Hundreds of Islamists Torch 82 Year-Old Church in Northwest Pakistan

Locals gather inside the Paul Lutheran Church, which was set on fire by a mob during an anti-Islam film protest a day earlier, in Mardan. (Photo by DAWN– Reuters)

Hundreds of Islamists with kerosene and guns torched a Lutheran Church in northwest Pakistan on Friday.
NDTV reported:

A mob of hundreds of Muslim men attacked and burnt an 82-year-old church and an adjoining school in northwest Pakistan during a protest against an anti-Islam film, sparking concerns among the minority Christian community.

The mob broke through the gate of the St Paul’s Lutheran Church inside the cantonment in Mardan city, 48 kms from the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa capital of Peshawar, on Friday while returning from a rally against the film ‘Innocence Of Muslims’.

According to reports from Christians in Mardan, the mob attacked and set on fire the church, St Paul’s high school, a library, a computer laboratory and houses of four clergymen, including Bishop Peter Majeed.

The mob also damaged and torched vehicles, including a car and three motorcycles.

Zeeshan Chand, the 17-year-old son of a pastor, was beaten by the mob and had to be hospitalised in Mardan. Rev Binyameen Barkat, the treasurer of the Northern Diocese of the Church of Pakistan, said, “We were under threats of such attacks since last week and had requested the local administration to provide security to the church property, which they did. However, it was not enough to stop the aggressive armed men”.

Christian leaders said those who attacked the church had brought kerosene and guns.

The church and the Christian school had reportedly been looted and the newly-installed computers were stolen by the miscreants.

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  • a church burned in pakistan, mass bombed in nigeria and hillary and barack don’t find it the least bit insulting. neither does anybody else in the democratic party.

  • Patty

    If we had a person of Character in the White House that stood up for Christianity and was forceful and Americans felt that the U.S. never will tolerate the hate and threats of Islamism, I wonder how different the world would be. But by apologizing he has given other nation the OK, that the film was wrong and they need their retributions. Obama doesn’t realize that he is a contributor in the fact he makes statements and these terrorists are taking his comments as such.


  • Patty

    The Consequences of Obama’s Bungled Mideast Policy

    My case and their are others who see that Obama has given Islam the okay. These people interrupt things much differently.

  • RKae

    Gee, maybe if we apologize MORE the Islamists will warm up to us.

  • Patty

    End Times

    I awakened to a text from a close friend who is a devout Christian and who was so angry at the elite media that she could not sleep. “I am so frikkin’ sick of the media telling us that Islam is a ‘religion of peace,'” she said. “Look, people make fun of Jesus all of the time and I mean ALL of the time and we don’t kill them or harm them. But do anything at all that offends any Muslim and they start killing Christians and Jews — and then Obama apologizes for it. How long can this go on? The times of Tribulation are at hand.”

    I got up, walked out on the deck and looked out at the perfect fall day over Lake Pendoreille. An absolutely perfect Fall day, blue skies, light breeze, just a slight chill in the air.

    At breakfast, my wife suddenly said, “And then I beheld a red horse ridden by a man with a great sword….”

    “What is that?” I asked her.

    “It’s Revelation,” she said.

    “I know, but where does that come from?”

    “I just feel as if something big is about to happen,” she said. “Something feels like we’re about to live in a totally changed world. It feels like end times. Why are we apologizing to the Muslims? They’re killing and expelling their Christians and we don’t say a word. End times.”

    I nodded. There is that feeling in the air.

    I got another text from my very devout Christian friend. “Don’t tell me Obama isn’t a Muslim,” she said. “I don’t care what he calls himself, he’s a Muslim. That’s why he’s always apologizing to the Muslims.”

    I think she’s bit off the mark here. If Obama says he’s a Christian, he’s a Christian.

    I slept for a long time while listening to Mozart and the trains. Then I went to the mail box and got the latest news from the Obama/Biden campaign — oops, meant to say, “The New York Times.” Naturally, it was filled with rage against Mitt Romney There was very little vitriol against the killers in Libya, but plenty against Gov. Romney.

    I sure hope that the people at the Romney campaign don’t read The NY Times. It is just endless propaganda against Republicans. Nonstop. We Republicans should campaign on our own issues. Mr. Obama’s idiot foreign policy is such an issue.

    I went off to do my errands in Sandpoint. A visit to a super pleasant post office. A helpful clerk was patient with my terrible handwriting. Then a visit to the Alpine Shop to see my pal, Tim Farmin, who looked happy but told me my boat needed a new battery. Then, a visit to Ivano’s to pick up some grub for tonight.

    At Ivano’s, I talked to a man who seethed with rage against Mr. Obama. He simply could not believe that Mr. Obama would make time to be among his Hollywood big shots but not make time to see Benjamin Netanyahu. “These are getting to be Biblical days,” he said. “The final days.”

