An anti-American protester in Morocco today.




Hundreds of Muslims protested on Wednesday outside the U.S. consulate in Morocco’s largest city Casablanca to decry a film deemed insulting to Islam. (Naharnet)

And Morocco–
Now Lebanon reported:

Hundreds of Muslims protested on Wednesday outside the US consulate in Morocco’s largest city Casablanca to decry a film deemed insulting to Islam that already sparked deadly violence in Libya, an AFP photographer reported.

The protesters, numbering between 300 and 400 mostly young activists, gathered around 200 meters from the consulate amid a heavy police presence.

Some shouted anti-US slogans, including “Death to Obama!”, but without resorting to violence.

On Tuesday, US Ambassador to Tripoli Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the Libyan city of Benghazi when an armed mob stormed the consulate, torching the building after looting it.

Protests also broke out in Gaza today.

Palestinians protest in Gaza City against a film that has sparked anger across the Muslim world. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)

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  • Stella Baskomb


    Or riots?

  • Maria Dubăsari

    Please Romney don’t have any more press releases concerning this. You’ve helped enough.

  • Militant conservative

    Ahhh the califate begins.

  • Dobby

    The Libyans better apologize and find and punish those killers quickly. Or else Obama might get real mad and start tweeting in all caps.

  • Mad Hatter

    Last year Glenn Beck warned of this, and now it’s taking another turn for the worse.

    Obama owns this.

  • Mildred Smith

    10 Libyan security guards died fighting off the mob.

  • libtards lie

    Kuwaiti’s of all people protest us after we liberated their country from Saddam. What a joke, if it were not for the U.S., they would still be licking the boots of the Iraqi’s. This really does show that their religion of Islam is more important to these animals than their country and that any perceived insult will cause them to go all crazy eyed with blood lust.

    Islam is a danger to the world.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Does anyone else find it interesting that every other pollster has seen Obama’s convention bounce disappear, yet on Gallup, the pollster being sued by Obama, his lead grows everyday? Today Gallup has Obama +7.

    Also, Gallup is the ONLY pollster still using Registered Voters. The ONLY one.

  • tj

    So.. let me get this straight…

    The guy who can’t even find his birth certificate…

    Is going to find a bunch of muzzy killers in Libya..

  • USMCdaughter1

    Bring our people home, cut all foreign aid to these barbarians and remove this ridiculous excuse we have in the White House for someone with brains and a pair.

  • USMCdaughter1

    #6 Mildred – going to be really blunt – I could give a crap less about the Libyans who died. I care about MY PEOPLE FIRST.

  • bg


    uhm, in case no one has noticed, we are still
    at war, and the president is not on our side..



    Time for Imam Obama to take another world apology tour….

  • Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

    This is not a shock or surprise. This was bound to happen. The majority of Islamics taking center stage to stand against anyone or anything that attacks there most holy prophet Mo.

    The thing is when will we accept that a TRUE Muslim who walks in ALL the ways and obey’s ALL the ways of the Koran is a danger to the world at large.

    This is how they take over the world.

    Lay low and procreate like crazy
    Run of public offices
    then when you become the majority OVERTHROW and DESTROY anyone in your way.

    They killed so many that had NOTHING to do with people who hurt them


  • jj

    Libya and the Sudan are nuts pretty much 24/7. Saudi is nuts, but not stupid. Egypt was like that, before the nuts took over. Kuwait and Morroco are relatively sane so this is a big litmus test on the region. If the UAE and Baharain flip to crazy town it’s over. Good thing our Emir knows how to suck up to 5th century wisdom.

  • greenfairie

    Thank you, President Empty Chair.

  • Mostly Lazy


  • Indiana

    Because the World sees the U.S. as weak….hell is breaking out all over. It’s like the kids know that dad’s not home. Obama is duplicitous in this entire fiasco. He weakly says “woe is me” leading from behind…..and in his moments of solitude…..he’s kissing the ground on his prayer rug….praising allah….and hoping the Islamists don’t find out he himself is homosexual. Is there any place in the world that Obama is welcomed for who he truly is? I think NOT!

  • LMM

    @Maria Dubăsari – You’re an idiot. Romney had nothing to do with this. An apologistic administration begs forgiveness from radical extremists, which they take as weakness, and in turn kill innocent people. Libian security forces did their job, tried to move the embassy staff to a safe building but…oops…accidentally told a murderous mob where they were taking them. The U.S. strongly condemned the movie, said it was wrong to insult Muslim beliefs but that wasn’t good enough. They had to kill a few people. And on September 11th. That’s no a coincidence. Your response is either naive or willfully blind to what’s going on in the Middle East. This is just one more demonstration of the fact that reasoning with extremists does not work. Efforts at diplomacy are percieved as weakness. This administration needs to withdraw all its staff and all foreign aid from the Middle East and let the barbarians fight it out amongst themselves.

  • bg


    AIFD sends its prayers to the family of Ambassador Stevens
    and those that lost their life in this senseless attack
    : 9/12/12

    [“The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) sends its prayers
    and condolences to the families of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and
    those who lost their lives in this senseless and brutal attack on the United
    States. Our prayers are also with their colleagues in the Department of
    State who by all accounts have lost an ardent defender of freedom and
    human rights in the Middle East.

    The actions of the mob in Libya and the clear interventions of the former
    regime are nothing short of pure evil and in no way representative of the
    teachings and practices of the faith of Islam.

    At this time of grief it is important that we steel our resolve against this
    evil. We must not blink in the face of this irrational reaction to the mere
    words of a little known filmmaker. Apologies from our government to this
    absurd mob are ridiculous and counterproductive to establishment of true
    human rights within this region.

    It is clear that Islamist leadership in Egypt and the remnants of the
    fascistic Gaddafi regime in Libya are using this movie as a tool for
    their own agenda as they have done countless times before.

    We need a bold strategy in this region to foster the liberty minded
    Muslims in these countries to work against these elements of hate
    and anti-Americanism. We need to help the people of these countries
    to go through a reformation and step into modernity and away from
    these irrational actions.

    That process begins today by our government stepping away from
    the typical politically correct language that forgives these attacks
    and justifies their cause by condemning the free speech of the
    moviemaker. There is no justification for the actions of this mob.
    Any act of contrition on our part is essentially an acceptance of
    the OIC’s “insult to heavenly religions” and an affront to the
    principles that built the United States.”

    Dear God in heaven, how i wish he were President..