Good Grief… US Embassy in Egypt Condemns US Citizens After Islamists Storm Its Walls & Torch Flag

Islamists stormed the US Embassy in Egypt today and torched the American flag. They also raised the Islamist flag.

In response the US Embassy in Egypt released this bizarre apology condemning Americans for inciting the violence.

Here’s the press release:

U.S. Embassy Condemns Religious Incitement
September 11, 2012

The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.

It’s our fault.

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  • RealMc

    No problem,

    I heard the wun that one is on his way there so he can bow to them and kiss their goat smelling arses.

  • bigkahuna

    I would say…Sorry the embassy exloded as you attacked it wiping out sop many vermin.

  • shibumi

    How long before we adopt Sharia and it is a crime to insult Islam?

    /not being sarcastic, this is where this administration is going IMHO.

  • donh

    ” as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions ”

    It is not the role of the US Government to condemn the exercise of free speech…especially on matters of religion ……Given the number of religious faithful who are easily and greatly offended……..The US will be fundamentally transformed into a medieval style inqisition panel of condemnation ……torturing people into silence…commanding people speak only in government mandated PC scripted talking points.

  • l.barney

    That does it! O is a MUSLIM if not in practice, he certainly is in spirit having us issue crap like this!!

  • Joe College

    On 9/11 Obama blames us and not the enemy.

  • Ace

    If “Obama” was in control of the White House on 9-11-01, he would have been on the rubble apologizing to the terrorists for those towers killing them and promising them burials in Arlington.

  • Granny

    #3 September 11, 2012 at 4:20 pm
    shibumi commented:

    How long before we adopt Sharia and it is a crime to insult Islam?

    How can it possibly have escaped your notice that MUSLIMS ARE EXEMPT FROM OBAMACARE ENTIRELY while the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IS NOT

    Sharia is already here . . . .

  • donh

    My Christian faith with belief in the Absolute perfect HOLINESS of GOD”S WORD in HIS scripture … me the right to OFFEND the muslim by PREACHING Revelations 22:18-19

    ” 18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

    19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

    and the muslim has the right to be OFFENDED by my preaching….and it is the right of the muslim to take his OFFENSE and go wail and gnash his teeth and pound his chest and pull his beard out…..but It is not the right of the Muslim to persecute me with the condemnation of Stately powers because he is OFFENDED.

  • Granny

    We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.

    Freedom of Speech does not mean only speech that others do not deem offensive. This statement is unconstitutional and needs to be firmly repudiated.

  • dnb

    Who wrote that for the embassy, Rev. Wright?

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Awwww, I believe they are referring to Terry Jones who is doing a mock trial of Mo. What a bunch of bedwetting muzzie appeasers.

    This is what dhimmis look like.

  • The real Wow

    What about the religious freedom and freedom of speech of the Coptic Christians?

  • Lance o Lot

    I firmly condemn the government of B. Hussien Obama for blaming Americans for everything wrong in the world and constantly apologizing for our behavior. But as far as I am concerned, Islam is the worship of Satan, and B. Hussien and all of his fellow muzzys can go to hell to meet their maker. As long as we continue to pay tribute, (a practice stopped by Thomas Jefferson and resurrected by B. Hussien) they will continue to attack us.

  • spudnik

    The release does make a point that seems to be getting missed a lot in the coverage: these attacks are happening on the anniversary of 9/11. The anti-Islam movie didn’t pop into existence today, so why now? Given the penchant for remembering dates in that part of the world, this cannot be a coincidence. This was a deliberate thumb in the eye of America.

  •…..Obama is to busy to meet with Netanyalu during his visit to NY……

  • Kent

    Obama administration still wants to give Egypt $1.5 billion to the country that pokes you in the eyes and torches your embassy? No doubt, Obama is winning the foreign policy debate over Mitt Romney.

  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Oh dear, I guess this means our geniuses in the State Department are still having a hard time figuring out who is behind the near or more than 20,000 violent attacks on America and its allies since 9/11? A coinkydink that these attacks occurred today on the anniversary of 9/11? And that the great unwashed masses are offended by ROPers behaviors towards all of us in any manner whatsoever? I’m sorry, I have temporarily forgotten the special word for those who offer succor, aid, or comfort to the enemy…well one thing is for certain, we are the suckers! Its no wonder they feel they are winning on the battlefield of words.

