Obama: GOP Agenda So Outdated, Like “Black-and-White TV” …Update: In Other Words, Back When the US Had Robust GDP – Unlike the Obama Years

Barack Obama slammed Republicans today for pushing free market capitalism at the Tampa convention.
It’s so “last century”… like “black-and-white tv.”

Obama thinks more big government socialism will do the trick.
The Hill reported:

President Obama blasted Republicans Saturday for an agenda he said was so “last century” that it was like watching “black-and-white TV.”

Obama addressed a campaign audience in Iowa as Democrats prepare to begin their convention next week.

The president said that Republican nominee Mitt Romney offered voters a “rerun” agenda with few details at the GOP convention, which ended on Thursday.

And, the crowd of idiots behind him just chuckled right along with him as if his statement was profound and really made sense.

UPDATE: Obama’s writers should have done their research before they wrote that line up on the TelePrompter.

Back in the heyday of the television, from 1947 to 1953, when more than half of Americans bought their first television set, the GDP was 4.3 Percent.
The GDP under Obama is a horrid 1.48 Percent.
Historically, from 1947 until 2012, the United States GDP Growth Rate averaged 3.3 Percent

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    President Obama blasted Republicans Saturday for an agenda he said was so “last century” that it was like watching “black-and-white TV.”

    Left unmentioned is that his agenda hasn’t managed to produce squat in the way of anything beneficial.

  • Kathteach

    Jim – Do you know what makes me so sad about the Obama campaign’s insistence on disrespecting the ‘good old days’ – so to speak? They resent the fact that the GOP speakers and candidates are so rooted to traditional married parents – a man and a woman (and this is not airtight – Anne Romney says “Modern Family” is one her favorite shows and she says Mitt watches it with her – and I too like that show a lot – ironically – because it is very rooted in very Boy Scout like, honorable, traditional family values no matter whom is partnered with who).

    Democrats believe they can reach Americans by talking about the broken family without two parents in a stable home life. Democrats want to perpetuate the notion that – in absence of a father in the home – the good old plantation “Mastah” will take care of all their needs – and I say this believing – as I do – that there are more non-black folks on the government dole in any way shape or form – excluding entitlements like Medicare and Social Security – although these are indeed budget crushing entitlements – ) now days.

    Who on earth can argue that kids need a mom and dad in a stable home where the parents provide and work hard to improve their lives all along the journey of American life?

    Why is this idea so repulsive to so many Big Government believers? The cradle to grave Central Planners that Paul Ryan ranted about?

    In my opinion – this is what is so completely sad about the Democrat Party. They have embraced all these anti-family kidnappers – those Big Government folks who want to get their hands on your kids at age 3 and just run them like sheep until they die – all the while giving them just enough rent, just enough food money, just enough Sec. 8 housing subsidy, just enough of a handout or a free ride, just enough education, just enough health insurance – all in exchange for just shutting up, staying on the government plantation and showing up to vote like……twenty times or more every election year.

    Because just like Orwell warned us ALL about way back in 1949 – that’s almost 62 years ago folks – those nasty Central Planners of government have always thought they know better what’s good for us and how we all should live.

  • Kathteach

    BTW – to add to my long, late night rant above – let’s not forget how important it is to these Central Planners to not even let our “unwanted” children be born.


    Paul Ryan: I’ll Take Freedom Over ‘the Supervision and Sanctimony of Central Planners’


  • AlecJ

    Last century like the 80s and 90s when the economy thrived and American reigned through strength? Im not sure who would choose Obama’s years over the last century at this point. Then again, the guy isnt a thinker or a student of history. He just says things he thinks are clever no matter how sophomoric or naive.

    Im embarrassed by our President and thats sad.

  • Robert

    Judging from the results, Obama’s agenda

    is not so well suited to this century.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    Very tight shot of event – another small, pathetic group bribed to prop up a dismal flop.

    Where is Dandy Don Meridith — “Turn out the lights, the party’s oooverrrr” .

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  • Limousine Barry

    Having a job is so Last Century! Now, with my modern cronyism you can even find a job!

    You have to get on Food Stamps, WIC or 99 weeks of unemployment paychecks to survive. Jobs are so Last Century!

    I remember when you could get on Welfare and never have to earn a living. Heck, I remember using the Community Reinvestment Act to shake-down banks for millions of dollars. I never had to get a job! Working in a honest job so last century!

    With my Cash 4 Clunkers, my Guns 4 Mexican Gangs, My Cash 4 Votes, my $4.00 per gallon Gas prices and my 0bamaCare Tax Waivers 4 my cronies – we don’t need any more jobs! It so last Century. It’s like watching colorized Black and White TV!

