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    A garage sale for Michelle Bachman you bet, imam Obama and the RINO’s not a red cent

  • First item for the Obama Yard Sale should be a Toilet…complete with empty suit sitting on it.

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  • Hey lady I’ll give you a dollar if you shove that waffle iron straight up your loser liberal @$$, just leave the cord out if Moochie gets hungry tonight…

  • In most cities now, you have to get a permit, too. They won’t let a couple of 9 year olds set up a Lemonade stand to raise money for a good cause, but don’t expect any Gubment interference for an unlicensed Obama Yard Sale…food stamps accepted?

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  • Robodog7

    Sounds more like a “going out of business sale”. Their internal polling shows them losing big time.

  • Ragspierre

    Hey, I’m just surprised the haven’t started accepting food stamps…

  • Ragspierre

    Did you know that in several states, you have to show a picture ID to sell scrap metal?

    There’s a word for this, and it starts with IRONIC…

  • ss252

    Its EBT buddy! Foodstamps have been eliminated?

    I bet the SQUARE will be programmed to swipe on those dates!

  • bg
  • AskMom

    Hey, for the yard sale I’ve got a not-very used President, might bring in a buck or two. The polish is wearing off and a funny odor is starting to make itself known, but for your basic banana republic or low-budget dictatorship, this man can fill the empty chair at the top. As a condition of sale, have the purchaser remove from the USA immediately, along with the wife and all assorted groupies, buttkissers and enablers.

  • Charlie

    —“Hey, I’m just surprised the haven’t started accepting food stamps…”—

    Ragspierre, that one was good.

  • BS61

    I’m done! I won’t be voting this year for the first time ever in my life. I’m also done with Paul Ryan’s ignoring the baseline budget problem that he does not address!

  • west1890

    What’s next- turn a trick for Obama?

  • CK

    How low will they go….Wedding gifts…. missing a meal… yard sales… maybe, houses and cars???

  • Vicky Hernandez


    This is seriously beyond words.

  • Ragspierre

    Winos for Barrachah…

    Pass up your Ripple…just eat those DTs for one night….!!!

  • BurmaShave

    Now that Obama has taken all of my wedding gifts, this will be an excellent way to get rid of my wedding dress.

    It’s so wonderful being Julia. Oh, thank you, Obama, for everything.

  • BurmaShave

    On second thought, is this video clip for real or a parody?

    It is so outrageously and stupidly worshipful, I sure hope it is a parody.

  • l.barney

    I could donate an Empty Chair

  • Granny

    I have a better idea! What doesn’t Michelle Antoinette put all those thousands and thousands of dollars worth of clothes and shoes and handbags out on the White House lawn and have a yard sale of her own! I bet she’ll make a million off those $600 sneakers and $6000 tops!

  • Daisy

    I just might do it – a “Yardsale for Obama*”

    *’s retirement.

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  • Redstate Red

    Love it when the neighbor comes up and finds his own golf club up for sale at the Dummycrats’ yardsale. “Hey isn’t this my nine iron?” “Oh….I didn’t think you’d miss it.”

    So the message is: “Steal from your neighbors. Fence the stuff and give the profits to Obama!”

    Got it!

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  • VintageChick

    I’m hold out for the bake sale. If Michelle allows it that is. Maybe Bingo for Obama!

  • Sandy

    What old stuff — if Obama gets in our old stuff will be our new stuff.

    Ever get the feeling we’ve become a third world country?

  • Sandy

    BS61 #14 — Not voting — not smart. Cause the guy you hate the most will end up winning.

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  • IsItNov2012Yet

    Did anyone else take note that at 1:52 of the video, stolen property was being offered for sale to benefit Zero? Now THAT is tellingly poetic!!

  • Patty


    Stripper commits $24,000 food stamp fraud and buys $10,000 of plastic surgery, a pricy stereo system and a custom pink paint job for her car

    Brenda Charlestain, 28, sentenced to 1 1/2 years in federal prison
    Welfare payments were collected while she was making over $85,000 a year in tips from her job as an exotic dancer

    Read more:–24-000-spent-food-stamp-fraud-plastic-surgery-stereo-pink-paint-job.html#ixzz26ZCx8Jwu

    Obama food stamp nation!! HERE IS HER PICTURE:

  • bg
  • DSobelman

    Actually there’s a valid reason for needing id to sell scrap metal *gasp*.. Thieves, crackheads and the like are stealing wire spools, metal from construction jobs, etc, even wiring right out of homes. but none of these goobers want to show id with their stolen loot. lol

    As far as the post actually goes, Obama is a piece of

  • Objective Analysis

    OMG. These far left loons have completely lost it without taxpayer dollars.

