Media Up to Old Tricks… New Skewed Poll Actually Shows Mitt Romney Leading By Wide Margin

The latest CNN poll shows Obama ahead of Mitt Romney 52 to 47. But the poll drastically oversampled Democrats to get this stunning result. If a more accurate number of Republicans and Independents were included the poll would show Mitt Romney leading 53 percent to 45 percent for Obama.
The Examiner reported:

The latest CNN/ORC poll released today shows a wider lead for President Obama than the previous CNN/ORC poll but it is doubly skewed. It massively under-samples independents while it also over-samples Democratic voters. The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll official reports Obama at 52 to percent and Mitt Romney at 46 percent. Unskewed, the data reveals a 53 percent to 45 percent lead for Romney.

This new CNN/ORC survey, unlike many other analyzed, not only over-samples Democratic voters, but also massively under-samples independent voters, to produce a result more favorable to Barack Obama. This survey’s sample includes 397 registered Republicans and 441 registered Democrats. But the survey included a total of 822 registered voters, leaving only 37 independent voters at most. The survey clearly under-sampled independent and Republican voters.

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  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    It would be best to let the boot come as a big surprise to Zero. Then, with a modicum of luck, late on November 6, he will be so shocked that he’ll off himself in a fit of rage. As inept as Biden is, he would never do as much harm as what Zero has intentionally brought to the U.S.

  • Simsalabim

    Who boos God?

  • Multitude

    Thank you to the progressive pollsters. I thought we were doing fine after the utterly dismal “vote for fascism if I give you a free condom and abortion” Democratic convention. But I was wrong. Your polls said things were really bad for libertarians and conservatives.

    So I stayed late after work and showed top who coworkers objective data showing Obama is actually making things worse. Forget the hokum of “it’s taking me longer because it was more screwed up than I guessed.”

    Then I spent time with several college students talking about this tonight, particularly Obama’s surveillance state.

    I am confident we got 2-3 switch votes out of this and will work to ensure they vote. Media, please keep motivating us with these scare polls. Thank you for taking one for the liberty team.

  • Militant conservative

    The more the MSM say it’s

    In the bag the bigger the

    defeat. I’m loving it.

    Powder is dry

  • currently

    Here’s the final tally of the vote on Nov 6: Romney 54.50%, Obama 44.75%, Stein 0.75%.

    That’s my poll and I’m sticking to it (knowing the fluctuations that will happen over the next couple months and being calculated into my calculation). I’m not a well known pollster yet, but save this post and you’ll be begging for my next poll in 2014 midterm elections.

  • Tim in Cali

    Joseph Goebbels is standing and cheering what the media, pollsters,academia and Hollywood have become.

    A 24/7/365 propaganda machine for the regime

    We didn’t need them in 2010 for the “shellacking”..

    We don’t need them now.

  • Practical Jane

    Make no assumptions. Vote!!!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    But the poll drastically oversampled Democrats to get this stunning result.

    Naaaawwww, you don’t say!!

    What would you have expected from the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party?

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  • Highlander

    That’s why they always say these polls are non-scientific. If these polls were scientific in nature, they wouldn’t decide the results ahead of time, and then set out to prove it …

    Obama is going to be CRUSHED. I’m counting the days …

  • Tom63010

    Yesterday I will admit to be concerned. Read postings here and on Drudge, listen to Jamie Allman here locally in St. Louis and was troubled, and then I listened to the first part of Laura Ingraham’s show and was a LOT more concerned. Turned her off and waited for Rush Limbaugh. He was reassuring. Spoke of how the TEA Party wasn’t a fluke and that there was no way that those in the TEA Party and like minded citizens had less passion to vote in 2012 then they did in 2010. His insight and logic eased my mind. Today now I read an Drudge and Gateway Pundit that the Obama supporters in the media and liberal leaning polling firms had skewed the polls just like they usually do. One additional comment from Rush that I found interesting was that he said that a couple weeks before the election you will see more accurate polling because these polling organizations will not want these skewed results to be the last polls they put out before the election because it would kill their reputation and future business as the last polls before an election are usually the ones people remember.

  • SoLongSong

    #7 currently: I’m holding you to that.

    November can’t come fast enough.

  • Bill Mitchell

    But the odd part is that these are similar results to what we are seeing in Rasmussen. Rasmussen also shows Democrats taking a lead in generic preference for Congress.

    I can only thus conclude that Rasmussen has for some reason gone to an overweighted Dem sample as well after just declaring a 4 point lead in Republican party affiliation only a week ago. Makes no sense that a +4 Rep sample get same result as a +10 Dem sample.