    While I was growing up I had so much money that I could buy loads of Weed, Coke and booze. I rolled cars for fun. When necessary I got a new Connecticut drivers license and social-security number. Now I have to cover my tracks with Eric Holder doing the dirty work. That was so last Century!

    My Aunty Zeituni has never had a job and has gotten free governmental housing; free government checks… not to mention a sleazy grant of asylum… proves that scamming government welfare system is the IN Thing! Working for a living is so last century!

    Anybody who disagrees with my crappy Marxists economic policies is a Racist! The colorized Race Card works! Just ask Joe Bozo. Running an honest campaign is so last Century!

    Let me be clear, I have killed so many jobs that I can’t even keep count. I especially like killing jobs in the energy sector. We need higher gas prices! We need higher dependency on foreign oil! Coal fired electric plants and their jobs is so Last Century – I bankrupt them!

    We need to push jobs overseas. We need to grovel for foreign oil. The Arabs would agree with me! Nuclear Energy is so Last Century!

    When I see the Flag and I hear that Last Century song I stand up, cup my hands under my nuts, and scowl at the Flag. The Flag is so last Century!

    When rapper Heavy D died I sent a heart felt letter of condolence personally signed by me because he was so this century! And, when the Navy Seal team died I ordered Davy Axelrod send their families a crappy “auto-pen” letter because… you know… they are so last century!

    Chris Tingles, with his toupee and silver hair is so last Century. It like watching Black and White TV… er.. I can’t see the Teleprompter. Please adjust it.

    If you like the way I have caused sky high unemployment and even higher gas prices vote for me. My job could be so Last Century!

    I could lose my job in less then three months! Send me $3,000.00 before midnight my campaign is so Bankrupt!

    My old campaign bus is spewing white smoke and Davy Axelrod and a new scam for my Hollywood Donors. It’s a colorized version of the Three Stooges scam. I can’t go into detail because it has not been hatch. My last scam failed.

    My Campaign is so Black and Blue it sucks. But, once I fleece my few Hollywood Donors out of every dime they have it will suck worse. Good day.

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  • Kathteach

    #11 Limousine Larry – You and I are like minded individuals. Nicely written.

    AND you and I both know that we are speaking for literally millions of Americans who want a job and a better life than the one the Central Planners of the Obama Regime have designed and are – at this very moment – designing for the next four years of their reign – you know – where they can completely rule by Executive Fiat and bypass our Constitutional requirements for equal representation in America.

  • Ghost

    that crowd behind the podium is really astonishing, they left their brains behind to follow a pied piper right over the cliff. I’ve never understood His appeal- He’s not Presidential, He’s a PunkAss.

    But PunkAss has stepped in his own too clever trap again, just as he did with his narcissistic, hypersensitive, unhip response tweet to the ‘chair’ which is now being mercilessly mocked.

    When PunkAss refers to “black-and-white-TV” he unintentionally causes people like me and you to recall that time when America’s Greatness was on full display, y’know like when Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon! when the most heated argument was who was better, Mays or Mantle? when the biggest threat to America was Elvis’ hips. and The Beatles’ hair was too long.

    “Black-and-White-TV”? y’mean, Rawhide and Bonanza? y’mean, Jackie Gleason and Ed Sullivan?
    y’mean, The Rifleman and The Untouchables? y’mean Danny Thomas and Andy Griffith? y’mean Garry Moore, Durward Kirby and Carol Burnett? y’mean, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Donna Reed, Eve Arden, Steve Allen and Ernie Kovacs? y’mean, THOSE were the Bad Times? really? really?!

    PunkAss unintentionally takes us back to the time when America was the “Light of the World”, when we would “…pay any price, bear any burden to assure the success and survival of LIBERTY”. What a JackAss.

  • Fuquay Steve

    I vote for back to the future.

  • Granny

    The a$$ doesn’t realize what a MIRACLE black and white TV was! Oh sure, the Brits “invented” TV, but WWII got in their way. It was American business that developed TV and put a TV in every home along with a chicken in every Sunday dinner pot. (No, “Mr President”, the “government” had nothing much to do with it.)

  • Emilie Green

    So snarky all the time. His sarcasm has, years ago, taken him as far as it’s going to go. The speeches get shallower and shallower by the minute.

  • Robodog7

    Well sir, your Marxist agenda is so 1848.

  • TXPatriot

    Isn’t saying “black and white” racist?

  • scituate_tgr

    I still have a black and white portable on my workbench in the basement. One of many products build during a time when America’s manufacturing took pride in a quality product and stood firm for reputation.

    Today, cheap imports with slick marketing campaigns….hmmmm.