Quinnipiac Pollster Peter Brown recently admitted that it was unlikely that Democrats will see a massive turnout this year. Despite this, the polling firm continues to slant their polls to benefit Democrats.
NewsBusters reported:

With no manufactured outrage to hammer Mitt Romney at the moment, liberal journalists are now eagerly touting a series of polls which appear to show President Obama pulling away from the GOP nominee in several key states.

Unfortunately, these polls are relying on sample sizes which are skewed tremendously leftward with far more Democrats than Republicans and as such, they are unlikely to be good predictors of actual Election Day turnout. Do the pollsters themselves actually believe in their own sample sizes though? At least one appears not to.

Interviewed last month by conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac polling operation was particularly squeamish about sampling under tough questioning from Hewitt about a poll which Quinnipiac had released showing Democrats with a 9 percentage point advantage in the state of Florida.

In the conversation, Brown defended Quinnipiac’s sampling techniques but admitted that he did not believe that Democrats would outnumber Republicans to that degree in Florida come November. Pressed by Hewitt, the pollster said he believed that was a “probably unlikely” scenario. Instead, Brown kept saying that he thought his poll was an accurate snapshot of reality at the time.

“What I believe is what we found,” he insisted while also touting his organization’s record of polls closer to actual elections.

Unfortunately, this cavalier attitude toward accuracy is actually widespread throughout the entire polling industry. As NewsBusters noted in June, exit polls, which rely on far larger sample sizes than those conducted by Quinnipiac and others have long been known to oversample Democrats, sometimes even drastically. Sadly, the awful record that many pollsters have is something that most people barely know anything about. As such, it is one of the media’s “dirty little secrets” since Americans certainly won’t hear about it from the press.

This morning, surveys from the New York Times/CBS/Quinnipiac project more heavily Democratic electorates than in 2008.



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  1. The historic takeover of the House by 60+ seats that deposed the Swamp Queen Pelosi was a short 2 years ago. What has changed for the better since then for the Democrats?

    NOTHING at all! The momentum has not changed at all as far as I can tell. Now things are WORSE than they were 2 years ago and we are now seeing Obama’s foreign policy collapse around him, unemployment not moving in 2 years, debt higher, deficit higher, health insurance a lot higher etc etc.

    I just cannot trust the polls or the press any longer. If Obama does somehow win, I will have lost all faith in America and most likely will join the crowd and retire a few years earlier while I can get all those Obama giveaways.

  2. “This morning, surveys from the New York Times/CBS/Quinnipiac project more heavily Democratic electorates than in 2008.”

    No frickin’ way. 2008 saw record turnout of Demonrat voters.

    Well, there is one frickin’ way that I can think of and that is voter fraud.

  3. Polls? Part of the commie scam. Just listened to Ryan and he is America, the American idea. But the sad part is they can’t tell the truth about the child fraud. He is there to make sure of a US collapse. Destroy WHITE capitalism and give all power to the UN. At the same time Islam advances their dark agenda. Obungle never thought it could be this easy. Thanks PC media and white ignorant fools.

  4. Let them put fake polls out till election day. Then we will sit back and enjoy the schadenfreude on election evening and into the next day.

  5. “What I believe is what we found,” he insisted

    No kidding. A poll confirming what the pollster believes (and wishes would come true). I would be fired in a second if I pulled crap like this at work.

  6. Stay strong and focused, America.

    The lefttards and their flying monkeys, the corrupt media, are going beserk trying to convince you to stay home.

    This is the most important election of anybody’s lifetime.

    Get yourself, and 5 to 10 others out to vote on Nov 6th.


    “Quinnipiac Pollster Admits It’s Unlikely Election Will See Massive Democratic Skew”

  8. #5 Shawn

    I agree with you.

    Who cares if pollsters are making things up? If they predict an Obama win, even though he is losing, then two things happen. One, people will be surprised on election day. Two, the pollster will look bad. So what? I don’t see how Obama is helped.

    If anyone is helped, it has to be Romney. The Dems will falsely believe that Obama is going to win easily. So why bother going to the polls? Many Dems will just stay home, smoke a joint, and watch the election on TV.

  9. Kevin Dujan over at HillBuzz is trying to get Republican volunteers in Cook county, Illinois to act as poll judges.

    A certain number of postions are given to each side, but since ‘pubs have been so demoralized there for years, dems then step in to take the positions.

    Not much time left, if you or anyone you know resides in Cook county get them to this website:
    Election judges

  10. I used to get nervous looking at these polls. After reading how skewed they are and knowing so many people who will not vote for the ONE again, I am looking forward to watching MSNBC and their crew of libs on election night when they are the ones who are shocked. (Only time I will ever watch that channel.)
    I love in a very blue state. It will always be blue, but Obama will not do nearly as good here as he did last time.

  11. The End justify the Means.
    We want NObama to win, so our polls show it.
    The End.

  12. I have been called by these pollsters several times. The first thing they say is that this survey will take five or ten minutes. I tell them I’m not interested and hang up. I suspect other conservatives tell them the same thing. BTW, I read that when anybody does this their “vote” goes to obama. Never, ever trust a dim. They are all liars and cheats. And these pollsters are all dims. Even Rasmussen.

  13. No one’s talking about Obama/ACORNspinoffs cheating again this year. Was that story about the company in Spain counting votes true?

    Dems are no dummies. Phenomenal liars and cheats, yes. They’re showing BHO ahead, way ahead, for a reason. If they can make the case that MR is way behind, that he’s making grievous errors all the time, etc. it’ll depress those who’d turn out to vote for him, thinking he’s bound to lose.

    It may also reinvigorate BHO’s dopey followers. But they’re working hard getting NAMES from colleges, etc. and getting young people registered to vote. The way they work, they don’t need a body to even show up to vote if they’ve got a name.

  14. Fraud is going to be so widespread in favour of Obama, so with people hearing the polls put Obama and Romney in close proximity, although the polls being skewed in favour of Obama, will make it look like it was a fair election.

  15. What?

    They don’t love me?

    How about this campaign promise: Free Gas! Vote for 0bama! For only $40,699.99 per dinner you can have Free Gas. It’s all the beans we serve. Free gas!

  16. Does anyone really believe Obama will win Ohio by 10 points?

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