Obama: “I Want to See Us Export More Jobs” (Video)

Speaking at Kent State University in Ohio today, President Obama told the audience,
“I want to see us export more jobs.”

Since Obama came into office in January 2009 the US has suffered a loss of 1.3 million jobs.

More Americans were put on food stamps.
And yet he has the nerve to attack Mitt Romney on jobs?

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  • jainphx

    This reminds me of amidinawaco always saying he will destroy Israel, but no one on the left can hear him, same here. export more jobs and except for those of us that actually listen, no one hears.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Lol, if only Romney had said this we would have gotten a week of, “How can a Candidate for President say such a stupid thing?”

    As is, this will never be reported outside the right-wing blogs.

  • bg


    re: Obama misspeaks

    no he didn’t..

    July 8, 2012

    Who’s the worst outsourcer in today’s presidentia
    l race? It isn’t Mitt Romney – it’s Barack Obama.

    and not only that, but..

    June 29, 2012

    The president’s campaign fails to back up its
    claims that Romney ‘shipped jobs’ overseas.

    [But after reviewing numerous corporate filings with the Securities and
    Exchange Commission, contemporary news accounts, company histories
    and press releases, and the evidence offered by both the Obama and
    Romney campaigns, we found no evidence to support the claim that
    Romney — while he was still running Bain Capital — shipped American
    jobs overseas.

    July 2, 2012

    Update: 4 more pinnocios

    [Yet the campaign clearly seized on this report because their
    interpretation fit with a long-term “outsourcing” attack they
    have waged against Romney. One of their outsourcing ads
    before the article ran, in fact, earned Four Pinocchios. These
    new ads would not fare much better; there is little in the
    Post article that backs up the Obama campaign’s spin. ]

    btw, the above is just a sample..


  • valerie

    Oboy, Bob Woodward is on Hannity. He’s talking about follow-up questions.

  • SeniorD

    Say WHAT??!!

    Americans are already losing jobs to foriegn born foriegn citizens from India, China, Russia and, of course, Mexico. So the Clown-in-Chief (who never had to work in his life) wants to senf MORE American jobs to other countries?

    I already planned and was waiting to vote this clueless inept Empty Suit out of office. Now I’m going to look for a chance to vote early.

  • Limousine Barry

    Thank you! Thank you! I know I am nose candy to you… um, eye candy!

    Let me be clear, I am here at Kent University where the greatest anti-war protest blossomed… Thanks to you we lost the war! We can do it again!

    And, for those of you looking for employment after four years of accumulating back-breaking debt I want us export more jobs!

    You should see my energy exploration job export program. It will bring tears to your eyes… especially after you buy expensive gas!

    I know you will hate me more – but getting on Food Stamps is my way of saying you are not useful or need!

    If you like the way I have buried you in dept and caused gas prices to go through the roof then vote for me! Just think of what I can do in four more years!

    And, this is super important! Send me $3.00 before midnight. My campaign is out of money. Thank you and Good day.

  • Bob

    And the Obamabots who came there to get some gumbmint money at his rally more than likely feel it is OK> Where are the obama unions? I bet they did not hear that speech.

  • Jim

    “I want to see us export more jobs”

    We all know by now that his statement wasn’t a just a Freudian slip, rather it was just like his other slips, including his “My Muslim faith” slip corrected by George Stephanopolis back in 2008. Funny, I just saw ‘2016: Obama’s America’ last week and this sort of comment falls right into Dinesh D’Souza’s theory that Obama’s ideology is that of Anti-Colonialsim whereby Obama seeks to redistribute wealth and jobs to the Third World as a form of social justice.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Is he back on weed?

  • Pissed

    If someone doesn’t turn this into a commercial, then conservatives are a bunch of light weight panty wastes and we deserve to lose.

  • dwd

    Wow, the Great Orator can’t even speak correctly when reading off a script.


    Put this puppy in a political ad, pronto.

  • Ghost

    more like “channeling” His demon spirit puppetmaster
    for his next trick watch Him twist His head full around

  • bg


    ponderon #10 – page 1 September 26, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    was going to ask you to try again, but
    think this is what you were going for..

