Outrageous!… Obama Administration Blames “Friendly Fire” Attacks in Afghanistan on US Troops

This is unbelievable.
Don’t look now but the Obama Administration blamed the numerous “friendly fire” attacks in Afghanistan this year on US troops.

U.S. Army specialist Mabry Anders (L), who was killed in an attack by an Afghan army soldier in Afghanistan on August 27, 2012, is pictured with his mother Genevieve Woydziak (C) and his stepfather Troy Woydziak in this undated handout family photo obtained by Reuters September 26, 2012. The “insider attack” also took the life of another U.S. soldier, Sergeant Christopher Birdwell. (REUTERS/Anders Family)

If the US troops were just more respectful the Afghans would not be killing them.
The New York Post reported, via Pat Dollard:

Afghan security forces, our supposed allies, are slaughtering American troops. Thirty-three soldiers have been killed by “green on blue” attacks this year alone. The situation is so bad that the training of Afghan forces has been temporarily suspended.

How has the Pentagon responded?

By blaming our troops.

Top officials believe culturally offensive behavior is the motivation behind the killings, so it’s stepped up Islamic sensitivity training for our troops.

If you don’t want to be shot in the back by your Afghan training partners, the Pentagon advises, don’t offend their religious sensibilities. Don’t kick your feet up on a table, for instance, and never ask to see a picture of their wives and kids. “There’s a percentage [of attacks] which are cultural affronts,” Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said in a recent interview. Dempsey echoes the concerns of Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi, the Afghan National Army’s chief of staff, who earlier this month argued both sides need to do more to “teach” foreign troops Islamic traditions and values to reduce the chance of violent reactions to cultural slights. “It is our duty to teach this to them. Our indifference about these issues causes the incident,” he said.

What an ignorant and insensitive statement.
Tell this to the parents of one of our brave heroes.

UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell has details from his Afghan contacts on today’s attack.

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  • Mad Hatter

    “If you don’t want to be shot in the back by your Afghan training partners, the Pentagon advises, don’t offend their religious sensibilities. Don’t kick your feet up on a table, for instance, and never ask to see a picture of their wives and kids.” Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said in a recent interview.

    Who the hell is this Benedict Arnold?

  • freedom_AZ

    This is so stupid by our so-called leaders is offends every free thinking person. How bout we just pack up and let these neanderthals handle their own stuff with a final good bye note telling them if we every have to come back this place, with all of it’s Islamic cry babies, it will be wiped out. Scorched earth. No rules of engagement other than kill everyone and thing. The funds stop today also.

    Bring the troops home; now.

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  • RKflorida

    Satan is protecting his own. Most Americans don’t believe there is true evil in the world. I hope they wake up soon.

  • snap boy

    The Afghans should be taught that US and allied troops have cultural sensitivities to the murder of our people.

  • Bigkahuna

    Tell that camel humping turdburglar raghead to F.O.
    We train your @ss don’t whine about being offended. We are offended that you are constantly offended…how about we shoot you all in the back for fun?

  • Francesca

    So depressing. Yes. these are insults in Islam . . . especially showing the soles of shoes. They most definitely do not want other men looking at pics of their wives, but they do NOT warrant being shot in the back. That is due to the fact that we are infidels. We should just get out of there. Let them rot.

  • Who Knew

    Of course he’s blaming US troops – Obama hates America. Is that a secret to some people?

  • Granny

    Sure does put that infamous picture of our Muslim-In-Chief’s feet on the historic desk in the Oval Office in a whole new light, doesn’t it?

  • gracepmc

    Go here for a transcript of Panetta and Dempsey’s remarks http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/news/2012/09/mil-120927-dod02.htm Dempsey also intervened on the video that Obama tried to convince us was the reason for the recent Middle East attacks on our embassies, one of which resulted in Ambassador Stevens’ murder. I am not a fan of Panetta or Dempsey but judge for yourself. They are typical of the Obama Administration.

  • tek

    100% of the shots to the backs of those who have risked their lives for so-called partners would be cultural affronts, to put it mildly.

