Congressional candidate Anthony Gemma accused Democrat Cicilline of massive voter fraud in Providence, Rhode Island.

The Providence Journal reported:

Congressional candidate Anthony Gemma alleged Wednesday that a private investigation has uncovered voter fraud linked to U.S. Rep. David N. Cicilline, his opponent in the upcoming September primary.

Gemma contends an investigation he initiated by retired state troopers found evidence of people being paid to vote for certain candidates, people voting multiple times at different voting places and people who impersonated other voters.

Speaking at an outdoor press conference near his headquarters, Gemma called Cicilline the “common denominator” through most of the evidence, some of which dates to 2002…

…Gemma’s conclusions were based on information from witnesses who said they were involved in the Cicilline campaign, Gemma said. He read statements from those witnesses, but he did not identify them. He said the statements were given under oath.

Gemma says he has met with the head of the state police Col. Steven G. O’Donnell to discuss the evidence. Gemma said he also turned over information to the FBI.

Neither O’Donnell nor any other members of the state police were at the press conference.

Reached by telephone after it, O’Donnell said, “The credibility of the state police is the most important thing that we’ve got. Due to the sensitivity of the allegations, coupled with the timing, it would be unfair and inapppropriate for the state police to comment on our involvement or non-involvement.”

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  1. But of course, voter ID is not needed anywhere in the country because voter fraud is just a figment of the GOP’s imagination, right?

  2. Need voter ID and if the have no voter ID then finger prints and the Iraq Blue Finger.

    Will compare finger prints for follow up confirmation of eligibility, voting irregularities or multiple voting . . if guilty they will be incarcerated for a minimum of 8 years. . .

  3. Good luck getting any of this implemented. This is what’s going to get the jive a$$ in the white house re-elected

  4. mg4us, might be faster just to run the prints through the national registry of sex offenders, criminals, etc. Probably get multiple records on lots of them.

  5. WOW! The Democrats’ persistent involvement in massive voter fraud is even upsetting fellow Democrats. How apt! It’s about time!

  6. Perhaps some day, retinal scanning may be used as a voting tool.

  7. I bet in a week or two Congressman Cicilline will be dropping out of the race to spend more time with his family.

  8. Not a surprise. I grew up in Rhody and it is and always has been about who you know and who they know…….Cicilline is and always will be a crook…….and they have the nerve to bash “Buddy” who did more for the state than these political blow=hards! If not for Buddy there would not even be a “Providence, Rhode Island”.

  9. Greetings sports fans, and welcome to the cannabalism segment of our program! Today we have Dem-on-Dem action in Rhode Island; corruption soooo big, it’ll need a change of venue just to conduct the trial! Then we’ll switch over to WV, where the Dem governor is running away from/against the incumbent Dem president. Who will win? Why you, the popcorn munching members of the vast right wing conspiracy!

  10. Ouch … that’s going to leave a mark. Maybe NOW we can convince people that voter ID laws are necessary!!!

  11. It sounded like they were saying that the state police is the only remaining uncorrupted government agency., but they are not too sure about them either.

  12. As a Rhode Island expat all I can say is “duh”. People wonder how dems get re elected there despite record unemployment and constant trips to city hall by the FBI to take out the trash.


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