Obama Is Wrong… Mideast Protests Were Planned Before YouTube Video Ever Made the Airwaves (Video)

White House Spokesman Jay Carney told reporters today that the Middle East protests were in response to a video.

“These protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region… The unrest we’ve seen in the region has been in reaction to a video.”

He’s wrong.
The Muslim protests were planned back in August – before the film was ever released.
The protest in Cairo was organized by the terror group, Jamaa Islamiya.
USA Today reported:

The protest was planned by Salafists well before news circulated of an objectionable video ridiculing Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, said Eric Trager, an expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

The protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was announced Aug. 30 by Jamaa Islamiya, a State Department-designated terrorist group, to protest the ongoing imprisonment of its spiritual leader, Sheikh Omar abdel Rahman. He is serving a life sentence in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

When the video started circulating, Nader Bakkar, the spokesman for the Egyptian Salafist Noor party, which holds about 25% of the seats in parliament, called on people to go to the embassy. He also called on non-Islamist soccer hooligans, known as Ultras, to join the protest.

On Monday, the brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri, Mohamed al Zawahiri, tweeted that people should go to the embassy and “defend the prophet,” Trager said.

Zawahiri justified al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks in an interview with Al Jazeera last month.

The first clip of “Innocence of Muslims” was shown on Al-Nas TV, an Egyptian Islamist television station, on September 8, 2012.

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  • jenny

    “Baghdad Bob” Carney is increasingly more hilarious each day.

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    Is this Imam Obama’s way of having the piglamists start the violence here in America so he can declare marshall law and ‘postpone’ the elections under emergency orders until peace is restored?

    Are we now witnesing ‘the night of the broken glass’ here in America?

  • jainphx

    They know the truth, but why let the truth get in the way of a good lie. Obama sits while Americans die, except for Carter what other President has shown such cowardness.

  • TammyChicago

    Funny how they burn our flag but not our money. They aren’t upset with America or Obama. To prove this, I think Obama should personally head over there to use his wonderful oratory skills to fix this little misunderstanding. I will get my popcorn ready.

  • Stella Baskomb

    This is such an “unexpected” piece of news . . . just like the employment figures for the past 40 months have so often been “unexpectedly” disappointing . . .

    Inept economic management, inept foreign policy management . . .

    Good gracious does America ever need a new government !!

  • donh

    Hillary Clinton …here …..>>> http://americanvisionnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Hillary-embassy-attack-200×200.jpg

    is the one sighted using Bagdad Bob’s patented Hand sign of double in face palm denial…>


  • MarciaStarfish

    Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism: http://tinyurl.com/95examples

  • Arkie

    I object to your characterization of Obama as being merely “wrong.” That implies he is simply mistaken, when in fact he is lying.

  • bg






    September 13, 2012

    Benghazi Attack Revenge for Drone Kill of Abu Yahya al-Libi
    aka Mohammed Hassan Qaed: WH State Had 48 Hrs Warning

    [There is growing belief that the attack was in revenge for the killing in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaed, an al-Qa’ida operative who was, as his nom-de guerre Abu Yahya al-Libi suggests, from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks.]

    September 13, 2012

    No protest before Benghazi attack, wounded Libyan guard says

    [A Libyan security guard who said he was at the U.S. consulate here when it was attacked Tuesday night has provided new evidence that the assault on the compound that left four Americans dead, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, was a planned attack by armed Islamists and not the outgrowth of a protest over an online video that mocks Islam and its founder, the Prophet Muhammad.]

    September 14, 2012

    Obama administration warned of possible
    attacks, but failed to take precautions

    [Sources close to U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration revealed that White House officials apparently received warnings that there were threats made to attack as many as seven U.S. missions in the Middle East, on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as early as September 4. Sources also revealed that additional warnings were received a few days later, with similar information, but that all of the warnings were largely ignored by the administration. Normally when such warnings are received by the administration, the threat level is raised at U.S. installations around the world. At this point, there is no evidence that the Obama administration communicated the warnings with Consular officials in Libya or Egypt in advance of attacks that took place Monday in Benghazi, Libya and Cairo, Egypt, leaving the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead, with eight others wounded, including some U.S. military personnel.]