  • donh

    That’s right …It’s the duty of every commander to teach Imam Obama’s troops how to correctly pray toward Mecca 5 times a day…to close down those offensive christian chaplains….to replace those OFFENSIVE bugle noises with the Adhan call to prayer…to forbid those offensive bibles and teach the Koran to enlisted men. Female troops properly covered in Burkas. No more offensive foods. Strict diets of halal vegetables. THEN our enemy friends won’t have to kill so many of our rude insulting bigoted people.

  • paul52

    Think it’s time to say goodbye, U.S. military. This could not be more offensive. We’re worried about their “traditions”? Which ones: beheadings, stonings, female genital mutilation, wiping barehanded, srapping bombs on women and children? Leave Afghanistan in the 7th century and make it clear… you screw with us and you are toast.

  • Chip

    Gen Martin Dempsey has NO business being in charge of America’s military. Period.

  • carol

    Gen Martin Dempsey????

    How abou the anti American President Obama.

    And the leftists who always figure that if someone attacks the US or kills US citizens that it MUST be because WE DID SOMETHING WRONG.

  • thatsitivehadenough

    Obama should practice what he preaches or it could happen to him OMG 2012 . I can see November& January from my house!

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  • Sanmon

    As I kick my feet up on the table I promise not to ask to see pictures of Burka’s with two eyes.

  • Diane L

    So He could not say for over a week about Ambassador Stevens and who did what to him but within a day or two he KNOWS the answer here……………..

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  • Ghost

    are you a FEARLESS thinker? most are not. most refuse to think the unthinkable.
    if you can break free, then there is MUCH to fear

    this election is EVERYTHING (like the beach landings at Normandy- June 6, 1944 11pm)
    but even at that, it’s not the end, it’s not even the beginning of the end
    it’s only the end of the beginning.

    this “4th Turning” Crisis will peak in the 2020s.

  • just-saying

    This, alone, should be reason enough for Obummer to not be re-elected.

  • A Newman

    I think Gen Dempsey is a gay communist. Much like most of this administration.

  • czekmark

    Now can anyone doubt that our president is muslim and what he is doing is trying to soften us for a muslim takeover.

  • Mark H

    Tell ISREAL to take cover then blow the hell out of the rest of them…enough is enough..preferably while the cic is there!

  • Winston Patterson

    Get these a$$holes away from us. How DARE you!

  • Francesca

    #9: Yes and Obama surely knows about showing the soles of the feet/shoes being an insult in Islam, right?

  • bg


    It Has Always Been The Soldier

    It is the soldier,
    not the President who gives US Democracy.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Congress who takes Care of US.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

    It is the soldier,
    not the campus [community] Organizer who
    has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

    It is the soldier,
    who salutes the flag;
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
    lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!

    “Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as
    they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless
    acts they perform for us in our time of need. Please place a
    hedge of protection around each and everyone. I ask this in
    the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.”



  • bg
  • bg


    OT.. related:

    July 24, 2012

    Army Gen. allegedly delayed probe into abuse
    at U.S.-funded Afghan military hospital..
    🙁 😡

    [Army Colonel Mark Fassl was NATO’s Training Mission Afghanistan
    Command Inspector General in 2010. He says when he requested
    the inspector general to investigate the hospital, he was
    admonished by the three-star general in charge, Lt. General William

    “His first response to me was ‘how could we make that request
    with elections coming?'” Fassl told a House oversight subcommittee

    Another advisor in Afghanistan, Col. Gerald Carozza, says Caldwell’s
    deputy delivered a similar message: that the general was upset that
    Fassl had asked for an independent investigation “so close to the
    (2010 midterm) election.”

    “We were to consider postponing it until afterwards,”
    Carozza testified. “It was a stunning moment for me.”


    Col. Schuyler Geller, the former Command Surgeon of the NATO Training
    Mission in Afghanistan, told Congress there’s still a lack of accountability
    at Dawood Hospital. Doctors and nurses who committed “unspeakable”
    acts still “walk the halls of the hospital, unrepentant, unscathed and
    unprosecuted,” he told Congress.]


  • Nanna

    Is anyone else having problems getting to the comments? I am only having trouble on Gateway Pundit. When I click on comments, I get a script error. It won’t let me on, nor can I leave the site. I have had to reboot to get off the site. This time I just kept clicking fast, and finally got on.
    Just wondering if everyone is having the same trouble.

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  • sickening dhimmitude. and dangerous denial.

    maybe ALL our bravest volunteers in the armed services ought to resign until their r’s oe reflect reality.