  • American Woman

    #14, BS61 commented: I’m done! I won’t be voting this year for the first time ever in my life….

    Seriously, you are so transparent, it is sickening. Take your lies back to your Progressive Fascist nest and begone from here.

    Every vote counts and we are not rolling over and playing dead for Fascist scum.

  • donh

    #15 ” What’s next- turn a trick for Obama? ”

    Apparently you missed Obama’s 9/11/12 interview with radio DJ ” Pimp with a Limp “

  • Indiana

    What’s next…recycling for Obama, car pooling for Obama, pawn shopping for Obama, turning tricks for Obama, stealing cars for Obama, home invasions for Obama? All these seem like “commune” demands to me. GIVE UP YOUR WORLDLY POSSESSIONS AND JOIN US! Jim Jones and Charlie Manson ain’t nothing compared to Obama.

  • Indiana

    Saw a good joke today: Quote George Bush “If Obama wins this election, he’ll really inherit a mess.”

  • Rachelle

    Here’s their next idea: “Pimps for Obama — Sell you ‘ho for Obama on national ‘ho day!”

  • CHris

    #25 EXACTLY!!! I caught that too and thought WTHeck? He’s fencing something he BORROWED? How perfectly apt is that!!!!????

  • CHris

    My comment was for IsItNov2012Yet And Nov can’t come soon enough. I think I’m going to vote early

  • RealMc

    I have a turd that closely resembles the totus……. any takers??

    I can flush it straight to ya bammy…………..

  • RealMc

    based in the large # of missing posts on this thread I have a feeling there were lots of offerings for things to sell for the wun that one.

  • Dale

    WAIT!! She has a waffle iron and I don’t have one, isn’t that waffle iron RIGHTFULLY MINE??????????? I think Obama needs to go in and confiscate that from her and GIVE it to me Dammit!!!!!!

    These libtards are so weird!!!!! and creepy.

  • RealMc

    Hey GWP…..what the heck is up with the new post numbering system you guys have instituted????

    This: “<< Older Comments 1 2"

    appears to be screwing things up………… if it is just me then fine but gee whiz guys……what gives????

  • jorgen

    We are however most willing to pay for one-way ticket to any other country – preferably far away – for Obama and his wife.

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  • Keep Honking I’mReloading

    I’ve got a 1/2 burnt koran covered in sh*t if they want it….

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  • Adi

    Hopefully my yard sale will partially cover that $35,000 sand statue.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    I’ve got a five gallon pail of used kitty litter I’ll donate.

  • I’ve just torn down an old chicken house, He can have what was on the floor, hes
    already full of it !

  • I don’t think it was his pocket that he pulled that bobblehead out of.

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  • Adi

    I can only hope my garage sale will cover The Wohn’s cost of a $35,000 sand statue.

    After all Romney is so out of touch.

  • bigkahuna

    awesome…Sell your sh*t for Obama

    They have an empty chair in an empty stadium to pay for

  • Patty

    Loveland school seizes rosary beads from student, says they’re ‘gang symbol’


    shocking (sarc)

  • Patty


    But what fun to hear this: Obama Polling Worse Among Jews Than Any Dem in 32 Years

    Obama reportedly scored 76 percent of the Jewish vote in 2008. Carter picked up 71 percent in 1976. By 1980, Carter was down to 45 percent. The latest polls show Obama down to 59 percent among Jews.

    No Democrat has ever won the White House with that low a share of the vote. The Democratic candidates who scored that low, Carter in 1980, Dukakis, Mondale, McGovern, Adlai Stevenson, were all losers who went on to lose the election. To find a Democratic presidential candidate who won less than 60 percent of the Jewish vote and still won the White House, you have to go back 96 years to the election of 1916 where Woodrow Wilson had 55 percent of the Jewish vote against 45 percent for Republican Chris Evans Hughes. And that was considered a very close election.

    The Jewish vote does not determine elections, but it is a sign of the loss of support. Romney is taking a Reagan sized bite of the Catholic vote and is within 4 percent of matching Reagan’s numbers among Jews.