    July 17, 2012

    Obama has investments in companies that ship jobs overseas


  • bg


    re: #3 – page 1 September 26, 2012 at 7:56 pm bg

    May 8, 2009

    Obama-Run General Motors To Start Outsourcing Car Manufacturing

    [The U.S. government is pouring billions into General Motors in hopes of reviving the domestic economy, but when the automaker completes its restructuring plan, many of the company’s new jobs will be filled by workers overseas.

    According to an outline the company has been sharing privately with Washington legislators, the number of cars that GM sells in the United States and builds in Mexico, China and South Korea will roughly double.

    The proportion of GM cars sold domestically and manufactured in those low-wage countries will rise from 15 percent to 23 percent over the next five years, according to the figures contained in a 12-page presentation offered to lawmakers in response to their questions about overseas production.

    As a result, the long-simmering argument over U.S. manufacturers expanding production overseas — normally arising between unions and private companies — is about to engage the Obama administration.]

    July 12, 2012

    Examiner Editorial: Obama’s crony capitalism
    and new regulations drive jobs overseas

    [Before he died, Apple CEO Steve Jobs reportedly told President Obama to adopt more business-friendly policies, because “regulations and unnecessary costs” had made it difficult to build factories in the United States. If he didn’t change course, Jobs warned, “You’re headed for a one-term presidency.”


    In other words, Obama’s crony capitalist policies have eroded trust in the business community, his record-breaking number of new major regulations have made it more expensive to do business and his failure to contain spending has increased fiscal uncertainty. That is what is driving American jobs overseas.]


  • Katielee

    I’ll go with the Freudian slip. He babbled the same stuff in 2008. And how has that turned out?

  • when bush did this it meant he was dumb. but the more obama misspeaks the smarter he gets in the democratic party-media complex.

  • Patty


    New York Times: Is Our Miraculous President Just Performing Too Many Miracles?

    Barack Obama calls Hosni Mubarak on what doesn’t look like the Red Phone. In a pretty good history of the Obama administration’s response to the so-called Arab Spring in 2011, Helene Cooper and Robert F. Worth of The New York Times get a choice quote about the miraculously transformative powers of President Obama’s powerfully transformative miraculousness:

    Mr. Obama felt keenly, one aide said, the need for the United States, and for he himself, to stand as a moral example. “He knows that the protesters want to hear from the American president, but not just any American president,” a senior aide to Mr. Obama said. “They want to hear from this American president.” In other words, they wanted to hear from the first black president of the United States, a symbol of the possibility of change.

    It comes as no surprise that Obama felt the need for his magical presence “keenly,” but what’s kind of disappointing is that Cooper and Worth seem equally convinced that, when he’s not causing the sun to rise in the morning, This American President can engineer outcomes in faraway lands. The Times describes how Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey D. Feltman and others cautioned against publicly urging then-president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak to resign:

    Mr. Mubarak had steadfastly stood by the United States in the face of opposition from his own public, they said. The president, officials said, countered swiftly: “If ‘now’ is not in my remarks, there’s no point in me going out there and talking.”…

    So “now” stayed in Mr. Obama’s statement. Ten days later, Mr. Mubarak was out.

    Undoubtedly protesters and leaders in other countries pay some attention to what the President of the United States says. They hardly have a choice on that matter. Unlike the spectacularly uninformed Obama voters interviewed in New York for the Howard Stern show, they actually have to worry about U.S. policy.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeJbOU4nmHQ VIDEO



  • Patty

    wait a minute, these must be the employees of Obama party of ring leaders.

    Jobs a plenty for Obama here:

    Vote Fraud Watchdog Group Finds Absentee Ballot Fraud, Millions Registered In Multiple

    I REPEAT: Voter Watchdog Group Says It Found 31 Cases of Absentee Ballot Fraud in Florida, NY: ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

    But remember: Democrats keep telling us that vote fraud is DEFINITELY. NOT. A. PROBLEM.

    In their defense, it’s not a problem for Democrats because vote fraud almost always favors Democrats.

    True The Vote, a national voter fraud watchdog group, announced Tuesday that preliminary research findings show evidence of 31 cases of absentee ballot fraud in New York and Florida. The organization’s president says it is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to voter fraud in the United States.