  • Economan

    They actually expect us to believe this? Wow. What a bunch of condescending bunch of jerks!

  • where did we get these officers that put their career ambitions ahead of the safety of their men?

    #6 nanna… having the same problem, use same solution.

  • bg


    Nanna #6 September 30, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    usually do, especially when others do, but not tonight..


  • dwdude

    obama is punishing the america he hates…he needs to be removed at all costs. our founding fathers would not have put up with treasonous behavior at this level. i’m getting ready

  • Militant Catholic

    Can someone get on the phone with Jay Z and Beyonce and find out if it’s OK for our troops to come home now?

  • bg


    re: #5 – page 2 September 30, 2012 at 8:40 pm bg



  • David

    Comment #9 from Granny really tells it like it is. There are SO MANY photos that have been taken of Obummer sitting in the White House with his feet up on the furniture. So disrespectful of the office and of ALL Americans. With no more manners than that, what would you expect when we get killed other than for him to say it’s our fault?

  • David (comment #15) is so right. Obama really is like this Hollywood idea of a “cool” president (see: anything but white… yeah, that’s not racist) who’s really a jerk, and has no qualifications, but he’s cool and he’s in the White House…. only, it’s not a movie. Like some stupid Chris Rock character.

    Watch this powerful video of the Empty Chair… and repost it….


    – shy (& Romney) in 2013

  • Joe Blow

    Bring all of guys home and let them kill each other in stead of our troops.

  • Patty

    Well, Obama is eating this up, quite honestly. As I see it, what Obama wants is troops to leave and that is what every America wants these days. We may have help some and it seems it could have been a win. Put the military leaders are taking their orders from a wimp.

    “Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi, the Afghan National Army’s chief of staff, who earlier this month argued both sides need to do more to “teach” foreign troops Islamic traditions and values to reduce the chance of violent reactions to cultural slights. “It is our duty to teach this to them. Our indifference about these issues causes the incident,” he said.”

    In my opinion things have gotten so out of hand and it would be to our benefit to leave. The chances of ever going back are slim to none. Unless they need our help and we alone are their to fight the enemy because training there has killed our troops. They can get a hold of our military uniforms. They are hanging in stores there everywhere. And when the kill one of our troops the steal their equipment and uniforms.

    There is a real lack of competence and common sense and when commanders don’t seem to hold the answers there a devastating results. It is the duty and a commitment of a President to protect his Military. I don’t see this happening under Obama and the past few weeks have proven this.

  • Patty

    the is they on both counts – correction.

  • …of course, this doesn’t explain why the TALIBAN INFILTRATORS also kill other Afghan trainees during these “affront” revenge killings, now does it?

  • Jersey Dave

    The Pentagon are idiots. The infiltrators are out from the get go to kill. It isn’t about affronts.

    There are also a vast majority of the Afghan troops who are good and on our side, the problem is our Gov’t has zero policy and doesn’t know what they are doing.

    A smart idea would be to hire ex-military folks as advisers and let them do the training, as well as improving our intel. That keeps tings quiet and improves our odds of sniffing out infiltrators before they can do nasty things. Also ex-military advisers can stay in and assure the locals we aren’t going to just leave them to the Taliban.

  • Bob

    General Dempsey is a political hack and ass-kisser. pull out of this war now . Until then, change the rules of engagement to help the troops. any area with American forces nearby should be declared a ” free fire zone “. no more of this nationbuilding crap. The only thing these people understand is firepower and a warm weapon.

  • Oh, and why do they yell, “Allahu Ackbar” just like the other Jihadis and Taliban if this is just a “personal” issue about being “offended”?

  • Aussie

    If that was the attack on Camp Bastion, then Obama is a bigger fool than I thought possible. The truth of the matter is that is the location of Prince Harry of the UK. The target for the attack was Prince Harry.

    Australia has lost even more soldiers to these insider attacks. We are all in this together, and no the US soldiers are not to blame for the attacks.

    How typical of that creepy jerk to blame everyone but himself for this particular mess and attacks.

  • Kathteach

    These people would kill you and your family in a New York minute, folks.

    Bring our troops home tomorrow. Obama lost his “favored” war – the one he supported in 2001 when he spoke on the Senate floor against an Iraq invasion.

