Bummer. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz attacked The Examiner today on FOX News for ‘deliberately’ misquoting her… But, she didn’t count on them having the audio to back up their report.

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed on Monday that Israel’s ambassador to the United States had accused Republicans of being “dangerous” to Israel.
Tonight on FOX she denied she said it.
It was a bald-faced lie – Here’s the audio:

If Democrats had any scruples they’d force liar Wasserman Schultz to resign.




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  1. If there are curls in little Debbie’s hair, she’s a lying.

  2. It appears Debbie WS is positioning herself to run in the 2016 primaries for President on the Democratic ticket.

  3. Her lips move. She lies. Always.

    Thanks for posting this catch.

  4. According to Islam: It is 100% honorable to lie and make friends with the infidel before you kill him.

    I’d say that Debbie has a little confusion about which religion is hers.

  5. Looks like the degreased her for the DNC

  6. But seriously, look at that freeze shot of her face.

    Now take away the nice dress, imagine the hair is just a little more messed up and maybe yellow up those pearlie whites a bit.

    WE are talking prime A-1 trailer trash

  7. OT – but holy crap, look at what I just found on Doug Ross’ blog:
    Exhibit A: why Colin Powell must be excommunicated from the GOP

  8. She looks like a poodle on uppers.

  9. She’s gets a gold star for being the compulsive liar that she’s proven to be.

  10. DWS lies so much its a wonder she doesn’t look like jimmy durante.

  11. Oh Come On! Where’s the rest?
    What did WasserLyin say when confronted with the audio!?!??!

  12. How can anyone expect to have an intelligent, reasonable exchange of ideas if even one is a liar like this piece of trash, DWS? -PI

  13. So does she give herself an “I” for lying during interviews?

  14. #14 September 5, 2012 at 12:47 am
    Practical Jane commented:

    Oh Come On! Where’s the rest?
    What did WasserLyin say when confronted with the audio!?!??!

    Yeah, I wanted to know that myself. . . though I did find the goings-on at the DNC in the background kind of interesting. Looks like they had some cheerleading street performance up on the stage . . . kind of strange.

  15. Granny, they were just trying to get rid of their bedbugs.

  16. Lying skank… I expect to have her fired tomorrow….and they will nominate her for VP…

    They just cant help themselves…. Didnt Debbie Was a man Schitz get the memo for Libs not to do any media with conservative media ? Avoid any tough questions only talk to people who kiss your @ss

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