It’s an Obama world.
The US dropped 10 spots in the economic freedom rankings this week.

The National Post reported:

Canada has taken its place among the Top 5 countries with the most economic freedom, according to a new Fraser Institute report — now leaps and bounds ahead of the United States thanks to the gradual shrinking of the Canadian government since the mid-1990s as America’s just got bigger.

The annual Economic Freedom of the World report, released Tuesday, has Canada tied in fifth place with Australia — up one spot from last year. Hong Kong remains at the top, Singapore’s next, then New Zealand.

Meanwhile, the United States, once a “standard bearer” of economic liberty among industrial nations, spiralled 10 spots from the 2011 rankings to 18th place — its lowest position ever.

It must be Bush’s fault, right?




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  1. all part of the illegal mooslums plan to destroy this country

  2. Hey, Humping A Leg Of Lie Scoopers………………..lookie what Bush did.

  3. It’s a feature, not a bug. Obama’s “Z-Team” in action — Dontcha just love it when a plan comes together!?

    Since we’ve not yet sunken to the point of being below the average Banana Republic, that’s why Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac needs 4 more years to cut us down to size.


  4. Hey, don’t pick on Barack H. Obama…. This is how all those wise ex-colonies did it. Get free from the Big Bad imperialists, and then run their countries off a cliff. Starve and impoverish your “people”, while the “rulers” live in luxury – and then blame it on the white man.

    Way to go Barack! You da man, brother!

    Barack is following a long LONG tradition of being a complete mental retard from Kenya.

  5. Hey!, all of you old wheezers and geezers. obama has something for you….
    kwinky-dink anyone?

    The President’s $8 Billion Coincidence | myBrainshark

  6. The subprimers can’t measure up in a free society. They need to be wards of the state. After all, these are people who aren’t even capable of getting a photo ID.

  7. Bammy has us ranked between Qatar and Kuwait… 2 Mooslime countries. He has gotta be lovin’ it.

  8. Chuckle all you want- – we’re still ahead of Kuwait and don’t you forget it !

  9. Vote for Romney. At least Romney knows how to make money and curb spending. Obama knows only how to spend monies – and on what you should be asking? How did he spend 6 trillion dollars anyhow? Where are these monies? All those people who vote for someone other than Romney or Obama are giving their vote to Obama.

  10. God bless America, the land of the free. Where citizens are never dragged out of their home in the middle of the night by brown shirts- unless they insult Islam that is, and where we still have more freedom than Kuwait.

  11. Barack Built This! POS!


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