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  • Patty

    Cheney: This is just the “logical outcome of three-and-a-half years of Obama foreign policy”

    I just wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to this particular op-ed, because… dang. Former Bush-administration State Department official Liz Cheney is going straight for the jugular with this one, and it is as damning an account of President Obama’s foreign policy failures as I’ve read.

    In March 2009, at an Americas summit meeting in Mexico City, President Obama listened as Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega delivered a venomous diatribe against America. Mr. Obama stood to speak and accepted Mr. Ortega’s version of history. “I’m very grateful,” Mr. Obama said, “that President Ortega didn’t blame me for things that happened when I was three months old.”

    In April 2009, in France, Mr. Obama proclaimed that America must make deep cuts in its nuclear arsenal because only then would the country have “the moral authority to say to Iran, don’t develop a nuclear weapon, to say to North Korea, don’t proliferate nuclear weapons.” Embracing the leftist fallacy that the key to world peace is for the U.S. to pre-emptively disarm, the president has reportedly begun reviewing options to take our nuclear stockpile to levels not seen since 1950. These are steps you take only if you believe that America—not her enemies—is the threat. …

    If you really want to know whether our adversaries fear us, ask the Russians, whose thuggish President Putin essentially endorsed Mr. Obama recently. Perhaps Mr. Putin is banking on the missile defense “flexibility” Mr. Obama promised he would have after the election.

    The president says he “ended the war in Iraq” and is “ending the war in Afghanistan.” If only wishing made it so. A better description of what Mr. Obama is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan is rushing for the exits. … He is so busy retreating that we are likely to leave in a our wake a failed state where the Taliban and terrorist organizations like al Qaeda can once again operate.

    As Cheney points out, most of President Obama’s dealings on the international stage have been nothing short of a string of groveling apologies and attempts to weaken America and fall back to everybody else’s impuissant level, instead of us telling them what’s up, because apparently we don’t have to “moral authority” to do so. Wow. There are real and growing existential threats in this world, but the president has targeted military cuts before entitlement reform, appeased hostile foreign bodies, and willfully diminished America’s authority — and while we (rightfully) tend to be more preoccupied with more insular concerns, it’s important not to forget that this president’s policies abroad haven’t been any better for America than his domestic ones.


  • bg


    donh #7 – page 1 September 14, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    perfect match!!


  • Patty

    Flashback: Obama Blamed Bush’s Foreign Policy For American Deaths In 2008

    In many speeches and interviews leading up to his presidency, then-Senator Barack Obama regularly used the death toll resulting from America’s Middle East engagements as a campaign talking point. Why does that matter? Because the president’s campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt accused Romney of making a “political attack” as America was “confronting the tragic death of one of our diplomatic officers in Libya.”

    Consider Obama’s past Op Ed for the New York Times:

    “I believed it was a grave mistake to allow ourselves to be distracted from the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban by invading a country that posed no imminent threat and had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. Since then, more than 4,000 Americans have died”

    Senator Barack Obama

    July 14, 2008

    And his speech on Iraq in March of 2008 :

    “Nearly four thousand Americans have given their lives. Thousands more have been wounded.”

    Candidate Obama even brought the death toll up in the 2008 presidential debates:

    Video here

    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/flashback-obama-blamed-bushs-foreign-policy-for-american-deaths-in-2008/ More here with video


    All of this was entirely predictable and, in fact, was predicted (in terms of de-stabilizing the Middle East) by most of the right when we started backing unknown (?) forces and participating with air strikes and support to overthrow these regimes.

    You break it, you bought it is the principle they wish to avoid ownership of by feigning belief in this being no more than protests to a film (which begs a whole list of questions by it’s own merit).

    If they were to admit that this is widespread, popular anti-American sentiment, then they are admitting to bringing all of this about by toppling evil dictators without the good sense of wondering who would likely replace them. I would expect them to continue this claim through November.

