FOX News contributor KT McFarland told America’s Newsroom that by not meeting with foreign leaders at the United Nations this week Barack Obama has blocked Mitt Romney from meeting with the same leaders.

“Everybody is missing the point on why Obama is not meeting with these world leaders. Because in an election year it is the responsibility of the leaders to also meet with the opposition candidate. Romney has the right to meet with all of those world leaders too if Obama does. If Obama doesn’t, Romney doesn’t. And so the administration doesn’t want to get Romney in those pictures with world leaders because he’ll look presidential.”




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  1. Were I Romney I’d go ahead and arrange meetings with Netanyahu and select other allies anyway. There is no way Obama is “blocking” Romney simply by refusing to meet with them himself.

  2. Blocking how? Is this some sort of UN protocol or something? KT is a very smart woman, but this sounds a bit goofy to me.

  3. I agree with #1. Once again Romney fails to seize the opportunity.

  4. Mitt can request meetings but the other leaders would turn down the request because they don’t want to be seen as influencing the election by favoring one candidate over another. Bad optics. I am sure there were some behind the scenes phone calls, however.

  5. Obama has already fumbled the globe,. Nothing else he can do but stop Romney from picking it up and running with it.

  6. And ppl wonder why Romney does not poll higher?? Comments such as Romney Failed to seize an oppurtunity is why….
    As for me.. I support Romney All The Way. ((And KT does know her stuff)) So why question her??
    I see this a lot…ABO ….then “Romney did not do this or that…^^^^ Fence Sitters and “fair weather friends” for Romney…huh??
    BHO is the one question..Not KT nor Romney.
    Sounding like Ed Koch “”Obama will probably win ..BUT “””I don’t trust him on Israel””

    Romney/Ryan 2012

  7. I always wait for the “back story” and the “aha” moment. If one waits the truth surfaces.
    I think this woman is 100% right.

  8. If Occupy Wall Street can meet with Adimbulbajob, why cannot Romney meet with world leaders?
    I will vote for anyone but obama, but I really wish Romney would get out there and attack just a tiny bit. I haven’t seen much from Romney, who should be on the news every night with a major speech.
    obama is screwing up badly every day, and the media continues to cover for him. It will take an attack dog to get in the news and set things straight. All I hear is 47%, Romney gaffs, etc. when obama has the whole mid east on fire, the economy in shambles, jobs lost, world hates us, US is weak and hands tied on the battlefield, etc.

  9. At least Romney attempted to meet with World Leaders, unlike O who choose to go on the View to have his big ego stroke…….

  10. …by not meeting with foreign leaders at the United Nations this week Barack Obama has blocked Mitt Romney from meeting with the same leaders.

    What exactly is stopping him?

  11. Oh, is that how that works. So, Romney going to Israel was a great idea, not that he could predict this would happen, (no publicity or pictures) with leaders.

    There are advantages for being president, oh, as I said that, I am laughing. Obama has been one lucky guy, bias media, campaign that cover ups and btw, even though Obama blocked Romney, as Mcfarland said, Obama has shot himself in the foot so often when around world leaders that it is doubtful with all that has transpired he will make a World of differences.

  12. kt is brilliant

  13. Seriously, the “World Leaders” at the UN are the people from the Islamic hellholes. They are the ones working to limit our freedom of speech. The West and Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice have given them control (thanks to Obama).

    When Romney becomes POTUS he needs to put the West back in power at the UN or throw the parasites in the UN out of our country and rent out the property.

  14. I have to agree with KT. I think there are some election campaign rules regarding this issue, and Obama is blocking him in this way. Obama doesn’t want to speak with these foreign leaders for two reasons. First, he will have to take a stand for or against certain issues and countries that he would rather not emphasize before the election. Second,ly preventing Romney from meeting with allies like Netanyahu would prevent him from gaining photo ops that would benefit Romney by receiving “visual”, non-verbal support from Netanyahu and so forth.

  15. Mitt Romney would be skewered by the press if he was to perform an endaround Obama and meet with any of the other World Leaders. I believe K T may know a lot more about protocol than people making comments on The Gateway Pundit’s blog.

  16. What garbage! Romney can meet with whomever her chooses, just as Palin met with Netanyahu in Israel.

    Romney just needs to grow a pair instead of coming across as a total pansy.

  17. Where is Romney??
    As TERRY GAIN noted:
    No One is Covering Romney’s Speech
    But Michelle Malkin did. ((It is a great speech))

  18. Mitt Romney would be skewered by the press if he was to perform an endaround Obama and meet with any of the other World Leaders.

    Don’t see why that’s a problem, as Obie’s been doing all sorts of end-arounds via executive order. Stick it to him for once.

  19. Huh! Didn’t know that. Protocol ( which is important in public and international relations, and very important in many culture’s– bypassing it could be a tremendous faux pas, then ) and procedure…something Obama eschews, until he can use it to his benefit against his ‘enemies’. And put Romney in a corner.
    Visiting world leaders in this context could be a breech in protocol, that visiting them otherwise is not. Could be very sensitive, but one I’m going to guess other world leader’s are aware of, savvy, and if this is correct, know what Obama may be playing.

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