Michelle Obama at DNC: “If any family in this country struggles then we cannot be content” …(That’s Why She Took 16 Vacations in 3 Years)

Tonight at the DNC convention they played video of of a teary-eyed Michelle Obamasaying,

“If any family in this country struggles then we cannot be content.”

That’s why she took over 16 vacations in three years.

Michelle Obama spoke at the DNC tonight about all of those good things Barack Obama has done with your money.
She didn’t mention the $16 trillions of debt we are in.

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  • Pingback: Michelle Obama at DNC: “If any family in this country struggles then we cannot be content” …(That’s Why She Took 16 Vacations in 3 Years)|Politifreak()

  • Pingback: Michelle Obama at DNC: “If any family in this country struggles then we cannot be content” …(That’s Why She Took 16 Vacations in 3 Years)|Politifreak()

  • Highlander

    Meanwhile, my family hasn’t had one vacation … nice.

  • bigkahuna

    They struggle because of Dummycrats and your idiot husband. You know the Teleprompter reader in Chief

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “If any family in this country struggles then we cannot be content.”

    You and your hubby seem pretty damned content to me, you detestable harridan.

  • befuddled

    She’s the official Vacation Czar. And Obama is blameless for the economy as he says because he’s not the President, he’s actually the Golf Czar.

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  • TiredoftheObamas

    If she says “schtruggling” one more time, I am going to BARF. This speech is over the top with dramatics. She is losing it. FAKE FAKE FAKE woman.

  • PhillyGuy

    Beyond that, why is she wearing a sleeveless cocktail dress at a convention? It looks incredibly expensive. Plus her legs were shining which she had something done to them. Really inappropriate for a first lady.

  • Valerie

    So, is she going to be described in the press as a “Corporate Wife?”

    Just wondering, because both she and Mrs. Romney gave speeches that were very much alike.

  • dwd

    What kind of world would it be if no one struggled?

    One where we’re all latched on to the government teat, happy with what others have decided will be provided for us.

  • bigkahuna

    Amazon woman…Govt welfare queen

  • Campfollower

    I thought it couldn’t get any more over the top, and then she almost went wild with…whatever it was supposed to be…emotion, I suppose. All that pandering to gays and the military, all at the same time. And…what was that about she and hubby both being raised with unconditional love? I thought his father abandoned him and his mom shipped him off to be raised by his grandparents? Just shows how easy the lies can come to this woman. But the delegates ate it up, didn’t they? Fools.

  • JKB

    Her discontent won’t let her relax no matter how much she vacations.

  • Maybe she could let some of these struggling families vacation in their new $35 Million Mansion in Hawaii.

  • bigkahuna

    Maybe that twit can simply give her and barry’s money to lazy people who sit on their @ss. Im sure they would love that

  • bigkahuna

    By the way…was the San Antonio Mayor’s granny legal ?

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Never in my life have I heard such a pandering maudlin speech !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bigkahuna



  • Sean

    Fox can go to hell as far as I am concerned. Going crazy for that “very effective”speech.

  • Joyce elberson

    I have no resepct for the Obamas. Class will always win out. They don’t even like Americans or American.

    And now, the democrats have taken the words “God” and “Jerusalem” out of their 2012 platform completely. Yet they will pander for the Jewish vote.

  • Brae

    When, how and why did America think it was cool to elect skid row bums to lead this County !!! People must have been drunk or stoned or poisoned in some way.

  • Skinner

    Just eff off to Hawaii and enjoy your millions.

    Like she even WANTS to be back in the WH.

  • Lindasadly


  • Valerie

    That part of the speech reminded me of John F’n Kerry addressing the VFW (I think) where he made some extravagant promises “so long as any veteran” is in need. I thought is sounded awfully close to a bribe, and I wondered whether he was winning support. A pan over the audience showed a lot of old men with sour looks — to me, they looked like honest people offered a bribe that might evaporate.

  • Joanne

    “That’s not who we are”……that’s who you are. I really wonder how she can get up there after all of her taxpayer funded vacations around the world – claiming her children as staff even. This liar has no shame.