    The group has formally notified the Office of the Florida Secretary of State, the New York State Board of Elections and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that ballots were cast in both states by 31 people during federal elections, according to a press release.

    “This is just the tip of the iceberg,” True The Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said in a statement. “This is further evidence of just how susceptible our election system is to voter fraud. Earlier this year, Pew Research found more than 2.75 million people nationwide are registered to vote in more than one state.”

    The organization is also calling on federal officials in both states to investigate.


  • Patty

    And so it begins: Doomsday. Some of you may think I am out of my mind. So, be it. But if Obama is reelected, well, let’s start here:

    International aid delivered to US schools

    (Associated Posers) – Savannah, Georgia – The shocking images broadcast around the world of hungry children being fed a bare subsistence diet is mobilizing the world to render aid. United Nations food trucks have begun arriving to avert an international disaster. Donor countries include China, which has furnished 500 tons of rice aboard a vessel en route to San Diego.

    Supplemental food aid from Canada, including wheat, are being flown in. A line of UN-marked planes line the tarmac of Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport.

    “Shockingly some of these schools cannot serve more than 350-400 calories” said one nutritionist from the Children’s Fund International “This is a crisis of the first order. Something must be done to keep the United States from falling to third world status. If that happens, then poorer nations are going to be in dire straits”.

    The new menu’s were devised at the direction of First Lady Michelle Obama with an eye toward strict calorie intake limits. The austerity diet is to be enforced at all US public schools eventually. The limited caloric intake does not affect her diet though, tonight’s campaign fundraising dinner is a meal of lobster and cocktails.

    A severe drought and a government policy that puts 40% of the corn crop into gas tanks has caused cow and pig herds to be culled, setting up another catastrophe for next year. “We can see it coming but it would take a much bigger crisis to get these politicians to drop the ethanol policy” said one source within the USDA “It is disheartening to witness government policies doing this to my country”.


    READ ON!!!!!!

  • Patty

    Thanks Obama you have one real fine administration (sarc)

    Ferrari seized in food stamp fraud case

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal investigators uncovered two grocery store owners who trafficked in more than $1 million in food stamps apiece and seized four luxury cars, including a Ferrari, from one of them, the Agriculture Department’s watchdog agency said on Wednesday.

    In Lake Charles, Louisiana, the owner of two grocery stores was ordered to pay more than $1.7 million in restitution and was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison after trading food stamps for cash and other goods, the department’s inspector general said in a report.

    Investigators seized a Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and two bank accounts in the case, the report said.

    The food stamp program, formally named the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, helps poor people buy food.

    In Waco, Texas, a federal judge ordered a grocery owner to pay $1.3 million in restitution for swapping food stamps for cash, alcohol and tobacco. The owner was sentenced to 33 months in prison.

    Some of the cash generated by the trafficking was spent on playing video poker machines in the store, the inspector general said.

    The Agriculture Department has come under criticism by Republicans in Congress for not doing more to crack down on fraud. The program is up for renewal by Congress this year and faces complaints that its $76 billion cost is too high.

    A proposal in the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives would cut enrollment by 5 percent as part of sweeping budget cuts.

    The Agriculture Department said trafficking has been reduced to 1 percent of the program’s cost, down from 4 percent 15 years ago. The department permanently disqualified 1,382 stores this year for food stamp trafficking and sanctioned 772 stores for violations.


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  • Militant Catholic

    Sarah Palin is such an idiot! She probably thinks she –


    WHO said they wanted to export more jobs?


  • Patty

    Another thank you Obama. In order to view this you must sign into YOUTUBE.

    HATE CRIME: Black Mob BRUTALIZES Bloodied White Man (Columbia, SC) – [GRAPHIC]


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  • Winston Wolfe

    Smartest guy in the room, he is.

  • dwd #12

    re Freudian

    It’s not that so much as the fact Obama is a composite man. Who is he? Barry Dunham, Bari Shabazz, Barack Hussein Obama, Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.? Take your pick. Just like in his ‘autobiography’ Dreams that had composite characters, made up people, so he and his presidency are composites. Who is running the U.S.? Some from V. Jarrett, some from Hillary and Bill Clinton, some from the media, some from all his czars, etc. and outside of government some from the occupy rabble, some from the left in general, Code Pink, etc., some from unions, AFL, ACORN, SEIU, etc., some from the NBPP and NOI, some from the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. What we have in the Hussein regime is a composite presidency. His part is to campaign and raise money and grin while handing the U.S. a crap sandwich. It’s not just Freudian.