    No matter what else is true, we now have a much more volatile Middle East, with all of the secondary effects that it will bring. In fact, this de-stabilization is likely well beyond the Middle East.

    What no one in the media wants to point out though is the grim reality: either he is so inept as to not have forseen this entirely predictable result, or he did this on purpose. Neither answer is reassuring.

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  • Patty

    Editorial: Obama’s Foreign Policy Is A National Disaster


    President Obama is a foreign policy failure who has placed America in the worst global position she has been in since the end of the Cold War. Nations that were once our allies — though Obama says the term “ally” is a “term of art” — are now our enemies (Egypt, Tunisia). Nations that were quiet are now loud (Libya). Nations that were headed in the right direction have been turned over to Islamists (Iraq, Afghanistan). Meanwhile, we have sold our debt to China, giving them outsized influence over our foreign policy; we have allowed Russia to broaden its sphere of influence in the Middle East, as well as Central and Eastern Europe; we have ceded ground to the Hugo Chavez acolytes in South America. It is difficult to name a single spot anywhere on earth that is more pro-America thanks to President Obama.

    Obama’s foreign policy: a national disaster.


  • Patty

    Michelle: American obesity being the “Number One National Security”

    The ‘Obama Fat Head Syndrome’

    To repeat an adjective loved by Michelle Obama, there is absolutely nothing straight about the Obamas.

    When the Free World was reeling in shock over the assassination of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three staff members at the American Consulate in Benghazi, Michelle was talking about American obesity being the “Number One National Security” threat on the Dr. Oz show.

    Obesity is “absolutely” the greatest threat to national security, according to Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama.

    Forget al Qaeda, it’s the family fatso leaving America open to attack.

    This No. 1 Publicity Hound of the television networks was talking about fatsos being the greatest threat to national security on the very day that news hit that four Americans had been slaughtered by Muslim terrorists, and one day after the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

    On the day of the 11th anniversary of 9/11 her husband the president, who was a guest on D.J. Lazi’s (“Pimp With The Limp”) Miami radio show never once mentioned 9/11.

    The activists with no couth in the White House make sport out of audacity.

    Michelle, who has absolutely no credentials as a skilled nutritionist, dictates to all loving mothers what to feed their children.

    Claiming a “live-life-as-she-teaches-life” technique described by Dr. Oz, Michelle’s talent for tale-spinning is every bit as legendary as that of her husband’s, who described playing with a peanut-eating pet monkey and crocs in Indonesia, in the modern day fairytale Dreams From My Father.

    We now hear that It was the “blip”—an increase in her daughters’ BMI (Body Mass Index)—she was told about on a visit to the family’s pediatrician that turned her into a self-proclaimed nutritionist. […………………..]

    http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/49500 READ ON.

  • donh

    Someone needs to ask Blarney if De Nile is a river that flows through DC….It won’t matter how he answers….The question itself would state he’s losing cooperation in the Big Lie strategem. ….someone needs to step up and deliver the message….NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR LIES. ….WE HAD 5 DOMESTIC TERROR SCARES ON OUR OWN SOIL TODAY ….. INCLUDING A NUCLEAR FACILITY.

  • Sasja

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some hand in this from the beginning. The MB is represented at State and in the WH. He has access to cell phones and can call and talk to anyone he wishes. His sole purpose in life has been to destroy America by any means. If we do not vote him out in November, and with the spineless wretches in the GOP, our Republic is over.

  • l.barney

    I’m wrong? How DARE you criticize the great and powerful O!

  • Patty


    Romney Wins If He Announces Total Energy Independence Initiative


    Why Romney Will Win

    Both agreed that the Republican Party is based on a philosophy of individual responsibility. Obama articulated it as, “You’re on your own.” Republicans put it differently: “We’ll get government off your back.” Democrats said theirs was a party that would lend you a hand.

    Gallup measured these two options, and voters chose “leave me alone” over “lend me a hand” by 54-35.

