Today Is “National Empty Chair Day” …Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Labor Day is National #EmptyChairDay–

Michelle Malkin announced Empty Chair Day on Labor Day:

What better way to commemorate the Labor Day holiday than to send a message to the AWOL campaign-in-chief — and support Clint Eastwood, to boot!

Twitchy has the story of the latest Eastwood-inspired social media phenomenon. First, #eastwooding.

Now: #EmptyChairDay.

Legal Insurrection has more.

Send your pictures in here.

Poor Richard’s News tweeted this:

Happy #EmptyChairDay! It’s the COTUS and his teleprompters:

Andrew Marcus at Hating Breitbart sent this in:

“I went 2 take a pic 4 #EmptyChairDay&look who I found sitting there!#StinkyStanleythe #Occupooper!”

Reader Brian Finke sent this in.

Reboot Congress posted some sad Obama statistics for this year’s Labor Day holiday.

Mara sent this in…

UPDATE: Oh boy!… Thanks for your emails.
I see this is going to take some time to update…

This comes from Linda.

Empty work boots, empty bowl, empty chair = empty promises!

This comes from M Kirkland in AZ

Ohio Gal is holding a Busch beer summit.

Manuel Reyes Jr sent this.

The golf Adirondack chair

Sue Colaluca with an Eastwood quote:

Dudemeister sent this.

“Yes we can!” take out the trash.

A Griffin-

Make my election day!

From Doug B.

Here is my contribution. It was my beautiful Filipina wife Lorna who came up with the idea of the broom… It’s “time to clean up this mess” is what she said. And she isn’t even a citizen yet!!!

From Geri in Wisconsin.

We are in a town filled with Leftie Democrat Crackpots! Our house is located right on Main Street which is also a state highway. This little display should really sent the Crackpots over the edge! I am happy to give them a little push!

From TJ Greer

Nice. Here’s a black-and-white photo from Missy Bates.

Empty suit in an empty chair

From Ed Zep

The Emperor.

Sean Ward sent this in.

Sean says he made the sign himself. No government assistance.

From Buttercup.

From Jodie in Joplin, Missouri

Make my Day!

From Scott Hamel

A sunny MT Chair Day in Georgia

From Tom Callow in Ohio–

Gone Golfing – Let Me Be Clear

From Valerie Alexander in San Diego

When a person’s not doing his job sometimes you’ve got to fire him.

This is from Denise Maul in Alabama.

Denise added this:

This chair was used for over twenty years in a daycare my mother operated IN OUR HOME. Money from that venture bought my piano when I was 9, my prom dress when I was 18 and helped pay my way to nursing school with the scholarships I received.

I do NOT recall any member of government picking the vegetables or cooking the meals that fed those children, vacuuming the crumbs after meals,
kissing thier booboos or changing thier diapers alongside my mother, father and me.

I do not remember, when a parent “ran late” or had an evening appointment, any member of govenrnment waiting patiently with a child so my mother could attend my high school volleyball games or a church function.

I DO remember the laughter in our home, the kids who grew up and had kids, the games in the yard, the parties for special occasions, the needs that were met in our home because of the income from that small business.

YES, my mother DID build that.

Denise Maul

This is from Mary in Kansas

They’re not so fond of socialism there, either.

From Steve Monagh

rom the First Hole on Top of The Blue Ridge

From Don Franck

Let freedom ring!

From Tracy in North Carolina.

Tracy also sent a picture of her dog on the roof.

This comes from Dwayne in Riyadh!

I’m a Texan living in Riyadh. Obama stopped by to visit before heading off to bow to King Abdullah.

And finally- This is from Elizabeth Schaffer

An empty chair with a Constitution. How fitting.

From Steve Jones in Atlanta.

Change We Can Believe In

From John E. in St. Louis.

Thanks everyone for participating!
The response was overwhelming.
** As of 1:30 PM I will likely stop posting new photos.
I hope you understand.

Update by Andrea Ryan: Jim didn’t have the time to continue posting pictures, but there were so many wonderful ones that I offered to continue posting them.

James Holland’s take on the empty chair.

Barbara Clem’s chair

Obama blows hot air.

From Scott Smith in Oregon

Robert sent this chair and beer

Chair and beer for R & R to ease Obama’s way out of office!

From Allen in Michigan

CHANGE is all I have left. No more years please.

Richard and Cynara’s empty chair in California

This is our empty chair pic today in rural California’s Placer county, the most red county in the state…thanks for all you do and may God Bless! Richard & Cynara

Jon Heidmann’s empty chair from Arizona

Simple cactus meme.

