In Wake of US Ambassador’s Murder Benghazi Cleric Tells Muslims at Friday Prayers: “Stab Them In Their Main Artery” (Video)

After US Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered last week in Benghazi the local imam remembered him in his sermoncalled for peace… preached at mosque to stab the enemy in their main artery.

And destroy the rancorous Christians and Jews.

MEMRI reported:

Here is the transcript:

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon in Benghazi, Libya, which aired on Libya Al-Hurra TV on September 14, 2012.

Preacher: Oh nation of Islam, I was so overwhelmed with grief that I could not express it. How could I possibly depict the tragedy that had happened? We remained quiet when they butchered the elderly. We remained quiet when they slaughtered the children. We were restrained when they violated the honor of women. All that is left is the mocking of our Prophet. No, a thousand times no.


Oh nation of Islam, who will come to the aid of the Messenger of Allah? Who will come to the aid of Muhammad, who sacrificed everything he had in order to deliver us this religion?

Oh, how he suffered for our sake! Oh, how often his honorable face was spat upon for our sake! Oh, how many times he was banished from his land for our sake! After all this, how can we not boycott anyone who attacks our beloved Prophet?

Indeed, oh Muslims, the time has come for us to adopt a firm stance, and to detonate our wrath upon them, with deeds they will not be able to ignore. Let us stab them in their main artery, the secret behind their power. Let us stab them in their economy. The Prophet Muhammad said: “Wage Jihad against the polytheists, using your wealth, your hands, and you tongues.”

Oh Allah, destroy the rancorous Christians. Oh Allah, destroy the rancorous Christians and the corrupting Jews. Oh Allah, destroy them for they cannot withstand you.

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  • Finncrisp

    Now this guy has the gift of gab. Jihad 24/7 is his cry. Don’t think there is any spin that can be done on the word “Detonate”.

  • Harrison J. Bounel

    I wonder if Obama still thinks the muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on Earth.

  • SD Tom

    Stab the ‘main artery’ ? I don’t get it.

    Is that anything like ‘drain the main vein and make the bladder gladder’ ?

  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    Lovely bunch of people.

    If I were POTUS, I’d be tempted to send lovely parting gifts made of high explosives and/or depleted uranium.

  • Robodog7

    Que up U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice doing her Sally Fields impression;

    ” They like us !!!!! They really like us…”

  • jaxson

    their prophet muhammad is so weak the imams have to call out the brainwashed to defend him….My Elohim will defend Himself because He is All Power and All Glory.

  • ASCII Mohammed


    | Why are you making us attack you?
    | You intolerant BIGOTS!

  • iconoclast

    New target! Include his family as well. Keep it up until the priests inciting violence are either reconsidering their philosophy or missing in action.

  • donh

    You SEE…the Humiliation of America on 9/11/12 has brought out the Mad Mahdi from Khartoum….>

    The islamic version of a ” Tet Offensive ” is underway all over the world ….and Obama still going on his celebrity tour wearing that big SH!T eating grin on his face.

  • Patty

    Oh shut UP!!! Just shut up. Americans are FED UP! SICK OF IT!

    We have kowtowed thanks to this administration. We must lead not depend. We are Americans and we all should be embarrassed that this nation has ever bowed to anyone.

  • http://gatewaypundit pamlinson

    Boy are these lunatics in for a big surprise if they try to attack Israel. Obviously haven’t read Zechariah 12. Not going to go well for them or anybody else who comes against her.

  • Patty


    Selective Edit? Mother Jones Admits Romney Tape Missing ‘One to Two Minutes’

    Well, who knew?

  • RKflorida

    Is there any justification for this demon and his ilk to still be alive?

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  • Economan

    I would so like to shove pork flavored nukes up these idiot’s back-sides.

  • Nelle

    Can we cut these people off now? Stop allowing trade and travel in or out of the US for them and wait a couple hundred years for them to join civilized society? Let China, Russia, or whoever is interested in the oil bear the brunt of their medieval religion and their thousand years of resentments.

  • stuart

    Oh Allah! These Christians and Jews slaughtered us when we did your will.
    We tried to stab them in their main artery but they simply laughed at us and opened fire, saying something about the stupid Muzzies who bring a knife to a gun fight.

  • http://none tommy mc donnel

    the next time democratic party-media complex tries to say that the violence that comes from islam is just a few radicals that are not true muslims remind that all the calls for violence come from the religious leaders of islam.

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  • Granny

    But . . . but . . . BUT islam respects all the prophets! Islam respects ALL religions! How can this possibly be?