    Over the long haul, these are the questions that will dominate voting intentions. The function of the conventions is to formulate and articulate each party’s view of the world. The fact that they were so similar and that each was willing to trust its fate to the question of, “Are you better off?” means that the Romney message will have a very strong advantage. The decision of the Democrats to embrace this choice and not to move to the center will make it impossible for them either to re-elect their president or to command a majority in the new Senate.


    We must no longer be dependent on the middle east for our oil. And we have no other option but drill. We have seen the madness in the middle east and our national security is at risk. We have a nation that is filled with resources and we must tap into them.

    And for Godless Democratic party your chickens have come home to roost.

  • atticcellar

    Now Barry Obama is pressuring Youtube to take down the video.. He is an enemy of the Constitution of these United States.. 1st and 2nd amendments, they are first and second for a reason..

  • bg


    ht Patty via a previous thread

    the movie


  • Patty

    Here is what Newsweek said about Obama in 2008:

    Some Like It Cool

    He’s been called hip, sexy and likened to a rock star. But the key to Obama’s mystique is his earnest geekiness and sobriety.


  • There only two ways to view Carney’s statement.

    1. He is lying and he thinks the majority of the people will buy his lie.
    2. They really believe the lie themselves, in which case they are totally incompetent to remain in office at a perilous time like this, and he thinks the majority of the people will also believe his lie.

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  • Patty

    #24 September 14, 2012 at 10:04 pm
    bg commented:

    I wanted to laugh and that is really not good manners. But this movie is utterly ridiculous.

    You know those B movies. This thing is worse. And it was made in July. But this administration is blaming the Movie. My jaw dropped listening to nerd head Carney.

    For me, Obama and his aides really believe Americans are stupid. I can’t think of any other reason. Obama doesn’t want to be criticized, he is mentally incompetent and emotional unstable.

  • bg


    Patty #3 September 14, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    B movie??

    nah, not even,

    more like a Monty Python skit.. 😀




    [AKA “No, Hillary, no “film” motivated this anarchy.]

    They strive to find meaning, in a “worship” of sorts–
    Their lives wasted in sand covered seas.
    So they seek out a “prophet”, who “someone” had said,
    Personified all they should be.

    Often masked, they seek thrills in the heat of the crowds–
    It is death and destruction they work.
    But the rush of the riot somehow never allows,
    Any questions about their goal’s worth.

    Some of “Marx”, some of “Islam”, some of “somebody else”,
    These damned killers and monsters unite,
    Using inhuman evil, for alleged “good goals”,
    They become Satan’s whores of the night.

    So they all go a’whoring to spread their false “truths”,
    They strew death and destruction each day.
    Their ranks are oft’ filled with the discards of youth,
    Seeking “news bites” by which they are paid.

    Till corrupted and damned by their sins they then learn,
    That their “Cause” was a fraud from the start,
    And in all their “protesting” they never did earn,
    One good thing to preserve in their hearts.

    COPY FREELY – no rights reserved.

  • bg


  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! Another one of my cronies got busted!

    Let me be clear, my lie machine is broken. I need more Mojo! I need better liars! My cronies need to get their heads out of their arses! Even Chrissy Tingles sucks!

    But, most importantly, I need your money! If you like the way that I lie to you and get your Ambassadors killed then send me $40,666.99 before midnight. My campaign stinks like open sewer.

    I don’t have time for questions! I have a campaign that is stuck in the mud. I could care less about American! Sure, gas prices are high and will go higher. I don’t care! I only care about keeping my job and limo. I have reached a new level of suckatude. Send me you money now!

  • bg


    BABY GLOCK #5 September 14, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    another winner, already passed it on..

    thank you!!


  • Bronson

    Hi I understand I’m just a guy commenting on a blog can a reporter please ask Jay Carney if there was ANY warning or ANY intelligence the WH had before the attacks. Not just “actionable intelligence”.

    Otherwise the little demon is just going to word parse/word lawyer a web of lies


    This is about establishing international law to usurp our 1st Amendment. It is about stopping criticism of pigslam on a internation level. Ultimately establishing punishment for insulting the pedophile mushmmand, or pointing out the bestiality, rape, sodomy, and filth of pigslam, by death as they do in the mid east.