    There is a God.

  • Patty

    Skip golf outings, vacations, expensive clothes, Hollywood and Pimp interviews. Stay home and lead. Better yet, do all those things and many some Great Journalist can ask you some hard hitting questions before you pack up your bags and leave for Hawaii for good.

  • Patty


    Obama State Department to Media: Stop Asking Questions About the Libya Mess

    There’s an “open investigation” underway, you must understand, so they’re “not going to be in a position” to talk to reporters about the who, what, where, when, or why of the disastrous security meltdown that left four US diplomats and two servicemen killed in Benghazi:

    The State Department told reporters Friday afternoon that it won’t answer any more questions about the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans until the investigation into the incident is complete. “I’m going to frustrate all of you, infinitely, by telling you that now that we have an open FBI investigation on the death of these four Americans, we are not going to be in a position to talk at all about what the U.S. government may or may not be learning about how any of this this happened — not who they were, not how it happened, not what happened to Ambassador Stevens, not any of it — until the Justice Department is ready to talk about the investigation that’s its got,” State Department spokeswoman Victorian Nuland told reporters late Friday afternoon. “So I’m going to send to the FBI for those kinds of questions and they’re probably not going to talk to you about it,” she said. All aspects of the attack, including what led up to it, its causes, the identity of the perpetrators, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Amb. Chris Stevens and the other three Americans, are off limits for reporters.

    No word on whether State Department officials will remain available to discuss their favorite type of chili peppers. I suppose the press — and the American people — will have to rely on national security leaks to ascertain any of this information now that the flow of information has been formally shut down. Given this White House’s track record, those shouldn’t be too hard to come by. Meanwhile, I’ll simply point out a few ironies: In light of the revelation that Barack Obama has been skipping the majority of his daily intelligence briefings, the White House’s go-to excuse has been essentially, “no worries, he gets all of the same information in written memos.” What was the White House’s excuse when we learned that Eric Holder received briefing memos on Fast & Furious long before the date he’d testified under oath that he first learned of the deadly operation? “Oh, come on, we don’t actually read all of our memos.” So memo briefings are sufficient, except when they’re not. Finally, I’ve been meaning to post this clip all week. Now seems to be a good time to do so. The whole thing is fantastic, but considering the subject matter of this post, pay special attention to Obama’s transparency preening:


    So much for that “touchstone,” huh? In fairness, not all sensitive information can or should be made public. The question we need to ask is whether the Obama State Department is freezing out media inquiries into the Benghazi massacre because the answers to such questions genuinely compromise national security interests, or because they’re trying to insulate the White House from the political fallout of their lethal fumble.

    Oh, really!!

  • Patty

    This administration has given Hollywood sensitive documents concerning OBL

    Pentagon Official Says Book About OBL Raid Reveals ‘Classified Information’

  • Patty

    Why Punishing Blasphemous Speech That Triggers Murderous Reactions Would Likely Lead to More Deaths

    In recent days, I’ve heard various people calling for punishing the maker of Innocence of Muslims, and more broadly for suppressing such speech. During the Terry Jones planned Koran-burning controversy, I heard similar calls. Such expression leads to the deaths of people, including Americans. It worsens our relations with important foreign countries. It’s intended to stir up trouble. And it’s hardly high art, or thoughtful political arguments. It’s not like it’s Satanic Verses, or even South Park or Life of Brian. Why not shut it down, and punish those who engage in it (of course, while keeping Satanic Verses and the like protected)?

    I think there are many reasons to resist such calls, but in this post I want to focus on one: I think such suppression would likely lead to more riots and more deaths, not less. Here’s why.

    Behavior that gets rewarded, gets repeated. (Relatedly, “once you have paid him the Dane-geld, you never get rid of the Dane.”) Say that the murders in Libya lead us to pass a law banning some kinds of speech that Muslims find offensive or blasphemous, or reinterpreting our First Amendment rules to make it possible to punish such speech under some existing law.

    What then will extremist Muslims see? They killed several Americans (maybe itself a plus from their view). In exchange, they’ve gotten America to submit to their will. And on top of that, they’ve gotten back at blasphemers, and deter future blasphemy. A triple victory.

    Would this (a) satisfy them that now America is trying to prevent blasphemy, so there’s no reason to kill over the next offensive incident, or (b) make them want more such victories? My money would be on (b).

