Lurch: We Must Stop the Rise of the Oceans… It’s in the Scripture (Video)

Fact check in Aisle #9…
John Kerry attacked Mitt Romney for not supporting Emperor Obama’s ridiculous promise to stop the rise of the oceans… Lurch insists it’s in the scriptures.

“And despite what you heard in Tampa, an exceptional country does care about the rise of the oceans and the future of the planet. That is a responsibility, that is a responsibility from the Scriptures.”


For the record… Sea levels dropped in 2011 without Obama’s help.

Do you suppose the liberal media will dare to fact check this lunacy?

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  • Robodog7

    How about slowing the Rise of the National Debt first?

  • Mikey

    He also repeated the Palin / SNL skit lie. ” that she said she could see Russia from her house.”

  • bigkahuna

    It is there…Right after the part that says

    Thou shall kill you baby
    Thou shall bend over you best buddy and take him from behind
    Thou shall not teach a man to fish..thall shall steal the fish from the fisherman, call him evil and rich and tell him to fish more..our flock is hungry
    Thou shall give away free stuff to illegal aliens
    Thou shall treat treat me as you do your brother in a hut and auntie on welfare.
    Thal shall not lie…(back up lightning is about to strike the arena)
    Thall shall not restrict birth control for sluts
    Thal shall punish success and reward failure
    Thall shall not require work for welfare
    Thal shall not require voter id for morons

    feel free to add your own

  • Richard Gilson

    He’s awfully confused. After all, he’s a Democrat.

    Probably thinking of the parting of the Red Sea.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    John Kerry – a lifetime of deceit, lies and self-aggrandizement. Who is surprised at anything this man said tonight?

    The choice for this Country becomes more and more defined.

  • bigkahuna

    Wow Horsehead was really tough and must have had Bill Mahrer write his speech…It was a joke

  • rhonda

    NBC is giving the dems two hours of prime time. they didn’t do that for republicans did they?

  • My comment at #5 is awaiting moderation, but everything there is documented and supported by sworn testimony. I have links directly to their server to some pdf files that are excerpts from the Swiftboat Veterans books from the 2004 election.

    Hanoi John Fraud Kerry is a fitting speaker for the party of treason and treachery.

  • A caller to one of the radio shows today said they moved the speech indoors because they were afraid if there was any lightning in the area, it would be attracted to the two bolts sticking out of the side of Kerry’s neck…..“IT’S ALIVE!! ALIVE!!”

  • YES WE CON! served in Vietnam.


    TRUTH lives at

  • bigkahuna

    I Just heard Bite me say( before I turned him off) say…I love the American people..there isnt anything we cant do….

    accept :

    Pass a budget
    Balance a budget
    Cut the deficit
    stop wasting taxpayer dollars
    Lie about Solar Enery scams
    Figure out who ordered Fast and Furious and prosecute him /her
    Lie about Global Warming/ Cooling / Climate change. Its the new religion
    Stop Barry for breaking the law and dumping on the constitution.

  • Kerry looks out of place without “Wade Sanders”, Kerry’s “Best Band of Bums Buddy”, standing there introducing him like he did all throughout the 2004 election appearances…Sanders may even be out of prison by now after serving a term for CHILD PORN crimes.

  • Finncrisp

    Lurch is having a moment. He doesn’t get out much. Maybe Barry can get him a hunting gig like he had in the 2004 run…

  • myohmy

    I think the democratic party has just gone MAD. DNC convention has becoming more and more like Jonestown waiting for their dear leader to arrive.

  • Francesca

    WHERE in the scriptures does it say that? I don’t think so.

  • MikeSilver

    They can stop the rise of the oceans and ensure the future of the planet, but somehow can’t predict the weather one day out.

  • Economan

    So suddenly Lurch is concerned about scripture? How about: “Thou shall not kill” or “Though shall not steal”?

  • Lars

    Mister Scriptures has no idea, and neither does his party.

  • CT

    This old Navy Vet same problem every time I see John’Lurch’Kerry, I want to puke.