  • Ghost

    if we don’t win this election, America will not survive to 2020

  • MVH

    “Good Grief… US Embassy in Egypt Condemns US Citizens After Islamists Storm Its Walls & Torch Flag

    Well, as you’ve written before, Mr. Hoft, “It’s an Obama world.” And yes, he did “build that!”

    How much you wanna bet the Preezy of the United Steezee will not resind the Mosri Whit House invitation after this attack on the US embassy.

  • theBuckWheat

    I guess the weasels on the embassy staff don’t care to defend the First Amendment, like say the Marine guards are willing to do.

  • CT

    The mentality of the carrier personnel in the U.S. State Dept. has been beyond awful for a very long time. Most Americans have no idea how long (40 years that I know of) this has been going on. Were you to have to deal with them overseas as an American you would be very dismayed, it’s a State Dept. civil service culture. They are alien to American values and perspective.

  • Redwine

    BTW – Attacking an embassy is an act of war.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Someone needs to get fired. NOW.

  • Nanna

    I take it that everyone posting here today is as tired of apologizing to these heathen as I am!!
    This is all we have heard for almost 4 years. I heard enough of it from Bush,( only when he said that many Muslims were good law abiding citizens) and it wasn’t done an inth of what this government does. There comes a time when enough is enough. And we hit that point a while back.

  • bg


    Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan: A 9/11 Remembrance

    “Eleven years ago, evil descended upon our country, taking thousands
    of lives in an unspeakable attack against innocents. America will never
    forget those who perished. America will never stop caring for the loved
    ones they left behind. And America shall remain ever vigilant against
    those who would do us harm. Today we again extend our most profound
    gratitude to our brave troops who have gone into battle, some never to
    return, so that we may live in peace. On this most somber day, those
    who would attack us should know that we are united, one nation under
    God, in our determination to stop them and to stand tall for peace and
    freedom at home and across the world.”

    Obama Does Radio Interview on 9-11. No Mention of 9-11.

    [Now it’s learned that President Obama appeared on the DJ Laz Morning
    Show in Miami, FL and, although it was his first opportunity to speak
    publicly on the anniversary of 9-11, he spoke of the Miami Dolphins,
    he spoke of College Loan reform, he spoke of his campaign, but he
    left out the day that changed America forever.]

    ht Redwine

    Obama Releases Message to Arab Forum on 9/11

    [He also offers support for his envoys, including Attorney General Eric
    Holder, who is attending the Arab Forum conference as the chief U.S.
    representative. The Arab Forum’s goal is to recover assets stolen by
    formerly autocratic regimes, including Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. (But
    not Qatar.)

    The video, posted on the White House YouTube channel today, makes
    no mention of 9/11, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, or the role of
    Qatar-based Al Jazeera in broadcasting radical anti-American propaganda.
    And while offering support for democratic change, Obama neglects to
    ask the Emir to step aside.]


  • Freddy

    Today is the day the any chance of a Hillary Clinton presidency ended.

    Hillary now stands firmly AGAINST free speach!

  • justavoter

    That embassy official should have also mentioned in his tweet that the current administration is diligently forcing Christian institutions into providing abortions and birth control to people that is directly against their beliefs.
    That should cheer up some of those rage boys.

  • mg4us

    Obama’s apology tour continues. . .

    What president Ever , ever turned their back on fellow citizens. .no matter how crazy they may be. . NO one professes that our society is saintly

    BUT WHEN A GROUP OF PEOPLE in a country STORMS YOUR EMBASSY, TEARS DOWN YOUR FLAG, the FLAG of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the FLAG that many men and women died to provide us our freedoms,, the FLAG that is draped on the coffins of our service men and women who paid the ultimate price for us. . .
    AND they replace it with Their Flag. . one of pure extremism. .
    And OUR president BLAMES US. . I say Open his files and start TREASON Hearings. .

