Radical Islamists chant, “We are all Osama!” outside the US Embassy in Egypt –
The Islamists stormed the US Embassy and torched the US flag.

The AP reported:

Hours before the Benghazi attack, hundreds of mainly ultraconservative Islamist protesters in Egypt marched to the U.S. Embassy in downtown Cairo, gathering outside its walls and chanting against the movie and the U.S. Most of the embassy staff had left the compound earlier because of warnings of the upcoming demonstration.

“Say it, don’t fear: Their ambassador must leave,” the crowd chanted.

Dozens of protesters then scaled the embassy walls, and several went into the courtyard and took down the American flag from a pole. They brought it back to the crowd outside, which tried to burn it, but failing that tore it apart.

The protesters on the wall then raised on the flagpole a black flag with a Muslim declaration of faith, “There is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet.” The flag, similar to the banner used by al-Qaida, is commonly used by ultraconservatives around the region.

The crowd grew throughout the evening with thousands standing outside the embassy. Dozens of riot police lined up along the embassy walls but did not stop protesters as they continued to climb and stand on the wall – though it appeared no more went into the compound.

The crowd chanted, “Islamic, Islamic. The right of our prophet will not die.” Some shouted, “We are all Osama,” referring to al-Qaida leader bin Laden. Young men, some in masks, sprayed graffiti on the walls. Some grumbled that Islamist President Mohammed Morsi had not spoken out about the movie.

Don’t expect this to make many headlines today.




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  1. And where is Waldo? Bueller? Bueller? This is an act of war Bueller.

  2. Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday called for nationwide protests Friday after a film deemed offensive to Islam sparked a deadly attack in Libya and furious protests in Cairo.

    The Brotherhood calls “for peaceful protests on Friday outside all the main mosques in all of Egypt’s provinces to denounce offenses to religion and to the Prophet,” the Muslim Brotherhood’s Secretary General Mahmud Hussein said in a statement.

    He also urged all “national forces to join the protests.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood, from which President Mohammed Morsi emerged, is the largest and most organized political force in the country.

    The call for protests comes after a film portraying the life of the Prophet Mohammed, which touches on themes of pedophilia and homosexuality, sparked a deadly attack in Libya that left America’s ambassador Chris Stevens and three American officials dead.

    The film was produced by Israeli-American Sam Bacile, according to the Wall Street Journal, but Egyptian media say that some Egyptian Copts living in the U.S. were involved in the production

  3. We need Obama to arrest all who offend Islam….wait he will.

  4. ultraconservatives, the AP doing its political propaganda again. muslims are leftists.

  5. They are chanting “we are all Osama”?

    Good. .then let’s give them all the same fate as Osama

    call in Drones. .Call in SEAL TEAM 6

    Take them OUT. . EVERY SIngle one of those scumbags. . .

    Retaliate – Swift & Certain. .

    Where is MSM on this? Why is story being buried?
    Let all your friends, family, neighbors see and know:

    Obama & MSM lie, Americans Die!

  6. And according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, via an AP article, this was all about a film nobody has seen, and had nothing to do with 9/11.

    We need a news service. AP is propaganda.

  7. #7 Valerie

    You are absolutely right, this has very little to do with some obscure youtube video and was planned for the anniversary of 9-11. Why else would they be chanting “We are all Osama”?

  8. Not being reported by the progressive media is the fact that Obama’s drone targeted killings has incited much of this hatred. Strangely, these “irrational” Islamists actually prefer not to be illegally targeted for elimination by a distant Stalinist cowardly flyer reacting machines to attack those he fears.

  9. It comes down to this folks, Obama owns this!

  10. Do Democrats really want to keep spiking the Osama bin Laden football after this???

  11. And we are funding these asses so that they can attack Israel…sweet.

  12. Well Osama is dead. Their wish is our command, especially considering the tag is wagging the big dog these days.

  13. “…..the tail is wagging the big dog…..”

  14. That’s right, this is how muslims in these now Muslim Brotherhood dominated countries celebrate 9/11.

  15. Obama’s chickens…. are coming home…. to roooooost

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