  • Lindasadly

    Viceral haters

  • Indiana

    Total Freak Show…..reminded me of the Star Wars “bar scene.” Let’s everyone get really emotionally worked up…..knowing that the Government is the Answer to all our prayers. All of the “investment” bullsh** was nothing more than tax and spend according to what the GOVERNMENT feels we need. Redistribution of wealth…..and social engineering. Michelle is just a cover for her husband. He’s a lying, gay, islamist, who committed multiple felonies to get to where he is in life…..this is ONE GIANT CON GAME BEING PLAYED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and I can’t tell if most democrats are being used as shills, or they’re in collusion with the intentional devastation of our Country. For Obama to foist this scam on our beautiful country, is worse than immoral……he’d have to be Satan’s spawn. I believe that it’s going to take the full power of God to sort this out. Prayers….everyone.

  • Objective Analysis

    This beeyotch is lying like her husband. Goodness. Did anybody watch this mess?

  • Lindasadly

    I read the pundit to get another perspective, but all I get is hateful comments. No facts, no comparative details no give and take discussion just pointed hateful comments.

    I think she conveyed herself with grace and integrity. She is a beautiful fit woman who loves her family and country. Weather or not you believe in her political lean you have to give her that. By belittling her clothing, body, etc. You only cheapen yourself. She is the wife of the leader of our country and she is an ambassador for our country. She deserves some respect.

  • Valerie

    Rick Klein: “the story of Obama is the American Dream incarnate.”

    He’s straining.

  • Valerie

    #31 September 4, 2012 at 11:03 pm
    Lindasadly commented:

    She did a nice speech, but she’s spent one hell of a lot of money, and carried along one hell of an entourage all over the world, all on the dime of the people who pay for our government.

    The Marie Antoinette comparison has some validity.

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  • donh

    You mean someone struggling like your dear aunt Zetuni ? How about You take care of your own family and set the right example for others to follow.

  • olm

    She gave a great speech but she is the very picture of an elite.
    I have no idea how any one can buy this utter bs.

  • Valerie #33

    At least Marie Antoinette had her hair in place. Notice the hank of hair on M.O.’s head going bob bob bob. Not enough dippity do? Someone will die for that.

  • kato

    Then why is your husband making them struggle, Mooch? His leftist policies have held this country captive for four years while he milked the hard-earned wealth of the productive and thrifty in order to buy the support and votes of America’s freeloaders.

    Let’s send these two subprimers packing in November.

  • Lindasadly


    You seem to be one of the most focused person on this site. I have found an article which was written about her recently. It explains how some of these concerns erupted and impacted people’s perceptions of her.


    She is not perfect but she is not who is being depicted in this comment pool.

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  • socialism didn’t build the “greatest middle class in history,” capitalism did!

  • DecentAmerican

    This is a woman who vacayed in Spain and south Africa, with extended family members, on the backs of poor Americans’ tax money, a woman who has no official duties, yet a staff of over 20. A woman who insulted whites in her thesis, yet benefitted from affirmative action all her life. A woman who took a 6 figure salary from a Chicago hospital, and then have her husband senator grant the hospital political favors.

    Evil, corrupt, racist to the core. A true liberal. A figure of hate And evil.
    americavdeserves much better than this racist she-witch. Wife of the demon.

  • DecentAmerican

    Lindasadly, you seem bright but painfully naive, how can you respect someone who wastes taxpayer money so shamelessly when she proclaims to stand for the poor? Why did she need to take her niece and nephew on an expensive trip to Africa and have taxpayers pay for it? Why was she not proud of her country before her husband got elected?

    This woman deserves no respect, only scorn and disgust. She is not an ambassador to this country, she is an embarrassment. God help you that you do not see her obvious corruption.

    Go to michellemalkin.com and search for this demons name, very well researched, your blood will boil if you ate a true American.

  • TerryCloth

    To Tired of the Obamas:

    Major malocclusion issues with her. With all that dough they’re stealing from everyone, you’d think she’d get her oral cavity fixed.

  • does michelle have any idea how many families are struggling under the burden of confiscatory taxation?