    It is about the takeover of our nation and establishment of a piglamic dictatorship. They have declared war on America and are working to destroy us from within. Imam Obama is the pennacle of this acheivement.

    What is the next thing they have to accomplish to get Imam Obama to declare a ‘national emergeny’ to suspend our bill of rights, postpone the election and call in the UN peace keepers to establish order. The resulting governemnt will be islamic based with sharia law the rule of the land.

    A Black Islamic flag over our embasy is a start of this war.

  • luminOsity

    When has this ignorant lying chump ever been right? Uhhh, NEVER?!?

  • Skinner

    So the only outrage I see from Hillary and the Obama team is against this stupid, totally BS video, and Romney.

    It is the lack of rage against the bastards that murdered our four citizens that is infuriating.


    If I were a spouse of those men I would look at suing the bitch.

    Cold fish this group of Marxists. Oh how I hate anything Obama and Clinton. Two cancers voted into our lives.


  • newspeak

  • Kathteach

    Obama is not wrong – he lies. Every single day.

    Remember the 20120 State of the Union speech when Obama said his Health Care Reform would not cover illegal immigrants and Re. Joe Wilson (R- South Carolina) shouted out “YOU LIE!”.

    I nominate Joe Wilson to be Romney’s new speech writer.

  • retire05

    The Obama campaign administration has now gone to full black out mode.

    State Department: Stop asking us about the Benghazi attack


    Another interesting headline:

    Hillary Clinton wastes no time…Celebrates Muslim Holiday two days after 9/11 Attacks with man who supported Scotland’s release of Lockerbie Bomber


  • Ace

    This disaster may have taken down “Obama” AND Hillary Clinton in one fell swoop.

  • Hey, Carney,

    “DEWEY WINS!”…”There are NO American forces in Baghdad”…and YOURS comes in third.

  • donh

    #17…A fight will break out to save Hillary . As they begin to realize the full extent of the damage the Clintons will dump all blame on Obama……..Right now Neither of them seems to grasp how badly they failed…..THE CRISIS IS STILL UNFOLDING ….JIHADIST HAVE ACHIEVED A GREAT VICTORY….THEY HAVE HUMILIATED THE GREAT SATAN AND SHOWN IT TO BE A LAMB READY FOR SLAUGHTER…… WE COULD WAKE UP TOMORROW TO ONE OF THESE…> http://youtu.be/8PbZnZy1qr8


  • The Obama regime probably has more to do with the video than it admits.

    ‘n remarks stressing that the U.S. government had “absolutely nothing to do with” the anti-Islam film that has touched off violence in the Middle East, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday sought to quash Arab concerns that the “disgusting and reprehensible” movie was somehow produced or condoned by American officials.

    However, Clinton’s attempt to distance the U.S. from “Innocence of Muslims”–and, by extension, its felonious producer–may be complicated by the revelation that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula became a government informant after his 2009 arrest for bank fraud, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    Though many key documents from the U.S. District Court case remain sealed, a June 2010 sentencing transcript provides an account of Nakoula’s cooperation with federal investigators in Los Angeles (and how his prison sentence was reduced as a result).’…

    Producer Of Anti-Islam Film Was Fed Snitch

    Would the Holder Dept. of Justice have a federal informer make a movie about Mohammed and would bin Obama himself arrange for his Muslim Brotherhood friends to throw a few riots on 9/11? Surely not.

  • sarah

    Attacks on U.S. Embassies Were Not About a Movie

    Caroline Glick – Front Page Magazine, September 13th, 2012 (www.carolineglick.com)

    “Here are a couple of facts:

    On June 4 the White House confirmed that the US had killed Abu Yahya Al-Libi – OBL’s [Osama bin Laden] Libyan lieutenant who had moved into Al Qaeda’s #2 spot after Ayman Zahawiri after the Navy SEALs whacked OBL.

