MASSIVE DECLINE in Democrat Voter Registration in 8 Swing States

Don’t look now but Democrats are in trouble.

Democratic drop in Ohio voter registrations mirrors a nationwide trend.
In fact, Democratic voter registration in 8 swing states outnumbers Republican decline by a 10-to-1 ratio.

FOX News

“Don’t boo, vote,” President Obama often says in his stump speech whenever crowds boo a Romney plan.

The off-hand call to vote may be by design. It comes amid a precipitous decline in Democratic voter registration in key swing states — nowhere more apparent than in Ohio.

Voter registration in the Buckeye State is down by 490,000 people from four years ago. Of that reduction, 44 percent is in Cleveland and surrounding Cuyahoga County, where Democrats outnumber Republicans more than two to one.

“I think what we’re seeing is a lot of spin and hype on the part of the Obama campaign to try to make it appear that they’re going to cruise to victory in Ohio,” Cuyahoga County Republican Chairman Rob Frost said. “It’s not just Cuyahoga County. Nearly 350,000 of those voters are the decrease in the rolls in the three largest counties, Cuyahoga, Hamilton and Franklin.

Frost points out that those three counties all contain urban centers, where the largest Democrat vote traditionally has been.

Ohio is not alone. An August study by the left-leaning think tank Third Way showed that the Democratic voter registration decline in eight key swing states outnumbered the Republican decline by a 10-to-one ratio. In Florida, Democratic registration is down 4.9 percent, in Iowa down 9.5 percent. And in New Hampshire, it’s down down 19.7 percent.

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  • GrannyDee

    Not 1/2 hour ago, we had a Romney-Ryan campaign worker knock at our door. In talking with my husband, she told him that both she and her husband are registered Dems but are voting Romney-Ryan and for Josh Mandel against Sherrod Brown.

  • Larse

    Our whole family have been Democrats all our lives until Obama. We voted McCain/Palin. This year we are all in full swing working for the Romney-Ryan campaign. We must for our nation get Obama out of office. Lots of other Dem’s feel the same way!

  • Granny

    Makes you wonder how many of these disappearing democrats never really existed in the first place.

  • magic underware
  • snap boy

    This seems like great news, but yesterday it was reported that a company paid to register voters for the Republicans had been cheating (sorta like ACORN) – Republicans were suing the firm. That company was working in most if not all the swing states so if these registrations are bogus …..

  • Free Diapers

    Apparently nobody in Ohio has taken a look at the terms and conditions on their Obama Phone. Article XIV, Section 12 says they are required to vote for Obama if they wish to continue their free phone plan.

  • MathMom

    Dude, fix your headline. It says the opposite of what you mean, I think…???

    Game-Changer… Dem Voter Registration DECLINE in 8 Swing States Outnumbers GOP Decline by 10 to 1 Ratio

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  • Trevor (@TJexcite)

    Dem Voter Registration in 8 Swing States Outnumbers GOP

    The title just sent me for a loop in how it is written. So the Dems dropped by 10 for every 1 GOP drop. as it came from a left site they had to confuse it. The drop should have been in the front as if you do not read the whole title you miss that and think that there are more Dems by 10 to 1 than GOP in those states.

  • Caral Freeman

    I have personally converted 9 lifelong democrats into Romney supporters. Those are the ones that I know personally that will go vote and vote against Obama. There may be many more because I talk to people all the time and try to explain the path of destruction Obama and the progressives in the house are taking us down. Many of those may change to vote for Romney also. Most of these people hardly pay attention to politics and the news in general. They vote democrat because their families always have. Educate everyone you come in contact with. You never know, the one you educate could end up being the winning vote for our nation’s future!

  • Margaret

    Democratic Party registration is drastically down across swing states and registration as independent/unaffiliated dirastically up since 2008. Could it be centrist democrats were driven away by the leftward turn of the party? Doesn’t bode well for this election, does it?

    Here’s something else to consider. Look at this today from USA Today/Gallup today:

    USA Today/ Gallup Poll: GOP Opens Up 16% Enthusiasm Lead over Dems. The poll of 1,446 adults, taken Monday through Thursday, has a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points.
    GOP regains enthusiasm edge. 64% of Reps are more enthusiastic than usual v. 48% of Dems.

    Back 4 years ago, in another Gallup Adult poll, Oct 14-16 2008: “Only 51% of Republicans say they are more enthusiastic about voting than in previous years, compared to 71% of Democrats, marking a shift from October 2004, when enthusiasm was about the same for both partisan groups.”

    So, pre-election 2004, Dem and Rep enthusiasm were equal, and Republicans won
    In 2008, Dem=71%, Rep=51% enthusiastic, and Democrats won
    In 2012, Dems=48%, Reps = 64% enthusiastic, and who will win??

  • Emperor Bob

    This report was prior to the conventions in August. Independent registrations has increased dramatically. Expect that post convention registrations, after Romney’s 47% comments increased along with excitment by Democrat and Independent voters. Obama by a landslide.

    The I’s Have It: Pre-Convention Voter Registration Analysis

  • Joan

    Let’s not forget that there are still registered Dems who will not be voting for Obama again. I haven’t figured out where he wins….. because I know there have to be a lot of people who will not vote for him again that voted for him before. The excitement to vote for the black man is no longer there. And those who voted because of all the hype will not be voting for him again. The young who have no jobs and the blacks in the ghetto will no longer care as much…. he hasn’t really helped them at all.

    So where will he get any extra votes?? He won’t.

  • Bill Mitchell

    If one looks to 1980 as an historical example we see that fake polls from the MSM have NO EEFECT on the actual vote and if anything may actually motivate Republican voters and demotivate Democrat voters.

    Obama WIL NOT win this election without winning Independents. Don’t know why Team Romney isn’t making a bigger deal of this.

  • tom63010

    Spoke to my mom the other day. She lives in a very small town in SE Illinois. She said everyone she knew in a town dominated by Democrats are so disgusted with Obama that they are considering not voting. She went on to say she didn’t like Romney but I didn’t press her why. I think that is Romney politely wins the debates he is in easily. Even if he doesn’t do well I still think he will win.

  • Sean

    I am in Wisconsin today,and noticed Obama will be in Madison,WI Thursday. Interesting ince ost th the state is in the bag for him. Mooch was here yesterday. Interesting.

  • Joe Blow

    Don’t kid yourselves thinking Democrats won’t have as many voters or register as many new voters. They have been busy in basements for months filling out forms to register and do “early” voting. Remember in numerous states Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck registered. In the recall vote sign up against Scott Walker in Wisconsin there was a huge amount of fraud and the liberal judges didn’t do a thing.

  • bg


    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • bg


    oh yeah, don’t forget Egypt & Libya MB/AQ voters..


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