    The $1+B Obama had in 2008. . .and the decline he has wrought unto us. . .
    This was all staged from the meltdown in 2008 by the Pelosi/Reid/Barney Frank Congress. . .to the fraudulent votes of ACORN
    to suing of States by Holder’s DOJ. . .
    The enemy has staged this

    Obama is anti-american “these are not my people” (Mommy p47 Dreams from My Father)
    He is doing what daddy Frank Davis dreamed of. .

    Wake up America. . Time to end this Nightmare
    Time to Restore & Renew America
    Time for A Change
    Time for Romney/Ryan

  • DavidD

    It’s just like how the Catholics torch US embassies in Italy whenever Americans insult Catholicism.

    Oh wait.

  • mg4us

    And to do it on 9-11. . .when POS Obama didn’t pay the proper homage/tribute

    When Israeli Scientists show how Obama’s Birth Certificate is a fake and fraud

    When an article comes out questioning Obama’s Social Secutiy Number

    When Germany says No Confidence in Obama’s handling of debt and spending

    This is no coincidence. . This is all a distraction
    And Obama Attacks us for this
    And says No to our Ally Israel. . too busy to meet netenyahu when he is at UN

  • bg


    We Shall Never Forget

    11 years following attack American Muslim Organization calls on
    candidates to maintain vigilance in the fight against radical ideology

    PHOENIX: The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) is calling on
    President Obama and presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney to use
    the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to reengage the national
    discussion into the root causes of this horrible attack that claimed nearly
    3,000 American lives.

    With the understandable concerns over the U.S. economy driving the 2012
    president race, both the Administration and the Romney campaign seem to
    be content to not engage on important issues in the global arena. But
    eleven years since the attacks on our country the U.S. still has done little
    to address the ideology of political Islam which is the root cause that led
    Al Qaeda and 19 hijackers to attack our country. In fact with the Islamist
    political victories in the Middle-East since the “Arab Spring” it is clear that
    the ideology of political Islam, and the radicalism that is borne within the
    ideology, are growing in a post 9-11 world.

    “We need our national leaders to reengage on the 9/11 issue,” said Dr.
    Zuhdi Jasser, author of the A Battle for the Soul of Islam. “The threat
    that the United States faces is ever more real and it needs a national
    focus on fighting an ideology that is at complete odds with American
    Liberty. President Obama and Governor Romney need to be advocating
    for a Liberty Doctrine in the Middle East so that we can eventually
    have an impact on the breeding ground of hatred against our country.”

    The American Islamic Forum for Democracy has long advocated that the
    solution to the ideological war against militant Islamism is the development
    of a Liberty Doctrine. The United States needs to develop an unfaltering
    commitment to advocating the principles of our country. These ideas are
    the greatest tool we have to combat the morally bankrupt ideologies that
    have shackled the people of the Middle East for generations. As we saw
    with the fall of communism it is the ideals of individual liberty and freedom
    that can change the world.

    “The lesson from the attacks of 9/11 is that the U.S. has to enter the
    ideological battle against our enemies,” said Jasser. “We can no longer
    idly sit by and allow the secular fascists and the theocrats to destroy
    movements for liberty. If we can become champions for liberty in the
    Middle East, we can begin to inoculate the people of the region to the
    supremacist mindset that creates the ideological underpinnings of
    Islamist inspired terrorism.”

    9/11 The Falling Man

    there is a God, and we are the people, R.I.P., Amen..


  • mg4us

    Here is what Egyptians are protesting

    But OK to kill Coptic Christians in Egypt
    Or behead infidels
    or attack America 9/11/2001

    Screw them. . .
    Mohammed was a false prophet. . .that is why they are against Christians & jews. . .

  • kato

    Never fear. Commander Subprime is leading from behind.

    Send in the Pantsuit and threaten to push the Reset button.

  • rangerrebew

    “Religious rights are the cornerstone of American democracy.” “We condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.” Is that like omitting God from the commiecrat platform through 3 votes and the chairman lying about approving the word in the platform? Is that like forcing Catholic institutions to provide birth control though it is against their beliefs? I’ll bet Christians were offended by both but that is no biggy, apparently. WORDS, JUST WORDS! That is all this administration is – WORDS JUST WORDS, except when stabbing Americans in the back.

  • mg4us

    Does anyone else here feel like we are reliving Jimmy Carter again. .but on steroids?