    On Tuesday 9/11, a tape was released of Zawahiri announcing that Libi had been killed earlier this year by a US drone attack. The Zawahiri tape was made during Ramadan which ended in the middle of last month. Zawahiri called for his terrorist underlings to avenge Libi’s death and especially exhorted Libyans to take revenge.

    The attack in Libya was well planned and executed. It wasn’t about a spontaneous protest against some ridiculous internet movie of Muhammad. The assailants came armed to the teeth, with among other things, RPG 7s. They knew that the US Ambassador was in Benghazi rather than Tripoli. They knew how to track his movements, and were able to strike against him after he and his colleagues left the consulate building and tried to flee in a car. As Israel Channel 2′s Arab Affairs Correspondent Ehud Yaari noted this evening, you don’t often see well trained terrorists participating in protests of movies.

    Then there is the attack in Cairo. They were led by Mohammad Zawahiri – Ayman Zawahiri’s brother. According to Thomas Josclyn in the Weekly Standard, the US media has been idiotically presenting him as some sort of moderate despite the fact that in an interview with Al Jazeerah he said said, “We in al Qaeda…”

    Egypt’s US supported Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi recently released Zawahiri from Egyptian prison. The same Barack Obama who has no time in his schedule to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu next week in New York, is scheduled to meet Morsi.

    The Egyptian government has not condemned the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo. But Morsi is demanding that the US government prosecute the film’s creator.

    You may be wondering how some movie no one’s heard of has caused such a hullabaloo. Well, as it turns out, the film was screened on an Egyptian Salafist television channel. Obviously the Salafists — many of whom, like Zawahiri, were released from prison by Morsi, wanted to stir up anti-US violence on the eve of 9/11. So if the film is responsible for the violence, a finger needs to be pointed to its chief distributor — Al Qaida’s Egyptian friends and members.

    With these facts in hand, it is clear that the attempts to present these acts of war against the US as the consequence of some stupid nothing movie are obscene attempts to deflect the blame for these unwarranted attacks onto their victims and away from their perpetrators.”

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  • squeaky

    just a thought that runs through my mind…….if only there was this much outrage and concern for the victims of islamic intolerance and outrage. catering to islam while ignoring the plight of others just reinforces a view of superiority for islam and they will act accordingly.

  • AnnS

    Right on this one, Jim..needs to go viral

    Just before the crowd in Cairo, Egypt erupted in violence against the U.S. embassy there, CNN’s cameras were in the capital interviewing protesters who said that the main purpose for their protest was to have Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman (known as the ‘Blind Sheik’) released from a U.S. prison. Yet as soon as the riots began, CNN began to push the false story that the riots were sparked by some low-budget American movie that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad.

    The very day before rioters stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo, CNN’s Nic Robertson filmed an interview with a handful of Islamists right outside the U.S. embassy. One of those protesters that CNN interviewed was the Blind Sheik’s brother, Mohamed al Zawahiri.


  • AnnS

    Hope and changey thing I like:


    Also, Senator Inhofe is calling for an investigation into the Embassy terrorists attacks. claiming obama’s appeasement is responsible for the attacks.



    WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, Senator Mike Lee, a former Constitutional lawyer and Supreme Court law clerk, will testify at a House Judiciary Committee hearing titled “The Obama Administration’s Abuse of Power.” The hearing will highlight the numerous ways in which the Obama Administration and the Justice Department have overstepped the Constitution’s limitations on Executive power.

    The abuses being examined will be:

    1: Asserting the power to suspend the application of Congressionally-enacted laws

    2: Evading the Senate’s Advice and Consent power

    3: Repeatedly making regulations for which it lacks authority

    4: Flouting Congress’s oversight function

    5: Trampling individual rights under the Constitution

    More details at the link.

    Watch live, here.

  • Ella

    Cut the crap with the movie. Nobody believes that anymore. This is a concerted international attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to establish islamic dominance on the planet. Barack hussein obama is an instrument of that outfit and that is why he is in the White House. The left is too stupid to understand it has been used.

  • CV1

    Obama needed something to come along and take the campaign focus off of the economy. Since he can’t defend his horrid performance, he has engaged his media to move the mid East violence to the front page and keep it there. Poof! Barely a mention of the economy and his dismal results.