From Gaius

Don’t forget Joe!

From Obeline from the Chicago suburbs

A chair so empty it floats.

From Leah Herron

From Brett Saltzman

Obama’s cigarette butts

From Donh…you need to read the description to understand the symbolism

The little bronze is Nero….standing on a scale set to ZERO…holding an old pin holder advertising the Wolverine Reed Co Detroit MI which illustrates an empty wicker chair.

From Charlie

“College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life.” Paul Ryan, VP candidate

From Karen in Washington

From Gary Ober

From Tom Wharton in Tampa, FL

With teleprompter

From Duane

Obama meeting with his Jobs Council

Here’s a powerful image from John Gilley

From Katy Whelan

Remember that Black Panther voter intimidation case in Philadelphia from the 2008 Presidential Election?
Turns out Obama was there.

This is hilarious. From Donna

Chia Obama

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  • mg4us

    Awesome Pic. .

    Now here are some scary ones from new Obama Calander. . check out August

  • RealMc

    O/T………….sort of……..

    How many busses of people did the GOP bus in to Tampa?

    It seems the DNC is having to do that very thing in Charlotte……… otherwise they’d have a bunch of EMPTY CHAIRS…………

  • Granny

    #1 September 3, 2012 at 8:12 am
    mg4us commented:

    Awesome Pic. .

    Now here are some scary ones from new Obama Calander. . check out August

    OH.MY.WORD! Did you see the last picture in that calender? The one for August? It show’s one of Obama’s purported birth certificates accompanied by a Bible verse John3:16, For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten Son . . . .

    What over the top symbolism – not to mention how completely against Judeo-Christian teachings! They are literally saying that Obama is the Messiah!

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Yep, it is absolutely empty chair day in Charlotte. Dems must be sweating and bribing people onto the busses to try to get a decent showing.

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  • Granny

    @#4 – The headline on Yahoo reads

    Democrats in North Carolina cobble convention crowd together bit by bit

    College students from across North Carolina will arrive in Charlotte by the busload. Same with members of predominantly black churches in neighboring South Carolina.

    Odd they are having to bus in members of black churches in South Carolina, since the Charlotte area is heavily black.

  • bman

    Didn’t know about this (family life), but I think I’ll put out my folding chair with a couple of golf clubs leaning on it. Should be interesting, there are a lot of obama stickers on this road.

  • Texmom

    Wish this had been planned for Wed. to gain some momentum first, but…I salute the participating chairs.

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  • robins111

    As a Canadian I can freely understand your idea of the empty chair. Good luck dumping your Lazyboy..

  • SoLongSong

    I’ll probably be the only one in my town of 600, but I don’t care!! The chair is sitting there, made of metal – and we’re supposed to get lightning today.

    Could be interesting.

  • Granny Kate

    Heard Missouri Senator Jim Lemke this morning describing Clint Eastwood looking like the character ‘Mr Smith’ during his fillabuster in “Mr Smith Goes to Washington”. Check it out on You tube.

  • Flintstone F.

    Warning!!!!! Link in first post!!!!:

    Do not take a drink of anything before you scroll down.

    Second to the last, funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe this guy is for real.

  • SoLongSong

    Speaking for myself, thanks, ronbins111! “Lazy Boy”…wish I had one to put out there.

    HOWEVER, I had to put a chair out that I didn’t care for, because here in Iowa people put stuff out they no longer want and people take it…useful, unless you have a useless president you want to represent.

  • Flintstone F.

    Picture this: A bug ridden couch in the alley with a guy in a business suit taking a nap beneath news papers as a homeless guy stands there with that “wtf” look.

    “Ya’ll be talkin’ bout empty chairs. I want one, where they at?”

  • Militant Conservative

    The flag is on the right for the left does not support the flag.

    it’s ok jim. its my chair, come and take it!

  • mg4us

    Speaking of EMPTY CHAIRS. . .

    Seems many black churches in SC are coming to fill up Bank Of America Stadium when Obama gives his speech so as not to look empty–election.html

    If you see more than 30% Black in Audience (Blacks only 13% of population) then you know OBAMA will loose. . .
    Call it the Black Hole of Votes going to R&R – – Romney/Ryan

  • Tim in Cali

    It’s been a long journey since The Empty Chair was a mere Stool (sample)

    America has watched you become one big POS….

  • bg