    And this is especially so since there’ll be plenty of other excuses for such killings in the future. It’s not like Muslim extremists have a clearly defined, unvarying, and limited range of speech they are willing to kill over (e.g., desecrating Korans and nothing but). Past history has already proved that; consider the bombings and murders triggered by the publication of the Satanic Verses.

    What’s more, there are lots of people in the Muslim world who are happy to stoke hostility. (Neither the recent riots nor the Mohammed cartoon riots were simply spontaneous reactions to what was done in America or Europe; they came about after people in the Middle East took steps to encourage anger on the part of their fellow Middle Easterners.) Even if something doesn’t outrage lots of people at first, some will be happy to try to explain to them why they should indeed be outraged.

    So imagine what would likely happen the next time someone writes a book like the Satanic Verses, or makes a movie — even a serious movie — depicting Mohammed, or perhaps reproduces the Mohammed cartoons in the course of making a movie about the cartoon controversy. Or imagine perhaps what might happen if extremist Muslims in the Middle East start trying to generate outrage over American Christians trying to convert some Muslims to Christianity, whether in America or using American Web sites to try to reach Middle Eastern countries. [,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,] read more here:

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  • That’s just pathetic.

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  • Shelly

    I found that hilarious. Pathetic but hilarious. Especially the theft of the golf club, pretty much sums up an Obama voter.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Maybe it’s just me, but this is looking more and more like promotion of a cult.

    Giving up a pizza outing to send money to an incompetent fool? Hold a garage sale for him? Please.

  • Gail

    #14 Please vote! By not voting you are supporting Obama! Give it a lot of thought. We have to turn our country in a different direction. Thanks

  • Highlander

    I say we should all plan on going right along with the plan … let Obama do all the advertising and coordinating, have our garage sales on the same weekend, tell all our customers their money is going to a great cause, and then send the money straight to Romney’s campaign …

  • pmb88

    They must be getting desperate

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  • SoLongSong

    I secretly don’t think they’re interested in the proceeds of garage sales from common peasants. I think they just want to continue the charade that theirs is a “grass roots” campaign, while the evil Romney gets donations from gazillionaires.

    The Evil Twit.

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  • Wow, I know folks who are having garage sales to help buy kids’ school clothes! Where has this guy been? Americans are hurting! A jar of peanut butter costs 25% more, and same with a loaf of bread! Gas has doubled in price, and wages have gone down. And we should have garage sale for Obama? Idiots!

  • djmoodyjames

    Sorry BamBam. I’ve been selling everything I own for the past four years, just to make it through your presidency. There’s nothing left.

    On the bright side, at least I’m not 16 trill in debt…

  • Lincoln Robertson

    Democrats lie in everything they do. Democrats have extremely wealthy donators as do Republicans, and they take every chance they get to frame Republicans as having an unfair advantage. Obama’s funding is down because of the crappy business climate he’s created. NOT because there are more rich Republicans. Romney gets a lot of small donations too. Go ahead and raise money Dimocrats but stop the tiresome lying!

  • Amash

    I’ve watched this all the way through twice now. It’s for real. Are these people crazy?
    First, this feckless administration requires people to get permits for yard sales. Not this time, I’m sure.
    Second, if I was to hold a yard sale and advertise it as : for Obama, my neighbors would not only not buy anything, they’d question my sanity.
    Who comes up with this crap? Could it be the same people who want us to believe some dumb anti- Islamic video on 9/11 started the undoing of the Middle East?
    I think I’m correct on that.

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  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Selling off crap to support crap…priceless!

  • YeahRight

    Don’t forget to sell all your EMPTY CHAIRS at your yard sales for barry!!!

  • Rachel

    Do these idiots think Republicans don’t have yard sales? LOL

  • jim pestell

    Doesn’t this man realize how much people dislike him and his change?

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  • Tha Konservative Kid

    Can you believe what these gay-lover, Muslim-lover, idiotic Bay Area moonbats are doing. That stupid Yard-sale For Obama video ( just provided us enough material to ridicule them for weeks. Our blogosphere is exploding on them!

    And can you believe they wasted all that time shooting that video of an Owe-bama bobble head going into space ( They must be a bunch of bobble heads themselves!

    Those libtard communists are going to be out on the streets all across the country organizing support for Barack Hussein Obummer and raising a bunch of money while we mock and a insult them on the internet. We need to keep it up!

    Peace – Tha Kid

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