Two former Afghan Islamists and a former Gitmo detainee led the rebels in Libya.
The US reportedly trained and armed the rebels in Libya.

Now, one of the rebel leaders, Sufyan Ben Qumu, is suspected in the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Sufyan Ben Qumu showed his appreciation by murdering our ambassador.

Leader: Sufyan Ben Qumu, who has known extremist ties, became one of the top commanders of rebel forces in Benghazi. Sufyan Ben Qumu, who was reportedly once Osama bin Laden’s driver, was let out of the US military detention center in Cuba in 2007 and turned over to the government of Muammar Gaddafi on the condition he be kept behind bars. (Daily Mail)

Former Gitmo detainee Sufyan Ben Qumu was released from Libyan prison last year.

It took Ben Qumu less than a year to lead rebels against the regime.

The Wall Street Journal

Two former Afghan Mujahedeen and a six-year detainee at Guantanamo Bay have stepped to the fore of this city’s military campaign, training new recruits for the front and to protect the city from infiltrators loyal to Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

The presence of Islamists like these amid the opposition has raised concerns, among some fellow rebels as well as their Western allies, that the goal of some Libyan fighters in battling Col. Gadhafi is to propagate Islamist extremism.

Abdel Hakim al-Hasady, an influential Islamic preacher and high-school teacher who spent five years at a training camp in eastern Afghanistan, oversees the recruitment, training and deployment of about 300 rebel fighters from Darna.

Mr. Hasady’s field commander on the front lines is Salah al-Barrani, a former fighter from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG, which was formed in the 1990s by Libyan mujahedeen returning home after helping to drive the Soviets from Afghanistan and dedicated to ousting Mr. Gadhafi from power.

Sufyan Ben Qumu, a Libyan army veteran who worked for Osama bin Laden’s holding company in Sudan and later for an al Qaeda-linked charity in Afghanistan, is training many of the city’s rebel recruits.

Both Messrs. Hasady and Ben Qumu were picked up by Pakistani authorities after the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and were turned over to the U.S. Mr. Hasady was released to Libyan custody two months later. Mr. Ben Qumu spent six years at Guantanamo Bay before he was turned over to Libyan custody in 2007.

They were both released from Libyan prisons in 2008 as part of a reconciliation with Islamists in Libya.

More… During his military service Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda Bin Qumu was frequently disciplined for drug and alcohol offenses, absences without leave, and attempted rape.

At least 27% of former Gitmo prisoners return to terror.




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  1. Appeasement does not work when dealing with savages. When will we ever learn?

  2. Thanks Barry.

  3. Mr. Ben Qumu spent six years at Guantanamo Bay before he was turned over to Libyan custody in 2007.
    I knew it !
    It is Bush’s fault. Yes it is.

  4. OT: FNC’s special report opened tonight with a story from the washington examiner called The Man Behind the Image — fact checking Obama’s past. Very revealing about his days as a law professor, privileged upbringing etc:

    Bottom line: most of the stuff in Michelle’s DNC speech was pure BS, and his students did NOT respect him as a teacher.

  5. OT: Fox News special report opened tonight with a story from the Washington Examiner called The Man Behind the Image — fact checking Obama’s past. Very revealing about his days as a law professor, privileged upbringing etc:

    Bottom line: most of the stuff in Michelle’s DNC speech was pure BS, and his students did NOT respect him as a teacher.

  6. Convert to Islam arrested for bomb threat at UT-Brownsville made in retaliation for derogatory comment about Islam
    HenryMcFarland.jpgThe jihadist formerly known as Henry Dewitt McFarland III

    See? If it were illegal to make derogatory comments about Islam, Henry Dewitt McFarland III, convert to Islam, would never have had to make his bomb threat. He would be free today, and all would be well. Repeal the First Amendment! “Derogatory comment against Islam motive in UTB bomb threat,” by Sergio Chapa for, September 17:

    Court records show that a derogatory comment made against Islam was the motive in a weekend bomb threat at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

    UTB police arrested 25-year-old Henry Dewitt McFarland III on a terroristic threat charge on Sunday afternoon.