  • bmeatsack

    She took 16 vac. in 4 years thats more then I took in 32 years on the job. One that pays for honest work. I heard you wore the exlarge girdle tonight so as not to attract so much space junk while the fudge factor is hanging out in space.

  • Lindasadly

    How can you people all these things about her and give the Romney’s a pass. By hiding their money and not paying equvelent taxes they are taking away resources that can make a dent in the deficit and build sub structure.

  • Kimberly

    @Lindasadly I too search for different opinions stemming from both parties. However, I must agree w/Decent American. I don’t believe the Romney’s tax returns issue holds court to the endless issues, questionable background and pure lack on national and international leadership this President and his administration have presented this country. Not to mention how ‘the box that talks’ has glorified his and her every move on talk show after talk show. Where has the decorum of the Presidental office gone… to ‘The View’? The use of ‘incredible makeover’ in a speech tonight lends credance to the fact our society is greatly influenced by what they watch on that box. Isn’t that a sad state for this nation. WE elected the first American Idol into our highest office with a dream of hope and change. (2016 movie has very interesting ideas as to why that hasn’t happened) He hasn’t done his job so he must go… bottom line. And one last thing, Michelle’s dress was amazing… for a cocktail party. Absent from her time in office is respectful, appropriate business attire. She is representing our country not chairing a local fundraising event. I don’t care what fashion reviews say what… the first lady needs to cover her shoulders!

  • Befuddled

    #47 September 5, 2012 at 2:30 am
    Lindasadly commented:

    How can you people all these things about her and give the Romney’s a pass. By hiding their money and not paying equvelent taxes they are taking away resources that can make a dent in the deficit and build sub structure.
    Who do I trust more,the empty chair who ran up 16 trillion onto the credit card with nothing but an “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt to show for it or the other guy who actually ran a lemonade stand and knows how to spend his money better than the government?You know what would have made a bigger “dent in the deficit and build sub structure”–not wasting 6 trillion dollars.For starters,it could have provided you with a voucher to a better education system so you wouldn’t embarrass youself by parroting everything a Dummycrat tells you.

    Why was Obama frequenting Chicago gay bath houses?
    –He was just polling the electorate.

  • RedstateRed

    Goodness, people….Linda isn’t going to get it NOW if she hasn’t yet. Don’t waste your time trying to educate someone who clearly so beef-witted.

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  • mg4us

    Michelle said:
    But see when — when Barack started telling me about his family,
    see now that’s when I knew I’d found in him a kindred spirit.
    Someone whose values and upbringing were so much like mine.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/04/transcript-michelle-obama-speech-at-dnc/#ixzz25ao6yBeN

    Yes a kindred hater of America, the one you were not proud of, the one Barack’s Mom said “These are not MY People” (p47 Obama’s: Dreams From My Father)

    You brought Obama to the Church of Black Liberation Theology – -Jeremiah “GD-America” Wright

    Michele also said:
    We learned about honesty and integrity. That the truth
    matters. That you don’t take shortcuts are played by your own
    set of rules.

    And success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and

    Keep Talking Angry Big Mama. . That is why Obama has paid OVER $2MM to hide his records . . .and was inexperienced, Inept and incompetent in all he did

    But the worse was in the beginning when she said:
    And, I’ve seen it in our men and women in uniform and our proud military families.

    In wounded warriors who tell me they are not just going to walk again,
    they are going to run and they are going to run marathons.

    In the young men blinded by a bomb in Afghanistan who said simply, “I’d give my eyes and 100 times again to have the chance to do what I have done, and what I can still do”.

    These are bald face lies and why she shakes her head no when she speaks these words rather than the affirmative nod . .
    The men and women in uniform sacrifice while Obama plays golf and jets off on another fun-raiser. .
    And Obama wanted to deny them their pay if there was a government shutdown but not the payola for welfare queens. . . sickening

    For the glorious Obama past she speaks fondly of see:
    2016: Obama’s America

    I tried to watch her. .
    but with all that BS and that fake soul mate nonsense I called it a night

  • mg4us

    Need to add another Billion to to Obama’s runaway spending. . .