    Obama is out of control. . Either he is the Most Incompetent President or he is radical and doing this on purpose!

    Here is a link why mohammed hates Jews and is a fraud. . .

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  • mg4us

    So is Islam a Religion of Peace or Piece? What do their actions say?

    And what about their ‘House of Prayer” is it like a church or Temple?

    But religion aside. . .
    Whatever good existed in Islam is being hijacked by the fascist radical extremists amongst them

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  • stonedome

    well, funny that not many feel obama is a muslim sympathizer. huma weiners mother is friends with these dickheads and i’m sure is collaborating along with hitlery on this. obama is like an infected wisdom tooth. painful, but unnecessary. time for an extraction.

  • mg4us

    #41 Stonedome

    Speaking of Huma. . .And her link to Our Secretary of State. . Her thighness Hillary

    When did our US policy change to embrace a terrorist organization like the Muslim Brotherhood?

    And How did Huma your aide get clearance?

    Given Her Background

    Where is the MSM? Propping up their leftist turd . . that POS Obama!

  • Screw Islam.

    You can quote me on that, Hillary.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    Aww, the 7th century muzzies are offended. Screw them. Should’ve stuck OBL’s head on top of Chrysler building’s spire and left it there.

  • CT

    No peace for the sandturds.

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  • bg


    “I’m committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that
    they can fulfill Zakat [.] it is important for Western countries to
    avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they
    see fit” ~ Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama

    and all Christian Institutions must cover
    contraception, do i get that right?? /s/


  • when is our embassy going to condemn the muslims for hurting the bodies of people of other religions.

  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    The flag of al Qaeda flew over a U.S. embassy today, the anniversy of the September 11 attacks on the U.S. Trade Center by al Qaeda Islamic terrorists. A U.S. consulate was attacked and burned in Libya. A U.S. citizen was killed. President Obama apologized for “ignorant” people offending Islamic terrorists.
    If Mitt Romney loses this election, the republican party must disband and the ledership resign in disgrace. If the republicans lose this election, our country is finished.

  • Finncrisp

    Brilliant foreign policy. Another stunning Obama achievement. Barry is beaming, his handlers are giving high fives. Hatred for America affirmed. Isn’t this wonderful?

  • Where’s the MF money Jon?


  • bg


    hope this works.. 🙂

    The 9/11 Memorial in Jerusalem is the only memorial outside of
    Ground Zero that exhibits the name of all the victims of the terrorist
    attack. Thank you Israel. May God continue to bless your nation.


  • sablegsd

    Anybody still have doubts ovomit is a commie rat bastard koranimal? Anyone?

  • bg


    American killed in attack on US Consulate in Libya, security
    official says, following Egyptian protest at US embassy …..

    well, i suppose that’s one way to take out minds
    off of the tragic global loss on 9/11.. /sigh sarc/


  • Freedom! Keep our FREEDOM!

    #53 he is ONE evil communist sick puppy–where in the hell did they find this mack daddy? Clint was right –this has been the biggest HOAX on American soil in US History. They put a muslim islamist American hater in the Presidency. This is scarey–very scarey–OMG! We are being attacked–where is our army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus-and he refuses to talk to Isarel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are being assulted and where is he?????????????????????????????????????????????? Traitor, traitor treason!!! This one MAN even nostradomas states “ONE MAN” he has destroyed the US. OMG OMG Congress kick him out NOW!!!Where is CONGRESS???? Where are they?

  • bg


    via Egyptian Tweet:

    The 1st anniversary of 911 after an MB president gets elected & we
    have Zawahry’s brother leading a violent protest on the US embassy

    aka: Zawahiri..


