During the Massachusetts Senate debate last Thursday between Senator Scott Brown and phony Indian Elizabeth Warren, Brown hammered his opponent for working for a large insurance company against asbestos victims. But it’s even worse than that. Now it looks like Liawatha was practicing law in Massachusetts during her time at Harvard without a license.
Via Legal Insurrection:

Professor Jacobson reported:

Warren attempted to deny her role, and referred to a Boston Globe article, but the Globe article supports Brown’s account. The Globe article indicated the representation was for a period of three years and Warren was paid $212,000. The case resulted in a Supreme Court victory for Travelers arising out of a bankruptcy case in New York.

Whatever the political implications of the exchange, Warren’s representation of Travelers raises another big potential problem for Warren.

Warren represented not just Travelers, but numerous other companies starting in the late 1990s working out of and using her Harvard Law School office in Cambridge, which she listed as her office of record on briefs filed with various courts. Warren, however, never has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

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  1. What this speaks to is CHARACTER.

    All too often the liberal mindset is, Do as I say, not as I do. Phrased in Leone-speak, Laws are for the little people, not me.

    What does it say about our would-be leaders when they see the laws, made by the people themselves via their reps, as objects to be avoided, not obeyed.

    Gaming the AA system of spoils, claiming fake Indian status, shoddy scholarship in her so-declared areas of “expertise,” preaching to us from on high while being well-ensconced in the !% in income and net worth, flaunting the law as this story demonstrates.


  2. This woman is a total fraud.

  3. Reservation chicks don’t need no steenking white man law license. Its in the treaty, suckers.

  4. This woman is really making her people look bad, whoever they are.

  5. Expecting a tearful “checkers”-type speech from her in 3…2…1…

  6. I suppose all of these decisions will now be revisited by the state, since they were based on someone who was not licensed in the state?

  7. Her life is as imaginary and made up as Obama’s…..complete with that Affirmative Action Sh*t.

  8. This story will go nowhere. It is common practice for law professors to maintain a practice in their area(s) of specialty using their law school as their base of operation and without becoming licensed in the state where they live and teach. It may be a technical violation of state supreme court rules but the practice is widespread and widely ignored by the state bar associations responsible for enforcing unauthorized practice of law rules.

  9. This is the same woman who complained to a Congressional Panel she had a ‘pressing appointment’ and had to leave the hearing (where she was a witness). Her chutzpah knows no bounds, her ego and talent rivals that of Obama himself (megalomania and no clues).

    Typical of the Socialist Party (which used to be known as Democrat).

  10. Who needs a license when you have high cheek bones….?

  11. Practicing law, nursing, medicine, etc without a state license is ILLEGAL. How can this be ignored? Where is the MA Bar? How did this get past her employer who had a duty to authenticate her credentials? It isn’t difficult and it’s required in the real world. What the h*ll is going on in the Bay State?

  12. Squawyer

  13. So let me make sure I have my dance card filled out right.

    Brown is actually White
    Warren claims she is Brown but is also actually White.
    Warren also practiced law without a license, but so far, Brown has not.

    This revelation alone should immediately qualify Warren to replace Eric Holder should he decide to step down or not continue in Obama’s second term (if we suffer such a fate at the hands of fools, drones, parasites, illegals, the dead, and vote fraud). Leave it to the “alternative media” to do the media’s job…actually to uncover all that the media has been hiding for Democrats for decades.

  14. #8 & #11

    If we can’t get her on illegal business practices, maybe we can get her on impersonating a human being.

  15. ****BREAKING****

    They have located Warren’s other Law Partners, Dewey, Cheatam, and Howe!

  16. If this doesn’t do it, there’s something really rotten in Massachusetts. And if BHO is reelected, we’ll know it’s nationwide.

  17. This is surprising how?

  18. ++


    September 20, 2012

    Gather ‘Round, It’s Story Time: New DOJ Report on Fast and Furious

    [This was an internal investigation that suspended common sense to offer a sacrificial lamb to provide cover for the criminals involved in the false flag operation that left Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry dead by guns put into the hands of criminals by our own government. If this is the level of “transparency” we can expect in the Obama Administration’s Justice Department, I suggest a regime change.]



  19. Her defenders are saying she didn’t break any laws because she doesn’t need a license to do what she did…logic eludes them I guess. This from the same folks who DEMAND that 9 year old girls trying to sell Lemonade from their front yards get a license. This from the same folks who release 80,000 pages of regulations on businesses and toilets and light bulbs and energy producers and distributors and restaurants and school lunch rooms and the rest of us “ordinary citizens” controlling EVERY aspect of our lives.

    Hypocrites need take lessons from these people.

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