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  • Well, they do use the “Liberal” translation of the Bible, and one of their favorite scriptures is from Obama Chaper 69 verse 666:

    Cast your bread upon the waters,….and it shall come back buttered”.

  • paul52

    Johnny the Gigolo quoting Scriptures….. “Thou shalt not bear false witness…..” Remember?

  • Patty


  • Granny

    “It’s in the scriptures”? Exactly WHERE might I ask?

    A political party that calls upon “the scriptures” to shore up their “rising of the oceans” policies and completely ignores them when it comes to infanticide.

    Yup, THAT makes sense.

  • succotash

    It’s amazing they don’t want God in their platform but they try to quote scripture and the lemmings eat it up.They should be afraid of lightening or worse.

  • stonedome

    wow, has veteran kerry been whiling away his summer on his yacht reading the “scriptures”? the scriptures also said that in those days there would be many deceivers…no mention of that since it doesn’t fit the template, right? the fact that he even has the balls to spew this drivel after the dnc removed all references to God from the platform is just astounding! but hey, they are all shameless liars lending their support to the fraud in chief

  • Patty

    Clearing out the cobwebs and dusting out the attic. Everything think Old in DNC is New Again?

    The DNC is a Bust.

  • owl

    This is one piece of scum I do not know enough bad words to describe. SPIT.

  • Patty


    Obama’s most egotistical Moments.

  • Patty

    thing. not think

  • l.barney

    I called him Senator Windbag once, and he still gives a long winded speech. Who thought up the name “Lurch?”

  • sidney dithers

    Lurch? Lurch? I didn’t realize who Lurch was until I saw his picture. I laughed out loud. Kerry can’t help what he looks like, but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez that is so funny. Hahahahahahahahahahhahhaha!

  • Big Red

    If he’s Lurch does that mean Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is Cousin Itt?

  • Patty

    Kerry: ‘Ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off now’ than 4 years ago

    Wow, pulls out the OBL card what a Horse’s patootie.. He sorta has a horsey face.

  • Nelle

    It always seems odd when they quote or mention scripture. They despise believers who attend church and hold conservative values (conserving the “backwards” biblical values). But they don’t hesitate to use a sentence here or a phrase there when it suits their purpose. It’s like they’re slapping us with it and expecting us to get in line, because they know we respect the Word. And they never care if they’re misusing or abusing scripture, as long as it might be useful against us. But our respect for scripture doesn’t extend to those who wrench it out of context and attack us with phony piety.

  • kato

    One-percent gigolo John Fraud Kerry suddenly rediscovers his Catholicism.

    He had nothing to say about SubprimeCare’s trampling the beliefs of Catholics, but he gins up some imaginary scriptural basis for Subprime’s vapid rhetoric.

    Just like he ginned up some seared-in memories of his Vietnam days.

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  • scituate_tgr

    #36 September 6, 2012 at 9:58 pm
    Patty commented: Kerry: ‘Ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off now’ than 4 years ago

    I’m not defending OBL in any way, shape or form, but technically, if you asked that question wouldn’t Bin Laden say NO, I’m not better off ??

  • Blue Hen

    If you openly despise religion in politics when doctrine doesn’t go your way, but then openly say, “my religion tells me to vote for crippling environmental laws or not enforcing our borders”, then you are probably a leftist. And an on-again/off-again Catholic like Biden or Kerry. There’s nothing more disgusting than watching Biden sucking up to the parishes and schools in search of votes and money. Why? Because he tells us that he’s “one of us”. And then he goes to D.C and says that he shouldn’t impose his religion on others. Except when opinion polls tell him that he can get away with it.

  • oldguy

    If in fact the Arctic ice-caps are melting then of course the ocean levels will fall. Fill up a glass with ice and then fill with water to the rim. When the ice melts does the water overflow the rim of the glass? Ever heard of Archimedes principal of buoyancy?

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Who opened Kerry’s coffin? He’s starting to rot and the smell is awful! Stop it!

  • Limousine Barry

    We must stop the rise of oceans!

    So, I am throwing my third set of military medals at them!

  • Vicky Hernandez

    The epitome of the “Corporate Wife” babbles speaks.