President Obama used his Weekly Address on Saturday to remember the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks on America. In his address he does not mention God once.

The White House website posted video of Michelle Obama in Botswana on a 9-11 tribute page.

In Gaborone, Botswana First Lady Michelle Obama visited Baylor Center to participate in a service project at the local teen center dedicated to combating HIV/AIDS in the community.




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  1. Well, if he can’t mention allah…

  2. Nothing weird about it, Jim… it’s how an America-hating Marxist rolls.

  3. Out of touch is as out of touch does…

    The Godless liberal party of Death, Depression, and Eugenics stays on message. What an embarrassment.

  4. America knows the Obamas

    for what they are. Godless

    followers of a false prophet.

    Evil sent to make the faithful

    Turn to the one true God.

    And I’m typing this in a chik-


    I will always remember.

  5. You all are forgetting that this is supposed to be a day of service. No need for God or for remembering those who died that horrific day. Get out there and pick up trash or something.

  6. @Sasja – you beat me to it! The day is to ATTONE for our “sins” by serving others…..or something.

    They have no love or true concern for others, for those victims of 9/11, IMHO.

    Please, PLEASE America – vote out this Godless, self-centered man and his equally selfish wife on Nov. 6th!

  7. Godlessness=Communism

    MOODY’S WARNS: US CREDIT RATING COULD BE CUT, can we please send this president back to Kenya now?

    God Bless the memory of those who died 11 years ago this morning, there, I said it!

  8. Lame attempt to insert the “day of service” gig. These people are out of touch and complete losers.

  9. Obamas lead amongst leaners down to 2 on Rasmussen. Since this is a moving average poll to go for +5 to +2In one day, Romney must have lead or tied yesterday.


  10. She’s shadowing George and Laura Bush who have been very active in their war on women by supporting initiatives to diagnose and treat cervical and breast cancers in Africa. We won’t even mention Bush’s committment as president and now as a private citizen to combat AIDS. Republicans don’t do these things, you know.

  11. marxists owe their allegiance to the state, no surprise. a booing God video just before election day would be very effective in throwing this narcissist dictator out…

  12. Well, there’s no doubt that 9/11 caused some real inconveniences for Michelle as she travels. That’s probably the point.

  13. This is Obama’s subtle way of playing Bilal from the movie ” The Message ” about the Etheopean man who first called the muslim Adhan back in 630 AD…>

  14. Obama himself wanted God and Jerusalem out of the Demoncrat platform until public opinion forced him to try to reinstate it. . and it was rejected three times with more nays than yays. . and boos

    Today 9-11 IS NOT A DAY OF SERVICE!!

    9-11 IS A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE THAT EVIL IS OUT THERE. .right Barack Hussein Obama?

    As Momma used to tell young Barry about Americans:
    THESE ARE NOT MY PEOPLE (p47 Dreams from My Father)

    See 2016:Obama’s America!!!!

    Then help get rid of this FRAUD
    VOTE NObama NOvember 6!!!!

  15. Obamas = POS

  16. And here is More on Obama and Dreams From My Father

    Wake up America. . read the book. .
    Smell The foul Odor
    See the Dark Shadow In the White House!

  17. I thought Imam Obama and Mooooochelle would be dancing in the street with the filthy muslims to celebrate their victory over the infidels….

  18. #18

    I thought he wanted a big mosque to be built there…

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