Woman Arrested Following Brawl at Waffle House – They Were Too Slow With Her Cheese Omelet (Video)

A Luverne woman was arrested after attacking employees at a Waffle House late Saturday night.
The woman was upset over her cheese omelet.

The Greenville Advocate reported on the brawl.

Troy University students Kelsey Wilkes and Luke Sharp were at the Waffle House near McDonald’s early Sunday morning when a woman, identified by Troy police as Erika Raynell Chambers, 21, of Luverne, became irate over the length of time it took to receive her order.

“It was crazy,” Sharp recounted. “This girl got mad about her cheese omelet not being served in a timely fashion.”

“She first came in there and she had a bag of Krystal’s with her, which I thought was rude to begin with,” Wilkes said.

The friends said usual Waffle House customers expect a bit of a wait when they visit the restaurant late on Saturdays or early on Sundays since Troy is a college town.

When the incident happened close to 4 a.m. Sunday, there were about six tables full of customers and people sitting at the bar area.

After about 30 minutes of wait time, Wilkes and Sharp said the woman began to get loud and yell at employees.

She then threw a stapler at a cook, they said.

“She picked up a ketchup bottle and threw it at the woman calling the cops,” Sharp said. “She said police don’t scare me.”

“Then she threw a hot sauce bottle that shattered one of the lights above the bar,” Wilkes added. “It went all over another female customer.”

And the situation escalated even further when the woman and her friend went behind the bar into the employee area.

Makes you wonder how she’d react to burnt bacon?

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  • PegLeg

    If Obama had a daughter ……!

  • Militant conservative

    Ahh the protected class showing they have none.

    Conceal carry, it will get worse after nov 6th.

  • briscuit

    Press every charge you can

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  • Cactus

    …never thought I’d see a story from my local paper on Gateway Pundit!

  • Sean

    That could be the Mooch in about 6 months.
    BTW,wonder who the assailant will vote for this November?

  • Cactus

    BTW, the rest of the article adds, “Chambers was arrested for third-degree assault, which is a misdemeanor.”

  • Sam Stone

    I am becoming a firm believer that EVOLUTION is in reverse in these people. We need a man like Darwin to see if reverse evolution is taking place in people like this. Reverting back into animals we may soon see these people back in the trees.

  • Robodog7

    Let’s cut out the “monkey” talk, we are not the left. Would you call Col. West that? Or Walter Williams?,I hope not.

  • Not Today

    Just part of the October surprise given to America by ‘Obama & Co.’. Muslims attacking in the middle east, intense racial divide in America and tottering on economic collapse….

    Hows that “HOPE AND CHANGE” working out for you people?

    ONE thing I’ve noticed about these restaurant brawl videos the past 12-18 months. It’s always the black women doing the fighting, with a bunch of black men standing up near the windows – just observing. Strange eh? It makes me wonder if the entire incident isn’t a planned scenario – a form of entertainment? There also always seems to be video’s handy of how things progressed from the false accusation to brawl.

  • Faye

    From reading the article I knew the person was not “white” cause that word would have the the second word in the article…… “A white woman…..”.
    It is so nice to have all of these camera phones to record the usual suspect’s race.

  • Stan

    “She said police don’t scare me.”

    Not in Obama’s America.

  • driguana

    Agree about the racist comments…..no need for that…..the truth about the dismal, socio-economic situation in this country is becoming apparent.

  • Blue Hen

    Casting about for a reason why mediocre teachers feeel that they have a right to demand more money and prevent any accountability? Wondering why people abroad think that they have the right to attack when they feel like it? Watch the video. This mindless, violent mentality flourishes. As long as it is allowed to flourish, it will continue and spread. And our dear leader has encouraged it (get in their faces, punch back!)

  • JKB

    Ah, I see her problem, the police weren’t being called to come and scare her. They were being called to come and take her away.

    Question, do you think she’s getting faster omelet service at her new dining facility?

  • anti-bho

    This kind of s**t is going to destroy the fast food business.

  • Trish

    “#15 Not Today: It’s always the black women doing the fighting, with a bunch of black men standing up near the windows – just observing.”

    I hate to tell you, but this is nothing new. When our schools in Fla were integrated back in 1969/1970, I got my first exposure to this culture: it was always the black girls fighting (in groups no less) while the black guys just stood there and watched. Looking back on it now, the girls were spoiled, entitled brats, it seemed, if something didn’t go their way, or God forbid, you looked at one of them wrong, then all hell broke loose. Could never understand it. These stories are dishearteneing, but nothing new to me.

  • Joe Blow

    Wait, is she really from the east side in Illinois (across the river from STL)? That has happened a couple of times in the past year when somebody didn’t like their order.Really high class people that want everything going their way.

  • oncebitten

    What are we going to do with folks like this. I mean long term we are not going to be able to pay for them. I doubt she has ever worked and apparently has no skills – she can hardly speak English. She is obviously large and strong and could do some serious menial labor, but where? What kind of endeavor requires many large strong individuals with barely any brains?