    He lost the war. He owned it – he lost it.

    But please – Leon Panetta in charge of our troops? Good Grief!

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  • Military Mom

    What makes us (Americans) feel that we do not have to honor the sensibilities of the people who’s country we are in. These people we are training are supposed to be our allies and as such deserve to be treated with respect too. Yes it is wrong for them to respond with violence to (possibly) innocent rudeness, but reading these posts make me wonder how much of it may not be innocent mistakes and is possibly out and out disrespect. Remember not every one of them is against us. My 2 sons are in the military and my youngest is headed to Afghanistan. I discussed it with him recently. His attitude is simple…it is his job. He does not feel he is any sort of hero for doing it. He accepts that OBAMA is commander in chief. He realizes that his job is to do what his CO tells him to do, be that the Sargent beside him or any of numerous others up to and including the president. A friend whose son was killed in Iraq once told me that being in the military was what her son lived for and she misses him terribly, but accepts it was a risk he took willingly. Another told me when her son in law was killed that she asked her son not to go back, he informed her that it was his job and that GOD made him a soldier and he had no choice. If, God forbid, something happens to my son, I will try to remember that it was the job he chose, for whatever reason, and that he knew the risks and accepted them. I raised him to be a responsible adult. He is doing that. Maybe not in a career I would have chosen, but I raised him to make his own decisions, so it was not my choice to make. I trust my son will show proper respect to his afghan comrades and I pray for his safe return as I do for all of our troops. But I do not believe that as Americans we are not responsible for being courteous. And facts are facts, if our soldiers are disrespectful, then they are in effect responsible for the “friendly fire”. What I do not see here is a quote from President Obama blaming our troops.

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  • bg


    no cultural sensibilities training for Muslims in America, no no no..

    it’s an effing ONE WAY STREET around the globe..

    effing morons, we indeed are.. 🙁


  • American Woman

    For your information:

    Former asst to chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff favors sharia over free speech.
    Read it here:

    Pentagon orders Islamic sensitivity training for U.S. troops after Afghans murder them. Read it here:

  • bg


    Breaking The War Mentality

    by Barack Obama
    March 10, 1983

    [“In fact, Hitler did strengthen the German establishment, but not
    exactly in the way the bankers and businessmen had wanted; and
    now, fifty years later, it is clear who was using whom. [.] someone
    who leaves the established order in place.”]

    Breaking Free From The Constitution

    by Barack Obama
    January 18, 2001

    [Mr. Obama’s comments take a turn from discussing the historical
    record. Unprovoked he laments that the Supreme Court “could not
    break free from the essential constraints placed by the Founding
    Fathers in the Constitution.” He further describes the Constitution
    as “a charter of negative liberties.” This is at odds with the preamble
    to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.]

    July 03, 2012

    Obama has now broken free of the Constitution

    [The Roberts Court has now contrived to do what Obama faulted the
    Warren Court for not doing. By creating a new and unlimited power to
    ay punitive taxes on inactivity, Roberts has obliterated any meaningful
    constitutional constraint on federal power. This was, of course, expected
    of the Court’s four left-wing radicals, who likely share Obama’s contempt
    for the Constitution’s “essential constraints.” Roberts was supposed to
    know better.]

    and he’s working extremely hard on the military..

    inch by foot by yard by mile..


  • bg


    ht freeB

    September 30, 2012

    Mitt Romney: A New Course for the Middle East


    [The 20th century became an American Century because we were steadfast in defense of freedom. We made the painful sacrifices necessary to defeat totalitarianism in all of its guises. To defend ourselves and our allies, we paid the price in treasure and in soldiers who never came home.

    Our challenges are different now, but if the 21st century is to be another American Century, we need leaders who understand that keeping the peace requires American strength in all of its dimensions.]


  • bg


    September 22, 2012

    Muslim Brotherhood ‘infiltrated’ U.S. gov’t (audio)

    [The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamist organization that has
    successfully penetrated both political parties and the delicate areas
    of defense and national security.

    Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, told WND’s Greg Corombos that people with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are in vital positions within every significant area of the U.S. government. He specifically cited high security clearances for such people in the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security.

    He said neither Republicans nor Democrats want to protest
    too loudly over concerns of being branded intolerant.

