On the day of his fund-raising appearance with Congressman Todd Akin, Newt Gingrich called in to Jamie Allman in the Morning on FM News Talk 97.1.

Newt is the first big national candidate to come in and campaign for Todd Akin. He described the enormous gap between the two candidates:

“I would simply say to anybody who has any confusion – Six seconds of Todd Akin Saying something dumb doesn’t offset six years of McCaskill voting destructively… You know she’s going to smear him because a straight up honest fight over her voting record she’s just going to get wiped out. “





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  1. Bout dang time someone in the Big R Camp woke up to the fact we need all the Rs we can get in the senate. Guy made a big gaffe is no reason to toss him overboard.

  2. newt, the pit bull unleashed. we need guys like him fighting this sad bunch of socialists


  4. It’s in Missouri’s hands now! Surely they’ll do the right thing.


  6. ++

    it wasn’t a ‘BIG GAFFE’.. the Reps with an agenda (aka: Rove)
    and the MSM stole Claire’s inflateaball and ran with it into the
    oppositions end zone vs analyzing what he stated in context..


  7. The choice: STUPID vs. EVIL.
    Not a good choice.

  8. McCaskill was the 60th vote that passed Obamacare.

    Remember on November 6th, Missouri. MO has already said NO to Obamacare with Proposition C — say NO to Obama and McCaskill on November 6th.


  9. #8 He been a pretty good congressman for my district. He said something stupid something Obama Biden and McCaskill do daily. I think we can give Todd a little slack.

  10. I sent him some money the other night. Reince Priebus ought to be ashamed of himself for conceding a Senate seat to the Democrats.
    It isn’t about Akin.
    It’s about controlling the Senate.
    It’s about SCOTUS picks too.

  11. Akins past RECORD speaks much louder than any ‘gaffe’ (the new word constantly being floated around, ugh) … he is a true conservative, period. What the republicans AND the media (even some of the ‘new’ media) has done to damage his race is despicable. SHAME.

  12. Since when has a candidate being “STUPID” or “EVIL” ever been a big deal with the Democrats? It didn’t happen when the GA Representative said Quam was going to tip over. It didn’t happen when Teddy drove his car off the bridge or with Clinton’s “It depends on what the definition of “is” is.” or with Weinergate. It didn’t happen when the Democrat Congressman solicited sex from an 18-year old male several months ago. And it probably won’t ever happen!

    We must have a majority in the Senate if we want to repeal Obamacare and I will donate to Akin this week. Hopefully, some of you will donate too.

  13. Thank you Newt, and a middle finger to the rino Cornyn.

  14. When the NRSC calls me I tell em “shame on the RNC, shame on John Cornyn….no $$$$ for R;s Until Akin is supported”

  15. Sometimes ya’ll just have to hold your nose and vote for a guy who said such a stupid thing….(probably not the first time)…..

    You Missouri folks MUST do this for our nation. We’re counting on you.

  16. #18 It Won’t be hard to support a GREAT conservative in MO like Akin. I’m glad he did not cave to republican establishment.

  17. I will proudly vote for Todd Akin. The man has a 92% rating in 2011 ACU. I believe the leaders of the Republican Party have something against him as he is a favorite of Tea Partiers here in Missouri. The fact that he made a so-called gaffe is no reason not to check his record and see where he stands on conservative issues via votes. He will be a great senator for the state of Missouri, mark my words!

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