  • Buck O’Fama

    When you think about how he has suppressed job growth here with his veto of the XL pipeline, his miserable Obamacare mandates and other regulations, his “eat the rich” rhetoric… and in the meantime, he’s managed to create quite a few jobs in China making solar panels and such…. I think it’s a Freudian slip, rather than a misspeak.

  • spotted reptile

    Wow, look at Barry’s dead eyes.

  • Sandy

    Its easy for Obama to say he wants to see us export more jobs because he doesn’t identify with Americans. If we export more jobs more of us will be poor and have to depend on the Govt therefore we will continue to vote for Dems.

    Everytime Obama opens his mouth he tells us who he is. Pretty soon even the Dems will notice -God Willing.

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  • US Navy Corpseman

    Heard that Canada is hiring 10,000 U.S. veterans to work in oil fields in Alberta.

    If Romney gets the chance, he should say those vets should be working here to exploit our own oil and coal resources. Start building the Keystone pipeline on first day in office.

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  • Tom63010

    He’s channeling but not Romney, he is channeling Karl Marx.

  • squeaky

    “Everytime Obama opens his mouth he tells us who he is.” but will they listen? [In the prologue to the second of his autobiographies, “The Audacity of Hope,” Barack Obama said: “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”] how many times will people write messages in the sand [beach] only to have them washed away by the tide – barry is the tide. almost as if they never existed.

  • squeaky

    a video from nate smoove on “the bro gotta go” [by way of fr]….

  • squeaky

    [Hey, Media, a $75K Mechanic Pays a Lower Tax Rate Than Romney] by the great Larry Elder.

  • squeaky

    the obama agenda is as a tide to sand castles.

  • CV1

    Come on! I despise Obama as much as anyone, but this “gaffe” was just that, a “gaffe”. He misspoke and immediately corrected himself. Although he ultimately was lying anyway, it was obvious that he did not mean to say, “I want to see us export more jobs.”

  • snap boy

    I’m hoping that whatever Obama’s job in 2013, it’s one that’s been exported.

  • Befuddled

    Oblumbler in front of his naive fan base keeps lying about Romney sending jobs to China.He talks up the Green economy in America and the same one that has been implemented abroad and shown to be a failure and nothing but another socialist scam to part taxpayers from their money.His arrogance has no bounds as he gloats behind closed door to his Hollywood buddies and big wig enviros about throttling our coal energy,nuclear,and oil production.

    We haven’t become oil independent.we’ve become dependant at a much higher cost due to scarcity.More jobs being sent to China. More people opting to go on welfare and disability than are able to find work.Meanwhile, unlimited amounts of money is being spent abroad to build up Brazils oil industry(for whom the Chinese will be the mayor recipient).Why is our oil hating president investing in Brazilian oil that is going directly to the Chinese?They have our jobs,they have our money,why,why,why?

  • johnt

    Perhaps Obama is planning on exporting more jobs from the 57 States to a country that speaks Austrian. And if he blundered in speaking of course it’s Romney’s fault, for real. Leftists never, can not, own up to mistakes. They’re only around to take credit when things work out, just like children. And Obama is a child.

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  • Joe E in the IE

    Oh, you already did that. Thanks to the GM bailout, Americans will never again drive an American-built Chevy Camaro, Buick Regal or Buick LaCrosse, so if anyone should run into Shaq, be sure and ask “How do you like your outsourced import?”

  • William Penn

    Off-teleprompter, Obama proves he’s nothing but an affirmative-action moron.

  • Jim in Houston

    He excoriated Romney for allegedly moving jobs off shore. What an ass clown!

  • mg4us

    #8 Jim Agree not a Freudian Slip

    It is what he wants and believes. . .with contempt in his Heart towards Americans
    p47 Dreams of My Father. . Mommy dearest says this About Americans and fills little Barck’s head of these thoughts:

    Barry aka Barack telling us the truth but we don’t listen.
    The joke is on us

    These kids are a terrible disgrace to their family and their country. .
    Brain dread stooges

    Guess Kent state has lowered their standards greatly!