    The Harlingen man is accused of phoning in a bomb threat to the UTB campus early Sunday morning.

    Court records released on Monday show that McFarland made the threat to the National Veteran’s Crisis Hotline.

    McFarland allegedly told the operator is a Marine Corps veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and in the process of converting to Islam.

    According to the records, McFarland was planning to detonate a bomb in retaliation to a classmate making a derogatory remark against the Muslim faith.

    McFarland told the operator that he had a pressure plate bomb in his living room.

    The Harlingen veteran told the operator that he receiving counseling for anger management and domestic violence….

    Oh, good. That’ll fix everything.

  7. the rebels in libya were trained by the u s, aka barack and hillary orchestrated. hillary said “we came, we saw, he died” no victory dance for hill this time…busy hiding under a rock

  8. I AM VERY SUSPICIOUS OF THIS NEWS….. It makes more sense Khaddafii loyalists arranged payback for the murder of Khaddafi….killing our Ambassador in the same brutal manner….The US Government has a bias interest in pinning this all on Al Quaida…..because Al Quaida is the government approved target for killing muslims . It contains the disaster to the same old fringe group…. shielding Iran and wider Islamic influences from blame. This is Leon Panetta trying to reel the disaster back onto the failing CIA NWO script that Terror is caused by a few crazy fanatics who can be dealt with by targeted drone strikes.

  9. The real question is how does the media humiliate Romney over this?

  10. More blood on the democrats hands.

  11. Apparently he has made a statement regarding our request for his organization to return the surface to air missies we loaned.

    That Barack Obama believes Qumu was just sitting around his pad watching YouTube videos to pass time and came upon one that angered him to suddenly organize his team and go after our ambassador at a safe house, is just unfortunate and further confirmation that Barack doesn’t attend to his job.

    If youre a Democrat, you have to be ashamed at yourself at being fooled by such a pathetic excuse of a human being.

  12. Until our top political and military leadership actually confronts the radical ideology of Islam, there can be no resolution of differing views. Not only that, but our prevarication is viewed by a virulent enemy as weakness and lack of resolve.

    In being so vague and ambiguous, our “leadership” gives nothing that can be viewed, by the Moslem population-at-large, as a clear alternative to the concept of jihad.

    A confrontation with the violent justifications that declare in Islamic texts could be force-multiplied by directing specific ideological and physical attention, including various kinetic operations, toward the assets and persons of relevant Islamic clerics.

    Otherwise, the confrontation will continue with no resolution, because it is not costly and significant enough to the population to force them to change their ideology. Under the current conditions, it is not honorable to send our young forces out to struggle when we are not willing to provide them with sufficient ideological support.

  13. Clint Eastwood (lets remember part of his speech): So, Mr. President, how do you handle promises that you have made when you were running for election, and how do you handle them?

    I mean, what do you say to people? Do you just — you know — I know — people were wondering — you don’t — handle that OK. Well, I know even people in your own party were very disappointed when you didn’t close Gitmo. And I thought, well closing Gitmo — why close that, we spent so much money on it. But, I thought maybe as an excuse — what do you mean shut up?

    OK, I thought maybe it was just because somebody had the stupid idea of trying terrorists in downtown New York City.

    Sounding like the average American, Eastwood failed to articulate accurately how bad Obama really is. US criminal courts? Nah, Obama will just let the terrorists go free.

    Bill Maher said this about Eastwood (I did not know that):

    “As a performer, as a stand-up comedian for 30 years who knows how hard it is to get laughs, excuse me, he went up there … without a net, on a tightrope. There was no teleprompter. He did a bit with just an empty chair and killed,” Maher said. “He committed to it, it was consistent and it worked.” -Bill Maher

  14. Bolton reminded Greta tonight that Bush had been under tremendous pressure to release Gitmo prisoners. This is what happens when Republicans don’t do what they know is right and agree to Dem demands. It always ends badly.

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