sheol. What else do you have to do? Work? Nah, you can’t work… you injured your butt at a Tennesse Titans game.
    At least you aren’t black. If you were black, you’d be a mooch on society.
    Since you aren’t black, you are entitled to whatever the government issues you.
    Though conservatism tolerates no bigotry, you are surprisingly angry at any and all minorities.
    Call you racist?
    Shame on me.

  • saveus

    memo to theONE-
    the USA has only one ally in the region – Israel
    shame on you thay you won’t acknoledge this
    shame on you for supporting the muslim brotherhood with our tax dollard
    shame on you for not caring about the friends of the USA
    shame on you for supporting our enemies
    shame on you for losing 2 wars

  • Ghost

    there is a great line from an early episode of “Sopranos”, where Uncle Junior (a top mafia leader who didn’t always receive his due respect) is trying to lay down the ‘law’ when an ‘nobody’ interrupts him- UJ swats away the interrupter with, “buzzing, buzzing, what’s that buzzing noise?”

    just like when Don Obongo rests his chin on His middle finger, that Marxist/Muslim/Mafioso proves that He thinks He’s the king and we are dirt- which makes Him king of the dirt.

    ps: I’ve had opportunity to use UJ’s putdown on deserving agitators, a wonderful feeling

  • Candy

    Heads up! Share his ‘I share Netanyahu’s observation re: Iran nuclear’ on twitter with just that over and over.

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  • sandy

    For 50 years this nation worried about The Soviet Union’s nukes but Obama can’t worry about Iran’s nukes. To him Israel is just making noise. Well maybe if Iran stopped threatening Israel everyday the situation might calm down.

  • Carol

    #23 September 23, 2012 at 11:27 pm
    Militant Liberal commented:


    You really should submit your writing to some of the comedy sites. This is a serious political blog, not a comedy one.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, Israel is just noise! After Israel gets nuked the noise will subside into a cloud of smoke and radiation! Israel will be just a bump on the road to a truly 100% Muslim Middle East.

    We must bow to the Middle East and keep buying their expensive oil! I have killed all oil production jobs in American – which is quite an achievement!

    It’s times like this that make me proud to be the first Muslim President who will standup to Israel! Besides, I have the Jewish vote in the bag. I say screw them!

    If you like the way that I stab our allies in the back and cause gas prices to skyrocket then vote more me!

    And, this is super important! Send, me $30.00 before midnight. My campaign is sinking into the mud! Good day.

  • Jerry C

    @ #23 Militant Liberal

    You’re projecting. Look it up.

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  • Also note that Bam Bam’s concern about Iranian nukes is an arms war, not nuclear weapons in the hands of genocidal maniacs who blindly follow the demonic transcribed nightmares of a psychopath. His infantile perception of an arms race puts the United States in the exact same category with Iran.

  • Iran must be one of our closest allies now. Who knew.

  • Miller Time

    Militant Liberal

    Didn’t I see in you that new movie, “OCCUPY UNMASKED”?
    Was that you pooping on the police car? Or throwing things through store windows? Maybe you were the vermin who raped that female in the park?

    You and yours were all revealed in that stunning presentation by Andrew Breitbart. This is a MUST SEE movie …it absolutely reveals the identity, motive and orchestration of an out of control, utter satanic movement that belongs solely to the left. It shows, in stunning detail, the absolute frenzy that is hell bent on destroying ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that is the American way as we know it.

    Andrew (God bless and RIP) and his fellow documenters have done Americans a huge favor (I say Americans, meaning decent human beings, the likes of which you and yours are not) as they have shown us the “play book”…we now have clearer understanding what hell hole you all have crawled out of and what havoc you intend to reap. We now know your game plan. And now we’re prepared.

    Here are a few parting words from a self described uber conservative …

    GOD is our Lord and Savior

    America is and always has been the greatest COUNTRY on earth.

    Families, the wholesome and God fearing variety, are the glue to keeping AMERICA great and prosperous.

    No piss-ant from your side…any size, flavor, or color are going to change that. You think that your spew and volume will conquer…think again you tin-foil hat wretch. You want a fight….bring it on!

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  • David Evans

    Iran has never attacked another country.
    Israel has repeatedly attacked numerous countries.

    Iran has not illegally developed nuclear weapons.
    Israel has developed an illegal secret nuclear weapons program that has produced hundreds of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons.

    Iran has signed the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty.
    Israel refuses to sign the NPT.

    Iran’s spies haven’t been caught stealing
    nuclear secrets from the US.
    Israel’s spies have been repeatedly caught, and Israel’s current Prime Minister smuggled US nuclear triggers into Israel.

    Iran hasn’t sold US weapons and secret weapons technology to a US adversary.
    Israel has been selling US weapons and secret weapons technology to China for decades.

    Iran hasn’t gotten thousands of US armed forces personnel killed and maimed in expensive wars for Iran.
    Israel has repeatedly pushed the US to costly wars for Israel.

    I could go on…but the point is this:

    One who had not sworn an oath of peace could reasonably conclude that the US should be threatening to attack Israel, not Iran.

    In fact, Iran is a legitimate state. Israel isn’t:

    Also, for those who erroneously believe Iran’s leaders want to wipe Jews from existance, consider that thousands of Jews who live in Iran were offered thousands of dollars by Israel to move to Israel. Most declared that they were Iranians first, Jews second, and that they were very happy living in Iran. What Ahmadinejad referenced when Zionists created the “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map” lie, was the illicit Zionist regime, not the good Jewish people. “Zionism will ultimately fade with time.” was the proper loose translation.

    This is just one in hundreds of lies Israel’s propagandists have unleashed on a generally ignorant American public.

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  • Rachel coorie

    Pres obama says hes for the us. Netanyaho said in 1992 iran was 3 to 5 years from having a nuke. Pay for your wars before starting a new one.