    He didn’t misspeak… thats what’s really on his mind…

  • Steve

    This guy knew a year ago the world leaders would be in New York This week. he couldn’t clear one day out of His busy schedule, (letterman,View, Beyonce, vegas,etc…etc..) to meet with world leaders?

  • Steve

    My Honest Opinion, all politics aside;
    I think Obama is tired of being president and does not want to win, But he can’t quit, he is too arrogant for that. he looks so tired and worn down. That is why he isn’t acting presidential anymore. he likes the limelight, not the Job. He can’t just quit, too much money and political capital invested in him. he looks like he just wants to get to his new home in hawaii.

  • David Baluta

    WHOOPS, O forgot that Hillary isn’t running this time around. Should have known better…

  • Liz

    He did not misspeak. He actually told the truth for once. He actually did show transparency for the second time in office. The first time was in that chair talking with Clint Eastwood.

  • JCMack

    Don’t believe a word of it. If he is awake and his lips are moving, he is lieing! Everything he has said is a lie. You just can not trust him. His motives are clear and he has told us how he thinks. Like a socialist, marxist. The economy is bad and worse than what he says. He is not in touch of what is really going on.

  • Don

    What a dipshyt. I can’t believe this lying pos is our potus. smh

  • Oracle Jones

    The only “free” enterprise that Obama endorses is welfare.

  • JCMack

    Actually I mis spoke, he is in touch of what is going on. It is going the way he wants it to according to his socialist agenda.

  • Lindasadly

    Listen to the whole thing, you folk jump on everything Obama says, when Romney makes a gaff you don’t even acknowledge it.

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  • Gregg

    Romney exports jobs as a profit business and Obama exports them as a socialist, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:


  • JCMack

    Touch arn’t we, are we drinking the kool aide today or what?

  • tropicrot

    Freudian slip.

  • Lawyers Guns & Money

    We all want to see the same things Barry, and when you are back in Rahmland and Romney is President, we all will

  • Ethan

    It’s true the asylum is being run by the inmates. Republicans & Democrats: two heads on the same creature taken over by the “Criminal Global Elites”. They could easily be replaced by the Bonanos and Gambinos.

  • CharlestownJack

    Our Republic might be saved if we try a bold stroke. We should allow a ceremonial president – Obama – with his motley crew of hangers on like the space cadet Sebelius and clown Biden, and they can appear with creatures from Hollywood on news shows on the MSM channels, and then we could have a more quiet grown up administration full of Romney/Ryan types actually managing the country. That way grown up citizens could tune in to FOX and see the country prospering and the worthless losers could live in their La La land and stop ruining our children’s futures. We could even give them a couple of billion for bling and coke parties and still save many trillions and The American Republic.

  • Phoebezdad

    If it weren’t for the Lame Stream Media love affair with this guy he would have been impeached and thrown out by now.

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  • Laurie

    Always with Obama, there is the personal attack and its someone else’s fault. He messes up, but he doesnt take responsibility. Instead he launches into a mean personal attack on his opponent to cover up his own failure. This is the MO for his entire Administration. Mean, nasty and incompetent.

  • Jim Olson

    Under Obamanomics more jobs will be exported. Business, due to taxes, excessive regulation and union demands will be departing the shores of America for a better business environment. A person does not even have to take an econ. 101 class to figure this out.

  • JCMack

    And you would expect any different from him because? For all of you that are so dead against Romney, let me remind you of your love affair with Barry before he was elected. I was called a racist because I did not like his politics, I did not like his views, or his stances on tough subjects, and because of this I would not vote for him. You gave a socialist a chance to run the country and that is what you got a socialist. You want this country to start operating in the positive cash flow you have to work towards it and know what and how to do it. The choice is obvious. You want to continue to have this country run into the ground and become like a third world nation, don’t vote. If you want to try and turn it around the answer is to vote for Romney. It’s either that or we get buried in the whole with no way out. Personally I’d rather see a change and see. You don’t think where we are headed with Barry is bad? You are blind.

  • m2plaid

    You had a little Freudian slip, Junior and it would be much better if you indeed did channel your opponent and stop with your lies.

