Do you remember when Barack Obama ripped Republicans on gas prices during the last election?

Yeah, well gas prices have more than doubled since Obama came into office.

$1.84 to $3.85

But, you wouldn’t know this if you followed the state-run media.
They couldn’t care less.
CNS News reported:

Average retail gasoline prices have more than doubled under President Obama, according to government statistics, rising from $1.84 per gallon to $3.85 per gallon.

The average gasoline price is calculated by the Energy Information Agency, and shows that over the past 43 months of President Obama’s term retail gasoline prices have more than doubled, rising from an average of $1.84 per gallon to $3.85 per gallon.

Rising gasoline prices were particularly prevalent in August, which saw a 9.0 percent rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for gasoline, a rise that almost entirely accounts for the general increase in prices seen by families across the country over the past month.

In other words, the recent spike in prices for all goods – tracked by the government’s Consumer Price Index – can be almost entirely accounted for by the rise in gasoline prices. Prices in the economy rose by 0.6 percent overall in August.




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  1. Actually, it seems to me that the rise in gasoline prices reflects the damage caused by the declining value of the dollar and the reckless expansion of our federal debt.

    Gasoline prices are the result of, not the cause of, economic chaos. Same thing with food prices.

    I have yet to hear a reasonable explanation of why food and fuel prices should be ignored from government-supplied inflation computations. Perhaps because including them would make things too obvious to ignore.

  2. Remember when the media had almost HOURLY reports on the gas prices under Bush? Remember seeing those bumper stickers that said, ‘Remember when gas was XXX a gallon?’ that the Leftists used to drive around with? I sure do! Now, it’s all forgotten. Nothing the Left says can be believed. Their last threads of credibility were shot when they jumped into bed for this administration.
    By the way, you can stop this nonsense by cancelling your cable NOW. Kill the MSM.Stop funding them with YOUR money. You don’t NEED TV. You’ll be free.

  3. #3 – Had a letter from my internet company offering me 160 channels of cable plus the ESPN sports special for a mere $29.95 a month . . . thanks, no thanks. I’ll catch what I want to watch on the internet, thanks.

  4. OBESITY is the BIGGEST threat to our national security. If we pump gas up to $7 , more people will WALK and RIDE BICYCLES ! …..and with higher food prices , people will eat less junk food and suragryyy drinks.

  5. Back during the “Carter inflation” of the 70’s, even Dan Rather, if you can believe it, would give a weekly update on the amount of inflation. That’s why they hide the numbers now. They Know it would cost Obama the election. What’s scary is 40% of the electorate, according to Gallup still believe the media, or maybe that figure should be 47%.

  6. @#4 – GO Granny!

  7. $3.85!

  8. #5 donH: OBESITY is the BIGGEST threat to our national security. If we pump gas up to $7 , more people will WALK and RIDE BICYCLES ! …..and with higher food prices , people will eat less junk food and suragryyy drinks.


    Yep, that’s the Alinsky way. Can’t ban meat? Make it so expensive that none but a few can afford it. Think coal is bad for the planet? Foist so many regulations that they go out of business….

    I hope you were channeling voices again (as I saw in a previous curious post).

  9. I’m sure everybody remembers back in July, 2008 when the average price of gas per gallon hit $4.11.

    That was because the price of a barrel of oil was close to $150. The reason that gas was so cheap (@$1.84 a gallon) when Obama came into office was because of the massive world economy meltdown had plunged a barrel of gas to under $40 per barrel. Cheap oil translates to cheaper gas. Now the prices of a barrel of gas are up in the $92 range and prices are much higher. Check out this historical chart of prices of a barrel of oil and its easy to see why gas prices plunged in 2009 from the high in 2008 and how they have come back up.

  10. $4.05 here in CT and nary a peep. Food prices are skyrocketing too, W.T.F., does everyone have a magic EBT card that pays for everything?!

  11. Me thinks ignorance has doubled also. Has this been happening all along and there was no way to log it?
    The uncivilized meets the great unwashed meets the cell phone camera.

    “ain’t we got fun” america?

    Video: Embarrassing: Girl Can’t Hold It In Any Longer.. So She’s Starts Peeing On Herself & Takes A Shower On The Train!

  12. the local radio station goes after Romney all the time. it is supposed to be center-right and odes do waste fraud and abuse on the state and local level well. but the managers are afraid to dissect Obama The REd and go after the GOP caandidate du Jour during the primary and now romenry or ryan.
    Rick Santorum, a goof. then Michelle Bachmann,”crazy eyes”–evn tho she is a federal tax litigator and has allthe creds and knowlege to back that up. Do they know how difficult that job is?But no mention of it, then Newt and rip him every show. Now R and R. and how their plans are stupid.
    But mention obama and his crackpot spending? very seldom.The station gets a lot of support from a major cardeal;er. But if Obama gets re-elected who is going to buy the cars?
    Ripping romney -easy and no response back…

  13. #10 September 22, 2012 at 9:22 am
    Grandma Perkins commented:


    WHERE? Tell me quick so we can go there for gas! It was over $4 a gallon here the other day.

  14. #5 donH: OBESITY is the BIGGEST threat to our national security. If we pump gas up to $7 , more people will WALK and RIDE BICYCLES ! …..and with higher food prices , people will eat less junk food and suragryyy drinks.


    How dare you try & tell people how to live their lives!

    Remember when people were taught how to take care of themselves & had the freedom to choose how to live their lives before the Communist party took over the Teachers Union & the Democrat party?

    The left can’t even live their own lives without our help. I’ll be damned before I allow them to control my life.

  15. #5 donh

    I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic, and you have a strange mix of comments.

    Taken at face value, I can say that you are full of an unmentionable substance.

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