    Boykin said Republicans proved their weakness on the issue by roundly condemning Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., for sounding the alarm on this issue and specifically wondering about the Brotherhood ties of Huma Abedin, a top assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    He also slammed the sequestration plan that has the military on course for an additional $500 billion in cuts over the next decade, saying that will weaken every branch of the service and that a naive rationale is behind it all.

    Gen. Boykin said President Obama and other leftists have a vision where the U.S. takes a smaller role on the world stage so they think our military will not need to maintain its current size and won’t be pumping money into the Middle East. The general said that’s nonsense, pointing out that as long as oil and Israel are in the Middle East we’ll need to maintain a presence there.]


  • Truth is, we are offended with the dirty, smelling, bath hating way of life that includes abuse women, animals and having sex with children.


    Why can’t we shoot them? Oh yeah, we did, Sgt crazy shot up a village and was properly arrested and charged.

    But that doesn’t mean his theory was unsound.

    They are ninth century throwbacks who LIKE BEING ninth century throwbacks. Their lives are simpler, their choices limited, their minds comfortably retarded to the point where freedom, democracy, free will are not issues they have to deal with. I think the women and children would like a better life since they are simply, as it has been put, “chattel.”

    However, the men like the brutish simple tribal life. It allows them to be brutish and violent.

    Bottom line is, WE CANNOT BE THEIR FRIENDS!!

    It is impossible. However, we can be their nightmare. We showed them death and destruction and they respected it. We show them that again, and at least they’ll be content to leave us alone.

    There is no victory against this mindset. Only domination. Bin Laden got it. He tried to tell us.

    But we have politicians and diplomats, who graduated from “haaaavard” that think they know better.


    Here is a report about what both sides don’t like about each other. There is another summation showing that our way of life, our view of how people and animals rank are 180% off from the Afghans.


    Now the Afghans have a way of life that is just something young Western men and women don’t get. They value property, but have no value for a woman’s rights. They think small slights like us cussing at them or being searched in public is a grave offense .

    However, we here cuss and get searched all the (think of their reaction to the TSA). What they don’t realize is we conquered them. We are trying to make sure they have a chance to climb out of their hellhole.

    What we don’t understand is by trying to pick them up and make them equals we are insulting them. First, they don’t recognize anymore that we won. Second, they like the hellhole.

    It really is that simple.

  • and while undermining the troops in the field. It appears Obama has started stealing the election by screwing up the military votes


  • Marsh626

    It’s their duty to teach us about their religion so we can avoid offending them and avoud provoking them into murdering our troops who are trying to help them?


    Perhaps we should teach muslims about how we’re not going to be their passive little b*tches anymore by giving them an epic *ss-beating like it’s 1096.

  • squeaky

    the late david hackworth’s take on the leadership……..

  • Chris

    Islamic and values should never go in the same sentence.

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  • Paddy

    Obama is a war president notwithstanding his contrary spin, lies and assertions. He is the worst, most dangerous commander-in-chief in history.

  • L.E. Liesner

    It is apparent that the “Flag Officers Corps” has a problem with “Honor, Duty, and Country”. Politics has reared it ugly corrupt head and the General Officers have embraced it. The troops are suffering from this blatant dereliction of duty.

  • Robert

    While the nation has the resources to maintain an appearance of resolve, we can never possibly prevail if our political and military leadership persist in the “politically-correct” practices that it is currently using.

    We have no business nor moral standing to send our young people to fight and die in these circumstances.

    Our entire political, MILITARY, and intellectual classes are engaged in self-delusion not only in practice but also the foundational pretexts under which we are conducting this struggle.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Get the hell out of there. Now.

  • Winston Wolfe

    And facts are facts, if our soldiers are disrespectful, then they are in effect responsible for the “friendly fire” – Military Mom

    With an attitude like that, I’m sure glad you’re not my mom.

  • Mike

    Even though the taliban has claimed credit for all of the attacks

  • GP Fan
  • LynnB

    It is time to bring our troops home. You cannot help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves. You cannot change hundred’s of years of hatred. Let them live with their hatred. Sad thing is no one is born hating. We cannot change a culture that does not want to be changed. Let’s protect our own borders and help the many Americans that need and appreciate help.