  • Tabby

    OIC how that works, sure.. When it comes to Christians & Jews in this administration’s opinion, they do not have the right to a clear conscience & must by law fund the slaughter of unborn children..The way they put it Christians or Jews are only permitted the free exercise of religion, one day per week, “within 4 walls” (house of worship)..But Muslims, they are so special that they may become offended at some random guy on the web, throw a typical jihadi tantrum, create disaster & destruction to our property & even cost us lives & we are condemned strongly as they bow to Islam.. It is obviously the master of us all now.
    I was just reading about the service men who burnt several Qu’rans at Gitmo, after taking them from inmates who were using them to pass & conceal notes with their break out plans & the servicemen are getting reprimanded for it. Of course the terrorists got a full apology & assurance of this.
    Of course Obamacare mandates the Christians pay & may say nothing about it, conscience be damned. But Muslims would see it as gambling or superstitious to buy health insurance, so they get covered for free.
    OK folks time to admit it, we are ALL living under Sharia as Dhimmis! There’s absolutely no doubt about it now & I bet they are just upset they can’t arrest the guy who so dared to insult Islam… But of course I’m sure they’re working on those laws now. The DhimmicRATs have shown it to the enemy, who we are now obviously subservient to.
    How can it be that Obama is still holding on next to Romney?? WTH? Because I highly doubt he would play the game this way!

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  • Mike Bell

    “We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

    This is an OUTRAGE! Abuse the right of free speech? No, you morons, that’s exactly the point of freedom of speech. I cannot believe this statement. It is an absolute disgrace and goes against everything that America (should?) stands for. I am furious.

    It’s bad enough that we face an enemy that uses violence to intimidate. But far worse are the cowards who appease and embolden them!

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  • mg4us


    Obama get some balls and act. . .

    Oh, forgot, people say you’ve had lots of balls

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  • Danny

    This will be a never ending thing. Muslims killing Americans and the americans killing Muslims. ‎

    11 years ago today George W Bush, US President and Commander-in-Chief, decided to continue reading his story book, ‘My Pet Goat’, despite all the commotion that was going on around him. Since then over 7 Muslim nations have been destroyed and plundered by US-led forces while for every person who died in the World Trade Centre attack over 500 have been killed in the Middle East. 1:500

  • Deborah

    What a upsets me the most is that Islamist on other continents kill our Ambassador and staff because of what is said or filmed on our own U.S. soil. What these attackers don’t realize is that on U.S. soil we Christians had to endure our savior Jesus Christ depicted as a homosexual, as a figure constructed of cow dung and in plays disrespecting him greatly. That is the nature of “freedom of speech” in the U.S. And if they think their Prophet is going to be protected from free speech they are sadly mistaken.

    It was very painful for me to see my Savior denegraded in such ways but as Jesus himself said; (paraphrasing) Blessed are those who are persecuted in my name for they will be rewarded in heaven.

    For our faux potus to stand at his podium this morning and say the U.S. has tolerance for other religions without also saying that free speech is is more precious confounds me. And he was WRONG to imply anything different.

  • Ricky A. Langston

    You know the Bible talks about the Muslims people of our day when Abraham had a child with Hagar named Ishmael. God said he would be a wild man and would be against everone, Genesis chapter 16. Hagar was Sarah , the wife Abraham slave girl. They are not going to change so why are we letting them get away with KILLING AMERICANS ? OIL. Get away from foreign oil and use what we have at home . The world has plenty of sand. Why not use our coal , natural gas & our oil. God also told Abraham that who ever blessed him {the Jews} He would bless.

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  • Me

    I can’t believe how many people are reacting to this MISINFORMATION without any regard for the actual facts. The embassy release was NOT authored by Obama, but rather by a bunch of staffers who had protestors outside their walls complaining about something they had no control over, and MORE IMPORTANTLY it happened BEFORE the embassy was attacked!

    Secondly, the statement is NOT an apology, nor is an apology a bad thing — as we were all taught as children.

    But given that all of the comments have been 100% extreme right wing, I’m sure mine won’t see the light of day on this site.

  • Sid

    Okay, it looks like most of all of you put your “I hate Obama” glasses on (and the rest just have permanent “I hate Obama” implants) before you read this. They condemned those who intentionly set out to offend people’s religious beliefs – in all my years as a Baptist minister I have yet to find a scripture that would support this. As far as the freedom of speech: read the last sentence: they admit to a universal freedom of speech, but condemn the “abuse” of that freedom. Just like I would condemn someone yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. And remember, this was put out BEFORE the attack, so it wasn’t put out to support the attackers.

  • marco

    Conservatives are so stupid – you idiots are almost as bad as the liberals.