  • JCMack

    Ya Barry does have a lot of Freudian slips doesn’t he?

  • mennen yager

    this mother fu–er thinks his jokes are funny,who did he pay to record romney’s PRIVATE meeting,i believe when nixon did that he was impeached,has americans really got so stupid they believe this a-hole cares anymore about the small guy then any other guy in office,senate congress ever government jobs. im michigan,they said there going to put to a vote to build those giant wind generator wind mills, well yesterday9/26/12 i was going down apple ave,near 37 and 45 intersection,and i seen the blades already made being shiped to where there building them,all three blades so we have no choice,it’s already made,obama makes a joke of seeing more jobs exported,well romney in private meeting said something about 47 % of american don’t care because there supported by government,he’s right,your not going to get people who never worked and never will to change the fact they depend on other people to pay there way,it’s a fact,generational welfare recieptants,bull,because the grandparents,parents and now they are not only eligable,are given because they know no other way of life then to have welfare pay there way,make them seek work,with proof,not just write the names of a couple companies on a report,prove they are trying or cut them off,never paid,never recieve,that should be the law, obama want the entire nation to be welfare people,because then they have the right to come in and cheeck what you own,where you spend your money and whaat you buy, what else they want to know,how much you crap when you go,oh they do know,you pay sewr rates in the city so heck,guess were dumber then even i thought
    thank you for reading this,more people should have balls enough to state were sick and tired of working to give half our check to government to support people who never did a thing to help themselves in there life

  • Marsha Frey

    If Romney/Ryan can pull off this election – they are as David vs Goliath. The media is in Obama’s pocket, Harry Reid is the “hatchet man” (vile) and Hollywood highlights our “rock star” president. If Romney/Ryan win… it really does mean the American people are “still in charge” and not matter the impotence, the nastiness, the lies, the evils of our politicians/Obama administration & Campaign tried – the people still won. This is my hope. Please – I will turn 73 years old on Mon. Nov 5th. Please give me the best birthday present ever – a Romney/Ryan win. I want to enjoy my “twilight years” in a peaceable setting. With Obama – I might as well buy a “prayer rug” and join the “Muslim Sisterhood”.

  • Alex

    jainphx – Israel is the one threatening Iran.

  • Patrick


  • mennen yager

    another thing,when has obama been ask what he’s going to do besides drive us farther in debt,why not repeal the nafta agreement,it don’t work,our jobs left when they passed that,then they change it to free world trade agreement,who agreed,did’nt ask me,did they ask you,and this open policy to allow illegal immergrents who are here already citizenship because they would widen our tax base,excuse me,i know alot of illegals who live and work here,they live together,pool there money,keep just what it takes to stay and send every extra dime home so nothing is spent or taxed here,and everyone legal or not are on public assistence of some kind,why do we have to pay for people who are not even citizens to have free medical,food stamps and houseing assistance when people who live and worked here for there entire lives don’t qualify because they have what,two cars,2,500.oo in savings instead of less tehn 2 grand,so if your fifty and saved what,400.00 a year for retirement,then you can’t get help till you totally broke,what if you have emergency needs,ever try to get anything from welfare or government in a hurry because you need it badly,HA it takes two months to even get heard let alone get help.then they want everything you own itemized,this is a joke, IF THEY TAXED EVERYONE JUST TWO PERCENT NO EXCLUSION,MILLIONAIRES AND EVERYONE,THERE WOULD BE MORE MONEY THEN OUR PRESENT TAX SYSTEM GENERATES BECAUSE OF RICH NOT PAYING A DIME FOR MONEY EARNED OVER 500.000 DOLLARS A YEAR, so now you know who pays,this was actual numbers done in a research by harvard financial class less then two years ago,stop exporting our oil to japan and other countries for less then we replace it,common sence business,don’t sell for less then you can replace it, also,when did a barrel of oil become more important the a bushel of wheat or corn,can’t eat oil, so why do we allow oil countries to charge us more then we charge for our food,eat your oil,we don’t need anything from other countries,we have all the oil we need if wee quit giving it away,all the food you could ever hope to eat,can make anythiong we need so why or when did we become the worlds baby sitters,we don’t owe anyone anything,why let them tell us what to do
    again,thank you

  • Mickey

    I’d say “mission accomplished.”