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

    Right on cue and the people are eating it up.

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  • Robodog7

    The Consulate was targeted atleast four times in the past few months, they should have closed that compound before 9-11.

    On June 6, an IED was thrown at the perimeter of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. On June 11, the British ambassador’s motorcade came under attack by a rocket propelled grenade or RPG. Two security personnel were injured. Seven days later, on June 18, armed gunmen attacked the Tunisian consulate and burned its flag. And on August 5, five weeks before the assault on the U.S. Consulate, the International Committee of the Red Cross building in Benghazi was also struck by RPGs.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/14/diplomatic-western-posts-targeted-repeatedly-in-benghazi-in-run-up-to-deadly/#ixzz26XUzYPPx

  • Ella

    here is what is going on…… LISTEN and OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!


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  • Lamarlamar

    September 11, 1683!!!!! LOOK IT UP, 9/11 is not a random date!!!!

  • The film is brilliant. It’s depiction of the sickness of the Islamic religion and its founder, Mohammed, is historically 100% accurate. Hillary Clinton – with the
    collaboration of her Salafist Muslim ‘lady friend’, Huma Abedin – has just
    caused the death of 4 Americans in Libya – right on schedule – for the purpose of
    furthering the Islamic agenda to raise their Black Standard flag over
    the White House. No ‘Muslim’ is a “good Muslim” – as specifically defined by Mohammed in the Qur’an and the Hadiths – who does not kill ‘the Infidel’ – bar none; there is no such thing as a ‘Muslim in good standing’ who is unwilling to meet this demand to conquer The West and Israel – (the entire world as stated). This is a documented fact.. ‘Obama’s’ Arab Spring protocol was calculated ‘by him’ to accelerate this purpose ‘while he can use it for his longer-term purpose’ – as precisely declared in the 7th c.in specific detail country by country in Mohammed’s own words, precisely as Obama has implemented it “leading from behind” (a Hadith instruction). Details are in the following articles at
    this link:


    “Treason & Shroud; Iran Escorts Obama to World Dictatorship Thru Straits of 2012″”Letters to the Dreamers, Schemer & Reamer” / The Envy Class, Warren Buffett and Barack Obama

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/14/obama-submits-to-brotherhood-asks-for-suppression-of-anti-islam-video/#ixzz26Xqkhca4

  • Sasja
  • Cliff

    God! I wish Ronald Reagan were still alive, without Alzheimers, and the leader of our great nation! He would have handled this business with authority instead of failed diplomacy! I am so ashamed of our current President! He is such a great disappointment to America!

    The film is brilliant. It’s depiction of the sickness of the Islamic religion and its founder, Mohammed, is historically 100% accurate. Hillary Clinton – with the
    collaboration of her Salafist Muslim ‘lady friend’, Huma Abedin – has just
    caused the death of 4 Americans in Libya – right on schedule – for the purpose of
    furthering the Islamic agenda to raise their Black Standard flag over
    the White House. No ‘Muslim’ is a “good Muslim” – as specifically defined by Mohammed in the Qur’an and the Hadiths – who does not kill ‘the Infidel’ – bar none; there is no such thing as a ‘Muslim in good standing’ who is unwilling to meet this demand to conquer The West and Israel – (the entire world as stated). This is a documented fact.. ‘Obama’s’ Arab Spring protocol was calculated ‘by him’ to accelerate this purpose ‘while he can use it for his longer-term purpose’ – as precisely declared in the 7th c.in specific detail country by country in Mohammed’s own words, precisely as Obama has implemented it “leading from behind” (a Hadith instruction). Details are in the following articles at
    this link:


    “Treason & Shroud; Iran Escorts Obama to World Dictatorship Thru Straits of 2012″”Letters to the Dreamers, Schemer & Reamer” / The Envy Class, Warren Buffett and Barack Obama

  • Multitude

    A different way to look at this might be a little unsettling: these are masses who have their elites taking our money and participating with our governmental elites as if there’s nothing but a bunch of emotional reaction from the stupid people. Al Jazeera and other regional sources will confirm this. Yet, these same elites are actually manipulating their masss for effect: “Oh my! Look, those infidels put out a nasty video about your…er…our prophet! Shouldnt you go riot and overtake their embassy or something?”