    BTW, the newest WAPO poll showing Obama leading by only 1 point is 33/23 Dems to Reps. Again based upon this Rasmussen makes no sense.

  • mg4us

    As I said in previous polls. . not to worry. . wait til the debates. .

    The only poll that really matters is Nov 6 (but we need to manage voter fraud)

    Why do I feel good at this point?
    – Romney has not gone on the offense yet with the tons of cash he’s accumulated
    – Obama is running frantically around – a sign of desperation. .
    – Europe and US economies NOT improving
    – Dismal job report will be revised downward and more layoffs coming
    – Gas is about to soar when QE3 pumps more money in and lowers value of dollar
    – When I saw DNC arena after dismal Obama speech. . . 15 min after and 80% cleared
    – When I see MSM bombard us with phony polls and telling us it is over

    Just listen to Rush too

    Remember this, in 2008 as The Won with all that Hope and Change from people from 8 years of Bush. . .the one who would unite us as Americans. . .while lowering them oceans and healing the planet . . .Obama only got 53% of popular vote in election, despite ACORN and voting fraud. . .

    Now 50% of students (a key base) cannot find jobs
    Gas prices through the roof (and going higher)
    and Obama has shown he is the GREAT Divider by squandering his first two years and never reaching across the aisle
    Demeaning instead of redeeming
    With a vile contempt that now one saw in 2008
    And a belief that “You Didn’t Build That”

    With stores closing daily, and people dropping out of labor market It will be a crushing defeat. . .

    So don’t let MSM distract. . As Clinton said, “It’s the Economy Stupid!”

    Clinton said it is simple arithmetic. . and it doesn’t add up:
    +23 MM Unemployed (and rising)
    +43 MM on Food Stamps (and growing)
    +16 Trillion in Debt (and exploding)

    Yes Bill, it just doesn’t add up. . .

  • mg4us

    Voting Fraud is our biggest internal threat. . in another posts Congressional Caucasian Demoncrat who outright cheated or the NAACP district head. . what about students as well as those on gov’t subsidies, homeless people, and illegal immigrants. . .and let us not forget ACORN. . .They are still there but under a different name

    That is why we need voter ID. . .

    Many will say thanks but we try and Obama and Holder with DOJ knock it down. . .

    I say enact voter ID law AGAIN but with this proviso for those with NO gov’t issued ID, namely if a person has no gov’t issued ID then they may vote by giving us their finger prints as well as dipping their thumb or forefinger in the ink used during Iraqi voting. . an ink that cannot be removed for a few days. . .

    This way all fingerprints will be checked for validity that
    1) they are in the district
    2) they are eligible & registered
    3) they have only voted once. . anywhere

    If found to have violated any of these three points, the penalty will be severe in both $$$ and time in jail (years).

    That would stand up in a court of law as no one eligible would be denied. . .

    Do it now Ohio, FL, PA, WI, Iowa, VI and NC. . .NJ,and CA too

  • mg4us

    Obama is panicked that is why he is campaigning so much. . .He bombed out at DNC. . .dud of a sppech. .And Dems rejected GOD and Jerusalem Three times (we only need to reject Obama once on Nov 6)

    Polls won’t matter until after the debates

  • donh

    Obama thugs intimidated and turned a Supreme Court judge ….Turning a few pollsters to cash in their moral integrity and spread LIES for der Fuhrer is not that hard for these nice folks….Look what just happened to Tray Gowdey,…..>

    So Rasmussen wakes up to his car having a flat tire 3 days in a row…A few threatening messages left on his answering machine , a dead fish left on his door step…and suddenly Obama is up 4 in the polls ! I LOVE AmeHEEKKKA !

  • Liberal Creative Lying just isn’t what it used to be, right Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    Polls are about trends. We shouldn’t worry as much about where they tell us we are going to end up, but we SHOULD view them as an indicator of the action we need to take to get where we want to go. Obama is up by 8 in this poll – SO WHAT? Instead of getting our hair on fire over the polling methodology, what should be disturbing is if he has gained substantially from PREVIOUS polls by the same company using the same methodology, and I’ll bet he has. Obama’s numbers have improved across the board in nearly all national polls since the conventions. If these polls, including Rasmussen, are consistent in their methodology then isn’t the trend a problem (not including Gallup, which is being sued by Obama’s DOJ)?

    What this tells us is that Romney’s squishy run-to-the-middle message (see Sunday’s Meet The Depressed interview) just isn’t selling. Is he a big government conservative? A moderate? A limited government “tea party” candidate? I can’t tell at this point, and it’s a fairly safe bet that independents and moderates who are just now starting to pay attention to their election choices, and maybe even looking for an alternative to Obama, can’t either. But they feel safer with the devil they know (Obama) than with the devil they don’t know (Romney).