  • AmVet

    Has there ever been a sitting, or non-sitting for that matter, US president less significant, and more incompetent than Barry Soetoro?????????? This guy is THE most pathetic excuse for a president in our history. The only one smiling is Jimmy Carter because now he’s off the snyde; he won’t go down as THE most incompetent in our history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Dresden

    I ran a voice stress analyzer over this tape. That was not a misstatement.

  • Henry Gondorff

    A vote for Obama is a vote for anarchy. If this galatically stupid magic negro gets re-elected there will be blood. The regular working (non-union) tax paying folks have had enough. Sick of the welfare riders, the blacks who think they are somehow owed something, the illegals, the unions, the gays, and the politicians who have corrupted the system and the people. We vote and we are well armed. Time for the freedom tree to get a long overdue watering.

  • Mickey


    It’s scary how many people get to VOTE in this election who actually believe that kind of nonsense.

    The REAL fact is that about half the households in America, the poorest half, pay ZERO Federal income tax. Abotu half the total income tax revenue is paid by the wealthiest 10%, and a whopping 10% is paid by the top 1% all by themselves.

    You are heavily subsidized by the “rich”, buddy. If there were a true flat tax, wtih no deductions, there would be mass starvation and economic ruin. The “rich” would LOVE IT!

    Educate youself.

  • FedupinIndiana

    This horse’s ass couldn’t channel Romney if he tried. Obama is simply too unintelligent to come up with actual methods to solve the problems we have. God help us all if he is reelected in November…

  • Mickey

    Incidentally, mennan, did you know that the widely reported “Romney pays at the same rate as someone earning 50K” story doesn’t mean that the number is based on “payroll tax”, and not NET tax?

    Your NET tax is what you actually pay, after filing in the spring and so forth.

    Romney’s effective, NET tax rate is higher than 97% of Americans. I’d say he’s paying his share AND yours.

  • alice

    Nice try from the nut jobs of this country but they didn’t listen to what he said…”EXCUSE ME”….PRODUCTS!!!!! Try again…you still have time. lol

  • Bobill

    I was going to vote Obama until I saw this and realized the truth. The truth that most of you commenters are idiots and I am still voting Obama and like it or not, he will continue to be the President.

  • Steve

    You are all idiots (“you all” means “the people who run this site” and “almost everyone commenting”). That’s not the whole quote; Obama was mocking Romney. The FULL statement was: “First thing is, I want to see us export more jobs . . . uh . . . export more PRODUCTS. Excuse me. I was channeling my opponent there for a second.”

  • Ophelia

    Sigh…for anyone who just read the deliberately misleading title of this post and was too lazy to watch the video, President Obama misspoke and corrected himself within about two seconds. He meant to say, “…export more products”.

  • nonya

    Fools, totally cut off and out of context. His actual quote is:

    “First thing is, I want to see us export more jobs… uh… export more *products*… Excuse me. I was channeling my opponent there for a second.”


    See for yourself….sites like this lie to you

  • Andrew sprague

    Can you people even have a discussion or display of actual non-partisan facts? Patty you comment on the government uncovering fraud. Is this not a good thing? We are eliminating the fraud, yet you act as if this is a not good thing. I understand you don’t think anyone should get food stamps, but if we are going to have these bureaucratic we should run them well right? George Bush appoint his Yale buddy as the head of FEMA. Look how that turned out.

    You then talk about school lunch. How old are you? When is the last time you ate a school lunch? 15 years ago. I am 23 so six years ago for me, and let me tell you its crap. It is beyond crap that they serve to kids. What do think Michelle is gonna put on the menu? A raw vegan diet. Come on get real. Do you agree with feeding our kids square meals? Spaghetti, REAL Chicken, Stuff the average home cooking family would eat?

    And just WOW about the drought. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Government policy has nothing to do with culling herds. First we import the grain we feed much of our livestock. Second WE export more than 30 Billion worth of Corn, Soybeans, and Rice. Third don’t you realize we don’t just feed cows and pigs just corn? They feed on grass for the first parts of their lives, then they are fattened with corn.
    You could learn a thing or two from that website.

    The only legitimate link that had any real semblance of actual reporting belonged to Ponderson and sadly the link is broken.

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