    Occasionally the masses go a bit to far, which is precisely the call Obama had with Egypt: “Our bad. Sorry we let them go a bit to far this time. We will curtail it better tomorrow.”

    Hardly surprising. But ask yourself: what is Occupy in the U.S. to the Democratic Party? What is the Tea Party to the right? Aren’t both getting their raw meat tossed out to agitate, via MSNBC, Current TV, Fox News, etc.? Look how useful Tea was in helping Romney, yet look how they were smacked down and had the rules changed so the DC elites can make up any rule at any time now. And you all went home submissive, didn’t you? And Occupy, how’s things working out for you now that you aren’t needed in the lefts narrative production? Oh, you’re still there in the event Obama needs to scare his moderates with some “out of control brown shirts.”

    The same role as the masses in the middle east. It’s not about Islam. It’s the same game, with just local content used to work up the folks. “The 1% are getting richer!” (says the 1% to their useful masses). “The middle class is being slaughtered!” (says an upper class DC power elite). “The Prophet is being attacked!” (says a faithless tyrant who spits on the Prophet and his message daily in private act, word and deed).

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  • tek

    I recall, back in college, that the news media were referred to as information “gatekeepers.” These days, that seems to involve suppressing news.

    “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” – John Gilmore

  • mstarfish

    Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism http://tinyurl.com/95examples

  • valerie

    This is the same MO the Islamists used with the Cartoon Wars, only this time they’ve been caught dead to rights by the timing.

    The root of all this turmoil is the Hamas Covenant of 1988, http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/hamas.asp

    which contains an agreement to engage in an advertising campaign to convince Muslims that they have an individual, religious duty to kill their neighbors.

    The Islamsts have been given no real reason to kill us, or The Jews, or other Muslims. For that reason, they have turned to, and been caught at, falsifying atrocities, photographs, cartoons and other “outrages.” This is no different.

  • Beef

    A rational observer might conclude this week’s events were an inevitable result of Obama’s feckless, naive, and traitorous foreign policy initiatives. However, Jay Carney has set things straight:

    “The reason why there is unrest is because of the film…it is not in response not to United States policy, and not to, obviously, the administration, or the American people, but it is in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be be reprehensible and disgusting…This is in response to the film…The cause of the unrest was a video…These protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region…This is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at U.S. policy, this is in response to a video that is offensive to Muslims.”

    You didn’t really think Obama’s handover of North Africa to the Muslim Brotherhood had any bearing on this situation, did you?

  • Patty

    and worst of all, if not prepared on 9/11 how prepared are we every day.

    Makes me wondered what National Security we have.

    Sorry, I am being Sarcastic.

  • midusdew

    Why didn’t your headline say obama lies! Again….

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  • owl

    Shout it loud. Shout it long. Nothing to do with the movie and it does not matter how many times Hillary and Obama preach it in front of coffins, it does not change it.

    Good grief, could it possibly be Bush’s fault because he was just so dumb or disrepected them or the world did not respect him or he did not bow low enough or or? Anything is possible with Scoopers. Who is Obama?

    “And the lapdog media just can’t stop humping a leg of lies.”
    John Nolte

  • Chippy

    Obama and Hillary did nothing when this embassy was bombed the first time on June 6, 2012.

    Lil barry was campaigning in Beverly Hills on that day. It’s always about lil barry. When we need a leader we get an empty suit.


  • mg4us

    Not buying it. .another Obama distraction

    Obama Lies. . Ambassador diies

    Some people put their own interests ahead of the American interest. .the whole country America. . .

    Lincoln warned us that the biggest threat to our nation will come from within. . by fellow Americans who put themselves above others and faith in false gods. . .

    WAKE-UP America. .the Fifth Column in amongst us. . paid for by foreign sources. . corrupting our government and usurping our liberties!

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