    THE ROMNEY CAMPAIGN needs to knock off the “Obama lite” crap and make this election a choice between Americans living in a big federal government nanny state for generations to come or a limited federal government with powers, responsibilities, and CONSEQUENCES returned to the states and the people respectively. CONSERVATIVES need to stop whining about the absolute numbers in the polls, look at the trends, and demand that Romney and the Republicans change their message before it’s too late.

    But I suspect they won’t.

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  • Robodog7

    Mark my words folks, this is being done so that there can be massive voter fraud this fall!!!!!!!

    Swing states will be flooded with rigged voting machines under the watchful eye of the SEIU.
    If the polls all claim that Obama is ahead going into November, fewer people will challenge the out come.

  • crackermike

    This is battlefield preparation for when Soros releases from Spain HIS declaration on who won the American Presidential election.

  • oludare james

    I love it

  • When are people going to learn you can’t trust these ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN-MSLSD-HUSTLER polls?

  • Ace

    The leftist polls project what would happen IF repub turnout is depressed (unlike 2010). The corrupt media’s job now is to depress that turnout. They will attack Romney as not being conservative. In the debates, they will bring up they he supported gay marriage as guv of Massachusetts. Maybe that’s why “Obama” suddenly came out in favor of it.

  • valerie

    The Washington Post/ABC poll is similar:

    Look at the responses to the questions. There’s 80% disapproval of Obama’s economic performance, and yet a majority still trust him to handle the economy over Romney. They say they need “more specifics” about how Romney would handle economic issues.

    These people weren’t even asked about the scandals of this administration.

    Obvious lines of attack by Romney and the Repubs are the economic performance, including the re-jiggering of the employment numbers to drop 5M people out of the workforce because they are no longer qualified to receive government benefits, and the ineptitude of the administration, including the “green energy” debacle.

    It doesn’t have to be harsh. The attack goes like this: “Some recovery. Do you really want 4 more years of this? We don’t have to do it this way.” An explanation of the economic situation, and its similarity to the Great Depression, as well as the way the Depression of 1920 was ended, as well as pointing to the present results obtained by the several states (good and bad) would be very, very useful.

  • JoyO

    The media is JUST barely beginning its campaign to save Obama. I’m waiting in anticipation for the lies they will be drumming up about Romney and Ryan…I’m sure there will be lots of them!
    What I find confusing is that they want to emulate Russia and lots of the Russian reporters die mysteriously when the Government disapproves of their articles.

  • Objective Analysis

    Karma is about to come down. James Russell Lowell, an American Romantic poet during the 19th Century, states “Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne, Yet that scaffold sways the future, and, behind the dim unknown, Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above his own.”

    God is not pleased with this version of the Anti-Christ and his demon worshippers. Let judgment come by 11/6/2012. Selah.

  • 23# Is right these polls are to cover the massive voter fraud that coming ………..

  • Interesting

    Mitt Romney 10 percent lead in unskewed data from ARG poll
    September 7, 2012
    By: Dean Chambers

    The sampling of the ARG poll differs with the partisan data measured from hundreds of thousands of voters by Rasmussen Reports, which measures the partisan percentages at 37.6 percent Republicans, 33.3 percent Democrats and 29.2 percent independents. This indicates a degree of over-sampling of Democrats by eight percent, a plus four margin for Democrats as opposed to the plus four margin of Republicans among the likely voting electorate.

    The ARG survey has Democrats favoring Obama by a 85 percent to 11 percent margin while Republicans surveyed in the poll favor Romney by a 92 percent to five percent margin. ARG found independent voters to support Romney by a 49 percent to 44 percent edge.

    If this data is weighted for the appropriate percentage of independents as shown by the Rasmussen data, the survey indicates a far larger and growing lead for Mitt Romney. Analysis of the data by those criteria would lead to a result showing Romney leading with a 53 percent to 43 percent margin over President Obama. That would be a lead of 10 percent, larger than any for Romney reported by any recent national poll.

  • Johnny Paycheck

    By how much were Dems oversampled? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • What are y’all going to do if the professional pollsters turn out to be right and amateur journalist Dean Chambers turns out to be wrong? Claim ACORN stole the election, I guess.

  • Yes

    The denial displayed in the comments here is astounding. Romney is losing this election and you people are saying the polls are wrong? What about Rasmussen? Fox? Every single poll tracking site I’ve seen shows Romney losing and Obama w more paths to 270. Get off your asses and get people out and vote! If this is the best we can do than I’m with Laura Ingram “shut it down..”