  • Patty

    If Romney would just take the time and think about what Obama is doing and speak in a way all will understand, HE’S GOT THIS THING SOWN UP.

  • American Woman

    “The church and the Christian school had reportedly been looted and the newly-installed computers were stolen by the miscreants.”

    The computers were “stolen”, which means that the looters were “thieves”.

    Just last week a story was published about a man that had his hands and feet amputated because he robbed a Muslim. It was a disgusting story that showcased the cruelty and sadism that is embodied in Shariah Law.

    But in this story the Muslims absconded with expensive computers, because they knew that nothing would happen to them. After all, their religion tells them that Christians are “dogs” and that it is fine to abuse the Kafir.

    Muslims persecute the “other”, anyone or anything that is not sanctioned by their socio-political mindset. It is why the Muslims in Indonesia are working to get a Catholic school to teach Islam:

    Definition Kafir

    Kaifir (Arabic: كافر‎ kāfir, plural كفّار kuffār) is an Arabic term used in a Islamic doctrinal sense, usually translated as “unbeliever,” “disbeliever,” or “infidel.”

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  • Patty

    Thing about this Title of this Thread, every Sunday the same thing but in a Different Place. We are giving these Terrorists free reign to KILL CHRISTIANS. The good people who support America. And there are many in the Muslim World and here who would vote for Romney should he take this on the road and campaign on it. Yes, it is the economy but the Middle east Crisis is front and center. Even if Obama doesn’t want to talk about it, Romney should.

    Christians are a big part of the Voting Block, all colors and young and old. There must be a time for the truth and here and now is the time.

  • American Woman

    Patty #6,

    The media would twist Romney’s words in ways that would surprise even Orwell.

    Romney will use the debates to speak his mind, where people can watch him with their own eyes and hear him with their own ears.

    It appears that the American people are waking up and the Media is being unveiled, because of its deceit.

    Each of us must send links of important stories to our friends and family that are not diehard Obama freaks. We must tell the stories since our journalists seek to oppress us.

    Spread the truth; defeat fascism.

  • Robert

    This is but one example of the much-ballyhooed “tolerance” of the so-called “religion of peace”, which produces nothing but primitive cultures and whose adherents are nothing but primitive savages.

  • bigkahuna

    I have said it all along

    The burn a church we blow up 10 mosques

    They kill 10 Christians we kill 100 Muslim camel humpers

    They only understand brute force

  • Militant Conservative

    Patty, your late to the party, but welcome.

    Hope ya’ll heard me say this over a year or two ago.

    Me and Kenny Soloman have been warning deaf ears.

    powder is dry

  • bg
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  • Remco Kimber

    STOP with the use of Islamists. Just use the correct description. MUSLIMS.

  • Joe College
  • At some point Christians are going to have to stand up and be heard and say enough is enough. I am sick of these Islamist morons killing Christians. It would be AWESOME if the so-called moderate Muslims would stand up against this horror. But no, they obviously support the caliphate agenda even if they do not rise up in violence with the “extremists”.

    How can this “religion” call for the MURDER of another human being? How can they be so savage? I can only assume that they are following a *monster* because no true man of peace, love and humility would ever call for this murderous rampage.

    My savior is the Prince of Peace. He is righteous. He spreads love to all. He would *never* call for the violence these savages partake in. Muslims worship a devil. They worship a murderer. They worship a sexual deviant. I pity every one of them. I pray that the Holy Spirit finds each one and delivers peace and love into their hearts. Until then you can take your Sharia and shove it.

  • “STOP with the use of Islamists. Just use the correct description. MUSLIMS.”

    Ummm, No.

    Interesting that your complaint is a whine about a word but nothing about the slaughter of Christians. Typical.

  • Barry S

    Reduce our stockpile of Nukes and create a glass industry.

  • valerie

    #17 September 23, 2012 at 5:28 pm
    Remco Kimber commented:

    Nope. Islamist is to Muslim as KKK is to Christian, except that the Islamist’s acts are brutal on a scale that was never exhibited by the KKK, and the Islamists mean to conquer the world, while the KKK just wanted to be left alone.

  • BobM

    The Muslims have had the same game plan for centuries. They lie, loot, enslave and kill those they can’t subjugate. Christian worldwide are persecuted without any outrage or even notice. It’s time to open our eyes and see the evil lose on the world. Obama must be defeated. He is an impotent apologist. Wake up America!

  • snap boy

    These are the people who think we should respect their religion?

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  • Adirondack Patriot

    “Islam is a great religion.” – Hillary Clinton

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  • Joanne

    We in the west better start putting some fear into these devil worshippers, because our ‘sit back on our backsides and do sweet bugger all’ is just emboldening these nutjobs to continue to target and kill Christians. We better find our inner rage soon.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Don’t worry about that old church, it will get rebuilt… as a mosque.

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