    Take a look

    Guess who pays? Did you say taxpayer?

    I wonder how many teachers could have been hired with that $1B

    Yes, Moochele. . you and Barack have such solid values. . .NOT!!!!!

  • Limousine Barry

    Keep your eyes off of her big arse!

    Just listen to her lies! Sure, they are not a big a mine. But, she is working on that!

  • DecentAmerican

    Lol, you accuse the posters of saying things without evidence, and here you post something about Romney without evidence. You have been outed as a Typical hypocritical liberal nut job!

    There is NO evidence that Romney has done anything illegal. It is not a crime to be successful. If you wanted to hire someone to run your company, do you hire the one with a record of success, or the one who was a community organizer who irresponsibly ran up trillions in debt? There is no contest.

    If you want to talk about criminal activity, you need look no further than fast and furious. This demon armed Brian terry with beanbag bullets while arming the enemy who murdered him with assault rifles. Treason to the core. And yet you respect this demon?

  • mg4us

    #47. . Romney is paying his legal share of taxes or IRS would be all over him like syrup on hot pancakes. . .this is a DEMONcrat Diversion. . and part of Commie class warfare

    Money invested overseas is legit and done so because of poor US returns and regulatory barriers to invest here. .

    Romney released the required TWO YEARS of recent taxes. . .Let’s compare that to Obama and Buffet (the later uses dividends as income). . .and see how much charity they each give. . .

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  • You seem to be one of the most focused person on this site

    And you’ve shown yourself to be one of the most idiotic.

    OOOOOOOH, that must make me a “viceral” hater.

    Are your fewwings hurt yet?

    Damn, I hope so.

  • owl

    Anyone have a list of all those vacation spots with estimate of costs?

    That would be very effective. Queen of USA says that IF any family stuggles, we can not be content while on our 16 vacations in 3 years.

  • mg4us

    Angry Big Mama Moochele. . to you
    and your Angrier “These are not My peoplE” half. .Barrack. . .

    All I can say is LIAR LIAR

  • What a rainbows and unicorns view of Barack’s presidency. This is the single worst recovery EVER. Ann Romney will make a much classier First Lady. Anyway, here’s my take on the speech if anyone’s interested! Thanks.


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  • mg4us

    Here are two interesting links

    Michele says I or Me 83 times

    or that US has lost competitiveness

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  • chuck in st paul

    She has empathy with the poor folks. That’s why she wears $450 sneakers to serve food at the poor house.

  • Lindasadly

    If Romoney is elected get use to no union to support you, get use to your jobs being sent to China or India. no health care for you. When you turn 52 the company will down size you out take your pension and make you sign to receive a portion of whyat you put in. This happened to my brother at Georgia Pacific. He was making 120,000 per year. This is a Koch brother industry. He was is now a handyman because at 52 he Can’t find a job. He had only good reviews. Do companies care about their employees. No only the bottom line. He now makes less than 20 thousand a year, they sold their house and moved. My sister holds on to a job she hates to provide health insurance.

  • Lindasadly

    You people Don’t want to learn. You just want to blaimed. If you were really interested you would explore all points of view. There is something communicated when less then 100 people respond to a post after 12 hours. Expand your mind, Don’t close it.

  • Leo

    I wish I could get every undecided voter to watch this speech and then read this comment thread. It is hard to imagine a better contrast for the Obama campaign.

  • Lindasadly

    This is a hate filled web site. I was hoping to make a difference but I realize that therein a small group who Don’t know how to open up and explore the opinions of the world. Close your mind it is so much easier than exploring another perspective. I wish I could blindly follow the world limited views you do.

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  • mg4us

    Michelle Obama at DNC: “If any family in this country struggles then we cannot be content”

    Except if you are a flood victim in Louisiana, a victim if Huricane Isaac. . . WE DON’T CARE

    Obama doesn’t have time for you (took three days to get there AFTER Romney went Friday)
    And No one remembered you last night either at the DNC. . .


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  • mg4us
  • Fantastic points altogether, you just received a new reader. What may you recommend in regards to your put up that you made a few days in the past? Any positive?